Taco Bell Cantina

2528 Durant Ave, Berkeley
(510) 984-0079

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Austin patino

I youes to work there very disrespectful and rude to there employers and customers

Jackson Reed

I've historically had some very bad experiences at this Taco Bell. However they seem to have had some changes recently. All of the new employees are incredibly friendly. Also it's the best food you'll ever have. This place deserves a Michelin Star

Sydney J.

Prefacing this by saying that I've never actually eaten at a Taco Bell - the only other time I've been inside one was when I was a kid and needed to use a bathroom badly - so I didn't really know what to expect, other than that I've heard widely divided opinions about whether Taco Bell is good or so bad it's good or just bad, nor do I know whether there's a significant difference between a Taco Bell and a Taco Bell Cantina. I've passed by this one many times since it opened in Berkeley, and will acknowledge it does have pretty nice modern-looking decor.

I am late getting to this review, but I visited on October 28 because there was an offer to get a free Doritos Locos taco that day due to something rare happening in US baseball. (I don't follow sports either, but I am glad someone cared enough about it to actually make free Taco Bell food a thing for it.) I went in, ordered on one of their electronic screens, and then stood inside no more than a couple of minutes. Giving credit to the term fast food, the order was prepared quickly even though there were one or two other people who ordered ahead of me. I had trouble hearing when they were calling me though, so it was only after seeing one of the workers call out several times before I figured it might be for me and approached them to check. So maybe I just got unlucky, but it could be that it'll be hard to know when your order is ready without vigilance if you don't have the best hearing.

As for the food itself, I can only say it was so-so. The shell was indeed Dorito flavored, and I recall it being pretty rigid, which I guess is a plus if you don't like your tacos on the soft side. Inside was mostly lettuce and cheese in shredded short strings. I ate it fairly quickly because I was hungry at the time, but the experience reminded me more of elementary and middle school cafeteria food. I appreciate the free food, but it didn't necessary make me think "Wow, this is delicious and I'll come back." Perhaps the Doritos Locos taco is not one of the better items Taco Bell offers though, and maybe that's why it was chosen as the free one.

Jason Rivera

Very clean establishment, quick service

Camron Huang

Would absolutely recommend trying out this place. Fantastic mood, flavorful food, fantastic customer service. Keep it up.

Jessica B.

I love this taco bell! The cuisine is fantastic, and the service even better! They gave me approximately 200 sauce packets for one menu item, and I was thrilled. This is certainly one of my favorite Taco Bell locations, and I would say one of the finer food establishments in the Berkeley area.

Ingrid J.

Ordered the berry margarita and a lime margarita both with 2 shots of tequila each... they were delicious and perfect!

Keagan Ferrell

I celebrated my PhD earlier this evening in this fine place. happy to tell that it was a fantastic evening and the venue was evidently the reason for that successful celebration. The team collaborated in a gorgeous manner, the food was extremely good and my buddies were extremely happy. We shall absolutely visit again for more joyful events. Thank you very much.

Caitlin B.

I had never been to a Taco Bell Cantina before and was excited to try it, especially since this one is right on the beach! We stopped by on a Thursday and it was pretty busy but the service was fast. I used a kiosk to order, used the bathroom, and by the time I got back the food was ready. I ordered two 7 layer burritos with no dairy, a chicken chalupa, an order of nachos and a baja blast with tequila. My husband and I ate outside with our dog and enjoyed the beach. The 7 layer burritos were really good, the chalupa and nachos were OK, although I did like that they served the cheese for the nachos in a biodegradable container. The baja blast was very tasty with a good amount of tequila. Overall, this location is great even if parking/flow inside is a little chaotic. Would recommend/go back if in the area!

Vivian K.

Totally messed up our order and didn't receive half our items. The things we did receive were also wrong :(The woman working there was also rude and snappy at us. Sad experience. The Baja Blast freeze was good tho

Mohammed Conner

The food and service were above my expectations. I absolutely loved the environment of this place. Great place to take the family out for lunch.

Ben R.

This place is hella good man. Food is ready fast and the service is very nice! The store is also quite spacious as well.

Jandy L.

this is my favorite place to go on a weekend night, they're open till very late at night (3am); lots of students come here and the place gets packed quick at night as people are looking for a late night snack, especially before and after parties. food here is cheap; i usually go for the mini chicken quesadilla or the crunchwrap supreme, but given the amount of times i've been here, i've probably tried most of the menu. the place itself gets pretty messy especially later in the night, and it gets difficult to find seating, so usually people take the food to-go. very close to campus and is located Southside, so there is a lot of nightlife around this area

Lydia Swofford

I placed an order for a breakfast crunch wrap at 10:57 and since it took a few minutes for my order and payment to go through, the actual order didn't hit their system until 11:01. They then refused to make it for me, saying I'd have to switch it out or get a refund. I understand that corporate doesn't allow them to make certain things past certain times, but the staff then became cold and a bit hostile when I asked for a refund, since I didn't want to switch out my order for anything else. I've never had issues here before, but the treatment I received after asking for the refund, that they offered, made the whole situation extremely uncomfortable and I'm unlikely to go back again.

Miren G.

Worst taco bell EVER! Only reason to come here is if youre blacked out and have no other options. Came here with my friend who's vegetarian and they served her a beef burrito. The manager fought a customer for no reason in the middle of the restaurant and their prices are more expensive than other taco bells. La burrita is next door go there instead. If you absolutely must eat at taco bell, do yourself a favor and go to the one on san pablo in el cerrito.

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