Timeless Coffee

2965 College Ave, Berkeley
(510) 990-6592

Recent Reviews

Apurva Chhajed

Delicious selections of vegan treats... Loved the raspberry cheese cake!!!

Aditi Bhandari

I just moved here. My first morning in Berkeley, I was feeling homesick and went out to venture for a coffeeshop. The barista was extremely friendly and welcoming, it felt like being home :) thank you for the lovely welcome to the neighborhood! I got an oatmilk latte and it was creamy and perfect. The tofu scramble breakfast burrito was spiced well and filling. Thank you! I’m looking forward to coming here many mornings.

Alannah Berkeley

Incredible vegan pastries, amazing food quality coffee and nice atmosphere ! One of my favorite vegan cafes :)

Amanda H.

My husband and I always try to support local coffee shops when we travel. This one looked promising until after I got my order and asked for cream for my Americano. Oat, almond, or soy they told me. No dairy milk. I'm allergic to almonds and try to avoid carbs so I was really annoyed. Nothing indicated that they were vegan until that. I will never go back and will always ask before ordering from now on.

Lia Kahan

No wifi and limited tea options, but cute and cozy atmosphere

Jacob Javitz

Fantastic pour over. They know their coffee

Shayla B.

"Timeless" coffee you say?! Hmm... not so sure about that one. ***Disclaimer*** I'm not vegan and I also don't drink coffee. But, that shouldn't stop me from trying something new, right? Nope! While I really enjoyed the pastry that I had here, I wasn't impressed with their limited drink menu (they don't really cater to non-coffee drinkers here). Stopped by here to check out their tea and pastry selections since I've always heard great things about this place. Pastry-wise, this place is legit. They've got all kinds of yummy looking pastries on display from cakes, to cinnamon rolls, different kinds of breads. I got their blueberry cheese danish and it was absolutely scrumptious! It was moist and enjoyably sweet. It wasn't dense like I've experienced with other vegan pastries in the past. If I didn't know it was vegan, I would have assumed it was just your average bakery pastry. But this one was really tasty! When I looked at the drink menu, I was kind of shocked. No chai latte, no matcha tea, no flavored teas or juices at all. I mean I wasn't expecting Starbucks or anything, but daaayum! Give a girl some non-coffee options puh-lease! It's often hard for me to find coffee shops that offer a variety of teas and non-coffee lattes, but I can usually find at least a chai on the menu. All they had here was regular tea (hot or iced), apple cider, hot cocoa, and a milkshake. I asked the lady at the counter if they had any kind of flavored tea lattes. She said that they could add milk to my tea, but who the ef wants that?! She was nice to offer something other than plain tea, but that just wasn't gonna work. I ended up getting a small iced tea because I needed something to quench my thirst. When I tell you that this was the smallest damn cup of iced tea known to man! It was like a kiddie sized cup! Granted the tea tasted freshly brewed, but at the end of the day... it was just plain brewed tea. Not worth $3.25... especially for the tiny sized cup that I got. The interior is cute but quite cramped and they have no... I repeat, NO WiFi!!!! The ef is up with that?! At least at Cole Coffee, I can steal... I mean, "borrow" WiFi from Philz coffee across the street. There ain't no WiFi in there at all. Womp womp. I wish they had more options for people who don't drink coffee. Maybe a chai latte with oat milk or a matcha green tea with almond milk. I mean, SOMETHING. I know it's a coffee spot, but still. They'd probably be able to swing more customers this way. Also, I have no problem with hitting up a vegan spot, but it would be nice to actually know that it's vegan. If you're walking down the street and you see this place, there's no actual signage that says that this place is vegan. I don't know if this is a ploy to get non-vegans to try their stuff or what, but it's very misleading. Anyways, I'm glad I tried it but I probably wouldn't come back because there really isn't anything for me as a non-coffee drinker here (although I wouldn't mind trying more of their pastries).

Vibhu K.

This place is chock full of beautiful vegan treats and food items. The baked goods are mouthwatering and the baristas are very friendly and knowledgeable about the food. A great place for breakfast.

Yasmeen Mercer

I love timeless! The staff are so fun , pretty and have great tattoos . Awesome vegan eats and they are doggo friendly < 3 . Left my bag on the table for like a few minutes and came back it was still there , so its very safe community (obviously dont leave anything, but if you forget nice to know it will probably still be there) shout out to elmwood for being an awesome place to live

A. Moses Francis

It is a small cozy place! BUT Could NOT GIVE A SIMPLE SUGAR SYRUP for iced coffee as the the 2 person's behind the counter. The OWNER DOES NOT WANT TO SERVE simple SUGAR SYRUP as he wants people to taste COFFEE!!

