T-Rex Restaurant & Bar

1300 Tenth Street, Berkeley
(510) 527-0099

Recent Reviews

Kim B.

Well.... I think ive given this place a second chance... The 2 stars is for the drinks. I had a ginger Mojito that was light and tasty.... The food is consistently mediocre!

Pearl B.

First time trying this place after passing by numerous time with mouthwatering smoky aroma . We had the burnt ends, Memphis ribs, Mac n cheese, pit beans , cornbread and cornbread cake desert and that was a good portion for 4 people. The service was great , fun atmosphere , tvs to watch sports , good for families. The only dissatisfaction we had was the meat quality , good smoke flavor but over cooked and dried out ends and ribs.

Nevah G.

I used to LOVE T Rex back when it used to be TRex. Now it's Calle 10 and it was so disappointing. Food is blah, drinks are whatever, and the whole atmosphere has changed into a gentrified hipster hang out spot with over priced food and bland taste buds.

V D.

The food isn't at all great here. I came here a couple of months ago with my boyfriend, and never got around to writing a review until now. We were in the mood for some good food, and our usual go to spot was overcrowded and we never got attended, so we came here to T-Rex instead. We both ordered steaks, fries between us, and also fried oysters. We got our fried oysters first from another person and we were surprised to see that it was battered and breaded fried oysters, thinking it would be just plain sautéed? The waitress who attended us came around and questioned us; "is that how it's supposed to look like?" Sorry, but how do you not know how the food looks like in a restaurant you work at? But I guess she let it slip. We then got our fries, which McDonald fries were better. And our two steaks... which applebees or outback would've been better instead :/ steaks looked kinda funky too! But lol no we were in Berkeley and live in Berkeley. There aren't many steakhouses around here, so we wanted to try this place out and not travel a little further, but we were wrong. The waitress promised and gave us happy hour prices for the oysters and fries, but instead at the end of our meals got charged full price for it. Scam. Steaks were regular priced so we knew that already. The whole meal should've been at least $60 dollar tops at least, but we got charged over $100. Wtf tho. The interior and exterior of the restaurant looks vibey and nice, but the food there isn't at all great tbh. If you want better quality food, better to travel a little further or paying the price for a hundred or more bucks at a top notch restaurant than this place... unless you like overpriced and cheap. Idc, but a family friend works at this place too, and they mentioned how the cooks are always inebriated (drunk) most times, and they reuse old and dirty rags to clean up. This place could be a lot better but whoever is running this business, you can do WAY better. Just seems that they do not care at all on quality on food and cleanliness, honest employment, and honest prices. Yes, I know it's a sports bar/grill/restaurant, but there are better places than this place. Don't treat yourself to this level. EDIT: I did not realize they've changed their business name, but seen other recent reviews from other yelpers, and I'm not surprised at all as it's the same as before.

Maus M.

Well, the current owners have decided that the wait staff (whom everyone complains about) and the food size portions to price ration (which everyone complains about) is not actually their problem. In their brilliance (sarcasm), they have decided to change the restaurant name and some times on the menu to give it a more Latin flair. Sorry owners... you are still screwing up and no one is going to be happy. Paying $22 for 4 scrawny ribs with a cold Mac & Cheese side. $7 for an order of garlic fries I can eat myself and $8 for a Prosecco which was actually several hours FLAT brut champagne. A server who you can't understand and waiting forever while the wait staff sits around chatting to each other. Owners: WAKE UP! You need to do 3 things to make your business a success: 1. Hire new staff that is attentive, lively and competent 2. Your food needs to be consistent. Not hot one day and cold or runny the next. Hot, fresh and fast! 3. Your food portions to pricing ratio needs to be better. I'm happy to pay $28 for 8-10 big, hot quality ribs. I am not happy paying $22 for 4 small, Luke-warm, can swallow down ribs. You've lost more customers and the friends we would bring here.

Deanna C.

Saturday evening 11/11/17, called to see if we needed a reservation, we did not. Upon arrival we were promptly greeted at the door and seated. Drink order taken, followed with our dinner selection. The two tables near us both had issues with their meals while we waited for ours so we were a little nervous. My fish was grossly overcooked, and my date ordered a burger, his was as well. The two tables next to us...still waiting for their food. We had a show to catch, so we could not wait to reorder. The wait staff came, dropped the bill, and left. We didn't have a chance to speak to them about the quality of food, they were gone. The drinks were great, even the service was okay, but the food was not good, at all. We left cash, and walked out. I called the following day to speak to someone, I was told "sorry for the experience". I am sorry too. I really liked this spot.

Miss B.

