Thai Noodle II - Berkeley

2426 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 644-9292

Recent Reviews

Kevin Zhu

My pad thai was pretty bland and didn't have much of anything besides literally just noodles.

Zhuxi Luo

Five stars for the crispy pork in fried rice

Julio Lecca Valcárcel


Nathan Jordan

used to have one of my favorite meals in Berkely: fried chicken over Green curry fried rice. I prefer Racha's for all else Thai.

Jiazhen Lin

Ordered noodle and pork rice but we seriously doubt whether they are Thai food. They tasted like Chinese beef noodle and Kantongese sweet BBQ pork rice. The flavor is only so-so, can't say they are good. The waiter is friendly. Three stars for the waiter's service but not for the food.

Abz Lee

Delicious food with a longer wait time in my experience. Quite a popular place which was encouraging but lengthened the wait time. Otherwise, it was great!


Great price and very good food. We tried Tom Yum soup and we loved it. It was loaded with sea food and very tasty. Very friendly and responsive service with walking distance to UC Berkeley.

Hideki Kimura

Decent food for a decent price

Gary R

Came to Thai Noodle on Saturday. Had a delicous Calamari Appetizer and Thai boat noodle. Good food good price

Yong Jasmine

Over the three year I have been dining at this place, food is deteriorating and service has been rude. During my LAST visit I was even yelled "what's wrong with you?" by the waiter - because I did not sign the merchant copy right away I was treated like a barbarian who would not know how to give tips. Hello, I didn't even say a word when you took my unfinished noodle without asking. Now I cannot even finish my water if I don't sign first! I understand that you want your customers out as soon as possible so you get more rotations. But come on, nobody was waiting in the line anyways.

Kevin Yi

Thai Noodle 2 always has very generous portions. It's food is tasty and affordable. I would recommend the crispy pork fried rice or the crispy chicken!


The food is delicious and authentic. Thai tea is great too. Service is excellent and fast. The pineapple fried rice is so good. Please tap the thumbs up icon below if this review helped thank you.

Alec Thanig

Was craving Thai food after coming back from a trip in Thailand and this place satisfied that craving perfectly. Large portions, good food, and good service.

Maxx Mueller

Consistently good Thai food. Prices are exactly what I'd expect. Can't really go wrong here.

Neha S

Ordered fried egg rolls. Received 4 the size of the receipt. Tasted good but very, very, very expensive. Not worth it. I could get cheaper and MUCH better in several other places. Not eating here again.

Henry L

Yesterday night we went there for dinner. The food was one of the best Thai foods that I had ever have. We had great experience until the waitress passed over the bill. Supprisingly we found that they included 18% tip in our bill.

Sulaiman Syed

Great basil dishes. I love the basil fried rice with chicken. Noodle dishes are good too though I've only tried the pad Thai. My friend had the soup and the portion looked pretty decent. The place fills up at lunch so I recommend going around 11am on weekdays.


Thai Noodle has a lot of good reviews on TA. Had to search for Thai Noodle II, but apparently I'm not the first reviewer here.We were meeting our granddaughter for lunch (second generation of Golden Bears in the family). She originally suggested another restaurant down the street, but when we got there she thought this place would be better (sit down service instead of counter). Turned out just great.We were seated near the door and the open front window, which was fine on a warm day. Flying proudly outside was a Republic of Telegraph banner. If you've never been to Telegraph, you might not grasp that it is, indeed, a world apart. The restaurant was just filling up and it was obvious it was a popular location.I had the garlic shrimp, which was delicious. The other dishes were curry noodles and pad pleaw wan goong (Sauteed shrimp with sweet & sour, tomatoes, cucumber, pineapple, bell pepper and onions). My wife, who can't handle hot spicy foods, found the latter dish well within her tolerance level and was quite happy.Upon entering, we informed the server that it was our granddaughter's birthday. At the conclusion of the meal, a free desert was brought to the table with three spoons...something my wife would have never ordered....fried ice cream! She will probably order it next time.All in all it was a very friendly, if tightly packed, restaurant. Customers were mostly locals who knew where they were going on their lunch hours. None of us used the rest rooms, so I can't comment on the previous reviewer's experience. We wouldn't hesitate to go back next time we're in town.


First the positives:- The food was great. It exceeded my expectations. I ordered the pineapple fried rice without meat and rather than what was explicitly mentioned on the menu, I the dish contained quite a few other vegetables in the rice as well, which was a welcome surprise.- The service was pretty good. We got our food quickly and didn't need to ask for the bill.The not so great:- The restaurant is small and not nicely decorated. If you judge it by looking through the door, you might not consider eating here. However, apparently most restaurants on Telegraph look similar.- The restroom was particularly dirty and the inside door for example, looks like it has never been cleaned.All in all, I would return here and if it had been cleaner/nicer, I could have easily given 5 stars.

Ally M

Good portions, but a little overpriced. Flavors are okay.

Martin Weigert

Moo Dang (61) is delicious

Shoree K.

Such a disappointment! Used to be so great, when I lived in Berkeley this was my default restaurant if I didn't feel like cooking, but since the reopen after the fire the food has totally changed.

Anhang Zhu

1. Get the Lord and nothing but the Lord. 2. Dump the entire can of peanuts over it. 3. Enjoy the closest thing to heaven.

Jasmin L

Anything you get, is going to be a big amount. Make sure you blow because its going to be hot!

Jakob Marovt

Not a good place to go. Move on.

Jasmin L

Always willing to subsitiute anything you want.

Austin Coleman

The Thai iced tea is amazing.

Kimberly Ligocki

Let's hope the kitchen is cleaner than the bathroom. Scary

Richard Hintz

Will substitute kana/Chinese broccoli for dumb American broccoli. Prik nam pla (Thai super hot sauce) on request.

Lauren Keith

Get the grass jelly drink! It's bubble tea tapioca pearls in a can.