Ijo Izakaya

1463 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 679-5200

Recent Reviews

Lorenzo Garza

Great place to eat something when in a rush. The customer service is quick, pricing is fair, good ambience. Will come back again

Tracy Q

Nice sushi place. Food is fresh and delicious with great presentation. service is great as well. Highly recommended

Kelly M.

Not a fan. Agedashi tofu was super fishy (bonito flakes are normal but they really overdid it for a vegetarian dish). Yellowtail carpaccio would have been good but it was warm, because the lion roll is somehow heated! If you're going to heat or cook sushi, let us know! Also they don't have avocado rolls as an option so I had to call and ask. They told me to buy cucumber rolls and specify avocado. Kind of lame, how hard is it to edit the menu to add a standard item?

Nico Wu

The meals and service were beyond my expectations. I truly loved the environment of this spot. Nice restaurant to take the family out for lunch.

Maya D.

My husband and I got lunch here yesterday and although it's not my top Japenese spot in the area, it was definitely solid and has lots of great and different menu items! I got a bento box with shrimp tempura and a salmon roll, and my husband got one of the restaurant weeks deals which was tako yaki and chicken katsu. There was a lot of food and good quality for the price.

Daniel A.

Their dynamite roll is a dynamite, highly recommended.I love this place and am so glad it's serving food during the shutdown.

Kevin X.

My go to Japanese when I'm in this area before COVID-19. Today I got the food from here again and I was pleasantly surprised that the quality was still superb! My sashimi was super fresh and the udon was perfectly cooked with pleasant flavor. Thank you for providing quality food and excellent service during these unprecedented times!

Doris C.

great foods and nice service. I like the Nigiri combo!

Dana H.

I was charged an extra dollar on almost every menu item compared to the menu online even though I picked up my food and when I called to inquire they said oh the website is going down and it was updated with pricing in January. It made no sense. The Chicken Karage was inedible (see photo) The Chicken Yakatori was inedible. The rice in the cucumber rolls was not sticky so all the rolls came apart before we arrived home. The rice in my Chirashi was not sticky rice so it was like picking up individual pieces of rice with my fish. It came in a small plastic container. Really poor quality and won't return!

Dennis H

Takeout order not ready when directed to come and pick it up. Was told that an item was missing, and asked to “come back later.” While waiting outside in front of Saul’s, I saw a staff member come across the street from Safeway, and suddenly my food was ready. I am sure at least one item came from Safeway’s sushi section, but at a higher price. I won’t be back.

Dennis H.

Avoid this place! They can't even get the "hospitality" part right. I realize that these are challenging times, but when you can't handle a TAKEOUT order, the time has come to rethink your business model. Doordash told me my order was ready for pickup, but it wasn't. "Come back later!" I was then told that a staff member had run over to Safeway to get a missing item! The fish (about $30 of sashimi) was not fresh and was immediately composted at home. Thankfully, Kirala (just down the street, in Epicurious Garden) saved the day and I will never go back to Ijo Izakaya.

Leyla Sultanova

I'm so disappointed ? Before covid-19 sushi rolls was much fresher and tastier. But now they make economy even on pickled ginger. I ordered 3 portions of sushi rolls but they packed maybe 5 grams of the cheapest ingredient!!! Tuna supposed to be fresh not smoked and salty! I regret for the 10$ tip. Good bye forever!

Farah K.

I went to try this for the first time and my experience was not good. I ordered 2 things ($40 total) was not even a plate of food. The dragon roll was enough to be an appetizer when it was $15?? Also, no one in this restaurant was wearing a mask even though it's mandatory in our country to wear masks. The food was subpar and tasted like it was worth $20. Would never go here again!

John N.

Food is good, atmosphere is relaxing. I'd recommend this sushi place to anyone looking for some good quality sushi in the Bay.

Logan P.

I've ordered 2 times from here on door dash. And they always get my order wrong. I was missing 4 orders. Do they not know how to read their orders. 4 orders of salmon sashimi and i got 1. 50 bucks worth of orders and i got 15 bucks worth of food. Dont door dash service if you can't read the order correctly. It's not hard to read and comprehend the orders. No utensils, napkins or anything. How do you need up an order 2 times in 1 day. And they left me a note about the replacement with no replacement!!!! Don't come here or order from here

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