1890 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(510) 990-8262

Recent Reviews

Alex N.

Great food, nice staff - they really need to reopen in store service. Limited and cold outdoor service - I come way less often than I would otherwise because it's uncomfortable.

Raychel J.

Showed up to have lunch and they apparently Won't allow you to eat there... had to order online and pickup food and couldn't eat there. It was pretty frustrating this isn't noted online?! Also why are you still closed like this?! I also hate to order online because it's always smaller then when you order in store and salad was smaller

Andrew C.

Inconsistent and no quality control with dressing. Very frustrating when they forget to give sauce, FLOOD the bowl so the salad is drenched in sauce (see picture), or give the wrong sauce. Also overpriced. Good recipes though.

Orrin Ni

They are VERY inconsistent with the sauce. Sometimes they give you the wrong sauce, sometimes you order mixed-in and they don't add ANY sauce. Sauce is one of the most important parts to salads/bowls and it's annoying to have to double check your order.

H. Y.

Won't be supporting here. They turned away a homeless guy who wanted to buy something with his money. Why? Because he has to order on his phone! So basically we are slaves to our phones and you are not provided service if you don't have the latest app/phone whatever tech bullshit. This is discriminatory behavior and will never support places like that. Sweetgreens buys from local farms from the farmers but can only cater to certain people. Very interesting.

Kate H.

Don't even bother coming here unless you want a small overpriced mediocre salad that takes 30 minutes for them to make, and you have to spend 15 minutes before that downloading their app and making an account to even place an order. They don't take orders in-person. The app is very pretty but is a complete sensory overload and impractical. Spend more than 2 minutes to check out and you have to switch your pick-up time to 15 minutes later. This is the kind of restaurant where couples break up.

Austin H.

I'd been eating sorta unhealthy lately so decided to get some Sweetgreen with a friend. I had heard a lot about it so I was quite excited to finally give it a try. As it was my first time, I forgot that you can only order via the app, so had to wait outside for 20ish minutes before my order was ready. Ended up getting the Miso Salmon grain bowl. Overall, good combination of ingredients that tied well together with the miso sauce. My favorite part was the sweet potato chunks and the salmon of course. I thought the pricing was definitely on the higher end, so I would t come here super often. Only when I want a treat.

Harold T.

Not Cool! 1) Cannot order at the store 2) Must sit and stand outside in the cold 3) Admittedly nice staff 4) Salad is not premixed (or didn't see the option on the app) I may just be a bit frustrated but it took me 20 minutes to order in a rush. Using the Level Up App already and also couldn't get the discount either because of it. Another 10 mins

Fahina K.

Our boss bought us lunch from here on our visit to the office and I see why he gets it everyday! Although we could've picked another restaurant the next day we were in, I wanted sweet greens again because it was THAT GOOD! First day I tried the Shroomami bowl with js levels and depths of flavor from the mushroom to tofu and wonderful dressing. The second day I had the harvest bowl which is just a combination of fall goodness. Thank you sweet greens!! I'll be sure to order again when in the area!!!

Dylan Colbert

Used to love this place, but now they only accept orders through their app, which barely functions. No one should have to give out their email and phone number to get spammed, just to pick up a simple salad.

Sita Devi

Super annoying that you can only order online and have to download the app which doesn’t work half the time. They need to advertise on google that it is order only not at the counter… Plus the dude at the window was hella rude! I would have just gone to the one downtown Oakland if I knew it was going to be like this. Way better experience! There is also very limited parking. First and last time coming here.

George Washington

Worst Sweetgreen in the country.I love this chain but they really make it a hassle here. It is extremely classist to have online order only. They did this before Covid so don't let them tell you excuses. This review is exclusive to this location and not this wonderful company.For being such a conscious business you think they would make it easier to make the conscious decision and make it accessible.

Alex M.

Took 45min to get my salads, I ordered it with the steelhead and when I got back there was only chicken as the protein, I'm a vegetarian and so I took it back and politely asked them to remake it, they took the salad and simply took the chicken off and replaced it with the steel head, which is very unsanitary and is actually a health code violation, I was particularly upset because I was explicitly took them I'm a vegetarian. It was already and hour and I was hungry so I just decided to take the salad and eat it anyway... big mistake, the fish was very dry and tasted old, the next few hours I got food poisoning..... !!! DON'T GO HERE !!! If you want something healthy in the way of Salad, Sliver and Mezzo are way better and cheaper.


Go-to salad place and go-to option is the Harvest bowl. Before sweetgreen I never know salad can be this good! Btw, honestly I like this Berkeley bowl location and thought it tasted better than the ones that I had in nyc! One minor point, a piece of bread is forgotten in my order this time...

Shayla B.

Really wasn't impressed with my fish taco salad, but maybe I just ordered wrong. It was another short staff lunch day at work, and my employee wanted something "healthier" this time around. We looked up salad options nearby and Sweet Green popped up. I had actually been wanting to try Sweet Green for a while now. I've passed it numerous times on my drives through Berkeley and have always heard great things about their food. We ordered two salads (the fish taco salad and harvest bowl) through Doordash and the delivery came quickly with no issues. My employee actually really enjoyed her harvest bowl and raved that it was very flavorful with a great tasting dressing. Unfortunately for me, that wasn't the case. I ordered the fish taco salad and It tasted extremely bland. The fish came naked with literally no seasoning on it. This actually wasn't a huge deal as I assumed that the dressing would spice things up a bit. I was wrong. The green dressing was too light and flavorless. They actually provided some sort of red spicy sauce which I normally wouldn't use, but this salad was dying for some taste. I added the red sauce to the salad, but it didn't help at all. In fact, it was all I could taste since everything else was so damn bland. They also put too much quinoa and not enough greens. It needed some more of salsa or beans... or something. The "chips" that they provided tasted cheap and stale. The only really good things about this salad was that the avocado was fresh and it was actually filling. I was hangry so I did eat it, but it was so tasteless. Maybe I should have gotten the harvest bowl too because that fish taco salad was a major miss. Not saying that I wouldn't come back again, but I would absolutely skip the fish taco bowl. Willing to give them another try in hopes of a better tasting salad next time.

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