1890 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 990-8262

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Marbo Cheng

I tried the Ratatouille bowl and harvest bowl both of them were really good.If you are looking for fresh and delicious salad and don't mind paying a bit more then this is the place to go.

Elena Rossi

It was my second time there and the food is very good!!

Elicha Green

They have amazing customer service. Thanks for making my first experience amazing.

Jeff Maley

Really good food and the seating has a pleasant ambiance. I liked the spicy thai salad and watermelon-cilantro fresca.

Christy Baker

Frequently when I visit my girlfriend jn Berkeley, we will stop off at this order at the counter salad place where you can eat in at the few spaces inside or on the patio or take food to go. The produce is always super fresh, great suggested salad combos or you can build your own. They have some really original toppers (last time, I had elote corn kernels with cotija and tortilla chip shreds on a seasonal summer salad). Quick in and out vibe and friendly service.

Tanya Madrid-Campbell

The salads are fresh. The portones are big, and delicious! The service is super fast. The frescas are not sweeten, and you have an option to add agave. The only thing I complained about was how cold it was inside. I get cold easily. The good thing is, they have outside sitting.

Olga Gaidarenko

Quick, fresh, delicious. Love the Shroomami as a vegan option. Definitely recommend!

Maisha Johnson

It is delicious and so filling! Victor was so helpful since it was our first time and we will be back!

Avery Izard

Nice place. Fresh salads vegetables sautéed to perfection.

Vikas Jain

Delicious fresh salad on a 100 degree day. What more can you ask for. This is a cashless place so prepare accordingly. Parking can be challenging because it's a busy street.

Erik Burns

Best build your own salads in the East Bay! All ingredients are fresh, and ethically and sustainably sourced from nearby farms. You can taste the quality, as the food is spectacular. Reasonably priced as well. I will be back!

Wesley Ma

Good spot for a quick salad or wrap they have many options the price is high and not the best but you can customize it to your liking. Always good to be able to beat the rush. I would advise knowing what you want and going ahead of time but you can call it in as well

Laura Ferranti

I had one of the specials of the day. The salad was quite large and with fresh ingredients. I didn't like the dressing at all. It covered all the other flavors. It is also very expensive for what you get in the end.

Kristin Zellhart

I can always count on having a delicious salad from sweetgreen! They are quick and I always feel great after eating here 😊 the best part is their use of locally sourced ingredients and listing the farms they support! Can't get better than this!

Fred Fischer

I like this place because I think it has healthy food. I got a salad with chicken and lots of chopped kale and it was tasty. My favorite is the salad with Mexican ingredients and I'll go back to that next time. Portions are large, but they have free take out containers if you need them. Only downside was the lack of seating and no one to clean off the tables.

Ran Shen

Fresh ingredients. When My friend and I got there, their system was down and we got free lunch. Very friendly service.

Tomáš Gregor

Perfect salads. I don't eat salads, and after trying one for lunch, I just had to take an extra one for dinner too. Great place for a healthy lifestyle.

Shao-Lon Y.

When you first come in here, you'll probably think that the prices are way too high for just salad, but the salads here are delicious and completely worth the price. This is a great place to go to if you want a quick and healthy lunch or dinner. I got the kale Caesar salad and it was surprisingly good. Usually, I wouldn't get such a healthy sounding item, but since I was dieting and the kale Caesar only had 420 calories, I decided to get it. The romaine lettuce was super crisp and fresh and the kale added a nice light bitterness and earthiness. The parmesan crisps and shaved parmesan gave the salad a nice richness. The chicken was tender and meaty. The tomatoes and lime added a light acidity. And the dressing was super flavorful and brought everything together. I'm not usually a salad person, and I generally like my vegetables cooked rather than raw. But the salad here is so good, I didn't care that it was salad. If you're on a diet or want to eat something light, then you should definitely come here.

Yossi B.

Jus miss this place so much! I use to work in Berkeley, which made this place my go to SALAD place. With lots of fresh options to choose from and vibrant atmosphere, it's the ideal place for a healthy lunch. Highly recommend!

Adriana B.

There's so many things to choose from probably 1000's of ways to make the salad "YOUR" salad. While in line all I heard people asking for were miso and harvest salads. I've come here on several occasions and the buffalo chicken salad has been my favorite by far. I haven't tried the miso or the harvest but judging by the popularity they must be good. Want to know a hidden secret? They have a vegan cashew cream dressing that's to die for. Want to know something else that's awesome? They don't change for multiple cups if you want additional. This place is popular in LA so I hear. I could imagine that since everyone's striving to be in shape and looking good. I would say the pricing on the salads are spot on. I have noticed a slight difference in portion sizing but I guess it's inevitable. The kale Caesar is delicious, add their house made hot sauce, substitute blackened chicken thighs for the roasted chicken breast and an avocado and you can't go wrong. I've had the fish taco salad and I feel like the fish itself could benefit from a little salt, pepper and citrus. You can add that if you'd like towards the end. They have like 10 dressings to choose from so feel free to ask to try what ever you're thinking of. All of the staff seemed nice, the place is cashless I REPEAT THIS PLACE DOESN'T ACCEPT CASH I was curious as to why? ... turns out that more people can be served a hell of a lot faster if someone isn't sitting there playing with pennies all day. Also they have no reason to ever be robbed, the armored trucks don't have to come by the store so it saves a lot of gasoline/ co2 emissions. At first it sounded a little scary to me because it's evident that the future is being forced upon us whether we want to accept it or not but it makes sense. The line is sometimes long but it moves fast. Oh I forgot to mention the tahini hummus salad, it's pretty decent but could use extra dressing or salad and pepper. The falafel is baked not fried so there's some health benefit to it. They use grape seed oil vs. canola oil to roast their chicken. Good quality ingredients are being used that are all listed in the lobby of the store. They have like 5 house made drinks that are all tasty a few of them have no sugar. If you haven't tried this place, you should. If you try something you don't like just come back and try something else. There's like literally no way you can hate a fresh salad.


1890 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709