Tharaphu Burmese Street Food

2037 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 356-4860

Recent Reviews

Phoebe W.

They're soooooooooooo good. I love their [latt sone], it's super budget friendly if you have a friend to split it with and you just can't beat the variety or the presentation. The [tofu nwey] is best thing to eat on a rainy or cold day, no other Burmese places in the bay serves that since it's too much hassle to make. Their service is always impeccable. I'm p sure I've gone there so many times in one week that the lady who always takes my orders thinks I have a problem.

Jordan C de Peralta

Burmese in the heart of Downtown Berkeley

Jay C.

Burmese in the heart of Downtown Berkeley Can not beat how accessible Tharaphu is, which is just up the block from the Downtown Berkeley Bart station, which also means it can get busy during dining hours. While the menu doesn't clearly label the vegan/vegetarian options, the waitstaff is very friendly and helpful. With the exception of the fish cake salad, all the salads can be made vegan, which can be meals on their own. In addition to the standard stir fried tofu with vegetables, you can also choose from four rice noodle plates, including the popular garlic noodle staple. Pros: Just up the block from Downtown Berkeley Bart Cons: Vegan options not labeled

Neal Maillet

Meal was flavorless and cold—tea leaf salad did not seem fresh at all. Love Burmese food and this was sadly inedible. We sent food back but they did not offer refund. $40 wasted. Beware

Brandon Hausauer

It's alright. The paratha with chickpea curry was great but the fish/shrimp curry was disappointing. Mandalay noodles had way too much garlic and overpowered everything else in the meal. Tea leaf salad was alright. There are better Burmese restaurants on SF - e.g. Mandalay in the Richmond district.

C C.

Lots of vegetarian options! Service is quick and attentive. I'm so excited to see ingredients I've seen in no other Burmese restaurant in the Bay Area. I've gotten pretty used to all the flavors in various Asian cuisines, so it's rare for me to experience something different and tasty. My kids love this place, also--it's a go-to for the whole family.

Asor A.

We popped in for half a lunch and I thought it was great! We had the special of the day, flaky pita triangles dipped in a chickpea curry. I haven't had much Burmese food (been to Burma Superstar once) and I liked this better than what I had at Burma Superstar. Would def be up for coming back when we're in the neighborhood and try the other dishes! Yum

Paulina H.

A gem in downtown Berkeley. Delicious, affordable food, with good service and short wait times. I have shared the latt sone family style platter with friends many times. I've enjoyed the different curries, salads, and appetizers. At this point, I think I've tried them all. Two big thumbs up.

Nora A.

This restaurant is absolutely authentic and five star. Yes the dining was causal and relaxing. Not like u are in the crowd waiting for seating for 2 or two hours. You will have plenty of food what u paid for. Customer service was friendly and feels like home. My fav tea leaf salad and request to be spicy. You can't miss Burmese fritters combo with house made tamarind sauce. For noodle, my fav is Mandalay meeshay.

Jonas K.

I definitely think that this place is underrated, and am very glad that I finally tried it. I would give it five stars just to boost the overall reviews (3.5 seems low). The food was delicious and flavorful. Pretty unique flavors that even those familiar with other SE Asian cuisines might not be used to. The service was greater, and our waiter was a young guy (maybe late 20s or early 30s) who was really polite. We got fish curry and shan noodles. The fish curry was hearty and thick, with catfish (technically Swai, but they are similar) that had an ideal texture. Strange enough, it tasted very similar to a Hungarian stew I know called halászlé (Fisherman's Stew), which is a rich, piquant stew often also made with catfish. An odd connection I know, but it was delicious regardless, and I wouldn't usually say this, but the steamed broccoli was actually a nice touch. The Shan noodles had some flavors I can't say that I've ever had before, but were similar to Laotian cuisine. Had a mix between salty, savory, and pickled veggie tastes, slightly fragrant due to some of the spices and herbs (e.g. maybe it even had a few licorice pieces??). Try it with chili paste; it really fits. The little soup on the side was also a nice touch. It was savory with a somewhat earthy, whole taste. Overall, the food tasted balanced and natural. I will definitely be going here again.

