The Butcher’s Son

1954 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 984-0818

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Rhiannon M.

I am constantly feeling like a lost child searching for food on menus that trat me like an alien. Then I walk in to the Butcher Son and I AM IN ABSOLUTE JUBILATION! The food is amazing! It is so satisfying and tasty!

Andrew P.

FOH manager today is rude af.Food is great but it's seriously like the soup nazi episode of Seinfeld. Barking covid protocols as she pulls her mask back to talk to staff??

Vencent M.

I've never been there before and I must say that the food is mighty tasty. I got the Chicken Parm sandwich with garlic fries and my GF got the A1 Steak and Potatoes with a Cesar salad. Everything is vegan so it's good for your health. The garden area for eating is so peaceful, beautiful and clean. We are still very impressed with their food options. I can guarantee that I will continue to stop by for more whenever I visit or pass through Berkeley.

Sarah S.

I love the atmosphere! There's plenty of choices and lots of great sandwich options. Although my sandwich fell apart a little, it was a nice and warm meal. My only issue is that the fried " chicken " was a little hard to chew and bite down on.

Berenice L.

This is my favorite restaurant in Berkeley. Their food is amazing. I've been here for lunch and brunch and both times, I LOVED their food. I've tried the Fish and Chips - absolutely divine - and their Smoked Pastrami & Bleu Cheese sandwich, which was so delicious. As for brunch, their pancakes are also really good. Definitely a must try if you come here. Also, try their Home Fries!!! They also have a really cute mini-market with vegan snacks and dairy products in their restaurant so you can browse while you wait if you want. I LOVE this place and I cannot wait to come back!!!

Patrick S.

The Butchers Son touts great vegan comfort food options that are surprisingly satisfying for even meat lovers. While driving around Berkeley, I would often see a line outside of The Butchers Son. When I found out it was a vegan location, my curiosity was intrigued as I never really find that vegan options rarely get that much attention. Plus, being vegan curious, I was willing to try it out. When I finally got around to trying it, the Butchers Son definitely did not disappoint! I tried the Buffalo Bacon Fried Chicken and the Smoked Jackfruit sandwiches. The Buffalo Fried Chicken had nice crispy chicken-alternative that was slathered in a pretty spicy buffalo sauce that paired so nicely with a smooth ranch dressing. It also came with strips of "bacon" that actually had the smoky saltiness that provided that extra layer of flavor and texture you would expect from a normal buffalo fried chicken sandwrich. The smoked jackfruit sandwich was a nice complement to the heavy Buffalo Bacon Fried Chicken sandwich. It contained thick and juicy jackfruit pieces mixed together with a garlic aioli, dijon mustard, grilled onions, and avocado that reminded me of a nice Cuban sandwich with a vegan twist. There is outdoor seating out in front, but also in the back. I found the eating area in the back particularly nice as it is away from the street and feels a little more private. Service was pretty fast and great. Parking in the Berkeley area is limited as usual so may have to park somewhere and walk over. Overall, the Butchers Son is a vegan option in Berkeley that is worth checking out even if you aren't vegan!

Neesha V.

The food is good, although overpriced. The garlic fries were DRIPPING in oil with a pool at the bottom of the container, which made us not want to finish them. But what knocked this place down two stars was the lady at the front who were extremely rude when I just wanted to ask the status of my order. She just yelled at me to get in line when I had a simple question...the food was good but there are plenty of better places in the area with great service. Not sure if I went on an off day, but I don't recommend!

Sarah Hunt

I think TBS gets such high reviews because the food is vegan. If you judge it on its own merits the sandwiches are basic American large and sloppy fare with not a whole lot of finesse in the flavor (the mock meat wasn't particular exceptional either relative to other spots in the US and overseas). We found the service staff very efficient, friendly and hard-working on a busy weekend. Good overall, but not a standout.

Yasmeen A.

GET THE FRIED CHICKEN. Thats all I really have to say. But seriously, I have been here with my partner twice now and having eaten about half the menu, I can recommend this place to ANYONE. everything is delicious, so just get what sounds best. The bacon tastes so real, it's unbelievable. I sat there in shock for five minutes trying to figure out if I was eating plants or pigs. (If you're a tiramisu snob, I'd say pass even though you're excited to see a vegan one. As good as it tasted, there wasn't enough coffee flavor :( )

Mariah S.

