Taqueria Monte Cristo

1440 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 486-0321

Recent Reviews

Mike Mendez

Good service even if it gets a little busy. Very lovely staff

jeff91688 .

This is the 7 dollar michelada I ordered exactly how it came to me. Literally half or more of the glass was filled with foam. Another customer in the store told me not to post a bad review because it "ruins businesses." No what ruins businesses is bad service... Even the most basic person should know how to properly pour a beer or to use a proper glass and if you can't do that then don't work in the service industry.

mercedes white

It was very quite for a taco Tuesday lol... but it was nice... food was very fresh, hot and good. Very cute little place to have a nice lunch or dinner date.

Cinthia Mercado

I order a fish burrito. I paid 20 dlls. I opened the burrito has 3 small pieces of fish. Is BIG BURRITO FULL OF CAN BEANS, RICE, I GUESS THEY BUY THE RICE AND BEANS FROM 99 STORE, THEN THEY SALE IT FOR $20.. 👊👊👊😠😠😠😠👎👎👎. I ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMEND IT.. YUNK FOOD!

Michael Burkhart

This place was nice ¿ The food was good but the two tacos i ordered where very small. When i ordered two tacos i thought they would be real tacos, not a taco that was made for a a very very small child. Plus when my friend ordered the fish salad there was know\no fish in it that eather of us could see. When i ordered the burrito I ordered it in a regular flour tortilla and when I got it the burrito it was wrapped in a green tomato tortilla. She did take it back real quick and I did have my burrito within 5 minutes hot and good with guacamole on it and sour cream free of charge.🌽

Gary Huffer

I wish this were closer to home and work. Always worth the drive. Best late night eats in East Bay.

Sarah Rose

Really good wet burritos, although a bit spicy for my taste. Very nice staff, be patient with them it gets super busy! Want to try the monte cristo quesadillas next!

Steven H

Working in the Berkeley area for a couple years so was hoping to find a good Mexican restaurant. Just ordered tonight. First off the online price is way different than when you go to pay for it. Over double which I am pretty sure is illegal with the better business bureau. Second I get back to my hotel and most of all my nacho chips are burnt. They were so bad I could not finish most. My steak was over cooked too and very tough. I am pretty sure they just reheated from hours before. $30 for one meal when it said, it was going to be $12.50 is ridiculous too. Never again. And I will tell my coworkers not to eat here either.

Terry Cruz

45 dollars for 9 tacos and 3 small drinks. And th tacos were a 2/5 at best. For the price, it’s bad. Almost fired the guy I sent to get the tacos cause I thought he robbed me. Would not come again.

Mayra R.

Delicious food , and good service (most of the time ) when I come in. Some cashiers have to be a bit more attentive to customers coming in, and not their phones . Other than that I have no complaints .

D M.

I usually get the al pastor burrito with guacamole. It pretty damn good but they seem to always fuck one thing or another. This time i requested chips and they gave me literally 7 chips! They were good but I feel like I got jipped!

Ronnie A.

Went to lunch here today and was very pleasantly surprised. Private parking lot and fast service. We dined in and employees were friendly and helpful. Decor was great and the place was very clean. Prices were about he same as other similar places in the area. We ordered a prawn burrito, tacos dorados, and something else(i forgot the name but took a picture lol). My burrito was ok, wrapping was loose but flavor was great, prawns were a tad overdone. Complimentary chips and salsa were very good. Would go back to try other dishes especially since they have a private parking lot which is great being on university.

Dan B.

Monte Cristo is my favorite taqueria. I love that the food and people are both top quality. The service is always friendly, even when they're slammed with orders. The nachos and burritos are my favorite, but I love the Baja fish tacos too. Now I'm hungry for Monte Cristo, gotta go!

Greg D.