Sat 11am. Service was on point. Parking was easy. Chicken and waffles were delish. Chicken tenders lightly fried with minimal batter but crispy and tender and flavorful. Waffle is made of sweet potatoes and was crispy outside moist inside. Syrup was hot with a slightly spicy kick. Well done! Shrimp and grits was also delicious. Shrimp were boiled in a etouffe type sauce on top of grits cooked medium and two poached eggs which when broken the yolk made the grits runny and it blended perfectly with the shrimp and sauce. Ambience is warm and inviting. Sliding doors open up the whole restaurant on a beautiful day. Second floor seating still provides viewing of the huge flat screen on the first floor for sports fanatics. There is a small bar and outdoor seating. Really wise space design and decor. I'll be back!


No silverware. Waitress chatting while we waited to eat. Forgot items in order. Had to get own napkins and check. Horrible ribs, horrible beans, horrible coleslaw. Mediocre fried chicken. Yuck. Stay away.


We have been dining at T-Rex Barbeque for years and it seems like every year or two they are under new ownership or management or something. It used to be much better years ago. My friend ordered a T-Rex burger which he said was good but it did take a good 5 minutes for the mustard and ketchup to arrive. I had a very unremarkable smoked turkey club sandwich and if I ever give this place another chance I will not order this boring sandwich. The fries and BBQ chips were ok but the Arnold Palmer was watered down and we had to ask for another one. The service was slow as it appeared that there was only one waiter in the downstairs section. The staff were arguing with each other and overall the vibe was poor. Skip this place until they can get there act together.

Hy D.

Call this place the House of Cumin...its not for BBQ dishes, smdh. Not impressed at all...Actually, the best thing from the menu was an appetizer called Sriracha Wings, go figure... Thank God for Real BBQ like Everett & Jones...

Sturgis Q.

Gave this place 3 chances and to use a sports metaphor They're Out. Inattentive wait staff. I had three young kids with me and no acknowledgement after being seated for 15 minutes. Ordered a starter (according to the menu) came after the first entree was served. My (adult) entree came way before the kids food My chicken was cold and after it returned it was barely warm. Drinks never refilled. Gave it a chance. But will drive east to Sauced in Walnut Creek for BBQ.

judi H.

The new management has caused my experience of this place to go from a 5 star to a 1. The prices are higher, portions are smaller and food less has less flavor than when I used to frequent this place last year. My companion ordered a Long Iced tea which was very watered down so, if you go here get a beer not a cocktail. Then for an appetizer he ordered a 1/2 order of crab cakes and it came with ONE puny size crab cake and some marinated vegetables. Really ONE crab cake for $6.00? I ordered the brisket (still delicious) but they have changed the side dishes to be cole slaw and potatoe salad. Before you had a list of side dishes to choose from. Now if you wanted one of the order choices, it was an additional $2.00 $3.00 or $4.00 depending upon your choice. I got the brussel sprouts (used to be tasty but were not tasteless) and the beans (delicious but tiny portion). There were no condiments on the table so I had to wait until my server returned to ask for BBQ sauce. My companion had the po'boy sandwich which was also delicious, but very small portion. And the side dish was BBQ potato chips! Not even french fries or cole slaw. Now I see why the place was 1/2 empty when normally when I would go there on a Sunday afternoon it was packed. The only saving grace was the wait staff was very nice and sympathized with our shock at the change in the menu and the subpar eating experience. Next time I will go to Smoke in Berkeley. It doesn't have the ambience as T-Rex, but you get a LOT MORE value for the money and better tasting food.

Jackie Lou B.

If good service is a priority to you, don't even bother with this place! My boyfriend and our son came here, since it is around the corner from my boyfriend's job, thought we'd check it out. First off, let me say it wasn't even busy at all, there were probably a hand full of other customers there...we were seated immediately, as soon as we entered. After we were seated, we waited about 15 minutes, other staff saw us and also made eye contact, like hey, we're here, is someone going to come? It wasn't even until we started getting up to go that someone asks us what we'd like to drink...we simply told the waiter, no thanks we've been sitting at the table for 15 minutes hungry as hell..if took 15 minutes to offer us drinks, how much longer for our food?! However, my boyfriend came here with his coworkers during lunch a few days later. He mentioned how good their food was and the service is at it's best when seated at the BAR...maybe they should've opened as a bar that offers BBQ bar bites...apparently the restaurant side of things, seems to be too much for their employees to handle.

Jeffrey M.

