Timeless Coffee

2965 College Ave, Berkeley
(510) 990-6592

Recent Reviews

Jessie Krislyn

Yummy vegan treats! I had the pepperoni pastry, and my partner had the meatball calzone. Delish!

Genshu Chris Ro

Love this place. Pastries are fresh and it's my favorite coffee.

Annabel W.

I will not be coming here again. I have a very strict criteria on what's a "good" coffee shop and Timeless does not come anywhere close to that. I will say that the descriptions of Timeless are accurate - it's just not a good working coffee shop. Good Points: Window seating is a great height! Service is great! Bad Points: Hard to find parking. Hard to find seating (small and cramped). Vegan but not in a good way. The chocolate croissant I had was so chewy and had this weird taste. Expensive coffee (I get they have their own roast but the pricing is even expensive for that). No wifi (as expected but WOW a coffee shop with no wifi in 2020??). Very loud (to encourage customers to get in and get out). Maybe my narrow opinions on what makes a "good coffee shop" makes me pretentious and a snob but this is also my honest opinion and I think people should only come to Timeless to grab a quick drink/pastry and get out. Don't plan on doing anything else.

Sharon P.

I'm not vegan but my friend is and for her birthday, I bought the chocolate peanut butter cake and it was super good. They say you can cut 8 slices but there's way more than just 8- trust me! Pro tip: if you're taking a cake slice right out of the fridge, microwave for 15 seconds to get the perfect texture and taste, otherwise, it may taste a bit dry. One star off because while ordering the cake via phone, I had to recite my card number and I'm not too comfortable doing that over the phone for security reasons. If they're able to hold the cake until the person is in the shop to grab the cake and pay up front, that would honestly be a better, more comfortable, situation. Everyone is friendly here and I especially enjoy the lattes here with oat milk and some agave - keep doing a great job!

Ateret Goldman

Love Timeless. Would go very often when living in Berkeley, mostly just for the vegan pastries.

Chris Tokarski

Good coffee and friendly staff. Location is great for people watching on a sunny day. The music is more directed towards a younger client and the seating is limited on a nice weekend.

D. B.

Yum! Food was delicious -- both sweet and savory, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, and the coffee was great. Literally something for everyone. Recommended!

Maria B.

This is an adorable, very aesthetically pleasing café right on College Avenue... that just happens to be all vegan (which I didn't know until I read the Yelp reviews!). There's no obvious vegan signage, which is a great business tactic. There are, however, lots of photo ops - from the big open windows to the carefully curated black and white color scheme. It reminds me of a place I'd find in Los Angeles, which is comforting in an odd way. Unlike other aesthetically pleasing coffee shops, Timeless offers espresso that is hearty and flavorful, and tastes great in lattes. Note: there's no flavored syrups here, but if you need a touch of sweetness, drizzle in some agave syrup at the condiments bar and you'll be satisfied. The one problem? While there are some gluten free food options, they tend to be few and far between. I'm always on the hunt for good gluten free pastry options, and while the gluten free savory dishes I've tried here have been good (particularly the Potato Frittata), there seems to be a dearth of gluten free pastries. On my last visit, I asked the barista when they would expect to get some gluten free donuts. The answer? "When we develop a recipe that lives up to our standard of quality". That is exactly the answer I wanted to hear. Timeless, I'll be back to enjoy that delicious oat milk latte and possibly some chocolate. And I can't wait for the arrival of more gluten free treats! What To Eat: Oat Milk Latte, Potato Frittata

LJ Smith

Timeless is timeless. Great space with great food choices. Don't shy away if you aren't plant based, the food and coffee is excellent for all dietary preferences.

Paolo D.

