Tai San

2811 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 841-6806

Recent Reviews

Lora C.

My family loves Tai San!! I have been going to this fun, family friendly restaurant with my youngest child since she was a toddler. She loves it and they love her. It is such a privilege to arrive for a tasty meal that feels like it was make specially for you. The staff treats her like family and it is hands-down my daughter's favorite place to celebrate all her milestones. Fast, consistent, affordable and delicious!

Kate W.

I love this place. After the first part of the shelter in place they reopened. I got my favorite three things, Salt and pepper shrimp, barbecue pork fried rice, and Wor wonton soup. As usual, it's delicious, fresh and just the thing to relieve some of the stress of this crazy pandemic. They recognize me when I came through the door and welcomed me. I appreciate the friendly neighborhood service that I get there.

Jillian P.

Super speedy delivery orders! We were happily chowing down less than a half hour after ordering. We got the salt and pepper pork (bone-in pork ribs), wonton chicken soup, pork fried rice, and the Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce. Unfortunately, they were running low on Chinese broccoli, so our order was supplemented with half America broccoli (not my favorite but the sauce was still good)! I like the spicy kick that the jalapeños add to the salt and pepper pork. That and the green onions balance the fatty/fried feel of the meat out nicely. The rice and wonton soup were both basic and forgettable to me (although my partner LOVED both! So would still recommend ordering them if simple/classic flavors are your thing)! Would order again!

Stephen G.

I have been coming to Tai San for years - they are wonderful, the food is delicious and it is my go-to for Chinese takeout. I am sad that they are closed while we are in this shelter-in-place period and I wanted to send a message the wonderful people at Tai San that we look forward to you opening soon - and to fellow diners to please be ready to come back to Tai San when they do! (They are currently targeting mid-April.)

Mary H.

Okay, it's difficult to tell which is the entrance door to this place, but it's worth getting in. Tai San has taken the place of the beloved but closed Lilly's over on Hopkins St for me, esp when we needed our cold remedy, Hot n Sour Soup. Not fancy, but excellent takeout Chinese comfort cooking. [My tinnitis precludes being able to eat in most restaurants, and home is more comfortable, anyway.] I can order our favorite standards [Moo Shoo Pork, Sechuan String Beans, Hot n Sour Soup, Shrimp Chow Fun] and know I will be happy, =). Good flavors, portions, and prices. Went over there yesterday, Monday, at around 4 PM, and she pleasantly surprised me with a free order of delicious egg rolls. Thank you!!! I grew up on east coast egg rolls - crispy fried rolls stuffed with cabbage, carrot, celery and tiny shrimp. Minus the shrimp, TS still does an excellent imitation. One more thing I'll be adding to future orders. Long may you live, Tai San!!

Christopher Beam

Solid Chinese food spot. Large portions, good tasting food and very reasonable. These are uncommon virtues these days people. Too many times we go to eat and the food is so so and the bill a no no. Will be back.

Teresa Case

This is an absolute gem of a restaurant. Nice atmosphere, friendly servers, delicious (and plentious) food, and great prices!

Harry F.

This is not an upscale restaurant. If you'er looking for upscale Chinese in Berkeley, try Great Wall downtown. This IS a very pleasant, very reasonably priced place to have a nice dinner. Its not trendy: it reminds me of the American Chinese restaurants I went to with my parents in the 50's. But the food is good, portions are large, service is quick, and its great atmosphere.

Mr. Beam

Solid Chinese food spot. Large portions, good tasting food and very reasonable. These are uncommon virtues these days people. Too many times we go to eat and the food is so so and the bill a no no. Will be back.

ATC Ayers

Tai San is possibly my favorite Chinese restaurant in this part of Berkeley. We've been going there 6+ years and find that the dishes, though standard, are hot, fresh, well prepared, and reasonably priced.

Alfonso L.

So tonight I just finished a to-go order of spaghetti and meat sauce from Tai San. Don't believe me? $12 and change and I tucked in to what was supposed to be dan dan noodles, spicy. But it wasn't that. It tasted exactly like a salty meat sauce from a can, atop spaghetti noodles and on one side some julienned iceberg lettuce leaves. So what gives? This is the second time I've been to Tai San. The first was last summer when I had a completely unremarkable lunch special that was cold and underseasoned. Also of note on this chilly night on Telegraph: the place was entirely empty on a Tuesday night. Wish I knew why a place like this just doesn't call this dish spaghetti instead of presenting a dan dan dish that is not in the excellent category of a Wild Ginger in Alameda or even Shandong in Oakland Chinatown.

Jason W.

my favorite place in Berkeley for really good and affordable Chinese-American comfort food. common complaints that I hear are that it's not exactly gourmet or authentic Chinese (why I said Chinese-American above). But, as a grad student, I just want something cheap and filling and Tai San is a great place for that.

Ronald Kyler

I simply liked their food. I always get excellent service here. The place is always clean and the workers are always nice. Will come back again.

Sno Know

Among the tastiest food I’ve ever tried , I recommend this if you’re around.

Maria Flickinger

Fresh food and good servis !

Cecilia Magana

Excellent and fresh food .

Dean P.

First time here and the Mongolian Beef is the best I've had! The lunch comes with hot and sour soup and hot tea.

Luna K.

