Taqueria Monte Cristo

1440 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 486-0321

Recent Reviews

Sofia R.

First time ordering from here through GrubHub. I was a bit hesitant on ordering the guac as I thought it wouldn't look or taste fresh depending on how long it would be sitting out because of the logistics of it getting to me. I'm glad I ordered the guac because it tasted super fresh and is now in my top 5 best guacs i've had. The enchiladas were tasty as well, specially when I added the yummy guac on top it became so much better.

B D.

Was excited to try these guys but, right off the bat we were missing items.. ordered 7 tacos and got 5! Forgot our chips and salsa too! The cheese enchiladas looked half eaten! The sauce was very spicy too! The rice/ beans was all mixed together! It was leaking everywhere! The tacos were okay but, some of the chicken was overcooked badly! The best part was the chips and guacamole! Horrible experience! I doubt we will order again!

Nick N.

I can't believe somebody decided to update their review during this pandemic to 2-stars.

Peter Wallner

Burritos are soggy and wet which makes them fall apart. The guacamole was very watery which added to the soup like consistency inside the burritos.

Kathleen Q.

Shelter in place take out! Ordered a chicken burrito. It was much larger than i expected so it's definitely worth the money in terms of portion size. I thought the chicken was a bit salty, but other than that this was a basic burrito with rice, beans, and chicken. With my togo order, i asked for salsa and wish they put it in the burrito rather than in a separate container, so if you order takeout and want the salsa in the burrito, make sure you specify that.

Tom S.

Burrito was arite. I ordered the shrimp burrito. After a couple of shrimp it turned into a veggie burrito. The flavor was good but it seems like they will throw in a couple of pieces of meat. Stuff like this make me not want to support local businesses. Ever since the pandemic everything I've had takeout has been horrible. I'm sure businesses are struggling and want to save where they can but come on if you are going to do that lower your prices. Paying 15 dollars for a shrimp burrito and having a couple of shrimp in there is inexcusable. I gave them 3 stars even tho I feel that was a 1 Star burrito because the flavor was good I just think they skimped on the meat.

Carol W.

I just ordered from DoorDash having never had this restaurant's food and was pleased with everything I ordered. Meal items were: Montecristo quesadilla with carne asada, carne asada crispy taco and the enchiladas with tomatillo salsa and carnitas. There was also rice and refried beans with the quesadilla which was a nice meal. All the meats were tasty, carne asada was perfectly seasoned. Sizes were generous also. Will definitely order again.

Anna Sasser

Great service. Very family style. Yummy comfort food.

Antonia Langenhoff

Have to pay extra for guac, cheese, sour cream in a burrito and no chips included? We had a shrimp burrito that was basically 2 shrimps and a pot of bland rice without beans or veggies, and these potato tacos that were basically deep fried taquitos with mashed potatoes in them and tasted like nothing. Way over priced for what you get.

Rolando Torres

First time in this area and at this restaurant. Food is good. You order at the front and choose your seat. We had the nachos with carne asada. Really good and enough for 2 people. Also had the tamarind margarita and the sangria. Both a bit sour but tasty. Service was very friendly.

kj page

Flavorful home made from fresh organic ingredients. Family owned. Counter order. Expansive menu.

David Anderson

Very generous portions and friendly staff. A lot to sample so a good excuse to return.

Nick B.

They have a Taco Wednesday deal - $3 street tacos, $4 beer, and $5 sangria or margaritas. Their tacos are quality and extremely flavorful, and their salsa is really good (you just have to ask for it on the side). Unfortunately, the tacos are on the small side for the price, and there are no free chips and salsa. You're paying for the quality and flavor. Definitely a solid place though!

Marion S.G.

The staff are very polite, the food is great!!! I had a delicious tamarind margarita while I waited for my spectacular pasole!!

Jeff Hosmer

Guacamole & fish quesadilla were excellent

Michael Cato

Really good food! A tad bit on the pricey side, but well worth it.

Tatianna A.

Really like this place, nice service and the food is always so delicious! They have the best salsas and Serrano Chile's on the side! For the 2 items below in the picture (the Chimichanga and Burrito +2 coffees not in the pic) it came out to about 35$. Prices being a little high I would say is why it's 4 instead of 5 stars. Really great place overall though!

Mark Khmelnitskiy

Love this place! Delicious food and beautiful decor.

Jeremy Saunders

Best carne asada burrito in Berkeley can be found here. Spicy is recommended

Bernice P.

Beautiful ambiance however we were a little disappointed given the fact that we had to pay for the salsa and chips which is normally provided for free at many taco shops/authentic Mexican restaraunts . In addition, the chorizo taco was mushy, tasteless and just spicy. The carnitas was really dry and I do have to point out that we visited this place on a Wednesday evening when it wasn't too busy, so not sure why the food wasn't cooked as authentic as it should've been.

Lou Grossi

This place is great. Had some burritos that were really tasty.

Keren Schumow Carter

Love their molé burritos! Super good with extra veggies! Also they get creative with their aqua frescas aaaand i think my fave is cucumber lime.

enythe g.