I hate to give a vegan place an average review but I have to be honest. As much as i wanted to love it, I didn't. The service was average. When we got there to order, it felt we were bothering the casher. Although everything looked really good here, unfortunately cant say the same about the taste. The items we got were not good at all. The cheese roll was so doughy. I barely tasted cheese or tomato sauce, all I ate was bread. The tofurky roll was dry. The matcha tea had no flavor. The chocolate chip cookie was dry. The pumpkin cheesecake was bland. The pumpkin roll tasted like a dry bread. It had the pumpkin color but no flavor. The donut was a simple glazed one with a raspberry icing. So dammmm disappointed. Also they allow dogs inside (not service dogs) which is against the health department code. I would normally give a place like this just 2 stars, but a vegan place deserves a bonus start. So I am going with 3 stars. Again I hate to say it but I don't recommend this place. Unless they really work on their flavors and service.

Wes King

This is our favorite coffee shop in Berkeley. Great coffee, amazing savory pastries and also great sweets. Btw, if you eat plant based, every thing here is animal free. Bonus!

Stan Richardson II

Everything I've tried from here is INCREDIBLE! Enjoy your experience

Elijah Hope

Buying coffee is an experience I like great experiences especially in my morning cup of coffee it's the key to my day that's why I do Timeless Coffee?

Mrs M.

HIGHLIGHTS: Breakfast sandwich! (**da bomb vegan version of egg McMuffin), mocha latte, matcha latte (made at the perfect unburned temp.), and the friendly Tues. AM guy (young guy with dark hair) with the great smile to greet us! HOLIDAY DONUTS! Our trail running group is excited to try the colorful Holiday striped and jelly donuts and hot drinks in Berkeley this Sat morning for our post-run Annual Holiday coffee social ! (Enjoyed the Yule log in past years :) https://www.instagram.com/p/B5LHXRKgrBM/

B Stewart

Delicious food and drink! Reasonably priced too

Martin Granseth

Nice place to sit and have a cup of coffee. The coffee is above average and priced above average as well. I have no complaints and might come back

Liona Fan Chiang

Fantastic espresso drinks and fresh danishes. Vegan: soy, almond or oat milk only.

Maggie H.

Spend the extra time to drive 5-10 minutes to the Piedmont Ave location for your vegan food, it's SO much better. In particular there's an employee at this location that is super standoffish/ rude on the two occasions I've been here (pink hair/black roots). I've had two negative interactions with them and don't want to risk a third, I'll head to their other location instead.

Sunny L.

So glad I stumbled upon Timeless. It's a small and fairly low-key place to study or chat over coffee (no wifi, but Xfinity users can use the public xfinitywifi network). I went on a weekday and it wasn't too crowded. Since it faces College Ave, it gets a lot of natural lighting which is nice. My only problem is that there is a bit of a fly issue. I got their vegan chocolate chip cookie and almond latte (by now, you probably know this place is vegan). The cookie tasted good, but vegan cookies tend to be more stiff and granular because butter is substituted with coconut oil or some other plant-based oil. While I would buy it again since it paired nicely with the latte, it's not an ooey gooey cookie, incase that's what you're looking for.

Angelina Hagan

Pretty good coffee, no wifi and limited seating so it didnt quite fit my needs as a remote employee looking to work for a few hours at a place with decent coffee.

Peter Roessler

Maybe make it clear in the synopsis that *everything*, including the coffee milk, is vegan? Oat milk latté is tasty though!

Audrey K.

I would highly recommend this place to all vegans! I'm not even vegan and i can see myself coming back here fosho. I'm saying these breakfast options are better than most in regular coffee shops and they're still reasonably priced for being vegan The service was excellent- the ladies working here are really friendly and she let me sample two of the ice teas which came in cute mini tea cups haha love it. the only bad note i have is that there were a lot of flies inside the shop- i saw one inside the food box thing and i was likebut hey i still ate everything lol it was just a little unsanitary and it was annoying watching the flies have a party while i tried to enjoy my delicious breakfast.


Pepperoni cheese roll was good- a bit doughy. Yummy Daiya and tomato sauce in a spiral enveloped with a lot of dough. The staff were very nice and offered to reheat the roll. Pumpkin pie was delectable. The cloud of whipped cream was heavenly. I was so impressed with all their vegan options of pesto cheese roll, chocolate treats, Twinkie-like pastry, pecan pie, various cookies (Cowboy, chocolate...), vegan Danish with Tofutti, donuts...I've got to come back!