Every once in a while I get a craving for some good Chinese takeout, and when the craving comes, it's strong! After looking on Yelp at the options around me, I settled for Tai San---it looked the most promising, and their vegetarian options sounded enticing. That night I was craving something classically Chinese American---Kung Pao. Images of crisp, spicy tofu with peanuts and veggies filled my mind. I placed a pickup order for an entree of Kung Pao tofu, and the woman on the phone let me know that it would be ready in ten minutes. Perfect! I arrived in about fifteen minutes. Although I was taking my food to go, I noticed that the restaurant and dining area were bigger than I expected them to be, although there was only one diner sitting inside at the moment I'd gotten there. I walked up the set of small stairs to the register and saw one waitress preparing a rice dish at a vacant table. I at first questioned this in my head, but seeing as the restaurant was empty, I reasoned that it was a good way to pass the time and it made the place feel homely. The cashier came in shortly after and said my order would be coming soon. In the meantime she rung me up and reminded the chef in the back of the order. It seemed he had forgotten to prepare it until now, and afterwards I heard him setting to work and frying something up. Luckily it only took five minutes for him to finish up, and soon enough I was out the door to find a scenic spot to eat my dinner. When I opened up the bag and got to my food, I was happy with the heaping portions and overall appearance. However, I noticed that there were no peanuts and vegetables to be found anywhere. This was quite disappointing. The tofu itself was delicious and perfectly spicy, and the sauce was tangy and hot, although I could've done with a bit less of it. The rice was well-cooked and good as well. I only wish the tofu actually had the veggies and peanuts it came with. I am still giving them four stars because the food and service were good overall, but next time double check your order to make sure you get what you paid for.

Jason L.

There's something comforting about a solid yet unspectacular place. We live in a place where everyone needs to be wowed or floored by its novelty, Tai San feels like home. Not literally. But comforting in its familiarity. The decor is unassuming and you can't differentiate it from any other 90's Chinese restaurant that you've seen in films, but that's what's so great. The thing that I really love about this place is that it offers a dinner combo. Chinese food is one of those cuisines that is best experienced in a group. But if you're like me, you like to eat alone and I don't want to be charged extra for rice and another arm and a leg for a bowl of soup. So already, I'm a fan. The food itself wasn't spectacular, but for the value, you can't be mad at it. The Mongolian Beef is a nostalgic dish that immediately brought me back to the neighborhood Americanized Chinese restaurant next to my old house. The Mandarin Fried Chicken is a safe play and it's a cross between Orange and General Tso's Chicken. On a side note, people need to stop freaking out about MSG. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Madison Beyer

Pork fried rice, mandarin chicken, bbq pork buns were all delicious and cheap! Sake for only $4 too!

Asyzia Davis

Yum! Old fashioned taste with huge portions! This is about as old school as you can get. Delicious.

Albert Hernandez

Food was decent , service was terrible.

Genevieve Johnson

Large portions, quiet atmosphere

Kimberly E.

Huge lunch for pennies on the dollar Very old fashioned Chinese restaurant Flavorful food and big giant portions Lunch and student specials are 8-15 dollars

Kern Kennedy-sigala

Fresh ingredients, generous portions, clean settings!

Louis K.

The restaurant across the street was having a problem so we ended up here, to our delight! This restaurant is pretty good. The food is not oily, it comes fast, a big portion size, and pretty good tasting. A lot of people eating here for lunch, including some Chinese people, so that's a good sign. Nothing exciting about the menu, very typical Chinese American dishes. Maybe they have a special menu for Chinese people? Wait staffs very friendly too. We will definitely return to try other dishes.

Antoine Carriere

Great food, fine prices

Tahrique Haley

Awesome. I've ate at this restaurant for 25 years. Same owners. Same great taste. Best in the bay.

Caiva W.

I went across the street to Royal Rangoon but was quickly discouraged and walked out after seeing prices of $15-18 for one plate. Not a soul was in there. Heading back to the car I saw Tai San and told my boyfriend maybe we should go there! He wanted Chinese so badly! He laughed and said "wouldn't that be funny if we went right across the street for Chinese?" And guess what, we did! Not once were we let down! Super welcoming when we walked in the door! The interior was so cute, and authentic, and I haven't found something like that since I lived in San Francisco. Everyone was incredibly friendly! We were given water, tea, sweet and sour soup, a salad, and our meals were only $9.50 each!!! HUGE plates!! I got chicken, and broccoli, with white rice, and my boyfriend got the fried Mongolian chicken with fried rice for $1.00 extra, and they came with spring rolls and sauce! We were not rushed out, or bothered! 2 fortune cookies to end a delicious meal with lovely fortunes! Our whole total for 2 plates was only $21!! I can't wait to come back!

Belinda A.

Cheap good American Chinese food. When eating in you get complimentary tea and soup. Delicious dishes.

Ana Hernandez

Delicious, good service, all the people there are so kind, one of the best in the town

David Hillis

Good food, modest prices, attentive staff . That's all l look for in a restaurant.

Dean K.

Came here for the first time and ordered the Mongolian beef with white rice for one. total came out to $13.95. the Mongolian beef dish was large so good quantity for the price; probably could feed 1.5 ppl. Overall it was tasty and good spice level (nothing crazy). I would come here again, quality food and pickup only took 10 mins.

sanjay kumar

I love this place. I love this place. I love this place. I love this place. I love this place. I love this place.

Dwaine Fernandez

Great food better than Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant. Rice is on point noodles on point and chicken is on point. Plz go there if you have the time!!!!!!;)


Love this place. The better with more friends you bring.

Fanny Coble

The food is good reasonablly priced. But place don't turn on heat, so have to dress warmly to eat.

Jeffrey Rowlands

Love this little restaurant. Whenever I'm in Berkeley I stop by. Original, tasty.

Db M.

I've eaten here several times when I'm passing through Berkeley. This is probably my favorite Chinese food in the state. My fortune on this trip was apropos since we were on our way to Oracle Arena to see the Warriors play the Kings...lol.

Mando C

By far one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in the Bay. Food quality is great, service is great and to top it off, the wait is non existent. Usually 10mins or less! A must try if you’re in the Berkeley area.