1890 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 990-8262

Recent Reviews

Sasha E.

I am a HUGE fan of sweetgreen and their spicy Thai salad. Due to covid, they are only accepting to go orders like most other restaurants. Today I placed a to go order for my mom and I because I wanted her to try sweetgreen for the first time, so we drove 13 miles to the location in Berkeley. This is the closest location to us, so whenever I go it is a treat to me. Once we got home with the order, there was NO silverware, NO bread (which I definitely included in the order), NO napkins, and the salads seemed a little under proportioned then they usually are. I emailed sweetgreen and they have yet to get back to me. Pretty disappointed. The only reason I am leaving two stars is because every other time they have been decent.

Ramtin N.

DURING QUARANTINE. Ordered salad online as unable to go into store during quarantine. Today was the day that made me finally post a review. I have been ordering multiple times before this, and every order has been looking like this. There is barely any of the toppings in the salad and looks poorly put together. Will not be ordering again during this quarantine, as you are not present to see the salad being assembled, so minimal toppings are being added in. Also the dressing isnt even mixed into the salad, as when they do normally by mixing it around. The salad feels quickly made which results in this.

Claire Chun

Expect outstanding salads with fresh ingredients. There’s often a line, but it goes pretty fast.

Hana P.

I got the first salad was Miso Bowl but it was so good because I believed that the servicer was so nice. It's so yummy. Unfortunately, I visited this shop again and ordered the Miso Bowl but the servicer was so much mean and worst compare than the first time that I got the Miso Bowl. I hope that the customer service could be improved in the future

Melvyn Cannon

great menu +great service+ great taste= great experience

Willette I.

Long story short - tasty salads, lines move fairly quickly and their menu changes often enough that you don't get bored coming regularly. Our favorites are the warm salads. We ordered: Miso bowl - blackened chicken, miso glazed root veggies, cabbage, basil, almonds, wild rice, kale in a miso sesame ginger vinaigrette. This is the same vinaigrette in the Shroomami salad which is also very good! Curry chickpea bowl - chicken, hot chickpeas, quinoa, carrots, raisins, cilantro, almonds, kale (I sub out the spinach for kale) in a curry yogurt dressing. I also add hot sauce and free crunchies! Delicious!

regina jackson

Great place with tasty salads extremely high sodium. Choose wisely

Ali L.

rudest staff ever ever ever, so hard to come back, only reason i do is because the salads are that good. always leave with a bad pit in my stomach from how the staff makes me feel. not the only one who thinks this!

S M.

Our first time at sweet green. I got the Miso Bowl, added cilantro. I excluded the rice, and added additional kale. Pleasantly surprised. Everything was fresh and flavorful. We will definitely consider this place next time. My only small complaint- please add a little more of the toppings. The ladies helping were very nice and helpful Otherwise everything was very good

Bobby Johnson

Great selection and unique flavor combinations. I am not a salad person and this place made me want to be one!

Marvin G.

I ended up here because my intended destination was closed on Sunday night and because this physical location used to be the venerable Oscars. Heartily approve of a place that concentrates on salads. Fresh ingredients and nice original twists that make dishes actual meals. I was terrified I wouldn't get enough to eat though this turned out to be unnecessary fretting. The fish raco salad I had was enough, and I'm a big ugly guy. It's an order at the counter sort.of spot. Your table may or may not have been cleaned off. Food came out pretty quick. They have a parking lot, not huge though I snagged a spot. Patrons on the younger side and obviously think you're a miserable old professor if you're over 40 and read at your table rather than poke atva phone or engage in inane, loud conversation. Nice evolution from Oscars the burger joint and I loved all the arugula they used. Felt mighty healthy after this visit.

Ada M.

I ordered the salmon plate with a side of vegetable s. Not a side of mashed potatoes. But I don't want to make them re-make it. The mashed potatoes were good, but I was disappointed I didn't get exactly what I ordered. The greens were way to oily. The butter for the bread was flavorless. The salmon was good. The salmon was very good. It was definitely the best part of the meal.

Patrick Jordan M.Ed.

Best salads ever! Great ordering app to avoid lines.

Valentino Peeps

The food here is soooooo good. Never lets you down. Hard to dine in at times of the day but take it home and it's all good

Robbie Durham

Always delicious! Such creative menu choices.

vanessa minx

Great place for healthy and full-filling meals, with an emphasis on local, organic produce, and unique seasonings

Shweta K.

