The Butcher’s Son

1954 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 984-0818

Recent Reviews

Z U.

This was my first time at the butchers son, it was really hyped up by my partner so I was super excited to try it ! I'm vegan and have been craving fried chicken so as soon as I saw it was an option on the menu I was dying to try it !!! We ordered - BLAT (with a burger bun instead of sourdough) Jalapeño business Fried mozzarella The blat was okay, the chicken was nice and crispity crunchity but bland and had a planty after taste. If I tasted anything it was just the avocado, everything else was bland (You can get better vegan chicken at the store like 365 brand or gardein) :^( 4/10 The Jalapeño business was amazing !! So rich and buttery, definitely not for the feint of heart ! Not too spicy just right !! 8/10 Fried mozzarella THIS WAS THE BEST THING IVE EVER EXPERIENCED it didn't stretch like normal mozzarella sticks but it was so gooey and cheesy, it's definitely better than what I'd remember even regular mozzarella sticks to taste like !! I have no clue how cheesy and oozieducie it was ?! 10/10 overall the workers n the outdoor seating were great ! The food was also very good despite the blat being ultra bland. Also don't come here if you're looking for health food the food is really rich and somewhat greasy but not in a bad way !! Totally comforting and delicious 8.5/10 would definitely come here again

Jim L.

I was disappointed in this place. I really thought I'd love it. Tuna melt was cold and oily, flavor was tangy and not right. The fried buffalo mozzarella cheese appetizer was unimpressive. I will say, the Cesar Salad was quite good but very salty. Lastly, I used the bathroom when I first got there, but there was no hand soap. I told an employee. After my lunch I used the bathroom again, and there was still no soap. I told another employee and he seemed to already know, but resigned to the fact - oh well - just no soap. Perhaps they were simply out of soap and didn't think it was important enough to send someone to buy some immediately.

Nhung N.

pretty good, a little heavy. Great veggie/vegan restaurant. They have a large variety of options so the is always nice. large portions - very filling. The location itself is also quite nice. They have a nice back patio area.

Lydia Z.

Yall I am sorry but this place really was not it for me. I am all for the vision (plant based & tasty & flavorpacked) but the steak and egg hoagie was quite heavy and heartburn inducing. My SO got the fried bagelwich which was not too bad but it was also quite heavy and did not sit too well. We both felt that the nonvegan equivalent had never made us feel so grody afterwards. Perhaps it was the heavily processed beancurds/tofu or the fake nacho cheese? Unsure but we were quite disappointed. The "steak" was very similar to the 99ranch sweet beancurd slices I'd do stirfry with and that association made the hoagie seemingly less authentic/innovative. All in all, felt like very processed foods, limited actual plant/whole food options, and heartburn + brain fog afterwards. :(

Thom P.

Hip hop music is horrible and agressive. Not "cruelty free" for my ears. Also serving tap water to customers. Awesome food tho!

Mikey W.

Came here upon a friends recommendation and was very impressed. The food was great and well thought out. The portions were large and even though I'm not veg I loved it all. Had a iced coffee and tasted some of someone's donut and it was all great. Only issue I had was with the service. Everyone was very curt and rushed, though they were to the point and knowledgeable I prefer a bit of service. My wife has food allergies and I had asked some questions about the specific ingredients and the server pointed to a sign that says everything is cross contaminated then she wouldn't even give specifics. Put a bad taste in my mouth in an otherwise excellent experience.

Kao S.

After many years and countless tries I've finally made it here. Yeah I know it's so close to home but that's how it is when that happens. It's Sunday at 4pm and service is fast, ordered and received our food in 10 minutes. Nice open dining area with plenty more tables in the back patio. Seems like they have expanded to a bigger location from what I heard as now they have a little retail area also. Items ordered below: Bacon Cheeseburger: Phill Steak and Cheese: Grilled Cheese: Rhubarb Pie And a Cider: IMO everything is fairly priced and the portions are generous. Great flavor and prepared well. Location is right on University Ave and plenty of metered street parking. I definitely am trying to make it back here to try all the other items on the menu. If you're vegan, this place is a must and you gotta come and eat here.

Taryn R.

