Tamon Tea

2055 Center St A, Berkeley
(510) 647-9370

Recent Reviews

Violet M.

I ordered from here on UberEats and man it was sooooo goooddd. I ordered the Curry Rice Dish, Daifuku Mochi, and Spicy Shrimp Omusubi.Pros: The rice dish was super yummy and I could substitute the chicken for shrimp which made me really happy. I actually find it really hard to find a dish like this that isn't super gelatinous and artificial tasting but this wasn't any of those. The shrimp tempura was amazing. The mochi was delish, as expected.Cons: The omusubi was not my thing at all. I've tried it in the past but the shrimp in it really threw me off, it was just like this pickled creamy cold shrimp...just not my thing. However the other things I ordered here definitely made up for it. LOVE THIS PLACE!

Karl He

Ordered delivery.Love the mochi here! Also a fan of the onigiri.There's some lunch options which aren't bad but there isn't a lot of variety.

Toshimi N.

I'm Japanese. I speak, write and read Japanese and live in Bay Area married with 3 kids for 25 years and I can tell you. I can and wish to eat their omusubi every single day. Did I say enough? Every Single Day.

Emilie D.

I really enjoy their food. I'm so glad this place is open during the shelter in place order.

Che K.

Support local business. Very nice old Japanese hard working couple. I love my curry and beef rice. Mochi was great. Little rice ball was big and delicious. Definitely recommended it.

Richie Zeng

Reminds me of Japan town. Lots of cute Japanese snacks and desserts. The onigiri is fantastic and they have a really good selection. The salmon and the unagi flavors are really good. The mochi is pretty good too though the red bean is a bit chunkier than I would like.

Danielle R.

I love coming here, super delicious Japanese food with an excellent wide variety and excellent customer service. Everything I got here was absolutely delicious! I will definitely be returning & highly recommend !

Noor H.

Really great rice balls!! The guys working there are super sweet and make a great salmon and shrimp ball! It is a $5 minimum for cards just be warned, but this means you can just buy more ! The interior is small with a few tables but it is very casual and I probably wouldn't sit here, definitely more of a to go spot! Ive only been to onigilly in the city and this in my opinion is way better!

David Flores

Great LITTLE omosubi shop! I wouldn't bring a date here, but this spot is great to grab a quick bite to eat for cheap. Be warned tho, it gets reeeeal busy during lunch time at Berkeley high

Connie Mi

Great place to grab a quick bite! The staff is very polite and the food always arrives fast. I come here quite often, and my favorite items on the menu are the omusubu (rice balls) and the curry Gyuu don.

James M.

Small shop across from BCC . They make great hand rolls and Mochi. It can be on the sweet side so just a heads up . Their menu is pretty decent for a small shop and I will come back to try the rest of the things in the menu

Michelle C.

Tamon Tea is my go-to and guilty pleasure when I'm in the Downtown Berkeley area. Cheap, quick place to get my Japanese fastfood fix. Today I got: Salmon omusubi (known as onigiri in other places): Freshly made, warm and comforting. Takoyaki: Cute small pieces that are best eaten by putting them in your mouth whole! Piping hot and brings me back to Japan! Mitarashi dango: So glad they have these! Not sure where else you can find mitarashi dango in the Bay. Dango does not feel super fresh and the mitarashi flavor is mild, but still makes me happy. I love this place because it's simple, fast, and unique in the area. My favorite small food business to support in Berkeley!

Patrick L.

My go-to place for a quick small bite (not a full meal) near Downtown Berkeley. Their omusubi are delicious (I favor the eel and the spicy shrimp) and inexpensive. Their desserts are hit and miss for me.

Yikuan C.

Probably the most underrated place in downtown Berkeley. Very cheap and delicious! Omusibi(rice balls) are nice, the Dons are just excellent for their prices.

Gel Z.

The dango here is to die for. Reasonably priced and packed with great flavor. The berry dango was aromatic, and had a good berry taste to it. Not too overwhelming in terms of the sweetness. Regular dango was okay, liked the sauce for it. Both dangos were soft and sticky, definitely melts in the mouth! In regards to the takoyaki, I would say it's one of the best that I've had in Berkeley. Next time, I'll have to try the ramen or udon.

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