I am so confused by any of the good reviews of this place. I have tried it three times, and that last time was in fact the LAST time. So the location, the ambiance, the bar, all high points. The real use of wood smoke, awesome. The lack of great service, the lack of food that actually lacks in flavor is just a complete disappointment. Adding copious amounts of real smoke does not make a BBQ restaurant. I am sure that the kitchen staff work exceptionally hard, and I know from experience how hard that work is....but the flavors are lackluster at best. and that's being kind. Highlights: Fried chicken plate (little salty with the batter, but over all good). Deviled eggs....nothing too inventive, totally safe and in vogue but I like them. potato salad is edible. That's it. Lowlights: pretty much everything else. The pulled pork is dry, and sauceless, it has a bit of heat but no actual flavor. The hot link is hot, but not tasty. The short ribs are dry (and yes I know that is an authentic BBQ style), but they just aren't good. One of my diners today actually had the pulled pork sandwich removed from our bill, and pretty much just ate the french fries. Coleslaw is strange and lackluster. The mashed potatoes are real, and that's nice but they sat under a heat lamp so long that they turned to wallpaper paste. In short, the greatest thing about BBQ is it's long hours, hand toiled quality. it needn't be fancy or "elevated" In fact, sometimes you should just leave well enough alone. Example: braised "greens" is not some alternate green. it should be collards, dammit. and put a ham hock in it with some pot liqueur.

gloria l.

We have eaten here once before and had a nice dinner so decided to order takeout for Father's Day. On the plus side, the cornbread was excellent. Unfortunately, other items did not come up to par. The fried chicken was enjoyed, but the mashed potatoes had a hard crust on them that made them taste at least a day old. The brisket sandwich was very dry. There was no BBQ sauce either on the sandwich or on the side. Only on the chips. The pulled pork sandwich was incredibly spicy. I thought it would be tough to screw up a Caesar salad, but there was only a little bit of Parmesan and they forgot to include the salad dressing. I think we will not return. A shame because we really enjoyed our first dinner there and had a delightful waiter who made it an enjoyable experience.

Neville V.

Decent BBQ but really on the pricey side. Have been here a couple times on the weekend with friends. The tap list is great and cocktails are on point. The place has TVs everywhere, is two stories, and is a good spot for groups. The BBQ is quality, but $28 for two hot links and 8 oz of brisket is a bit ridiculous. The individual side are also really small for the shareable portions. They place has so much potential, and should either lower the price of certain items by a couple bucks or add some to the portion sizes. I would guess overhead here is high as the place is large. Happy hour is decent, but could use a few extra items and some BBQ selections as there are none included. They also weekend brunch, over at 3pm. Also, service here is slow. Very friendly, but they forget items and are probably understaffed. The two times we came the same server helped us and for as empty as the place was it took far too long to get a simple tap beer and water.

Claudia C.

If you are in the mood for a very classy easy going sports and barbecue place you'd have trouble doing better than T Rex... Always easy to park, and the food is good! Every time I go there it looks better as they are doing a well thought out remodel... I love watching the Warriors and they have many nice big TV's... I'm crazy about the salmon cheesy grits and broccoli entry when I'm not going for barbecue... Very kid and adult friendly place... Friendly service, good food, easy parking and location... Love T Rex... Just saw the Warriors rule once more here... And had an excellent seasonal Cobbler...


Man what a great atmosphere. Place could be great, but the speed of service is mind boggling slow. There are only a handful of folks here and it was atleast 20 mins for the first round .. ugh

Flo F.

If it wasn't for their drinks, mac n cheese, corn bread and the garlic fries, I would've given this place a 1 star. Service was horrible - I believe our server was new, but come on, there were so many other workers that could've helped. Don't let a new trainee work alone (he didn't even know if drinks had refills or how many comes in a half or full order) that's asking for walk outs (which we witnessed) and annoyed customers. It took about 35 mins from when we sat to when we got just our water. We had to wait for another 15 mins or so before our waiter came by to take our order. Food - I don't know why this place gets such high rating.. briskets were dry, had absolutely no smoke ring, smoky smell NOR smoky taste or flavor. It was so bland we had to ask for some sauce to drip it in. Ribs (spareribs) were also dry. Out of the entire full slab, there was only ONE piece of rib that was decent. But even with all the sauce they drench the ribs with couldn't help it. Hot links tasted like the hot links I get from Costco... I take that back! Costco hot links tastes even better than the hot links from here. Totally not worth paying $19-20 for. I'd most likely would never come back for their BBQ dishes, but maybe for their sides and a few cocktails.


I had the brisket sandwich. Brisket was moist and not dry, very good. My only mild issue was the horseradish sauce was a little weak. The folks who were with me liked their meals too. Homemade barbecue chips were great. I have lived and traveled in the south for 50 years so I know a little about barbecue. Its tough to get that barbecue joint ambiance in Berkeley California, but T-Rex is not bad. I would go back.

Gary W.