Absolutely delicious in all possible ways! If you are vegan, or not, you should try this spot for any meal! It won't disappoint. We came early, before the rush- and luckily we did bc the line got long, extremely quick. We ordered, grabbed a seat and waited. Food came out quick and staff was friendly. I ordered the BLAT, my husband ordered the #thisismyaddiction, and started with the mozzarella sticks, and fished with and packed up to go, two cannolis and a piece of cheese cake. The food was amazing, the mozzarella sticks are a must! As well as the desserts. The sandwiches were amazing and would definitely order again, but would love to try other menu options!

Julie Gagnon Âû

This place is amazing! I love their lemon chicken, their mimosas, and their desserts. The bacon looks and tastes like regular meat. I wish I could come here every day, we have great vegan restaurants in Phoenix but nothing like this!

Tyler B.

Not sure why a vegan places feel the need to call everything beef or chicken or pork when its not, im okay with not having meat in my meal just tell me what im actually eating. Also. we have been waiting over 40mins to get our food, it a Friday during lunch how long of a lunch break do people have, please find a way to bring food out faster. When the food arrived it was lukewarm. I got the bbq pulled "pork" sandwich. The bbq part was good amd what I was hoping for. However because they call it pork I am forced to compare it to actual pork and compared to actual pork the "meat" was very dry and flakey, not tender and juicy like I would expect from a pulled pork sandwich. If I ignored that It was supposed to taste like pork then it was actually quite good. The person I was with got the "tuna" melt. She said it was also unsatisfying and actually made her stomach hurt afterwards.

Deyanara L.

Finally ventured out to The Butchers Son after seeing the review on Bay Area Eats. I must say, it was frustrating getting there. Berkeley drivers must be really enjoying their "goods" to be bad drivers. Not to mention that parking sucks in that area. As expected, their was a medium sized line to order the food but it was moving fairly quickly. This was due in part of the very rushed cashier. I get it, she was trying to get through each order quickly, but she didn't look up once to confirm anything. Lets just say, good customer service isn't what you come here for. My BF and I ordered the Killer BLTA, the Pulled Pork Sandwich, a slice of Cherry Cheesecake and 2 Chocolate Chip cookies. Unfortunately, we wandered around the patio and inside dining area for a few minutes trying to find an open table. Nada. It was busy and crowded. Luckily, a table cleared up in the patio after a few minutes of waiting and we took a seat. Then....we waited. And waited. And waited. I want to say it took about 20 minutes to get our food. Again, I get it..they were very busy. The food was pleasing to the eye but I did notice that the portion of the size is tiny. Half a cup at its best. My BLTA was good. The chicken was soft but lacked flavor. The bacon was the star of the show, however. My sourdough bread was lightly toasted but the juices form the tomatoes and chicken made it soggy, which ended up with my sandwich falling apart. My boyfriend thought the Pulled Pork sandwich was just okay. He mentioned it had good flavor but the consistency was off, calling it "too rubbery." The sides were good. My potato salad was light and lightly salted, and his macaroni salad was pleasant as well. We indulged in the cherry cheesecake while there and I can honestly say, it didn't taste vegan at all. Although it was bit softer than regular cheesecake, it was delicious! Would I make another stop here again? Probably not. Due to the location and how crowded it is, it's definitely made for locals that can walk there and/or pick up their food to go. I'm glad I experienced it, but won't be coming back.

Sasha T.

Be still, my heart: this joint looks just like a quintessential East Coast deli, but everything they serve up is 100% vegan. We had the Caesar Salad, Steak Banh Mi, BBQ Pulled Pork, and a Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie. The Caesar Salad was LEGIT! The BBQ Pulled Pork was deliciously flavored and we'd totally order it again. The Steak Banh Mi was good and spicy, but it was a bit too salty for my personal liking. That said, everything was just delicious.

Alyssa Jarvis

I had a salad and split a cookie with a friend. We both left feeling full and satisfied. The food was so yummy and worth every penny.

Grace Cadej

Amazing! My family visited Berkeley for three days and found The Butcher's Son just down the street from our motel. We're all some form of veg*n, so we dropped in. On the first visit I tried the #ThisIsMyAddiction, a delicious and filling breakfast sandwich. The bacon on it was shockingly good and I came closer to enjoying "real" bacon than I've been since I stopped eating meat 26 years ago.

