Market Cocina

1025 Gilman St, Berkeley
(510) 809-8293

Recent Reviews

Matias Copeland

From the first moment you step in this place the waiters give you an excellent feeling. Very warm team, it is a happy place to to go out with friends or with your date. Great cuisine, talented chef, modest price and attentive service. Highly recommended.


I have come here for lunch twice this week as it is near my customer. They have a wonderful selection here of prepared foods like salad and hot food and cold foods for take out. They also have a little cafe in there were you can sit and eat. This is not cheap , mind you. But it is fresh and it's healthy and it's clean eating. I really enjoyed coming here this week.


Good sized Whole Foods with good buffet and great pizza selection. Has all the Whole Foods things you'd want. The only thing is that the parking spaces are HELLA SMALL so if you drive anything larger than a compact car, it will be a tight fit for sure. I always have to park on the street. Other than that, A-Ok.

Dwayne Worthington

It's not Taqueria it's Wholefoods 1025 Gilman Berkeley. Here for a promo model gig and once we got over the confusion of who I work for and the location of my supplies and promo equipment things started to flow more smoothly. Nice courteous staff and lots of family oriented shoppers. Cute little West Berkeley neighborhood.

Charles Li

Good food.


We often go there for lunch--easy and delicious to fill a box from the many wonderful cooked and raw options and take it home or eat outside or in. Whole Foods has good and bad qualities, but on the whole, I think it works.

Thomas V

An OK place to buy your lunch, and they have a few places to sit and eat your picnic. Mostly a grocery store with their notorious high prices.

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