Thai Corner

1277-1279 Gilman St, Berkeley
(510) 647-9300

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Yanneth Reyes

Great service and covid safety practices. I love their Thai iced tea because it's not overly sweet like some places make it.

Ed U.

** The following review reflects my delivery experience DURING the COVID-19 pandemic. **

No Khao Mun Gai at this Thai spot? OK, I'll live, but I did have my hopes up since its hippy-yuppy Westbrae location made me think poached chicken might be a local favorite to eat. I've seen this newish spot walking in the neighborhood but like every other restaurant on my mental wish list, the pandemic has allowed me - and everyone else - only the opportunity of experiencing delivery from them.

I decided to order dinner for Jamie W. and me one evening, and we weren't disappointed. First things first, we went with the $8.75 Fresh Rolls for an appetizer because that's our go-to, hand-rolled rice paper stuffed with braised tofu, vermicelli noodles, carrot, cucumber, and lettuce, accompanied by the requisite peanut sauce and house dressing (photo: Hit the spot. Check. Next came my Khao Mun Gai substitute, the $14 Garlic Chicken.

The dish instead consisted of marinated chicken seasoned with garlic and pepper and served with cucumber slices and sriracha sauce (photo: It was tasty and close enough to meet my craving. Last was the $14 Som Tum Salad, the classic dish of shredded green papaya mixed in their house dressing with cherry tomatoes, green beans, peanuts, and a few grilled prawns (photo: Good stuff even without the poached poultry.

FOOD - 4 stars...Thai classics well turned
AMBIANCE  - n/a...gee, I don't know, never been there
SERVICE - 4 stars...timely and well packed
TOTAL - 4 stars...more than just a corner

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Bodie Cabiyo

Asked for no fish sauce but soup had fish sauce. They made no effort to fix the situation and gaslighted me by claiming there was none in the soup. Their solution was for me to drive back across town so they could remake the soup. Papaya salad is also very small for $12. The first time we went was mediocre. Now this. Never going again.Edit: the smell of fish sauce is unmistakable. And repulsive to me, which is why I asked for it to not be included. Not sure where it came from, but it was in there, 100%.

Amin Alog

i love the place.

Andrea K.

My family and I love this place. The food is delicious and the service outstanding. The people that work here are courteous and when we order on line they always have our food ready to go when they say it will be.

Savanah L.

The pad Thai was so yummy I would order again! I also got the shrimp rolls and they were perfect!

Marci L.

We could eat here 2-3 times a week! This restaurant is awesome. Everything we've had from them has been great! We just got take out, I had the fried chicken on fried rice, I know it sounds like a lot of "fried" but it's not. Not at all greasy. Just really amazing flavors. My wife had pra ram lots of fresh veg with chicken and perfectly balanced peanut sauce. Then we shared the fried sweet potatoes. Again, not at all greasy, just crispy, flavorful and just wanted more! Despite the big servings. Only thing I'd recommend is to request extra sauce with each. Overall, this is one of the best, if not the BEST Thai restaurant we've been to in the 23 years we've lived here!!! They opened about 2-3 months before the lockdown which was truly unfortunate since they so deserve a chance to share their really amazing Thai food.

Victor G.

Thai Corner has been here 1 year & 3 months, only 38 reviews! whatsup with that? prices on website and on take out flyer differ a few $. offerings: the usual thai dishes as most thai eateries.eats: chicken larb (10.95) "ground chicken with red onions, mint, thai-lime dressing". not mentioned: lotsa vinegar, just a few pieces romaine lettuce.-flavoring is mostly vinegar, thai-lime dressing, mint not tasted.-needs more romaine lettuce. container too small for more lettuce -tender grounded chicken mixed with vinegar = micro bb's. 3ish stars. doesn't travel well. too much vinegar. take outs;-most of menu isn't a good value.

David C.

Love this place! The people are delightful and the food is delicious. Ate there several times pre-pandemic and they've been in solid take-out rotation since lockdown.Fast, accurate and great Thai food. What's not to like?

William Wambsgans

Love the green curry!Fresh rolls are a little small but great taste

James M.

The Pad Thai was alright. The only downsides were the portion and the five (5) pieces of chicken. I ordered through GrubHub, in which the prices are roughly $2 more than what is listed on their website. Whether purchased directly or through a third party, I still can't quite justify the price for the portion.

Shara Kennedy

I love this steakhouse. The staff are the best in the business and the food always impresses. It’s the perfect place for special occasions. Try it out. You won’t regret it.

Ebony Faye

ordered from doordash and spent a lot of money for 3 items not even worth it the tom yum taste like lemon water with 3 prawns in it, the bbq pork w egg noodles were cold and noodles were sticking together and the d- pad eggplant was okay not worth what they are charging im never ordering from here again

Sunshine B.

This place is convenient for me, that's honestly why I keep going here. The following I have tried and really like: Tom Yum soup with fish Shrimp in a blanket Pad Prik kingh fried rice Pad prik kingh chicken Fried Banana & Coconut ice cream Mango sticky rice The following I have tried that were just meh / bland: Panang curry Green curry Chicken satay Crab fried rice The other issue is they are quite pricey and I noticed their website prices don't reflect the prices when you're there (cheaper on the web). A bit lazy on their part, please get synched up.

Sean M.

My son lives in Bangkok teaching English so I've visited and I regularly post the dishes we get from Thai Corner. He's not easily impressed, nor are we, and he says "that's the real deal Dad, except for the brown rice:). " Thai Corner is an excellent option in the area and they care about their food and making sure their customers are happy. We're lucky to have them open up and provide a little bit of Thailand right here.

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