Bianca L.

Solid but overlooked spot to grab food around the Berkeley area. Theraphu is my only exposure to Burmese food so I don't have anything else to compare it to yet, but it's not bad so far. [Latt Sone] I recommend the Latt Sone, which is a "family-sized" platter that is a pretty well-balanced meal, considering that it has curry, rice, vegetables, and protein. It can comfortably feed 2 people, and possibly even 3 if your group isn't completely famished or if you're thinking of grabbing dessert afterwards. For our options, we opted for the samosa, opo, tea leaf salad, brown rice, coconut rice, fish curry, and pork curry. I could probably interchange some of the options for others and feel the same way about the dish, but the coconut rice and the fish curry are definitely ones to order again. In terms of ambience, Theraphu is casual and has the atmosphere of a quaint family-owned business. When I went on a Saturday night, it was pretty lively, but that didn't make service slow at all. Price-wise, Theraphu makes for an affordable meal and is pretty worth it if you ask me. Overall, Theraphu is a nice option to have when choosing where to eat downtown, especially if you're looking to explore new options! I probably wouldn't head downtown specifically for Theraphu, but if the wait times for nearby places are too long, it'd be a decent second choice.

Loc Ho

Cozy, good speedy service, and most importantly, the food is great! I just wished they had more burmese dishes. The Garlic noodles may be too salty; the golden mountain noodles i highly recommend!

Dennis Sun

Chinese food is better. The dark skinned island asians are just dirty and savage. I’d never eat here

Jeff W.

Very nice place. Awesome service and atmosphere. The food was really good (I liked the fried rice, samosas, and yellow tofu a lot)

Misha T.

Maybe 3.5 stars is about right? The shan noodles weren't bad but they didn't really taste like the noodles I had in burma. Maybe too sour? Idk. But the bigger knock is $12 is too much. $7-8 sounds about right. At that price you can somewhat guilt free order an appetizer.

Brian C.

Wow just wow! Foods amazing, service is great too!our server, Alvin was great to us. The owner is so nice here, she greeted us and asked how the food was. Outstanding restaurant, thanks for our first time eating Burmese food!

Lucy Keller

There aren't many Burmese restaurants around here with clean well lit atmosphere so I like bringing friends here.


My husband and I shared the rainbow salad, the potato curry, and the samusa salad. All were on the bland side. I've had excellent versions of all three so I was disappointed. The service was friendly.

Vivian Lu

Pretty good Burmese food place that is very cozy and offers a great variety of what I assume to be pretty authentic Burmese food. I was brought here by a friend who was Burmese and she recommended the curry noodle soup which had coconut in it and it was excellent.

Jessica Rahman

Low key, great service and prices and excellent food. We asked for our server’s favorites and were not disappointed with the paratha disband the golden noodles. Would go again in a heartbeat!

Kevin B.

Authentic Burmese street style food. We had the sampler plate. The sampler was unique, flavorful & fed three people. The ambiance is casual.

Abhi A.

Probably one of the worst restaurant I've been to in recent times. They might have reheated chicken atleast 100 times before serving it to me. I'm surprised they have over 3 stars. Forget their 15$ lunch menu, it's not worthy of 5$. I feel bad that I had to leave all the food behind P.S: I have add Burmese food before

Aisha C.

I think i just found my new favorite appetizer..Everyone should try their new dish "Paratha and Beans" (vegan). Crispy paratha and delicious dipping beans sauce(also good with rice) perfect for 2-3 people. I came here on a very busy Thursday night but the server was fast and friendly;always smiling. I will be coming back soon to try more!!

Michelle R.

