Timeless Coffee

2965 College Ave, Berkeley
(510) 990-6592

Recent Reviews

Joshua Hubbard

Great spot! Staff are friendly, and they seem to be doing a great job handling the pandemic safely for customers and staff.

E&A Stardust

I don't like this timeless as much as the one on Piedmont. Several times I've gone here and they've been closed for cleaning without updating their Google listing.It seems they have less variety of baked goods than the Piedmont store. If you're not into gobs of white doughy bread with a little vegan cheese or meat thrown in, you might be disappointed. The burrito is alright. $8 and small. The coffee is hella mediocre.I'm a vegan so I regret posting things that are negative about vegan places, but I also feel a sense of obligation towards people looking for tasty plant-based food. That's why I'm giving three stars, I hope they'll improve.

Sara Saberi

I decided to practice being vegan from last November and it was really hard for me specially not having a nice place to go for coffee until I found Timeless. They have the best vegan coffee and pastry. Love the Pesto roll.

Ally C.

the breakfast sándwich was terrible the “egg” was so chewy and hard, i’ve never had a worse vegan breakfast sandwich. everything else i ordered was ok and decent price point. will not be coming here again

Lena Funke

Great strawberry donuts and cappuccino!!

S C.

I was looking for drip coffee with heavy cream. I stopped at Timeless, first time visitor. I did not realize that the coffee shop was vegan. I was disappointed I could not get my heavy cream. The young man helping me recommended the oat milk with my coffee because it would mimic the creaminess of cream. I reluctantly took his suggestion. The coffee tasted FANTASTIC!!! I did not miss my cream at all. I was WRONG. He was RIGHT! Thank you for great customer service and great coffee...with oat milk :). I will be back.

Yvonne M.

I'd give at least 3-4 stars for their actual menu items if it weren't for the horrible vibe of the employees. Every time I've gone to Timeless the employees are super unfriendly, cold and rude. Seriously, is this part of the work culture there?

Jacob E.

Decided I'd help support a local spot during these economically trying times instead of my normal Phil'z coffee. As I walked up to the blocked off entrance to order, I kept my distance (about 10 feet) as I always do I public but was asked immediately if I had my mask. As I was applying my mask while simultaneously ordering, I was told I couldn't order until I had it fully on. I complied and properly situated the mask on my face. I suffer from severe COPD and have passed out in public multiple times due to having my airway constricted by wearing a mask, which is why I didn't have it on initially. After I ordered, I simply asked for her to put sugar in my coffee and she again reprimanded me for not wearing my mask all the way up to my eyes. I always wear my mask whenever entering an establishment as required. In this case, I was ordering from the sidewalk and was going to put my mask on once it was time to pay. The lady was rude from the start. I canceled my order and won't be going back. So much for supporting a local biz. Guess they don't need the help

Keith L.

It great to be able to pick ANY pastry you like and not have to ask if it's vegan! They have a variety of pastries (loafs, cookies, danishes, cookies, cakes) and savory items like frittatas. Based on what I tried, I'd say they are quality products. Also, the iced coffee is excellent. At first, I was I hesitant to pay $4 plus for ice coffee--but I have to say it was great. The coffee was extremely smooth with no bitterness. The other pastries I tried, including the cookies, are on the sweet side; a bit sweeter than I like. And the prices are kind of high. Cookies start at $3, cinnamon rolls are $5, whole case are $37. Worth it? Not really, but, as a vegan, your choices are here are limited--so if you want something sweet, this is pretty much your only option. The customer service was great. I did not get any of that Berkeley/vegan attitude that you find elsewhere.

Heather M.

Take-out and pick-up only at the moment. Enjoyed my mocha and danish. Friendly and quick service.

Alana Fink

This is my absolute favorite coffee shop and pastry place! Everything is delectable, but I’d highly recommend anything with their pastry dough(s?): the buffalo chicken calzone or pesto cheese roll for savory pastries and/or a croissant for dessert.

Nathaniel Ventura

The pastries here are bomb-diggity-iggity. Matcha latte is Supa hot and Delcious ??

Alissa Mennenga Dyer

Love this place. Hidden gem for vegan treats. My go to order is a danish and the Timeless Iced with Oat milk. Don't forget to get beans to take home!

Anastasia Lindsey Rogers

Edit: they did refund after a few days, inconvenient but fine. I love that there is an all vegan coffee shop but unfortunately your staff is unable to help with mixups and refunds. Ended up spending $16 for a 12 ounce iced americano. They also don’t have any way to warm up their potato breakfast dishes that have tofu egg in them, and I don’t know who wants to eat that at room temperature. Also we were told we aren’t allowed to drink our drink outside while waiting for the rest of our order like what. Really disappointed. The other times I’ve been here I’ve been happy.

Alissa Mennenga

Love this place. Hidden gem for vegan treats. My go to order is a danish and the Timeless Iced with Oat milk. Don't forget to get beans to take home!

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