The Bird - CLOSED

Chicken Shop, Sandwich Shops

2400 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 665-3137



Reviews for The Bird

SPICE! This place is dope. Minimal menu but I've enjoyed everything on it. Wings and spicy chicken sandwiches are dope, perfect spice but not overly reliant on it... plenty of other good flavor. The chicken sandwich has fantastic pickled veg and slaw on it which add some acidity to the spice. Quality is consistent too. My go-to spicy chicken sandwich is always the same level of crispy, juicy, spicy, saucy, etc. Kitchen is on point. I much prefer the spicy chicken over the full review

Great fried chicken sandwich and yunny curly fries!! I got the classic (non spicy), but my friend got the spicy and said that it was very overpowering (she normally can take spice well), so I'd advise caution on the slice unless you're really tolerant.

This is one of my favorite places to eat on Telegraph. The fried chicken sandwich is exactly what you would want it to be, with crispy chicken piled with coleslaw. The curly fries are always cooked perfectly, and are definitely a must-have. I also really love that they have a mini chicken sandwich, which is the perfect thing for those times when youâ??re hungry, but just not hungry enough to eat a whole sandwich.

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