Tharaphu is super close to the Berkeley campus. I came on a weekend, before going on a hike in the hills of Berkeley. The restaurant wasn't particularly busy but that was fine by me because it means no wait time (yay!). There was a sign offering Berkeley students a small discount, which is pretty nice. We ordered the coconut noodle soup, tea leaf salad, and the burmese curry. Much of the Burmese food I've had thus far is from San Francisco (Burma SuperStar, etc) so I'm basing what I had off of previous tastes. I found it pretty flavorful and it's definitely family style. The portions were quite generous for their price points. The both of us liked how fast the service was and the quality of the food. Mind you though, we did come when it was not busy at all. They don't seem to have a big staff. There was only one cashier and two people in the kitchen. Next time we are back in Berkeley, we definitely will stop by again.

Shirin T.

Save your money! Ate here for dinner and it was really bad. I only ordered two items and it took 45 minutes for it to come out. The tea leaf salad was bitter, too salty, didn't have enough tea leaf in it and other ingredients. Mainly just overpriced lettuce! I also ordered the paratha and it was so oily that when I would bite into it oil would ooze out of it, I generally like oily foods but that was just nasty. Had to go home and wash my mouth out. The stew it came in also didn't have much flavor and was oily. Never had street food that took 45 minutes to come out... Probably the worst food I've had all year.

Ahsiya L.

Looking for Authentic Burmese Food at a reasonable price, friendly and welcoming atmosphere in Berkeley? Look no more, Tharaphu Burmese Stree Food is your place to go for a great lunch or dinner on a workday with coworkers & clients or weekend hangout with friends. I took my coworkers, friends, and clients to eat here for lunch for several occasions and everyone loved it.

Lena J.

I really wanted to be a fan of Tharaphu, but while some of the food I've had here has been great, overall I wasn't very impressed. As a disclaimer, I've only had Burmese food a handful of times and only in Oakland. So I'm definitely not claiming to be an expert or anything, just commenting on my experience here. I've heard that the noodle dishes, not the salads, are the way to go here. Service is super sweet and friendly, and prices are very reasonable for pretty big portions. There's a 10% discount for UC Berkeley students with ID. Highly recommended: -Tofu nwe ($11.50) - super delicious. The chickpea tofu has smooth creamy texture, is super comforting, and didn't feel heavy at all. I easily finished a bowl of this and honestly could have kept eating more. The pickled veggies and peanuts add a great flavor and textural contrast to this dish. Also good: -Shan noodles ($11.50) - thin rice noodles with tomato-marinated chicken, peanuts, sesame, and pickled veggies. It's good but quite greasy. I really liked the flavor - very fragrant from the sesame and peanuts, and the noodles are flavorful from the sauce clinging to them. Not recommended: -Pyay paratha ($12.50) - I got this dish because it's apparently hard to find, but I didn't enjoy it more than paratha I've had from the appetizer section of the menu at other restaurants. The fried paratha is quite greasy, thin and crisp rather than fluffy. The chicken and potato curry (we asked for spicy) was about medium, and I liked the few chilis inside. The cabbage was helpful because it helped cut the rest of this very heavy dish. But it wasn't anything mind-blowing to me, just OK. -Mandalay meeshay ($11.50) - I liked the springy texture of the thick rice noodles. But the pork was very dry, and the overall flavor was bland to me personally. It was also a lot greasier than I expected (even with the chili oil mentioned in the description). I would not order this dish again.

Lauren K.

Sadly, there was no flavor in the noodles we ordered. The noodles were quite soft, and the sauce just wasn't there. The side of broth was flavorful, but the main dish was eh. My friend were very disappointed with the green mountain noodles. They felt it was bland. I personally thought the mandalay meeshay toppings and spice level was great, but the noodle texture was a let down. The metal cups for water was probably the best part. That and the coconut rice. Maybe I would go back but avoid the noodle dishes.

Yuki I.

