Taqueria Talavera

1561 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 558-8565

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Joan C.

Taqueria Talavera had a lot riding on its shoulders as I made it the first restaurant I came to while coming out of a newborn-baby, sleep-deprived haze. It happily stood up to the challenge. Having been raised with home cooked Mexican food at home, I can be a bit picky about my Mexican restaurants. In short, this place met my expectations with the quality of its food, friendly employees, and great outdoor seating. This is a place I'll come back to! My husband ordered an al pastor burrito, I ordered a breakfast burrito to share with my sister, and my other sister ordered a chimichanga. Note: the portions are huge! Each dish was packed with flavor. My pet peeve is when restaurants skimp on the protein, and this place did not do that! The breakfast burrito was wet, so if you don't like that you do have the option of not getting it with sauce on top. Lots of vegetarian options too. In terms of seating, there were plenty of outdoor tables but no indoor dining at this time. Parking on solano is sometimes a challenge, but not as bad as the downtown Berkeley area in my opinion. No idea if they have a bathroom available for use at the moment. The employees here were really friendly too. Super happy to have found a place to frequent in the area!

Randall Bellamy

Flavorful entrees. Quite busy. Long wait.

Lin B.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. Everything about it- FOOD, service, atmosphere both in & outdoors. Casual relaxed with awesome sauces on tacos, burritos, enchiladas. Today I had the breakfast burrito w guacamole inside and it was doused in the most incredible mild bit scrumptious Chile sauce. It was a piece of art! The staff could not be more lovely. I've loved this place for years, but decided to rave again after my amazing lunch today. Oh- did I mention the multi melon beverage?! YUMM!!

Misty Mulhall

Super delicious food with good vegetarian options.

Joshua G.

Took my mom out here for a taco lunch. Got the 3 taco plate (we chose Carne Asada, Pollo Asado, and Al Pastor), a small chips and guacamole, and to top it off, a flan and a Jamaica. The chips and guacamole were really good, really well seasoned. The chicken and steak tacos were good, but my favorite was by far the Al Pastor. The Adobo sauce was delicious! A bit surprising, but the best thing I think we ate was the flan. I don't know how to describe it other than perfect. Definitely will mark this place down a return visit to try some of the other items, especially the Mole that they have won praise for.

Kibbie Lou

I really hate to leave bad reviews. Especially after only one visit. But, I hope that my criticisms can be used as an opportunity towards making improvements.I ordered the simple burrito, vegan style, add sauteed peppers and onions, plus wet (covered in enchilada sauce).For starters, when you pay with credit card, your only options are for how much of a percent to tip. They do have a little button for "other". But, you have to manually type in $0, and it's a bit uncomfortable when the cashier is right there in front of you. I think that instead they could have a "no tip" button option. Or even better, it should automatically assume no tip, and you should have to go out of your way to add a tip (especially, since this is for picking up your own order).My personal opinion on the flavor was that it was poor. Out of 5 stars I give the refried beans 2 stars. The rice 2 stars, bcuz it seemed to be a bit undercooked (crunchy) and not fluffy or flavorful. Probably half of the sauteed onions and peppers seemed almost fully raw, and were just giant chunks thrown in that looked so unappealing and unprofessional.I'm a burrito lover. I eat burritos multiple times per week from all over the bay area. When I find a place that makes really good burritos, I make that restaurant my regular "go to" in that area. The crazy thing is, that when the cook's or employees are being lazy and sloppy on just one order, that's all it takes to lose a potential lifelong customer with years of regular business. I understand that the cooks are making lots of orders, day in and out, but if you don't prepare every dish with a standard of integrity, you'll be communicating that as your business ethic to unsatisfied customers, (which can translate to the customer as: "we don't have standards", "you're unimportant to us" and, "we dont really care").With this being said, I do want to make clear that this was my only time ordering from this restaurant. I chose this restaurant bcuz of it's stellar customer reviews. Maybe my experience was a rare doozy. But, unfortunately, for me it was unsatisfactory enough to not want to give them a second shot.I do wish them the best

Mike Duigou

A broad menu with many options. I am rarely wowed by the food but it is consistently good no matter what I order.

Darius C.

Up side is this place has some great food in general and I really like their salsa also. Down side is customer service can be bad on occasion, especially with one of the older ladies that works their. I had them forget an item on three separate orders and on one occasion I could not get my missing item because they were closed. I would love for them to make sure all orders are correct before they go out so I don't have to go through my food every time to make sure everything is in the order myself and to please get better at customer service and appreciation. I am big on customer service, so they get 2 stars just for the food and if the customer service was not so bad they would have gotten three. If they correct these issues and take more value in the customer they can get far.

Katherine Hansen

Really nice people, they've put quite a few tables outside for eating. They have a sake-based margarita that is pretty good, definitely not too sweet!

Beatrice Alexander

Highly recommend!! Best gauc in town!! Massive burrito Excellent service. Jose is amazing!

Craig M.

The food is good however the service isn't always. People pay for food and an enjoyable experience. Last time was the final straw as we called in to make a take out order. This was 20 minutes before closing and they told us to wait a minute. They set the phone down and never came back. We could hear the employees talking amongst themselves but nobody picked the phone back up. Arrived there right at closing still on the phone and the response I got walking into the store was "We just closed". I explained that I have been waiting on the phone for 20 minutes and was told "Not my problem". The good news is we found Taqueria Monte Cristo that night just a few blocks away and had food that was better than any meal I have had at Talavera and the customer service was excellent. We won't be back

Jason Connelly

Great tacos at a super reasonable price. We eat here every time we visit my family in the area; it is worth becoming a tradition. Highly recommend.

Jay Rose

I usually order their carnitas tacos which are AMAZING! They cook the carnitas nice and crispy which is just how I like it. I also love their guacamole and chips, super delicious!


We come here a lot. We like the carnitas and chicken dishes. The beef dishes have been inconsistent. They've added some outdoor tables which is nice. Overall good food, good value. Very casual place.

Elizabeth RoSi

Delicious and very healthy food and very friendly staff especially Maricela I recommend you visit La Talavera restaurant ???

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