Parking here was easy as it has it's own private lot, a big deal in Berkeley. Ordering was confusing as when we came in there was no one at the counter. Apparently you get a menu and seat yourself and then go back and order when someone comes out of the kitchen. We tried a good number of menu items and this was just okay. The tacos are finger tacos (in Texas we call them micro-tacos) and you can eat them in two bites by using just your thumb and index finger. I found the beef version to be inedible as the meat tasted old. The fish tacos at $7 each were an interesting take but had more black beans than actual fish. If this is one of few Tex-Mex places to get Mexican fusion in Berkeley that would explain it's overall high rating but for the prices I was not wowed by anything in particular. Nice interior design and friendly staff. The chips and salsa were outstanding.

Michaela Duphay

It's was my first time here. Let's just says everything was super perfect. When I was there everyone was happy and friendly . Even the customers were happy and friendly . It may not have alot of sitting area but that shouldn't stop you from going

Diana D.

This was my favorite Mexican food spot in Berkeley and believe me that is high praise! This place tends to be pricier that most Mexican food spots, it isnt pretentious and boujie and it's so worth it. They have a large menu and so many vegetarian options and the aguas frescas are always on point! The ambiance is also really great (it is more of a sit down place) but seating is pretty limited. They also tend to have discounts on wednesdays!

Chris Baca

Chicken enchiladas were excellent with especially with the green sauce. the burritos are very good carne asada recommended.

Ida Zhang

They serve delicious food. And the service is excellent!

Jose Luis Monroy

Good food, good customer service and nice and cozy place.

Joseph Hernandez

This is an order at the counter type of place...

seneca miller

Staff is friendly, environment is vibrant, and food is delicious. The platanos y frijoles are some of my faves, echilladas are excellent too (I get a combo of red and green.) been coming here for almost a decade and will always return when I’m in the area.

Ericka L.

Love the food but I asked for no sour cream no queso fresco on two different occasions and had the person taking the order repeat it back to me... got home and there was sour cream. I asked for it to be fixed and the food was cold when I got it back so they just removed the as much as they could and added stuff on top. I still found sour cream on pieces. Food intolerance and allergies are a thing, shocked they did not remake with the time I waited

Rebeca A.

This is my topmost favorite taqueria, so much in fact, that I have made the trek from SF to Berkeley just to enjoy the delicious super burrito. The black beans are the best I've ever had, and their chipotle salsa is unmatched. I took my BF here recently, and he concurred-best taqueria in the Bay. I would go there 1-2 times a week if I lived closer.

Caiva W.

I live literally 2 minutes from this taqueria. I always pass it, and just kinda shrug it off. It's one of those things where you want to try it, but you're not sure. It always has so many people inside, but I never have it a chance. Last night I was craving Mexican food, and when I looked it up, this place popped up on yelp with like 5 stars, so I was like you know what, I'm gonna try it out! I peeped at the menu on here, and everything seemed so cheap compared to some places! I'm also from SF, and everything is super overpriced, so I was shocked. I originally had wanted nachos, but ended up with a burrito! The inside is super cute! Very small, but super cute! I LOVE their little table number pictures!! The staff is super friendly! And they are very quick with your food! The margaritas are also only $5, and very tasty and refreshing! Can't wait to go back!

Sophie Oruwan

Hip taqueria in Berkeley!

Cathy Her

Great customer service. The food is super good. Everything in the menu is great. Highly recommend this place.

Jessyca T.

Since it's the same owners as La Mission and almost exactly the same menu just drive down there! I've been coming here for almost 10 years. Almost every single time they forget something in my order. Today it was the sour cream I paid extra for in my burrito. Last time it was the guacamole I requested on the side of my taco salad-- at least that time I was able to see that it was missing and go back in and ask for it. When I have gotten the Taquitos de Mole I have to pay extra for crema, but it comes on it at La Missh They also own Casa Laguna on San Pablo, same menu, same Frida Kalho in the window etc. I keep trying because I live around the corner and I'm hungry

Nikki B.