Jorge T.

I can confidently say that The Butchers Son is my favorite 100% vegan restaurant in the Whole Bay Area Every time I've been there, I've ordered a different sandwich, which seems to taste even better than the last one I've tried, which then becomes my favorite... (so far!). The last sandwich that I had was a vegan Steak & Egg Hoagie, which was amazing with the taste and texture as similar to actual beef steak as it gets, vegan cheddar cheese, which goes so well with the sandwich, along with vegan mayo, jalapeños and grilled onions. So good! (10/10, would buy again.) Other favorites: the vegan Buffalo Chik'n Ranch Sandwich & the Original Grinder (sub the chicken slices for maple turkey) I've also had their fried mozzarella sticks w/ marina a sauce, which I'm honestly not a huge fan of (as I never really liked cheese growing up), so I wouldn't buy them again. (6.5-7/10) Their chocolate chip cannolis are also sweet, super crispy and simply delicious - 9/10 Their blackberry cheesecake is also delicious - 9/10 Salty Chocolate Chip Cookies - 9.5/10 Rocky Road Bars - 9.25/10 Can't wait to see what I try next as there's just so much to choose from. (Which is a great thing.) Cheers!

Joanne Avo

Absolutely recommend this place

Witek Bobrowski

Cool vegan spot, and although my sandwich wasn’t crazy I still dig it. A friend had a huge salad bowl that looked amazing! Would definitely visit again.

Regina W.

I was visiting Berkeley with the person I'm dating and we wanted to go here since it's both a favorite of mine and they haven't had a chance to experience it yet. We are both vegan, but I decided to was also a good opportunity to invite two non-vegan friends with us who had recently moved to Berkeley. My date ordered the Killer B.L.A.T. and I ordered the half size of the Omsalada with Hot Seasoned Steak Meat. My date liked their food but thought there were too many tomatoes and the sandwich was too big to actually bite. That's just the style of this kind of food though, so no real complaints. My Omsalada was okay, but I felt like I didn't get that much Hot Seasoned Steak Meat for $4 extra, so if I get this again it will be without any extras and to share the half size with someone else as a side. The two non-vegans absolutely loved their food and one of them was highly skeptical that she would like vegan food, so it was super cool to see her really enjoy eating here. I'll definitely be coming back frequently and love taking new people here.

April U

Love this place! We are so lucky The Butcher's Son is here in Berkeley. Vegan bacon flavor and consistency outstanding. Hemp milk pancakes outstanding. Scrambled tofu could use more moisture but good flavor. My omnivore dining companion raved about her steak hoagie!

Crescencio Puentes

Great tasting food and quick service. Out of all the restaurants there this had a line of people outside the door eager to place there order. That there alone should tell the quality of the food.

Caleb Friden

Got the fried “chicken” sandwich. The “chicken” tasted like one giant piece of breading from a traditional fried chicken. When you stuff a sandwich with bread, it’s no longer a sandwich. It’s just bread. The sandwich was then absolutely drenched in ranch and buffalo sauce to the point it was just gushing out when picked up and made the whole thing soggy and unappetizing. Tried other dishes from my friends and they were better, but not by much. The only thing I tried that was actually tasty was the fried artichokes so maybe the non-fake meat items are the way to go. Decor and service were nice, but not enough to make up for the food. Don’t understand the hype around this place at all. There’s way better vegan food options out there.

Shreedutt Hegde

Seriously one of the best Vegan food I've had so far. Nice cozy place with a vegan foods market and a sandwich deli. It's almost impossible to believe their menu is vegan(but it actually is!!). The plant based protein tasted really good in their sandwiches and the sauces were top notch!

Savvy Me

Love this place! There is always a line but it's worth the wait. Great outdoor seating, food and ambiance! My favorite dish is the Tuna Melt with Pepper Jack Cheese, and a side of the best Potato Salad in the North Bay! Yum!

Parth Majmudar

The here food was amazing. It was very creative and tasty. The buffalo bacon fried chicken sandwich was great. The "chicken" was crisp and had a great bite. It could have used a little bit more buffalo sauce. The Killer B.L.A.T. was good too and very filling. One half is more than enough.

