The Happy Hooligans

2101 Milvia St, Berkeley
(510) 977-1348

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Chandandeep K.

Their drumsticks are bomb .. not too much a fan of the burger the patty is pretty dry but I love the drumsticks! Their staff is really nice too! Must go for a vegetarian!!

Ladie M.

Went here and was excited to try the food for the first time but you need to be vaxed in order to dine in so we left and went to another nearby restaurant instead that did not require proof of vaccination.

John R.

I want for this to be good, and I want to like it, but so far my first few visits have been a little underwhelming. Most recently I ordered the Reuben sandwich. The pretzel bread was good if, not terribly authentic (why not use rye and toast it on the grill?) It was chock-full of faux,red-colored meat. But where was the sauerkraut and the Russian dressing, ingredients that could actually make this sandwich shine rather than just being a giant belly bomb? I think the objective of re-creating a classic like the Reuben as a vegan option requires that it be done skillfully enough that one does not miss the meat. This sandwich fails on that account. The side salad was pretty good, but who can't do a side salad? Also there was no choice of dressing, only ranch. On the plus side, I've tried two of the desserts, the s'more's pie and the peanut butter pie. Both were delicious. Right now this is pretty much on par with The Butcher's Son but with fewer selections. I hope they reconsider their menu and work to improve their output. I'd like to think a city like Berkeley could support multiple vegan restaurants (providing they deliver quality menu options).

Adrienne A.

The staff are super friendly and the food was great. I ordered the jalapeño chick'n sandwich and it was delicious! Only complaint is that I ordered a salad and got fries bur they were great too and I don't like wasting food so I didn't send it back. I definitely will be returning to try other yummy options on their marvelous menu.. I prefer supporting small vegan businesses!

Kalimah Priforce

Currently, The Happy Hooligans does not check for vaccination records. I was informed the manager hasn't decided to do that yet.For your health, stay away.

Janetha D.

Looking at the photos I thought this food was going to be so good. I got the reuben and it had so much extra seitan in the burger. They also messed up my order i got the bacon fries and they gave me regular fries but my fault for not checking before i left. I mean it was okay but I wouldn't go back.

Kalimah P.

Currently, The Happy Hooligans does not check for vaccination records. I was informed the manager hasn't decided to do that yet. For your health, stay away.

Nandita B.

Delicious, heart-warming, huge portions, and just a fantastic spot for vegan food. This is the kind of vegan food I can get behind. It leaves you utterly satisfied after a meal. A friend and I decided to check out Happy Hooligans (what a fun name, btw) on a Monday evening. It was pretty empty but seems like they had a steady stream of pick-up orders. Shared the following between the 2 of us 1. Kraken cauliflower bites - I had to get these as pretty much all reviews I read mentioned these. Chunky cauliflower florets, fried and coated in a sweet-spicy sauce. What's not to love. (4.5/5) 2. Jalapeño chicken sandwich - hands down the winner of the 3 dishes. The soy chicken cutlet was excellent. It managed to emulate real chicken and then some - crispy, meaty, and flavorful. The pretzel bun, jalapeños, creamy sauce - it all worked. (5/5) 3. Garlic chicken burrito - a good burrito but I never thought I would say "too much garlic". It was way too pungent and every bite I took I felt it getting stronger. (3/5) Pro tip - check in on Yelp and get a 15% discount on the meal. And, a free drink! Go Yelp!

Sven Pedersen

This place has food that makes you forget it is vegan. They use more simple ingredients that mimic non-vegan ingredients but they really do it well. Full of flavor and with good texture. We went as a group and tried several different items and it was all good or excellent. The service was pleasant and quick as well.

Marylin Zuniga

I honestly don't leave bad reviews often, but this was a horrible experience. The floor, the booth, and the table was disgustingly sticky. We had to ask for napkins to wipe our table down. I ordered a Thai tea and when it arrived I already knew something was off. It was a dark brown color and it smelled spoiled; it tasted like old tea. I returned the tea, but still wanted to give the food a chance. Bad decision. Who gets fries wrong? They did! No seasoning, barely cooked, cheese spread on one small portion of the plate, and onions were half burnt. Now for the Cauliflower Buffalo Bites; the sauce on them tasted like a spicy sauce you'd find at a Chinese restaurant, not as a buffalo wing. Lastly, the nachos...they were clearly just thrown together. The chips were burnt with big holes in the center of them not suitable for dipping. The beans were clearly canned and undrained with very little sour cream and guacamole which was maybe a good thing because they were flavorless. Two tiny cubes of tomato, no cilantro, or other fresh toppings either. It all honestly looked and tasted like hospital cafeteria food. Currently experiencing horrible gas, headaches, phlegm, and itchiness...DON'T GO!You've been warned.BTW: my friend is also experiencing these symptoms.

Sydney R.

Went back with a friend for dinner last weekend. I ordered the enchiladas, and they were just ok. Service was pretty nice though! I just really hope they would ditch the single use utensils and cups/meal boxes for dine-in's!!

Mojos G.

The best cauliflower Buffalo wings I've EVER had! I didn't know the portions were massive so I also got the breakfast burrito. It's HUGE. Normally not a fan of fake meat, but the ham in the burrito was interesting. I would eat here all the time if I lived here's will definitely be back! Thai iced tea was just ok- I'd skip ordering that again.

Erika H.

Great vegan spot in downtown Berkeley, originally hailing from San Jose! My friends and I met and were greeted so politely and offered numerous times during our meal water refills We ordered a variety of things and everything was good, great portions for the sizes too. I never visited the previous restaurant but they did a great job of remodeling and giving it a diner feel. Close to a ton of street parking and the small lot on Milvia. Definitely recommend it!

Cheri L.

Yummy comfort vegan food here! We were on a little day trip to Berkeley and happened across Happy Hooligans due to it's pretty convenient location. Parking is what it is, it's in a popular Berkeley location but we were lucky enough to find street parking a block away. This was on a Saturday noon time. Service here is very attentive and friendly. We were greeted and seated immediately. Everything on the menu sounded i teresting but we opted for the Fish N Chips and the Nachos with Garlic Chick'n. Though appetizers, these were fairly large portions, enough for us to still take some home to eat. The Fish N Chips were a great option if you miss eating real fried fish; everything was flavored and crispy, and came with a side of ketchup and tartar sauce. The nachos were bomb, a perfect alternative for nacho cravings. For a small fee you can add the Garlic Chick'n, which if you love garlic you will definitely LOVE this. Through a yelp check in, you can also get a free drink with your order. We got the thai teas, but would not recommend because it had a weird after taste to it. Since it was free we didn't make too much of a fuss about it and the delicious food made up for it. For the vegans or non vegans out there, definitely give this place a try if you're looking for a place to grab some lunch or a snack!o

Maggie Mckay

Not sure if I got a bad batch but this was the worst vegan food I've ever had. Pattie was tough, bun flat, honestly looked and tasted really gross. Lettuce was wilted, had no dressing. Quality is very questionable, reminds me of McDonalds but 4x the price. Would not eat here again.

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