Maeve M.

So I'm an ex-childhood vegan--obviously I went to the other extreme and tried every kind of weird meatstuff I'd never eaten before. But I've been coming round to eating mostly plant-based foods again, and Timeless is perfect. Timeless has got an almost authentic Brooklyn AF coffee shop look about it (bricky, minimalist, punky music), but with cute bakery display shelves, and EVERYTHING IS VEGAN!!! Yes, I even used all-capitals because the food doesn't seem like it could all be vegan taste-wise or even looks-wise. For example, I had a butter croissant and iced latte (see picture). The croissant was flaky and made my fingers greasy and had a slightly doughy taste - yes, just like a good fresh dairy croissant! So amazing. I think they only do them on weekends, when it is a lot busier with parents wearing complicated baby carriers. For those of you who can't understand why vegans want to eat vegan versions of stuff that non-vegans eat, bear in mind that a lot of us chose to go vegan in adulthood for ethical reasons and had grown up with certain western texture/flavour/umame memories which even the best jackfruit thingummy is never going to satiate. Hence why the vegan cherry cheesecake, vegan Reese's-style peanut butter cups, and vegan croissants at Timeless are just so utterly incredible. Thank you for existing, Timeless. Also, check out the bigger branch of Timeless up Piedmont Avenue - it always has loads of cute dogs outside.

Lisa Raphael

Love everything here (vegan croissants are shockingly fantastic) rec getting a mix of savory and sweet - quiche is also bombbb.

Bryce Tyson

It’s all vegan!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitty W.

First time coming here and I got an Americano! It's a good roast but the size is so small for its price. There's also no WiFi for you to work with, so if you're looking for a small coffee shop for a quiet read without distractions, it works! Nothing super special but I'll probably come back!

Lara T.

A friend recommended that I try this place out for their pastries, so I had a nice walk down through the Elmwood neighborhood to get some food and work for a bit. Although it doesn't have WiFi and there are a limited number of tables, the cozy atmosphere helped me focus to get some work done while enjoying the delicious baked goods, which all happen to be vegan! I asked the lady what she recommended and ended up getting one savory and one sweet item. Food: - Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish--$3.50 The puff pastry was extremely flaky and tender and fell apart in my mouth. My favorite part had to be the topping though. Not only did it have some tiny sweet blueberries and a drizzle of cream cheese frosting, but it also had a crunchy crumble topping made of a deliciously baked mixture of nuts and oats. The pocket of Tofutti cream cheese in the middle of the danish was absolutely creamy, smooth, and just the right amount of sweetness. - Pepperoni Pizza Roll--$3.95 Make sure to get this warmed up because mine was very hearty and satisfying because of that. The outer crust was crunchy while the interior was fluffy and soft which made it very satisfying to bite into. There were pockets of melted "cheese" and a sauce made with soy pepperoni within the bread, and it was so cheesy, meaty, and flavorful that I completely forgot it was all vegan. Tips: - There is no WiFi so if you are going to work here, make sure to bring things that don't require using the internet. - All the baked goods and foods are vegan! Most all of them are baked in-house too, while the others are from the Oakland location which has a bigger kitchen. - Coffee drinks are all made with milk alternatives. You can choose from almond, soy, or oat milk.

Shayan S.

The most phenomenal vegan baked goods. It's unreal. Small cozy spot, super friendly staff , in a cute area with good shopping and people watching. This is a favorite spot of mine I look forward to every time. So pumped about their existence

Tina T.

Stopped by here for a quick morning coffee break and breakfast and was pleasantly surprised! I'm not usually a fan of vegan food, so I was skeptical when ordering the avocado toast... but it was actually quite flavorful and the bread tasted like normal bread! I love the addition of the pine nuts? (Not sure on what nut that is) and they were delicious! The seasoning added a lime-y depth to the toast and I enjoyed it! Only $4 too~ I also ordered an iced oat milk latte (less skeptical when it comes to vegan coffee since I am semi lactose intolerant so I opt for this when possible). It tastes as expected! Not the best latte I've ever had been does the job. Average pricing at $4.75. Overall, quite decent for a vegan cafe!