Tried the hot pesto chicken and the A1 steak and potato sandwich. Both were delicious! Big portions. Lots of outdoor seating. Friendly staff.

Bryan M.

This place gets really busy during lunch. So plan ahead of time. This spot is good, can't complain about the food because they were actually really good. The location is also good because its almost close to everything. I will give it a 4 star because when me and my family came in here to eat, one of the cashier has a frown face and actually gave us an attitude while we were ordering. The food is not the only thing that gets a review, customer service is one of the most important in every business. But overall, I will come back here and maybe then I will update my review. Thank you

Carlos Zuluaga

Hello everyone, hope this review helps. My girlfriend and I spent the morning at grey whale cove just relaxing at the beach. We got hungry and my GF suggested on going to TBS. I've never been there before and I must say that the food is mighty tasty. I got the Chicken Parm sandwich with garlic fries and my GF got the A1 Steak and Potatoes with a Cesar salad. Everything is vegan so it's good for your health. I would definitely recommend this place to family and friends. When I'm in town I'll pass by again.

Jeremy B.

"HOT TRASH" Let me preface this by stating I was once a HUGE FAN of this spot. From the days when they were small, had a line outside the door and were located across the street. I would actively promote this place to people that this was one of two best spots in the Bay Area to get great vegan food and would stop here myself every weekend I was in town. Those days are long gone and now I caution people to stay away given the significant decline in quality, price, service, and value. I visited this past Monday while heading home from a Northern California getaway. While about 30 minutes out I decided to order online as I recall this place gets pretty busy during the lunch hour. Online it stated the soonest pick up was in 30 minutes thus I placed my order and arrived about 25 minutes later. Upon arrival there wasn't much of a line and I got in under 5 minutes. The welcome wasn't too warm and when I was handed my order the box was COLD as I would discover less than 5 minutes, my sandwich was also cold. They stopped giving a side with sandwiches so I purchased what was once my favorite bacon macaroni salad for $3. How was the sandwich? TERRIBLE. First it was cold, as if they made it right when I ordered and allowed it to sit on a rack in front of the main door where it cooled off, the cheese was not melted, and the meat tasted over seasoned and just bad. In my past few visits I noticed the macaroni salad got progressively worse, but this time was one for the record books. It was basically just vegan mayo, overcooked pasta, and BARELY anything else. If I had a photo of this salad from 5 years ago, you'd think it was a different restaurant and recipe. Oh and of note they switched to Be Leaf bacon, which is different from what they served in the past. Some insider information: Be Leaf is a rip off of the much better quality bacon this spot used to have, All Vegetarian Inc. It's a messed up story how it went down but Be Leaf sucks, their quality is poor and their products are basically the cheaper version of the higher quality All Vegetarian Inc. Sad to see this spot switch to save a few bucks. It's gummy and nasty. While I was glad this business grew and was growing, unfortunately they appear to be the victim of their own success; scaling up and lowering quality while increasing prices. This happens to a lot of businesses. I'm done here, it was nice but they've lost their touch and my business.

Colin Drayton

First off I am about as far from a vegan as you can be and not be actively hostel to the whole thing, but I loved this restaurant! I had the "Fried Chiken" sandwich it had "cream cheese" and was served on the beagle of my choice which was onion. It was great, really incredibly delicious! I almost wish they didn't call it chicken or cream cheese so I wouldn't be thinking well the texture is a bit different and could just focus on how delicious it was. In addition to friendly service they have a lovely back yard dinning area with a beautiful rose garden. Definitely recommended for any meat eaters wanting to take a walk on the vegan side!

Shaina D.

The inside of the store is currently just for ordering and then you have to step back outside and walk towards the back of the building to their outdoor backyard seating area. Its actually quite nice on a sunny day and there were enough tables when I was there around 1pm. I ordered the Sweet Mustard Chicken sandwich which did not disappoint. The "chicken" was crunchy and went well with the sandwich. I just wish it was a little thicker when they formed the "chicken" patty to fry it so its a little more substantial. I was still a little hungry after finishing the sandwich. I am not a vegan but since my friend is we decided to come here. So I am not sure if you usually just feel hungry still after vegan food. I would come here again but I'd order a different sandwich which is perhaps bigger or order a side with it. I wish they had a sandwich and side combo or even if they increased their prices a little to include a side.

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