Tea Fragrance House

1301 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 558-8367

Recent Reviews

Romella M.

Food too salty...the staff aren't that friendly same owners they just changed the name and renovation I think the previous name was tea fragrance...on lunch menu it said you may choose steam rice or fried rice but the guy said I can only have steamed rice and to my surprise the next table ordered fried rice

Oscar Escobar

Exellent Food and Good Price.. Service can be more friendly...

Jason S.

I took my crew here for lunch about two weeks ago. I own a business down the street and want to support all the businesses around me. Everything was very good and the orders were filled fast. The spot is so much better since the last restaurant was in the space, they added windows and such. It is sad to see the place empty at the end of the day for dinner time. I hope they do well as this corner of San Pablo needs the bright spot of this place.

Michaelana T.

Good food. Great people. Nice atmosphere! Nothing fancy, but a nice meal for a decent price.

Lee M.

Ate here with my wife and toddler. They brought out a toy for him to play with as we waited. Had an onion pancake thing which was delicious and more crispy than others. Twice cooked pork, sweet and sour chicken, and beef chow mein. All delicious. Vegetables were fresh and crunchy. Food prompt and staff very friendly. We will be returning.

Cat C.

We ordered a bunch of food. It was all delicious. My only complaint is that there was not enough filling in the crab Rangoon. I would go again though. The staff was very nice as well.

L Jean Camp

Food is very good and generous. After I ordered at the counter, the service was amazing, kind ubiquitous service that normally goes with white linen tablecloths. Except here the kindness is real :-)

Flybee I.

My colleague and I go to Crave Asia once a week. The food is good, reasonably priced. The restaurant is super clean and well maintained. They have specially priced combo from $9.99. Owner Tina is very kind and wants to make sure you are well served all the time. My favorites are Kung Pao tofu, Hunan fish, eggplant and string beans in garlic sauce and others. The combo comes with Hot and Sour soup and one fried dumpling. Overall great choice for vegetarians.

Kymberli S.

I really wanted to try them because I was craving seafood. I ordered pineapple shrimp salad, 3 orders of steamed rice, Shanghainese shrimp, crab wonton and fried prawns. Let me start with the positive. Firstly I was greeted by a 60 something year young man who was very pleasant and the fried Prawns were off the chart (needless to say they did not make it home because I was so hungry). I put the bag on my seat on top of my very nice coat (which I am pretty sure is stained now and all but ruined). There was only 1 order of rice so all of us had to split it and I paid for the other 2 I did not get. The crab wonton were terrible. To be honest I was upset when I got home because the salad was now very dry and 1 order of rice (very small) did not feed the 3 of us. The pineapple salad was tasteless. The crab wonton really had nothing in it. Along with my pleasant call to the gentleman to suggest a better container for the salad or just put thendressing (very runny and too sweet) I offered him a recipe that would be much better than theirs for the crab wonton. Simply put cream cheese, crab and green onions in a bowl let sit overnight, and stuff the wonton with it. It is delicious and savory. The inside of their crab wonton was disappointingly sweet in fact even tasted like it had confectioners sugar in it. All I can say is do not go there when you are very tired and hungry after a long day of work to pick something up and have it just leak all over your front seat and your beautiful jacket. When I called the gentleman and spoke with him about this he said he was terribly sorry but did not offer anything, which surprised me since I am a business owner and I would've just comped the meal, or I would've given a credit at least for the rice that I didn't get. I am a foodie, all of my friends ask me where to go for good food. I will NOT recommend this place, in fact I doubt this place will make it. I am trying to do them a favor, I am a consultant, and tough to please, but if you listen your restaurant will be a success.

Antonio Vilela

As a regular, I consider Crave Asia a hidden gem in Berkeley. Their Mongolian steak with fried rice is unbeatable. Very reasonable prices, easy street parking around the corner, welcoming and professional staff makes me coming back.

Aleanna S.

