Tai San

2811 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 841-6806

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Cathy Morris

I called before I went to see if they had my item. They did so, when I walked in and the young guy from the phone knew who I was by my item, that made me feel so welcomed. I took my oder to go. It was good and I will be back for more. Thanks for being friendly, welcoming, personable, and professional all at the same time.Food: 5/5

J N.

Still amazing. Even with Covid nothing has changed. Good prices, good portions, good food. Been going here for awhile and nothing has changed ALL GOOD

Lisa S.

I really don't care for this restaurant I it used to be pretty decent but not anymore in my opinion but that's not to say that it wouldn't be good for someone else This is my personal opinion

Claudia S.

I have been coming to this restaurant since I was in junior high! Love this place and the people that work there! Food is fresh and tasty!

Richard A.

I ordered 2 items (tomato beef chowmein and fried won ton) for delivery. The delivery was quick and the food was hot. The chowmein was good and what I expected. However, the fried won ton was not was I expected. I only got fried won ton skin, maybe 15 pieces. The menu calls for 8 pieces which I thought would be for fried won ton with the filling. I know what won ton is and just only the skin is not consider won ton.

Sasha Nikitinska

SUCH GOOD FOOD. I recommend ordering ALL the Appetizers and having the best time. The hot and sour soup never misses !

Delong T.

Pretty good food. Only remark is that I ordered my food to be delivered at 5:05 and it came half and hour early which is normally a good thing but in this case I wasn't ready to get it yet and almost missed the delivery by being late. So please in general just pay attention to the timing request thanks.

D' Kenn

I ordered chow mein, pork fried rice, and spring rolls. I've had Chinese food all over this country and this was terrible. The only taste to any of it was old grease. It was very greasy, the pork didnt have any taste.

Stephen S.

had this delivered. some dishes were very bland and the egg roll was almost too stuffed..Disappointing and won't order from here again. Dan Dan noodles were ok but not as thick a sauce as we like..

N. K.

Very fresh food. No MSG! which is super important as I have a family member with a severe allergy. Excellent flavors and generous portions. We had chicken with broccoli, eggplant, Singapore noodles and tofu with veggies. Light, filling and delicious high quality food.

Lucy N.

1st time trying this place. My co-workers and I ordered many different items but I only have pics of my lunch. Sweet & Sour Chicken is really good. Lots of chicken and not tons of the filler (bell peppers & onions). The chow mein was ok - lacking a little flavor (next time I'll stick with steamed rice) The BBQ Pork Buns are yummy (3 per order) My co-workers got Mandarin fried chicken - they liked it but said it's not spicy (as noted on the menu), General Tso's chicken was also a hit- but it's not available as a lunch special. Finally my other co-worker got the seafood chow fun. He does NOT recommend this. It was mostly veggies with 4-5 pieces of shrimp. However overall we enjoyed lunch and will try it again.

Joseph H.

Pretty sure these reviews are fraudulent, or left by people who lost their sense of taste and smell to COVID. My go to spot(s) are running seriously reduced schedules due to virus resurgence so here I am looking for something new. This ain't it. BBQ pork wonton, you say? It's literally diluted wanton soup with sliced pork it in--like something I would make when I had (a) leftover wonton and (b) leftover pork chops. Downhill from there--rice scraped from the bottom of the cooker, sad General Tso falling out of its breading, nondescript green beans. Nice kid working the counter who seemed genuinely surprised to be doing business. So I AM supporting a local place, and admittedly this came in $20 below the equivalent at my regular places. More disappointed in the reliability of the info on this site than the food...

a hill

I have been going here since 1999. Portions are still the same but price has went up. They give you slot of food.... at least for 2 meals.

Mon C.

Tai san has been my go to place for years, understood the pretty substantial price jump during covid (5 items almost $70) but the quality last couple months gone down. Won ton soup was my favorite now the broth is greasy and flavorless,carrots randomly added in dish and getting the wrong items in my order. I hope things turn around soon and get back to the tai san I love.

George N

First time ordering and it was a good experience. Good customer service, friendly staff. Good potstickers, good chicken chow mein and really good string beans with Szechuan sauce. Large portions. Ordered takeout, didn't seem particularly inviting for dining in. Will be my go to for Chinese food in the neighborhood. Better than the Chinese restaurants on College Avenue.

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