Un impressed- small Burritos for 2 cost me $25 dollars and the server need to smile. She seems not happy, not greeted nicely and the food average. I would not recommend this place.

Adam Ambrose

Spicy breakfast enchiladas and Mexican mocha is a perfectly executed perfect combination. All in a cute and cozy place.


Good tacos—pastor is my favorite. Taco Wednesday special. The burritos here are huge!

Sarah Woods

Delicious food! I would have preferred a shrimp taco without black beans.

Johnny Urquijo

I stumbled upon this gem of a taquería by accident, let´s just say it was the tastiest accident yet!! They have a very attentive staff that is also very friendly. I ordered a ‘Huarache’. Think of it as an oval shaped open-faced corn tostada. Nearly all huaraches are handmade and in this case, it definitely was. It came with a thin layer of beans spread from top to bottom, topped with nopales, carne asada, romaine lettuce, crema & queso fresco. It was spectacular!! They also make their own chips!!! Well worth the $2.50 extra! 10/10 A++ I look forward to my next visit.

Angela H.

As a SF native living in Oakland, I'm partial to my favorite go-to's in the city and haven't quite found good, reasonably-priced Mexican food in my area. So, I drive all the way to Berkeley and it's totally worth it! I usually order a burrito (vegan style) and its always so delicious and fresh! The tortilla chips are also amazing! Not only is the service here always fantastic but it's a nice place to dine in, the restrooms are clean and there's ample parking. Definitely some of the best Mexican in the Bay, hands down. Can't wait to try more items on the menu. Highly recommended!

Andy Culp

the vegetarian burrito was so good 1 of the best iv had

Harold Rosenthal

This place is the real deal; serving up some of the best Mexican food in Berkeley. And they’re not afraid to serve refried beans. Plus: breakfast!

Melanie M.

Consistently good... Seriously, for the past almost 10 years I've been going here as I can. Don't get a chance to get out for lunch too often! Busy schedule that I absolutely love, so no complaints there! I actually tried something new yesterday... Only because it was taco Wednesday!! Those three little fish tacos were amazing... Should have ordered three more!!!

Marion S.

I L.O.V.E. this place!!! Funny but I always get the Chile verde. The plate OR the burrito. One time I didn't get to eat my plate until the next day... I swear it was better the second day. My daughter was the one who told us to try the posole. My husband's and I were quite surprised at how good it is. I will definitely order on a cold day if I can tear myself away from the Chile Verde. Today was the first time we dined in. The staff was very nice. The music was nice. Tomorrow is my birthday and this was a great pre birthday meal with my daughter. I loved it!! Thank you very much!!

William Westrem

Clean, quick, delicious & friendly

Jeremi W.

Eh...I was unimpressed. But I also came on New Years Eve and apparently that is not a great time to get take out in the evening. Anywho. I kept seeing this place on DoorDash and it looked good so I decided to give it a try. As I mentioned, it was New Year's Eve, around 8:30pm. I called in my order and made my way to the restaurant to pick up. The person behind the counter was friendly, and the shop was small and clean. I ordered several things to try. It was a sad evening and I was eating the emotions of two sad people lol. I got a prawn taco to try....that was $7 bucks. We'll come back to that later. I also got 3 carnitas Street tacos and a chicken mole burrito. Let's start with the prawn taco. Prawns, avocado, a whole mess of black beans - more black beans and black bean sauce than anything. It was not good. The beans had a snap to them..like crunch. Didn't taste fresh. I couldn't get passed all the beans. It really was not good smh. The chicken mole burrito struck me as dry. The flavor on the mole was okay but not amazing. The 3 street tacos, not pictured, were probably best but there was a lot of grease running off the tortillas. Like I said, maybe it was an off evening, but I probably won't be returning.

Felipe Sanín

They make the best nachos I've ever had. Add guacamole and "Al Pastor" pork to them and get ready for your life to change forever, haha.