After reading the bad reviews and finding out they switched the whole place up, from the name to the owner, and cooks, I took a chance. I never ate there before when it was called Tea Fragrance, and I've been working down the block for almost 3 years. I got tired of the food we had at my job, so I ordered the mongolian beef with chow mein lunch combo special (11am-3pm I believe.) When I went to pick up my order, I couldn't help but notice how bright and inviting the interior was. The two who welcomed me were sweet and friendly, I could tell they are accommodating and want to provide the best experience. At first when I dug into the chow mein, I thought it could use a little more flavor, until I started on the mongolian beef which was really tasty so I basically mixed them together. I love the dish and even though it was on the spicier side, I really enjoyed how flavorful it was. They provide a large variety of lunch specials for decent prices and I appreciate how much effort is put into the ambiance of the restaurant. I think they're doing a great job so far. Would try again.

Michael Maxwell

This place used to be my favorite Chinese food place back when it had the other name but since just before they change their name quality is changed quality of their chicken the flavor of their Kung Pao which is what I always order has gone downhill the service is still good the people are still great but the food has changed

Jacki S.

We ordered the Sweet and Sour Imitation Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Green Onion Cakes, and Vegetable Pot Stickers. These were definitely "safe" things to get when trying a new Asian restaurant, but let me just say - they were AMAZING! Every dish was incredibly delicious, and after dinner, we still had half of each dish left, so portion sizes were excellent! Crave Asia is definitely my new go-to Asian restaurant. We ordered this to pick-up through their website. It was incredibly easy to pick out what we wanted and pay online. The interface tells you how far along the order is, so you know when to go pick it up.

Spike A.

I love this place! Clean, mellow, not heavy or greasy food, big portions, very nice people.

Garth W.

I like this place. I do wish they would straighten out the name confusion. They are very friendly and all the dishes I've tried have been very good. I particularly like the General Tao's chicken. Most restaurants don't put any vegetables in it but they put red and green peppers as well as broccoli. So far so good!

Emily Kistner

The renovation is beautiful, the service was lovely, and the food was delicious! I'm shocked at how few people were in the restaurant.

Shivani B.

This is a new restaurant that opened in place of something that I recall being a very dark and uninviting place. The new makeover is brighter and definitely more welcoming. We tried this place for lunch because lunch combos are so appealing usually ! The hostess and staff were extremely polite and gracious. The space looked very clean. The gentleman behind the counter was so sweet 10/10. We ordered three different combos and I got the basil chicken meal. It came with white rice and a pot sticker. Sadly the meal was very very mediocre and honestly not memorable at all. The potsticker was not fresh 3/10 and was very soggy. The chicken was cooked with onions and bell peppers and basil but had clearly been over sautéed as the color was on the darker side. The chicken was clearly added later as it lacked flavour and almost tasted boiled. Major missing flavour. The overall dish was not terrible but really not worth $10.90 at all. 4/10. My friends generals chicken and eggplant also looked ok ok and noone particularly raved about it. Great team running the place I'm sure but unfortunately I will not be returning.

Taylor Q.

Delicious food @good price. I am always greeted with a smile here and the service is excellent. Crave Asia is a good dine in place, the environment is relaxing, it's clean and friendly. It's an awesome place to go alone or w/company :)!

Nancy H.

Took the family to this comfy local Chinese restaurant. Food was great, the staff was friendly and warm. Nothing fancy, but a solid low key place to get a good meal. I think people may not realize it has changed owners. Unlike past restaurants in this location, it is super clean and the service is great. Plus, there was chocolate mousse for dessert! We want this place to survive, so check it out!

Rinky N.

This place used to be called Tea Fragrance. Even though the name has changed the menu still says Tea Fragrance. We thought we'd try it out ---it looked like it was a new restaurant,..... what a mistake. I hate to give bad reviews but ...... 5 STARS I'll give them 5 stars for the nice remodeling job. They put windows in the front so it really lightens things up. Before the restaurant seemed like a dark cave. 5 STARS The tea was very nice--lightly brewed 4 STARS The bathrooms were clean and modern 3 STARS Our server seemed a bit timid (that was okay) but she didn't seem to know too much about the menu items. 1 STAR Our two veggie lunches were terrible. The broccoli in both our dishes was old and tasteless. I got the veggie kung pao lunch which came with carrots, bok choy, onions, peanuts and broccoli. The sauce tasted like 100% Siracha sauce----really hot but flavorless. Mr Rinky got the tofu and broccoli,....in a brown tasteless sauce. Both dishes came with steamed rice. We skipped the hot and sour soup. The menu said it came with an appetizer. I just remembered about that..none came with it. We really felt almost cheated....that the cooks didn't care about the veggie dishes. Mr Rinky said, "I hate paying for food that is worse than what I could make." AMEN! There were about 13 other diners (all men) All presumably eating meat or seafood lunches. They were all wolfing them down. So maybe those dishes were okay. We like to patronize new businesses. We are on a fixed income so we don't go out to eat too often. We'll never come back here. For the $23 we spent for the meal plus tax and tip we could have excellent meals at the Pearl House or Everest Kitchen in Albany,

Cici Wong

newly opened chinese delivery restaurant,the onwer is very nice,and the food is yummy.