Darwin J Perdomo

I came here as I had started a 30 day vegan challenge at my job, and Timeless Coffee seemed like hip vegan coffee place.

Chelsea G.

PERFECT ALL VEGAN CAFE. Absolutely love this location. Super friendly staff, very welcoming and willing to help and answer questions. Very knowledgeable about allergen information and even though this location can get busy, the staff doesn't treat you like you need to hurry up and make you feel rushed. This is my go-to spot for a coffee, decaf americano, or pop tarts when they have those in season. Avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches, and tofurkey sausage rolls are all recommendations I would make as well. You also can't go wrong with their scones + an iced tea. And their cookies and cheesecake. Honestly everything is good, and I would say most items are better at this location than the Piedmont location. Definitely hit a home run with this second location! You sure as hell don't have to be vegan to enjoy this place but knowing it IS vegan makes the world a better place.

Gina M.

I loved this little all vegan bakery! They had me at "dogs allowed!" Our group of 4 humans and 2 fur babies squeezed together at a table & shared a bear claw, cherry danish, chocolate donut, breakfast burrito, a little tater tot casserole type casserole. Also, I had an iced coffee with oat milk, which was very good. We all had different favorites, mine was the cherry danish, but we all agreed that the chocolate donut wasn't good. It tasted like boxed cake. Everything else was yummmmmy! I'll definitely be back...with my doggies!

Gabby H

Oat milk makes a delicious dairy sub in steamed drinks. Chai pudding is

Apurva Chhajed

Delicious selections of vegan treats... Loved the raspberry cheese cake!!!

Aditi Bhandari

I just moved here. My first morning in Berkeley, I was feeling homesick and went out to venture for a coffeeshop. The barista was extremely friendly and welcoming, it felt like being home :) thank you for the lovely welcome to the neighborhood! I got an oatmilk latte and it was creamy and perfect. The tofu scramble breakfast burrito was spiced well and filling. Thank you! I’m looking forward to coming here many mornings.

Alannah Berkeley

Incredible vegan pastries, amazing food quality coffee and nice atmosphere ! One of my favorite vegan cafes :)

Amanda H.

My husband and I always try to support local coffee shops when we travel. This one looked promising until after I got my order and asked for cream for my Americano. Oat, almond, or soy they told me. No dairy milk. I'm allergic to almonds and try to avoid carbs so I was really annoyed. Nothing indicated that they were vegan until that. I will never go back and will always ask before ordering from now on.

Lia Kahan

No wifi and limited tea options, but cute and cozy atmosphere

Jacob Javitz

Fantastic pour over. They know their coffee

Shayla B.