I have no officially had have found the worst BBQ resturant i have ever visited. Let start this off with i ordered the brisket which i asked came with two side and the server said they are paired with coleslaw and potato salad which is listed as size but I can switch it out with a differnt two sides. I chose the fries and the beans. When i got the food i just gave the server my card to swipe and when it came back i noticed it was 24 dollars.... what for brisket and two sides???? They had charged me 2 dollars for each side for substitution..... would of been nice to know that ahead of time. Now to start with the food.... it smells awesome outside smelling that sweet smoke...... to bad the food did not have any of it.... The beans where the only highlight of the meal but that is to say the least because a handfull of dirt would of tasted great compared to the food. The fries i recieved was just unbelievable. I see racks of fresh cut fries behind the counter ready to be cooked. But for what i got they must cook them today for next weeks orders. The fries i received where at least 20 min old just hard old stale heat lamp fries nothing else to say about them. Now to the brisket. I didnt know you can make such horrible brisket. This stuff was so dry it was grainy in parts and just hard ans crunchy in others. No moisture at all what so ever.... and the flavor what yuk... no smoke ring... no smoke flavor.... nothing.... Please avoid this place at all costs..... Go a few blocks away to Everett and jones at least if the meat is dry it will have a gallons of bbq sauce on it....

Tiffany V.

Service here is horrible. Had dinner here with a friend on our way back from Mt. Shasta. We were starving and ordered well over $100 worth of food between the two of us. They sat us on the wobbliest table ever. So wobbly that the woman that got up next to us to use the bathroom bumped into our table and my cocktail went flying all over my dress and our table. Even she was all "whoah sorry I didn't realize your table was so wobbly." I asked the waitress if they could remake the drink since I was only able to get a sip in before it went flying. She was all "Ummm but there is still drink in the cup?" in the rudest attitude as if I was trying to scam a free drink out of her like we didn't just order enough food to feed a family of five. Fix your tables or hire nicer waitresses.

Melon L

Everything smells stake here. Stay away.

David Okubo

not sure what happened to this place, but the quality of the food has gone down over the years. fun and lively place for interesting drinks, though.

Jenna T.

Can't believe I haven't been here in a whole year! Didn't even know this place closed for a time period! I was slightly disappointed to read all the not-so-positive reviews. Here's the things that are different: - no more bottomless mimosas! $4 per glass and the glasses are smaller - brunch menu improved by adding more items - riblets are no longer tender and smothered in sauce. In fact, we couldn't even finish the dish it was over cooked and tough to chew - no more big screen at the bottom floor - happy hour items? Not sure I didn't experience horrible service as others might have. We were greeted as soon as we walked in and seated right in front of the tv for the Warriors game (maybe my Curry shirt gave it away). Another thing I noticed is that the place doesn't get crowded like it used to. By 12pm, we used to have to wait for a table, but as we walked up, it was so empty that we questioned whether it was open. Also, not sure why they got rid of the big screen and bottomless mimosas, but their demographic of customers definitely changed from when they first opened. Maybe that was their goal? A lot more families and elderly folks. I guess this no longer will be our go to for bottomless mimosas and sports. Oh well.

Christopher Lee-Egan

I'm a sucker for the burnt ends and riblets.

Chris Wagner

Terrible service ! Sucks ! Waited. 40 mins for food only to find out that the server forgot to put in our order . Then comes over to say she had to cover the dinning room as well . 1 table .yeah right

Jocelyn C.

It's true. They are NOT CLOSED. Somehow this needs to be fixed. Hardly come here, but when I do, service is always great! I love how happy hour is every day. Just have to catch times they have it. 3-6 & 9-close I believe. My fave for happy hour, is that mac & cheese, definitely! You can choose a half or full order. So yummy. Also, there is Caesar salad, is big! Really worth to get during happy hour too. Drinks for happy hour are not my cup of tea. I think they are too sour. Seatings are very spacious. There's an upstairs.

Peter Hornberger

Mostly come here for drinks and appetizers. The BBQ nachos are my favorite.

Andre Hall

Good but kinda pricey.

Sean Rouse

Try the Burnt Ends Plate - Twice cooked Texas style burnt ends with a slightly spicy BBQ sauce, 2 slices of bread & 2 sides. (via @Foodspotting)

Libby Lee-Egan

Portions are huge. Don't get too much food or you'll be sad when you're full

Cody Bitzer

Happy Hour Rocks at T-Rex BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Be prepared to chop up your lettuce leaves in your romaine salad. They're whole.

Stephen Merrill

This place used to be better than average. It's now terrible. Bad food, bad drinks, mediocre service...

Jesse Fuller

Marbled brisket was cold and flavorless. Should have got a sandwich?

William "Billy" Anderson

The Spareribs are tremendous and the Bacon Brussel Sprouts are a fabulous dish!


No brunch during the week. Limited choices for non-beef eaters. Deviled eggs were delicious.

Catherine Collett

Devin is awesome!! Had a bad experience with the hostess and then Devin made it all better

Mario Giscome

Good bbq & sides. Try eating in their lounge area.