Sweetgreen is my go to spot for lunch! I seriously could eat it every day. One of my favorite parts about the salads are that the ingredients are fresh and totally customizable. I know that this quality is high and I can order from the app to make the pick up process quicker!

Laura C.

I was recently thinking to myself, they need to open a really good place that serves fresh, delicious salads! Then, just yesterday a co-worker recommended Sweetgreen for lunch, and I was all in! I ordered the roasted Chicken + Brussels salad, which also included roasted sweet potatoes, walnuts, apples, romaine lettuce with a cranberry date vinaigrette. How delicious does that sounds?!? Well, it taste even better! It's also a very generous size, which i appreciate, because I have a big appetite :) I was completely stuffed & satisfied with my bowl. Plus, they also serve your salad with 2 slices of delicious bread, thank you! I will definitely be back to try other options on their menu!

Stephen Fisher

Shroomami, sub mixed greens & arugla, add spicy cashew dressing, two slices of Acme bread.

Jasmine L.

Sweetgreen has a really cool concept of having a build your own salad bar with really unique, yummy, high quality items. Starting at 8.50 you can make your own salad that comes with a base and 4 toppings, then extra add ons for meat, cheeses, more toppings after the initial 4. They also give you the option to get a pre-selected salad and they can substitute any part of that salad as well which was a really great option. I gave it 4/5 starts solely based off the pricing, I will say I don't think I have ever paid $16 for a salad so that makes it hard for people who are trying to eat healthy but also get what they really like.


By far the best salad spot out there. Fresh, delicious ingredients and dressings, super friendly staff, and always very clean.

Alan Dong

Pretty good, kind of pricey, makes me feel healthy though.

Priyanka K.

sweetgreen is a salad shop offering really high-quality meals! Located near north Berkeley, close to the Berkeley Way West building--sweetgreen is a great place to come for a quick dinner or lunch. I've been here several times and in various locations--but I'm a fan of the Berkeley location! The customer service is quirky and upbeat, hygienic, and very aesthetic with modern/plant themed decor. Normally, I order the special, seasonal Summer Harvest salad, but because we have somehow stumbled into the fall season, they do not offer it anymore :( However, I decided to try the Shroomami warm salad, and it was AMAZING. I'd highly recommend the Shroomami with light dressing and chili flakes, especially because it is offered all year-round. Additionally, with each salad comes a slice of free Acme sourdough bread--a great way to support a local business! Berkeley's sweetgreen location offers free parking behind their store, locally sourced foods, and very filling sizes that could easily make two meals if you want. Overall, I'd recommend sweetgreen for anyone--its worth the price!

Paul L.

Shroomami is very good. Skip the cucumber and get the spicy broccoli. One of the most satisfying dinner salads because it has wild rice. The sesame miso ginger dressing is bomb.

Itzel F.

This place is my favorite when craving a good salad!! My go tos here are the guacamole greens salad and the fish taco bowl. This location definitely gets pretty packed during lunch time but the line always seems to go by pretty fast! The ingredients always look and taste very fresh. The portions are very filling and I definitely don't feel skimped out, I feel like its a good amount for the price you're paying. One of my favorite drinks is here is the ginger and lemon squeeze they offer, it is very refreshing!! Workers are really friendly and the place is aesthetically pleasing. Limited indoor and outdoor seating is offered.

Vladimir J.

I wanted to like this place, in fact, I had a pretty tasty salad. Sadly, that was not the case for my dining companion. He noticed that one hair in his salad. Decided to be a trooper and kept going... then he noticed another... and another... and then lost his appetite. Healthy salads sound like a great idea, but employees clearly need to wear hairnets while working there.

Chris Torek

Pricey but their salads are consistently good. Biggest drawback at lunch time is long lines; it would be nice if the Berkeley one had pre-ordering through the app.

Jeremy K.

Who is the food buyer for this location?? It's really a shame, but this location is constantly out of core ingredients for salads. I used to be a regular customer, but I got sick and tired of this location always being out of things. I have experienced this on probably at least 8-9 different instances, and enough is enough. Great salads, but not worth the trip if they can't get their act together. Tonight I decided to come back after a few months, and guess what?? No avocado, yet again. I will not be returning again.

Lydia Z.