Sarah M.

All I can say is WOW! The Butchers Son has been on my must-try list for a long time and today I finally had a chance to see for myself what the hype is all about. An 100% plant-based vegan restaurant with a quirky name and hipster vibe in the heart of Berkeley is sure to attract attention. The line is honestly incredibly long, especially on a Sunday afternoon, but the staff are so friendly, work very fast-paced, and are on top of their game. All of their desserts looked SO delicious, but I came here for the FOOD. I ordered the Buffalo Bacon Ranch Fried Chicken sandwich. The person I was with got the Hot Garlic Lemon Chicken Pesto sandwich. We shared the Home Fries. They give you SO MUCH FOOD. I am literally stuffed to the brim. My sandwich was delicious. The bacon wasn't my favorite, but I just took it off no problem. I tried a bite of the lemon chicken pesto and it was incredibly scrumptious as well. The home fries were a great side as well!! You will most-likely need a to go box because the portions are so generous. I would 100% be back to try their yummy desserts and some new items on the menu. The Butchers Son is top tier for sure!

Lorissa W.

I came back after they moved locations with my vegan friend. It was hard to find something without acid in the food as much of the food has pickles, vinegar, etc. This adds vegan flavor and I am on a low acid diet so I opted to get the Killer BLAT without tomatoes and jalapenos. It was an easy fix and I got a side of their mac salad. Everything was good. Not great but good. It was such a big sandwich that I ended up having the other half for dinner. The leftovers actually tasted even better and surprisingly the avocado never changed color. After tipping and taxes, my one sandwich came to a little over 16 dollars which is obviously pretty steep for a sandwich. If I lived closer, I would frequent more often. The new location has a lovely patio which happens to be next to someone's beautiful garden in their backyard so you get some ambiance there. Inside, I loved their numerous plants but the tables are pretty ugly and the music too loud. I'll come back if my vegan friend needs another good vegan sandwich but otherwise, I'll be enjoying my sandwiches at Copia, Napa where I will be heading for some wood-fired roast beef sandwiches.

Jennifer Pore

The best vegan sandwiches you can find anywhere!! Even non-vegans will be impressed.

Jeff S.

After walking past looking for where to stop I came back and dang I'm glad I did. Ordered the Killer BLAT - buffalo cx avocado bacon tomato lettuce. All VEGAN. It was amazing. The sandwich was so big I couldn't get my mouth around it -- although I kept trying. This was sooo good and got the Mac Salad as a side. Yum. I'm only in town 2 nights and think I might have dinner here tomorrow as I want to try the Reuben.

Desiree N.

I decided to give The Butchers Son another try and yet again, my sandwich was soggy. I ordered the Killer BLAT this time (last time it was the chicken parm) and as soon as I picked up the sandwich, my fingers pushed through the wet bread. Disgusting. I ate the sandwich by picking it apart and ultimately I was only able to eat the vegetables and faux meats (thankfully the "meat" was not mushy this time around). I don't know if you can ask the workers to toast the bread, perhaps I should have, but regardless, a restaurant should not provide a guest with a mush sandwich. I picked up the sandwich as soon as it was delivered to my table so surely the preparer should have noticed the wetness. How upsetting. Furthermore, after leaving the restaurant, I felt nasty. You know when you eat something and you instantly regret eating it? That is how I felt. I really wanted to love this place but this is the second time I have left disappointed so I can not recommend it.

Oliver V.

So many words to describe how awesome this experience was: Lit. Dope. Fire. Flames. Delicious. Off the chains. Amazeballs. Seriously, great- affordable brunch. It just also happens to be vegan. With handmade meat from the butcher shop in-shop, I don't think I've had quite a tasty treat. I ordered the steak and egg hoagie. The only downside: It was so good and tasty, I had to keep reminding my conscious that it was not actual meat. My buddy ordered the pancake with tofu scramble and bacon. C'est magnifique. It was quick, pleasant, and the outdoor seating gives this place a 5 rating.

Ignatius L.

Friday at lunchtime was busy! We had a short wait in line. Staff is super friendly! We ordered the steak & cheese (sub jackfruit) and the fried chicken sandwich. Portions are HUGE! Execution is done well - it's good tasting food, not familiar menus items replaced with veggie friendly ingredients that make the food bland. Price point felt high, but it's a great experience and quality food, so it's worth it!