Tee B.

I don't usually write reviews , but I think more people needs to give this restaurant a chance. I noticed the negative reviews on YELP but people should know that they recently remodeled and changed owners and chef. - Inside of the restaurant is bright, clean - They have FREE WIFI and a TV to play Netflix / YouTube music vids while you dine. - The food is good, it's not glorious or to die for, but it's good, like Mongolian beef and fried rice and chow mien. - The owner is SO SWEET. You can tell they really care about the experience of their customers . Customer service is important, I felt taken cared of whenever I visit this place, and I do appreciate this. FYI it seems like they also started serving stuff like boba tea and wine. If you visit, feel free to give the owners suggestions on what you liked or don't like about the place . I think the restaurant business is difficult and it's rare to find someone who genuinely wants to make her customers happy.

Liberto J.

Stopped by here while I was in SF visiting a friend, the owners are so sweet and thoughtful, services are really outstanding which made me feel appreciated , I got some of the dimsum dumplings and beef chow mien, it was tasty and they don't use MSG, I got mine really spicy which is the way I like it. I heard they recently remodeled, the windows give the restaurant really nice lighting and the inside is spacious and cozy with music playing in the background. I would come again just to support the owner lady.

Frances L

Neighborhood restaurant remodeled recently and became much cleaner and brighter. Foods and tastes are pretty good.

Alan Chan

Cozy vibe. Super nice owners. Good food

Ja R.

Their food is great tasting. We have been getting our Chinese food here since 2015. I gave them 1 star because sadly, last night, I chewed onto this spiral piece of metal. It was in the mapo tofu. My husband called them and said oh just mention that next time you order again. I don't know what kind of apology that is. I placed the spiral metal beside a pen to show the size. Good thing I didn't swallow it! Could have caused more problems!

Nancy A.

Service was good, food was just ok. I got the Udon seafood noodle soup. It lacked some flavor but the seafood itself was good quality. The Thai iced tea was also too sweet for me. Overall, food was average.

David Dural

My favorite restaurant. I've been eating here for years.

Squirmy Bear

Amazing fried calamari and foods delicious as usual. I love the menu selection and variety that includes items that are out of the common normal most other restaurants carry. Only diappointment was that each time ive been there they havent had the milk tea ive been waiting to try and the main reason for going at all.

Nicole Henderson

Food did not taste fresh at all I ordered dinner and it tasted like left overs . I️ ordered sesame chicken and veggie chow Mein. Portion was also small for the price

James Hurley

They get zero stars (made me pick one) for not allowing an order through EAT24 or any other app online. When we called their recorded message said we had to download their app. Which then didn't work and wouldnt put our order though. We really wanted to try your food. Oh well....

Bridget Chavis

Food so good I had my birthday party here.

chula c.

I used to be an avid customer here. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with the quality, portion and taste of the food. The food does not taste fresh at all. It used to such a yummy restaurant. I ordered the sweet and sour pork lunch. Not only did I pay 10 dollars for it with a coke, the food is horrible. The rice is flavorless, the sweet and sour pork has a funky taste and smell. I ordered for pick up and my food is luke warm, not even slightly hot. I was there right when it was ready for pick up, so I am expecting hot. I am sorry, but I will not eat here again.

Jessica L.

First time ordering take-out through Yelp and I'm impressed how easy it was to use. Yippee: Arrived in a timely manner, was still warm, large portions. #80. Sesame Chicken #111. Prawns with Cashew Nuts #45. Steamed Rice - Large #A06. Sesame balls (8) WompWomp: My Prawans and Cashew Nuts did not arrive; instead Prawns and veggies with a garlic sauce ( I believe ). Luckily we love our veggies. overall everything else was meh. Your average take out.