I was a little disappointed, as I saw the 4-star rating and was expecting better taste. I got the coconut noodle soup, which was one of the popular dishes listed, but I thought it was too much coconut flavor. I was not able to finish my portion, but I also didn't think it was worth taking home. The service was very quick, and the food was ready pretty quickly, as well. This place is right across from Berkeley's campus, so I'm sure this place is popular with students, but it's not for me.

Frances L.

Delicious, unique and full of flavor! We found this restaurant on Yelp for a quick bite before a show. My friend and I decided on the family special. Our dinner arrived quickly and I loved the presentation on a big tray. The tea leaf salad was really good-well dresses and full of flavor and textures. We had a choice of two fritters and chose Opo squash and tofu. I really liked the opo squash with its crisp exterior. We tried the tofu fritter and it was just ok. It wasn't crispy and tasted starchy like a potato. We chose chicken and fish curries. The curries were very flavorful and I liked both, but they did have the same flavor. We opted for more veggies instead of rice and our platter was filled with cucumber and broccoli. The special was a great deal for $28 and perfect for us.

gk gangahar

Nice food. Staff was friendly. Nice ambience.

Mattin D.

I would definitely recommend Tharaphu if someone is looking for Burmese food close to UC Berkeley's campus. I first heard about this place in Summer 2018 and have been coming back ever since. FOOD: I /always/ get the Latt Sone Family Style meal. The portions and quality is really good for the price, and with 2 people, you'll both easily have leftovers. I'd recommend the following: - Curries: Chicken & Pork - Fritters: Fried Yellow Tofu & Samosa - Rice: Brown & Coconut - Salad: Tea Leaf The curries taste so good, I don't even have the words to describe them. The fritters were similarly delicious, as was the rice. Every time I come, I'm tempted to just get both servings of coconut rice, but I always end up getting one order of brown rice just to feel healthier (if you don't care, definitely just get two coconut rice orders). The Tea Leaf Salad was also really yummy, and I found it comparable to other Burmese restaurants around here. I also love the fact that cucumbers and broccoli are included in it! They balance out the other aspects of the platter, and the dipping sauces for the veggies & fritters are so, so good. I think perhaps the only thing that could be improved was that service was a little slow at times, even when the restaurant was not particularly busy. That's not going to stop me from coming back, though!

Daniel G

The restaurant is cozy and has the nicest staff .

Daniel Grasso

The restaurant is cozy and has the nicest staff .

Moses Lo

Good food. Low key chill place. Easy recommend. Food came out quick

Rudiel Siguenza

Such delicious and flavorful mix of curry, seasonings and rice. Never heard of Coconut Rice, that was a surprise yet palatable. I would bring friends here again.

Justin W-S

Great restaurant. I'd recommend to anyone looking for a nice casual sit down restaurant for family or friends.

Sue V.

2.5 stars for flavor. We ordered the tea leaf salad and scissor cut noodles. I've been to several other Burmese restaurants before, including Burma Superstar, while it was my sister's first time trying Burmese food. The tea leaf salad came to us premixed. It was okay for being close to campus, but I prefer other versions elsewhere. The tea flavor was too light, and it seemed to be also lighter in seasoning and texture (less nuts/fried garlic). The noodles were a little too spicy for me, and while I appreciated that some seasoning distinguished this noodle dish from other ethnic cuisine noodles, it wasn't standout enough to make me crave them or want to return. This was a conveniently located meal to fill our bellies, but I would recommend going to a better rated Burmese place if you have the time.


Excellent curries and relatively fast service- a great place for a filling and healthy-ish meal.

Enrico P

There are so many possibilities for food in and around UC Berkeley campus and it's difficult to know which ones are just cheap fast eats and which ones are truly decent. But I had walked by this place a couple of time and thought it sounded interesting and since I was in search of spicy soup I thought I'd give it a try. The menu had lots of tantalizing options but I went with the very usual (to me) samosa soup which was the evening's special and it was full of flavour and exactly what I needed. The restaurant has a really nice, chill atmosphere which was clearly a draw for the several groups of friends that were having dinner that night. Recommended.