Mark Ross

Cute coffee shop nestled in the upscale Piedmont neighborhood.

Andrea Pinell

All vegan and delicious. The birthday cake is so good, seriously! I will be getting an entire cake for my birthday :P

Nicole Masaki

Pretty awesome local coffee shop. Everything is vegan but still affordable. They have a fairly limited coffee menu though.

Nina Hosmane

I love this coffee shop. Great vibes, delicious (and healthy) food.

Chandana Hosamane

Good coffee and quick service. The breakfast sandwich was filling and tasty.

Martina W.

I came to Timeless last Saturday morning with a coworker for breakfast and I was pleasantly surprised. We ordered the quiche, the frittata, the apple danish, the everything bagel with cream cheese and avocado (yum), a soy cocoa, and a Samoa donut to go. All in all the food was really good, I would only say that the consistency of the quiche, if it were actually egg, would've been slightly under done for me. Some people like their eggs over easy and scrambled soft, I'm an over medium, hard scramble. The frittata was just slightly more firm because of the potato and that was perfect. The soy cocoa wasn't very good. It had a very... not chocolatey taste. Not sure if this is because I had soy, or if cocoa is something I'll have to part with for my new lifestyle. Everything not mentioned was perfect and if I had to choose favorites after this visit I'd go with the apple danish, the bagel with cream and avocado, and the frittata, delicious. NOTE: my review was missing the 5th star because it was hard to find a space to sit and we had to get up 3 times to go back and pick up items for our order. I'd like to go in a different day, at a different time, and try a few other things.

Beth Hanscom

Chocolate mousse is some of the best I've had, let alone vegan!

Trei C.

Vegan, punk, locally owned and operated. What else is there to say??? This newer smaller location is just a hop skip away from their last location, but of course just as great. Love the staff here too!!

Michele Colella

I can't speak for the coffee, but the treats are sooo delicious. Good selection of sweet and savory, but more sweet. Birthday cake is amazing!

Angie R.

A total dream come true, 100% plant based cafe. Just stopped in for breakfast this morning, and couldn't have been more pleased. Large selection of pastries, donuts, and savory breakfasts. Cherry filled chocolate cake donut was the perfect consistency, flavorful, and not too heavy on the stomach. Breakfast sandwich (vegan bacon, tomato cayenne chao, and vegan egg on english muffin), was a little salty and just perfectly warmed through. Bravo, I hope every experience is like this one.

Jessika M.

Love the vibe of this shop! It's a bit small, with not a ton of seating, but some tables opened up right as we were ordering so my friend and I were able to grab a seat and enjoy our pastries and coffee. The service was friendly, and quick, and the food and coffee were just what I hoped for! I had a peanut butter banana chocolate donut and it was SO GOOD! The dough was just the right combo of dense and chewy, which I loved. And the iced americano I got was smooth and satisfying. There are so many delicious pastry options, I can't wait to go back and try more!

Michael R.

I almost gave this 3 stars bt i remember they had some variety in the sweet selection which I came to be fond of at the given moment lol... The guy i dealt with came off as condescending or invasive in personal space.. short guy with a beard, however he made a come back with his willingness still to connect and serve. Changed his demeanor and I found that to be respectable. I dnt really think the details of my first descriptions story is necessary to be stated at this point nor the positives on how he changed my perception of him to light bt ugh thought it was something to take note of. I believe being patient with ppl gives them time to realize/understand the situation through the use of critical thinking... so ya Ill say he displayed that :) which is admirable. Btw maybe being mindful of giving yourself time to find parking and calling to see what seating is looking like may be helpful. When I first got there and up to about 10 min+ after I did not have a seat.

Teju R.

As a vegan, I feel so lucky to have discovered this place. Everything is vegan! My go-tos are the oat milk latte, the apple walnut tea cake, the breakfast burrito, and the breakfast sandwich. The food is delicious and the coffee is great. There's seating, but the place is popular. there also isn't a place to plug in electronics, so come with them fully charged if you hope to stick around for a while. I do wish that Timeless stocked some options with more vegetables, but they specialize in pastries and bread-based + tofu-based breakfast offerings (like their pesto roll or vegan frittata). I still love this place and it's a sanctuary for vegans!

Victoria H.

