Thai Noodle 2 - Berkeley

2426 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 644-9292

Recent Reviews

Tina Yokoyama

I’ve been coming here for many years and love their food quality and variety! It’s one of our local favs and we hope they are around forever!

Dominika Gráfová

Delicious food! We’ve ordered tom yum soup and lord of the noodles with duck and it was amazing! Recommend 100%! Nice clean inside space and friendly staff.

Gilberto Brito

I love this restaurant very much. It has a great atmosphere. The cuisine is great. the service is powerful and the personel is professional. The pay is satisfactory. I definitely recommend.

Jinnifer Santos

Great food

Hannah Azimi

Small restaurant with big flavor. The red curry and pad see ew are some of my favorites here

Kevin B

We tried two plates with noodles. The sauce was good. We ordered duck and that was juicy but I was not a fan of the cut, mostly fat. I would say that In General it can be better. The noodles were clumped together and I’d say they just tossed the food to the plate. Attention to detail is 3 out of 5. Flavor is 3.5 out of 5. Everything seemed to have sugar to give it flavor. Staff is nice.

Lester Carmichael

We had a fantastic time at this place. We loved the great environment and the food. The staff were super amiable. I am happy we eventually decided to visit this spot.

Hari Jobanputra

Food quality and test - 4 stars ****

Julio Lecca Valcárcel


Kevin Zhu

My pad thai was pretty bland and didn't have much of anything besides literally just noodles.

Zhuxi Luo

Five stars for the crispy pork in fried rice

Julio Lecca Valcárcel


Nathan Jordan

used to have one of my favorite meals in Berkely: fried chicken over Green curry fried rice. I prefer Racha's for all else Thai.

Jiazhen Lin

Ordered noodle and pork rice but we seriously doubt whether they are Thai food. They tasted like Chinese beef noodle and Kantongese sweet BBQ pork rice. The flavor is only so-so, can't say they are good. The waiter is friendly. Three stars for the waiter's service but not for the food.

Abz Lee

Delicious food with a longer wait time in my experience. Quite a popular place which was encouraging but lengthened the wait time. Otherwise, it was great!

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