Took A long walk and ordered a burrito After waiting 20 minutes I went up and the burrito had been sitting for so long it was cold It was not busy maybe 3 customers. Couldn't eat the burrito cold and without flavor Much better taquerias around Sad for this experience The lady said I could have a free burrito when I come back but not planning to dine there any time soon

Cee Jay

Great tacos. Kids burritos were a bit dry. The homemade flan was perfection.

andres fortin

I definitely be back to try more food.

George Brier

Excellent burritos and plate meals at a reasonable price. Service here is excellent and the staff is engaged and pleasant to deal with.

Jennell Jaquays

Nachos, crunchy tacos, and fresh made churros.

Kira M.

Simple Mexican restaurant. Order at the counter then sit down and wait for your food. They charge for chips and salsa -- no free salsa bar :( I wanted to order the veggie enchilada with mole sauce (it comes with green), but the woman wanted to charge me for the chicken mole enchilada price (somewhere around $3 more). I hate when I have to pay the same price for something vegetarian as something that comes with meat. I just ordered the enchilada as is with green sauce since I was also ordering the chips and salsa. It came out to $18, which is a little pricer for a place where you order at the counter and sit. The chips were really hard but seemed to be homemade. Two salsas came with the chips in a squeeze bottle, which I've never encountered before. The green salsa is good, but neither is very spicy. The enchilada was good but spicy. The salad on the side (cabbage and pico) had too much dressing on it that ran into my beans and enchiladas. We cleared our own plates at the end as well, not sure if it's necessary, but we saw a black container in the corner where dishes seemed to collect. It was okay, but for the price, lack of free chips and salsa, and the fact that it's not table service, I probably would not come back.

Luz- V.

My partner and I are always here. This place is great. The food is yummy and reasonably priced. The staff is also always super friendly and helpful. A relaxed spot with great decor - enjoy the frida kahlo, plants, and murals on the walls. Between both of us we've tried about 90% of the menu, deserts included. This review though is going to be dedicated to their pozole. This pozole is bomb.com. It's definitely spicy, so not for the faint of heart. The broth is a good consistency- not watery at all , which I like. I could have this soup every other day! Their huaraches are also yummy. Their steak is seasoned well. They top the huaraches with nopales sour cream and cheese. The nopales add a great flavor to the dish. (I'm a savory- spicy tooth, so there's that) . One huarache is big enough to be filling.

Talia S.

The Mexican Mocha is amazing!! The staff is sweet and the food is phenomenal. I got the carnitas plate and it was very tasty. Nothing left on our plates :)

Frank Delgado

Really great carnitas and the chicken too on a grande tostada!

Jose Gonzalez

Everything is made here in house. The Chorizo tacos are a must try. The pastor and carnitas tacos are next. The modelo's are cold. Dont pass this place up.

Tiffany C.

The food was really great. The pollo was cooked perfectly and the burrito was a healthy size. I love a good burrito that lasts a couple of meals. They were out of sour cream which is crazy but the burrito did not really need it. The inside was nice and pretty empty around 4:30 on a Monday evening. The reason I am only giving 3 stars is because of the service. I walked in and I was the only one waiting there to be helped. After I looked at the menu, I stood there for a minute or two while the employee there swept. When he finally acknowledged me, he kind of yelled at me and while the music was loud, he was not exactly friendly about it. I decided to get the pollo burrito because it was listed at $9.50, but my total ended up being over $12. I ordered it to go because I had to go do some work and I didn't realize that they over charged me until I was already gone. The customer service was extremely disappointing considering how good the food is.

Jon Tygers

Local taqueria serving tasty Mexican dishes in a cozy home atmosphere. Service is friendly and excellent with dishes to bring you back. I love the Mexican mocha coffee and desserts too. Great place to bring a date

alex montes

Don’t know why this has 4 stars- I eat like 3 burritos a week and this place is amazingg. Food is excellent, salsas are great, comes with FREE chips, absolutely beautiful interior with plants and murals, open late, spinach tortilla options, great prices, and super nice staff. Love this place - 5 stars forever

Victor G.

Taqueria Monte Cristo is a small eatery nearby a mini Target. limited parking in small lot. offerings: same as any taqueria. no salsa bar. service fast casual. can order to go or eat in. eats: al pastor, carna asada tacos @3.25 -semi moist pieces of portein on grilled corn tortillas with cilantro, onions. meats semi chewy/tasty. choice of green/red salsa. -food better than average. -service friendly, quick 3.5 stars

Dana J.

If a restaurant messes up a to go order and I drive back so that it can be fixed, I don't expect them to feel bad. Things happen. But they should apologise at a minimum. Not impressed.

Dave W.

This is fast and delicious Mexican fare, at very reasonable prices. Grande Vegetarian taco, and burritos are my favorites.

Stellar Phenotype

Great food o my goodness. Love it great food and great staff and great cafe

David S.

After getting out of a concert at the Back Room on Bonita on a Sunday night, we knew our dining options would be limited. We briefly considered Au Coquelet because it was so close, but as there were no empty tables, we walked five blocks West on University and found Taqueria Monte Cristo right where Google Maps said it would be. My wife got the Nopales Tostada and I got the Chicken Mole. Both were terrific. I've not tried nopales very much, but they were fresh, tender and the flavor was delightfully subtle. My chicken was perfectly cooked, soft and yet still firm, and the mole sauce was chocolate heaven. The service was fast and very polite and we were so grateful to find a quiet place so late on a Sunday night!