"Timeless" coffee you say?! Hmm... not so sure about that one. ***Disclaimer*** I'm not vegan and I also don't drink coffee. But, that shouldn't stop me from trying something new, right? Nope! While I really enjoyed the pastry that I had here, I wasn't impressed with their limited drink menu (they don't really cater to non-coffee drinkers here). Stopped by here to check out their tea and pastry selections since I've always heard great things about this place. Pastry-wise, this place is legit. They've got all kinds of yummy looking pastries on display from cakes, to cinnamon rolls, different kinds of breads. I got their blueberry cheese danish and it was absolutely scrumptious! It was moist and enjoyably sweet. It wasn't dense like I've experienced with other vegan pastries in the past. If I didn't know it was vegan, I would have assumed it was just your average bakery pastry. But this one was really tasty! When I looked at the drink menu, I was kind of shocked. No chai latte, no matcha tea, no flavored teas or juices at all. I mean I wasn't expecting Starbucks or anything, but daaayum! Give a girl some non-coffee options puh-lease! It's often hard for me to find coffee shops that offer a variety of teas and non-coffee lattes, but I can usually find at least a chai on the menu. All they had here was regular tea (hot or iced), apple cider, hot cocoa, and a milkshake. I asked the lady at the counter if they had any kind of flavored tea lattes. She said that they could add milk to my tea, but who the ef wants that?! She was nice to offer something other than plain tea, but that just wasn't gonna work. I ended up getting a small iced tea because I needed something to quench my thirst. When I tell you that this was the smallest damn cup of iced tea known to man! It was like a kiddie sized cup! Granted the tea tasted freshly brewed, but at the end of the day... it was just plain brewed tea. Not worth $3.25... especially for the tiny sized cup that I got. The interior is cute but quite cramped and they have no... I repeat, NO WiFi!!!! The ef is up with that?! At least at Cole Coffee, I can steal... I mean, "borrow" WiFi from Philz coffee across the street. There ain't no WiFi in there at all. Womp womp. I wish they had more options for people who don't drink coffee. Maybe a chai latte with oat milk or a matcha green tea with almond milk. I mean, SOMETHING. I know it's a coffee spot, but still. They'd probably be able to swing more customers this way. Also, I have no problem with hitting up a vegan spot, but it would be nice to actually know that it's vegan. If you're walking down the street and you see this place, there's no actual signage that says that this place is vegan. I don't know if this is a ploy to get non-vegans to try their stuff or what, but it's very misleading. Anyways, I'm glad I tried it but I probably wouldn't come back because there really isn't anything for me as a non-coffee drinker here (although I wouldn't mind trying more of their pastries).

Vibhu K.

This place is chock full of beautiful vegan treats and food items. The baked goods are mouthwatering and the baristas are very friendly and knowledgeable about the food. A great place for breakfast.

Yasmeen Mercer

I love timeless! The staff are so fun , pretty and have great tattoos . Awesome vegan eats and they are doggo friendly < 3 . Left my bag on the table for like a few minutes and came back it was still there , so its very safe community (obviously dont leave anything, but if you forget nice to know it will probably still be there) shout out to elmwood for being an awesome place to live

A. Moses Francis

It is a small cozy place! BUT Could NOT GIVE A SIMPLE SUGAR SYRUP for iced coffee as the the 2 person's behind the counter. The OWNER DOES NOT WANT TO SERVE simple SUGAR SYRUP as he wants people to taste COFFEE!!

Maeve M.

So I'm an ex-childhood vegan--obviously I went to the other extreme and tried every kind of weird meatstuff I'd never eaten before. But I've been coming round to eating mostly plant-based foods again, and Timeless is perfect. Timeless has got an almost authentic Brooklyn AF coffee shop look about it (bricky, minimalist, punky music), but with cute bakery display shelves, and EVERYTHING IS VEGAN!!! Yes, I even used all-capitals because the food doesn't seem like it could all be vegan taste-wise or even looks-wise. For example, I had a butter croissant and iced latte (see picture). The croissant was flaky and made my fingers greasy and had a slightly doughy taste - yes, just like a good fresh dairy croissant! So amazing. I think they only do them on weekends, when it is a lot busier with parents wearing complicated baby carriers. For those of you who can't understand why vegans want to eat vegan versions of stuff that non-vegans eat, bear in mind that a lot of us chose to go vegan in adulthood for ethical reasons and had grown up with certain western texture/flavour/umame memories which even the best jackfruit thingummy is never going to satiate. Hence why the vegan cherry cheesecake, vegan Reese's-style peanut butter cups, and vegan croissants at Timeless are just so utterly incredible. Thank you for existing, Timeless. Also, check out the bigger branch of Timeless up Piedmont Avenue - it always has loads of cute dogs outside.

Lisa Raphael

Love everything here (vegan croissants are shockingly fantastic) rec getting a mix of savory and sweet - quiche is also bombbb.

Lisa Raphael

Love everything here (vegan croissants are shockingly fantastic) rec getting a mix of savory and sweet - quiche is also bombbb.