Love the vibe and business model but food was 3/5. I know I'm going to sound like a total snob when I say this but if I'm paying $14 for a salad, I expect my kale to be more massaged or at least for thicker stems to be thrown out. The kale in my salad totally threw off the texture for me (I got the harvest bowl). Secondly, if they are going to mix my salad, why not mix it well? Why am I paying $14 to find a huge clump of rice pilaf at the bottom, and then eat basically all the cheese in another bite, and discover only one part of my salad to have dressing? I rather that they just put everything into little sections and I mix it myself than fake-mixing my salad for me. The salad in and of itself was not bad though I felt that it was a little dry and heavy with the carbs and could have used more veggies (since the kale was :|) and maybe I should have added more vinaigrette to satisfy the acidic element that it lacked (maybe not enough cheese or sour apple since apple was v sweet). Maybe next time I'll try something else or build my own salad.

Alfred M.

I love Sweetgreen! When you really want a fresh and new style of salad, Sweetgreen is the way to go! The atmosphere of the place is great, the layout of the store is really open, there is nice outdoor patio that has seating for nice sunny days. They have a really nice selection of juices that are super refreshing! They offer a wonderful slice of bread with the salad! Watermelon with Cilantro is the option I went with. Over all the feel of the place is great the service is fast, food is fresh, and the overall feel was amazing! Can't wait to go back for another round of Sweet green!

Pamela L.

Great salad place with super friendly staff and nice seating environment! There are many options for salad. You can either order the menu salad or create your own. Ordering experience is kinda like chipotle. Now to the food- I had chicken pesto parm and guacamole greens. Chicken pesto is coated with jalapeí±o vinaigrette (customized it) and it was very delicious. Guacamole greens is filled with avocado and other mixed greens. I love that they also added tortilla chips in it, which gives a crunchy texture. All the ingredients from the two salads I've had are always very well incorporated. I'm always surprised by how the staff can make various ingredients in a bowl taste harmonious in the end. Truly enjoy the salad symphony in my mouth. My only downside is the price. $15 salad is just a bit much.

Michel C.

This place was awesome! I love when salad is well put together, different textures and flavors it's the best, I love they have salads you can choose from and also you can build your own, the portions are good size and leave you feeling full! Super clean area nice vibe. Love seeing a lot of people preping tells me everything is super fresh. I had the Caesar salad i wanted to stay in the "safe" zone because it was my first time but I was honestly more than happy with my salad ! A little on the pricey side but all in all really good

Marbo Cheng

I tried the Ratatouille bowl and harvest bowl both of them were really good.If you are looking for fresh and delicious salad and don't mind paying a bit more then this is the place to go.

Margaret E.

Delicious salads that are consistently tasty. Staff is always friendly and accommodates how you want you dish prepared. The harvest bowl is our favorite and the drinks they offer are unusual and refreshing. Wish they could add more seating Hoping they add a restaurant in contra costa soon. We need you over there!!!!

Liaty Z.

I ordered a peach burrata salad at the lunch rush hour. The good: The salad came out very quickly. The salad was good. The ingredients were fairly fresh (I say fairly because the peaches used did not look like the advertisement and were a bit mealy). The bad: I ordered an extra hard-boiled egg for protein. Along with the egg, my salad came out to be $15. I'd be okay with the price if this was a huge salad, but the portion size was really small and unjustifiably so because they could have added more mesclun or kale to bump up the volume. I feel half full when I could have made my own salad at home for half the cost and with fresh peaches.

Elena Rossi

It was my second time there and the food is very good!!

Michelle L.

This place has options for everyone: vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. I got a delicious Thai salad and decided to swap out the spicy dressing for their miso option which is also vegan. I liked all of the flavors and the fact that they make it fresh in front of you. I was able to have the tofu that came on it and added chickpeas which was a healthy protein heavy addition. My only complaint is that there isn't enough seating at this location. The outside seating area also doesn't have any sun protection which makes it really hot to sit out in the summer.

Elicha Green

They have amazing customer service. Thanks for making my first experience amazing.

Jeff Maley

Really good food and the seating has a pleasant ambiance. I liked the spicy thai salad and watermelon-cilantro fresca.

Christy Baker

Frequently when I visit my girlfriend jn Berkeley, we will stop off at this order at the counter salad place where you can eat in at the few spaces inside or on the patio or take food to go. The produce is always super fresh, great suggested salad combos or you can build your own. They have some really original toppers (last time, I had elote corn kernels with cotija and tortilla chip shreds on a seasonal summer salad). Quick in and out vibe and friendly service.