Tacos Sinaloa

2384 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 665-7895

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Rebekah W.

Cute little spot in a fun Berkeley neighborhood. Fresh, quick. Huge servings. I was really hungry and could only eat half of the burrito bowl. Could easily be shared. Was going to get the carne asada but a local told me to get e spicy pork pastor. He wasn't wrong. Seasoned perfectly. Not too spicy. Tender. Delicious. And really nice people.

Benjamin Larsen

Fantastic tacos at a good price, they are very generous with the limes, radish, and pickled carrots on the side as well.

Michael Roberts

Try a super burrito if you haven't eaten for a few days, or split between two people. Seriously, they are huge. This is a more authentic experience for local tacos than most other places, too.

x ray

The taco truck on Sacramento! VILE and inedible would be how I would describe the quesadilla I had this week. It was probably the worst thing I've ever attempted to eat- far worse than the bugs in Thailand. First, it was so salty, I felt it had to have been some sort of accident. Maybe the salt fell into the food and the cook didn't want to throw anything out. Unfortunately, it ended up at my house. If I had been back there, I would have returned it. Then it was literally dripping with grease. Not in that nice cheese pizza way. I could not taste anything but the salt. It even overwhelmed the smelly grease! Absolutely disgusting and a waste of $10 which I thought was on the pricy side for a non-organic taco truck quesadilla.

Nini T.

This place always hits the spot. I literally crave and dream about these tacos. My favorite tacos are the cabeza tacos. The meat is soo tender, juicy, and succulent. It's just so mouthwatering. You can never go wrong with tacos, especially on game days or after a party. This has become my go to place especially when I'm on campus. Definitely recommend giving them a try if you love tacos.

Jocelyn S.

WE STAN SINALOA. I promise you everything here is good (except for the burrito bowls LOL). Notable ones are the shrimp burrito, the SUPER shrimp burrito, and all the tacos. I love their taco Tuesdays when they have buy 4 get 1 free, leaving me H E L L A stuffed after. They even have picked carrots which I hella appreciate since not many places have that! I've seen that they're also Michelin Recommended y'all!

Tiena L.

This place is in a really cute area. Very clean on the inside but small. I ordered the shrimp burrito, carne asada burrito and a horchata. The horchata was very okay. The burritos were pretty good, a lot better than I expected. The carne asada was tender and didn't have any weird pieces. The shrimp burrito had a decent amount of shrimp in it. Both had good flavor and I would go back.

Darwin P.

Only top tier tacos here! Tacos Sinaloa makes it day 7 of #BRWToGo. It's been an awesome week, and I needed to include Mexican to these last days of my Berkeley week experience. Though they don't have a menu online, you can go in and call ahead. I'm not sure where it is, but I heard they also have a Taco Truck. Their menu has the essential: tacos, burritos and aguas frescas. They also offer vegetarian menu At any Mexican spot, you gotta try out the Tacos! And they were spot on here! I went with 2 asada and 1 al pastor. Tacos include onions, cilantro and some sauce. Xtra sauce in the side as well. They also include hot peppers and rebanadas on the side. I was tempted to get a burrito, but I'm sure that wouldn't be a let down if I did get it. I'll got for that next time. Y'all should open a Tacos Sinaloa more around where I reside: Concord / Walnut Creek area plz.

Winn C.

They have multiple trucks and one store front that I know of on telegraph. All hit the spot. The trucks hit way harder though. My girl gets Lengua and I get asada. 'To each is own". Four stars from me, this place is on point!

Paul G.

This place has great food, and the biggest burrito I have ever seen. When the University is open the line is out the door, literally. I see lots of swag from the Warriors basket ball team and newspaper clippings on the wall.... Bring your appetite because you will need it, (or bring a friend to share).

Jillian P.

Shelter in place taco truck SCORE at the intersection of Russel street and Sacramento Ave in Berkeley! **Heads up- it's cash only. Super affordable tacos (4 for $10) and they are exceptional. I have heard of them before, but this was my first time trying them. I was blown away by the flavors! Ordered 2 al pastor and 2 carnitas. They come on corn tortillas (my favorite) and are double layered, soft yet toasted, giving you a solid taco that won't fall apart as you savor it. Enjoyed every bite. Will definitely be returning to try more tacos and a burrito... currently debating on walking back for more now... Highly recommend!

Therese Fitzpatrick

these are best tacos I can remember, other than many great ones I ate in Mexico

Kian Lavi

camarones were bomb.

Kian Lavi

camarones were bomb.

Jackson Chui

Really good their el pastor is so flavorful.

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