Tacos Sinaloa

2384 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 665-7895

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Maribel R.

This place is really good. I used to come hear pretty often, until 2 days ago when I got horrible food poisoning from their buche tacos. I've eaten here multiple times with no problems, but now I just can't trust it. Stay safe y'all. Food poisoning is no fun.

Mito I.

Due to the pandemic, I will be removing criteria that I had added to my reviews, such as restaurant ambience, mood, and wait time. This review will only focus on the dish. Brief Summary: - Snackpass service is available (kiosk and order service) - Comes with pickled carrots, beets, a slice of either lemon or a lime, and a whole jalapeño - Meat is juicy - The taco comes with a sauce, but it's not too spicy (even for me who has a low tolerance to spiciness) - If hungry, I order 4; if I'm eating it for a snack, I order 2 My go-to meats: - asada - carnitas (my crowned favorite) - Beef tongue When I often visited Berkeley, this was my favorite place to go and eat. I'm a taco person than a burrito person, so I always order the tacos. They arrive flat like coins and they're stacked with ordered meat, and the onion and cilantro blend, and a salsa sauce. Despite the size, it's packed with toppings and savory juices. On a hungry day, I would order four, but for light, snacking moods, I order two tacos. The list, where I titled as My go-to meats are the ones I tried so far -- and I tend to order on repeat because they're so good. I have yet to try the fish tacos, but I'll sure remind myself to try it if I don't choose carnitas. Carnitas, which is fried pork, is my most favorite meat topping. When eaten right after they arrive, it's crispy and an enormously delicious flavor fills the mouth. I just adore the texture. The more unique meat is the beef tongue. In my memory, beef tongue is a tough meat that takes more chews to grind down. This isn't the case with how Taco Sinaloa does it. The beef was tender and moist and it didn't require a workout chew. I recommend trying it out. However, if it's your first visit here, asada is a good meat topping to start.

Gin N.

Honestly, stop being so cheap with the condiments and have a better customer service. Will not be coming back.

Lou Cornum

Delicious. Affordable. Fast. As close to a taco truck as we find in this neighborhood. Love it.

Diondra Hodges

I had their Shrimp Super Burrito.It was HUGE!! It's as Big As my arm! Loved it!

Tiffany F.

MY GO-TO PLACE FOR MEXICAN FOOD Reasonable prices considering their prime location on Telegraph GET THEIR TACOS: I only either do their shrimp & carnitas tacos or burritos --Their carnitas from here are golden, crispy, & juicy. They retain that caramelized bits on each end of the carnitas --burritos are large...I get very full at the end so I start eating the food as if I got a burrito bowl --carne asada tacos: can skip, the carne asada here is missing out on that San Diego taste SERVICE: A hit or miss lol. They close early. Staff works very efficiently. OTHER: GL w/ street parking I haven't tried their horchata from this place but will soon!

Rachel Y.

This brick and mortar is the next best thing to the truck. So satisfied by the quality of meat. Sometimes they run low of escabeche and don't offer as much of it unless you ask. But otherwise they are really generous with offering it as a side taqueria essential. The large horchata is also humongous, which is fantastic. I never leave without ordering it or the piña.

charles t.

Clean atmosphere which is a rarity from my other Mexican haunts. All of the tacos are delicious. This is easily the best Mexican restaurant in Berkeley.


Best Tacos in Berkeley. Carnitas and Fish are my favorite with a delicious Horchata. Great customer service friendly staff,

Max F.

Off the charts!! Fantastic steak burrito. They sometimes don't have avocado though which is a bummer.

Mido E.

Horrible experience! I ordered different items since I saw good rating for their food truck! I received blend food and restaurant did not follow my instructions. Many items were missing and other items are not even what I have ordered! They sent me all the food without salsas and without condiments! I called to let them know the phone was working then they prob knew it was a complaint so they shut down their line! How rude of them to acts like this. So disappointed by this place this will be my last time I order from them.

Samantha L.

The service at this place is subpar as the workers reluctant to provide limes and salsa. As for the food, the carne asada resembled mediocre ground beef, while the lengua needed a bit more flavor. The horchata was watered down, basically looking like water. If you go here, the fried pork and fish tacos are the best. Don't waste your time on the lengua, carne asada, or horchata.

Phoebe Yang

One of the best tacos I've ever had!! I got the carnitas and the pastor. The tortilla was crispy and the portion of meat was very generous. The pastor was spicy and sweet. The carnitas was very crunchy and juicy. I also loved the carrot pickles which was very refreshing. I'm visiting from ny and I'd say the tacos here might probably beat Los Tacos No.1 in both taste and price, wish I can eat this every day!!

Alex M.

One of my favorite places in the Bay outside of the SF mission district, which due to COVID-19 I've not been using BART to go into the city for the infamous El Farolito, Tacos Sinaloa however is comparable in quality for the East Bay folks. I got a burrito with 1/2 El Pastor, 1/2 Carnitas and it was amazing. The El Pastor was juicy and tender, was well balanced in spicy, sweet and savory flavors. The Carnitas was slightly crispy and balanced out the robust flavor and fattiness of the El Pastor well. I'd recommend getting half and half because of the way each meat individually effects both the flavor and texture of the overall burrito. They also give you roasted peppers, lime, pickled carrots. The fresh lime squeezed on each bite adds a nice acidity that brings everything together well. The rice was moist and had a gentle yet pronounced flavor of tomato and spices, the cheese was very flavorful as well. Although it's a little on the pricy side for a burrito (mine was $12 for regular meats), the quality is well worth and the portion sizes won't leave you hungry !

Ted R.

Ordered through DoorDash. Breakfast burrito had tons of delicious chorizo but not a lot of egg. The rice was all in the last half of the burrito and the sour cream all clumped at the bottom. Promising ingredients but poorly executed. I'll give them another try for the tacos. Warning: pick-up is currently at the food truck on Sacramento. Not the brick and mortar space on Telegraph.

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