The Happy Hooligans

2101 Milvia St, Berkeley
(510) 977-1348

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Tipp V.

Went here just to find out that this business was permanently closed and will soon be a Vietnamese restaurant. Wish someone would have updated business hrs/info

Mathilda Rogers

I love this vegan restaurant. It has so many options and I love the portion sizes. I love the jackfruit burrito and the krispy kraken cauliflower box. I hope they reopen soon. I was going to last week but it was not open .

Erica N.

The hangry fries soooo good. I'm not vegan but my daughter is pescatarian so we decided to eat here and I swear I could be vegan for good if I ate here! So good.

Selkie S.

I was pretty excited to try this place because my friend from San Jose loves her location. However, I was very underwhelmed and disappointed in my experience here. The food was not great. I give the place two stars for having nice staff when I went.

Destiny R.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites (GF/NF/SF) absolutely disgusting, the bites were soggy and had no crunch. Taste like mushy cauliflower in some sort of buffalo sauce. Enchiladas were drenched in a salsa that wasn't good. Threw off the whole meal. Wish I could get a refund , all of it literally went straight to the trash. So disappointed. If I could give it zero stars I would.

Sydney J.

This review is for two separate visits. On one occasion I ordered a reuben sandwich with fries for pickup, and on the other, I ordered a jackfruit carnitas burrito with wheat tortilla and tried some of the hangry fries that my friend ordered. Service was quick and friendly, and they do have single-stall bathrooms. Unfortunately, there is not outdoor seating. Reuben sandwich: I thought it was pretty yummy - love the pretzel buns and I haven't had a non-vegan reuben sandwich prior to this so I can't really say if the imitation meat was on point but it had a satisfactory salty and sweet balance for me. I particularly liked the fries that came with it since they were salted. The sandwich itself has a wooden pick in it to hold it together. Hangry fries: they were pretty good, nothing particularly memorable in the grand scheme of cheesy fries. They do get sticky with sauce on your fingers so during COVID-19 especially, you might want to use utensils. Jackfruit carnitas burrito: I like that you can choose a white or wheat tortilla. It's a very hearty, thick, huge portion - you could make it last more than 2 servings if you don't eat huge meals. It contained black beans and guacamole, the latter of which I'm not personally fond of. The jackfruit is sour, which I did like when I ate it while it was still fresh, but as leftovers it seemed the sourness became stronger and not sure how I feel about that. Overall, a solid place to try out if you prefer fast food like burgers, sandwiches, and burritos and are vegetarian and/or vegan.

JoJo Lopez

This was the best hamburger I've had since I stopped eating meat! Will definitely be back!

Chandandeep K.

Their drumsticks are bomb .. not too much a fan of the burger the patty is pretty dry but I love the drumsticks! Their staff is really nice too! Must go for a vegetarian!!

Ladie M.

Went here and was excited to try the food for the first time but you need to be vaxed in order to dine in so we left and went to another nearby restaurant instead that did not require proof of vaccination.

Penelope Cruise

Never understood the cult following for this place. I have given it a few chances thinking I might have gone on a bad day, but it continues to disappoint. The Reuben is passable, but I’ve had better ones at Mendocino Farms and Native Foods, and at home.

Stella McKay

I had kind of high expectations considering the reviews. It ended up being a semi-disappointing experience, although the woman working was nice. I ordered the reuben which was supposed to be on a pretzel bun (which i was excited about) but it came on a soggy hamburger bun and also had so little sauerkraut (flavorless) and so much seitan that it was simultaneously underwhelming and overwhelming. I also had the bacon cheese fries, which were honestly okay, except for the bottom layer being incredibly soggy. The bacon on the fries also looked like those ham cubes that come on salads sometimes. My boyfriend got fries that had basically no seasoning. All in all, I’d say this place is exactly what gives people a negative impression of vegan food.

John R.

I want for this to be good, and I want to like it, but so far my first few visits have been a little underwhelming. Most recently I ordered the Reuben sandwich. The pretzel bread was good if, not terribly authentic (why not use rye and toast it on the grill?) It was chock-full of faux,red-colored meat. But where was the sauerkraut and the Russian dressing, ingredients that could actually make this sandwich shine rather than just being a giant belly bomb? I think the objective of re-creating a classic like the Reuben as a vegan option requires that it be done skillfully enough that one does not miss the meat. This sandwich fails on that account. The side salad was pretty good, but who can't do a side salad? Also there was no choice of dressing, only ranch. On the plus side, I've tried two of the desserts, the s'more's pie and the peanut butter pie. Both were delicious. Right now this is pretty much on par with The Butcher's Son but with fewer selections. I hope they reconsider their menu and work to improve their output. I'd like to think a city like Berkeley could support multiple vegan restaurants (providing they deliver quality menu options).

Adrienne A.

The staff are super friendly and the food was great. I ordered the jalapeño chick'n sandwich and it was delicious! Only complaint is that I ordered a salad and got fries bur they were great too and I don't like wasting food so I didn't send it back. I definitely will be returning to try other yummy options on their marvelous menu.. I prefer supporting small vegan businesses!

Kalimah Priforce

Currently, The Happy Hooligans does not check for vaccination records. I was informed the manager hasn't decided to do that yet.For your health, stay away.

Janetha D.

Looking at the photos I thought this food was going to be so good. I got the reuben and it had so much extra seitan in the burger. They also messed up my order i got the bacon fries and they gave me regular fries but my fault for not checking before i left. I mean it was okay but I wouldn't go back.

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