Christine G.

All I can say is they do it all well, vegan style! Even the iced tea is good. ! Love the backyard rose garden - it's a Mecca of calm on busy university ave

Rey L.

As a meat eater, The Butcher's Son delivered a delicious, hunger-satisfying sandwich. I got the buffalo bacon ranch fried 'chicken' sandwich which looked and tasted amazing. I was surprised that the sandwich was constructed well so it wasn't sloppy at all with a hot sauce coated filling. The cannoli was good but not excellent, I don't think I'll order it again. It's hard to get the same flavor and consistency with a vegan version.

Jason H.

A few of my friends wanted to try this spot and I wasn't very sure since I haven't really heard about it. I am always trying new places in Berkeley so I said why not and try giving it a chance. The design of this place made it feel clean & made me feel "at home". They had excellent customer service at the register and when they bring you your food to the table. As pictured, I ordered the Killer B.L.A.T which had vegan bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, and something similar to country fried chicken in there. I'm just saying that this was probably one of the best sandwiches I've had. My friends and I were talking about it & I just couldn't believe how good it was especially since I don't really go out to vegan places. If you have doubts about this place, I feel you. But give it a chance & try it out cause I did and I didn't regret it. YOU WON'T REGRET IT

Sarah Y.

*Something Healthy salad with Fried Chicken *Panko Parm crusted Tofu with a pickle *Pistachio Cannoli Upon entering, you'll notice two lines: "market" (left) and food (right). Nice chilling vibe, as you would with Berkeley joints. The salad came out in a mixing bowl. The portion was pretty huge, where I had to take the other half to-go. The fried chicken didn't exactly taste like real fried chicken, but doesn't mean it was bad either. It tasted more like fried soybean curd. It was also a bit on the salty side. We also got the tofu burger. Delicious! The fried tofu patty was thick-sliced, and nice and golden :) The pickles complemented it nicely. I didn't care too much for the cannoli pastry though. I'm def excited to try other things on the menu next time.

Audrey S.

I'm ruined for subs!!!! I finally made it here on a very strong referral and did not disappoint. Nice mix of store and restaurant; I opted for jackfruit on the Chili Garlic Portabella with Feta & Mozzarella....VERY generous portions for $10.75! I like that the menu clearly states what ingredients can be switched for jackfruit. I'll be looking for the nearest Butcher after I move further south.

Jess A.

So good!! There is always a line out the door and it's great to know everything is vegan. I'm not vegetarian but I'm dairy free and it makes preserving easy. The staff is knowledgeable about ingredients and happy to make recommendations. I've only been once but I'd be back for sure. Since the expanded they have more space but it still gets crowded. They have a great grocery and takeout selection as well.

chin yi

Nice atmosphere. Nice service. May be it wasn't my day. I should asked which dishes are popular. I had one that smell just like fish sauce straight out from the bottle.

Katherine Riley

This restaurant possible is one of the best vegan restaurants not in Bay area but in the nation. I was blown away by the choices and the taste. The place is always busy. Even though you may have to wait in the line for a while, food comes out very fast. Their buffalo burger is outright scary for vegans me but it tastes very good. Their cheesecake is one of the best desserts. I will go there every time I visit Berkeley area.

Dorothy L.

Big portions and delightful flavor! Would def go vegan if I could eat this everyday Food: I got the chicken pesto while my bf got the steak Bahn mi. The chicken pesto was very flavorful and portions were huge. The "chicken" didn't taste much like chicken but the flavors were interesting and new. The bahn mi on the other hand tasted like actual meat and was super flavorful. The jalapeños are spicy though so don't take a mouthful like me LOL We got the chocolate chip cannoli for dessert and it was super rich and delicious. Portions are huge so def plan ahead or split with a friend Service: the cashier was super nice and everyone here seemed very friendly. You order at the cashier and they give you a number for your table and someone comes by to bring you your food! Ambience: can get very hot and there doesn't seem to be ac so not sure if the food sits in the fridge or out?? But overall very hipster aesthetic and they have a market right next to the restaurant