I'm so so so disappointed in this place today. The whole experience was horrible. The pizza roll was sour and tasted like canned pizza sauce. The tofurkey roll thing was so dry. The latte even tasted burnt and bitter. I always go to the piedmont location and they blow it out of the water. The person who I told about the food was indifferent and said that everything tasted fine. Nobody offered me a refund and I certainly didn't want a different item when what they served me was pretty awful. I hope they can get it together.

David Lovejoy

Fantastic! Absolutely. All vegan goodness! Had the peso cheese roll. Delicious. As was the biscuit with bacon egg and cheese.

Nick W.

Purchases a 'to go' tofu-turkey roll for my sister in law who is a strict vegetarian. It had some type of ground meat in it and a small piece of bone. Unacceptable. 1.5.19 - I was messaged by 'Lisa P' asking me to take this review down. She said she worked there and that false accusations can damage a small business. "Literally everything in the store is vegan" she said. This is a legitimate review. Instead of checking with their supplier (or kitchen if made in-house) who could have screwed up, the customer who paid good money is attacked. Nothing in a tofu-turkey should be hard and look like bone! My sister-in-law choked on it! I was going to give them another shot. Not now. Still unacceptable and now unprofessional.

Jason Black

Rad coffee

Folasade Adesanya

Didn’t spend too much time here, just ran in to get a breakfast sandwich because I smelled the bacon from outside. Then they told me it was vegan... and I still decided to try it because it smelled so good. I wouldn’t have known it was a vegan sandwich, it was so damn good. Clean, nice atmosphere as well :)

Ariel Johnson

Super dank vegan pastries and baked goods! We tried the pumpkin cheese Danish the first time since being vegan and amazing! Also enjoyed the Savory Tofurkey roll! Super flaky, super delicious!

Elexis A.

I love Timeless on Piedmont. In comparison to that location, I'm not super sold on the College location. It's nothing against the staff, it's the food. Today I got a couple of breakfast burritos and waffles. I've had the burritos at Piedmont and they're waaay better. My burritos today had very little sausage. (Pictured)They just tasted like they were full of tofu. I had maybe 3 tots in the burrito. The Piedmont burritos have more flavor and adequate amounts of sausage, cheese, and tots. Whether I had eaten at the other location or not, these were ok/good. I was a little disappointed, but I'm glad I got the waffle and the pizza roll. The waffles were awesome. I'm glad I got these. They hit the spot, no complaints there. The coffee is great. I'm also glad I can count on this place for great coffee. Pizza rolls are awesome. Never disappointing. They're supposed to have pepperoni (I've never seen one, but the sauce and cheese is so good I don't miss them). So since the burritos were ok, I took one star away. Every time I get food here it's hit or miss, but the coffee never disappoints. I'm glad this location offered food to go, açaí bowls, and bagels. This is something the other location doesn't offer. This is a huge plus.

Amy A.

Totally dreamy! Enjoyed a frittata and iced peppermint mocha with oat milk. They carry their own chocolates which are incredible not to mention the vegan doughnut variety in the case. Yummer!! I could have camped out for days. I was encouraged to visit this exceptional coffee house when I casually asked some fellow shoppers who has the best coffee in town. #winning!

Megan H.

Ooh my first time at a vegan bakery! All the pastries looked delicious, but I had just ate an acai bowl. I didn't want to walk out without buying anything, so I picked up a wrap to-go for my lunch (anything beats the dining hall). I had a hard time deciding which wrap to choose, but the cashier was super friendly and recommended the chickpea salad wrap! Chickpea Salad Wrap (~$7): Chickpea, avocado, and sprouts. I'm not a huge fan of mayo, and thankfully this "salad" base was vegan. The wrap was yummy and refreshing. The crunch of the celery provided a nice contrast to the soft chickpeas and avocado. The wrapping was thin and soft-it was not dry, cardboard-y, or crumbly, unlike some wraps. The price is affordable and worth the amount you get. I was able to split my wrap into two meals-it's pretty big. It's served in a compostable container-thumbs up! I'll have to come back for the baked goods!

Linda S.

In search of a vegan croissant I headed off across town to Timeless Coffee. Much to my dismay, I was told croissants were only made on the weekend. I made the best of it and was pleasantly surprised with a vegan cheese pesto roll. The outside was crispy and crunchy with cheese and the outer layer of the bread. The inside was tender and savory with a fabulous pesto spread that was a perfect compliment to the cheese. It was a bit pricey and not somewhere I would stop at every morning however for a treat I would go back. I'm looking forward to having their croissants on the weekend the next time I'm in town.