Tai San

2811 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 841-6806

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karl o'melay

This place is awesome! The food is excellent. The service is wonderful. The price is quite reasonable especially for the quality of the food.We are regulars and will continue to be—my kids love this place.

Tracy G.

I love this place and their service is always A+. The staff are always friendly and your phone order is always hot and ready

Nathan D.

Delicious food and the value is incredible! The dinner specials are an amazing deal, and the staff are great

Michael Glass

Loved the food I took home tonight. It was delicious and plentiful


They got that real ass hot mustard. Ain't no joke, got that drip fam. I love this spot.

John D.

Buyer beware! If you order from this website at these advertised prices? Expect to pay about twice as much when you drop by for pickup. No excuse no apology. I should have walked out, especially after tasting it...

Nathan Jennings

I come to this marvelous restaurant often because I love the special atmosphere that is part of this restaurant. The personel is extraordianrillyremarkably friendly and experienced. The service is remarkablywonderfully rapid. Also, the food they prepare is outstanding. I frequent more than once and I was always joyful. The expense is fair. I highly suggest this restaurant to all my friends.

Elias W.

I don't even have time to write a proper review right now but I have to confirm the goodness that is Tai San - Beautiful ingredients, good cooking, generous portions, delicious food... (rare for me to say but, more than worth what they charge) in a class by itself and the cook (/owner?) is a sweetheart- support them and Yself..

Kris K.

This place is great! I ordered the shrimp with lobster sauce and it tasted very fresh and flavorful. I payed around $13 for my whole meal, so I was surprised that the shrimp was good quality. The noodles here are also so goddamn good!

Lori L.

Great food !!! old school chinesePot stickers Devine! Bbq Roast pork , fried rice, lo menu chow fun , won ton soup so delicious! Everything we have tried is delishEfficient orderingEfficient pick up

Jonathan J.

A hidden gem on Telegraph Avenue!! As a college student, ordering Tai-San was the best bang for your buck. The portion sizes are huge and their prices are very affordable compared to other places on Telegraph Avenue. I usually order before 1:00pm to catch their lunch special menu. They're all between the $10-13!! For me, their portions can be spilt into two different meals. I usually get the Lemon Prawns. For $12, the prawns are HUGE!!! (Probably the biggest prawns I seen around Berkeley!) I also LOVE their Hong Kong Chow Mein. Although the restaurant may seem sketchy from the outside, it is the place to go for some good Chinese food! I always find myself craving their food AT LEAST once a week!

Lora C.

My family loves Tai San!! I have been going to this fun, family friendly restaurant with my youngest child since she was a toddler. She loves it and they love her. It is such a privilege to arrive for a tasty meal that feels like it was make specially for you. The staff treats her like family and it is hands-down my daughter's favorite place to celebrate all her milestones. Fast, consistent, affordable and delicious!

Kate W.

I love this place. After the first part of the shelter in place they reopened. I got my favorite three things, Salt and pepper shrimp, barbecue pork fried rice, and Wor wonton soup. As usual, it's delicious, fresh and just the thing to relieve some of the stress of this crazy pandemic. They recognize me when I came through the door and welcomed me. I appreciate the friendly neighborhood service that I get there.

Jillian P.

Super speedy delivery orders! We were happily chowing down less than a half hour after ordering. We got the salt and pepper pork (bone-in pork ribs), wonton chicken soup, pork fried rice, and the Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce. Unfortunately, they were running low on Chinese broccoli, so our order was supplemented with half America broccoli (not my favorite but the sauce was still good)! I like the spicy kick that the jalapeños add to the salt and pepper pork. That and the green onions balance the fatty/fried feel of the meat out nicely. The rice and wonton soup were both basic and forgettable to me (although my partner LOVED both! So would still recommend ordering them if simple/classic flavors are your thing)! Would order again!

Stephen G.

I have been coming to Tai San for years - they are wonderful, the food is delicious and it is my go-to for Chinese takeout. I am sad that they are closed while we are in this shelter-in-place period and I wanted to send a message the wonderful people at Tai San that we look forward to you opening soon - and to fellow diners to please be ready to come back to Tai San when they do! (They are currently targeting mid-April.)

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