Urbann Turbann

1870 Euclid Ave, Berkeley
(510) 704-0109

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Paul H.

This was one of my favorite places when I was a student. Was excited to be able to finally grab dinner here, since they extended their COVID hours, but am disappointed. Ordered through snackpass, paid for extra veggies and meat, but was underwhelmed with it all. Not enough meat, not enough veggies, generally much more bland than I remembered and smaller portions. May give it another shot, but only by ordering in person.

Annie Y.

I got the rice bowl and chose the tandoori chicken, but it was suuuuuper dry and really red (not bad but visually was like red bell pepper), it probably was cause we came at a not busy time ~3/4pm, so the rice+chicken was quite dry and I didn't get a lot of sauce given sadly. I did feel like it was a healthy, well rounded meal with lots of veggies (cucumber,tomato, spring mix, onions, etc) but since everything was so dry, it didn't really taste good together and I was kind of just forcing myself to finish the bowl cause I paid like $10 on it :( My friend got a naan and that was made fresh on the spot. Lots of garlic+cilantro (?) and was piping hot and delicious! haha would definitely recommend that

Aryan Sood

Food was below average. Ordered the chicken tandoori wrap through snack pass. Asked for no rice, paid for extra protein. The completely messed it up and gave me the opposite. The flavors were very dull and disappointing. The guys there seem clueless about indian food as well.Edit: the owner promptly refunded the order amount and apologized, which is very kind. I hope the amount was not refunded from the pays of the workers, though. Nevertheless, shows that they care about customer service and hence changed from 2 stars to 4.

Trae Sebastian

It tastes fine but a bit bland for Indian food

Vasudha R.

Looks are deceiving! From the outside, this place looks small and lacks foot traffic. But the food is so bomb -- and that's coming from an Indian American who grew up eating authentic Indian food! The butter paneer was literally droolworthy, doused in rich buttery curry sauce and creamy deliciousness. I recommend getting all of the toppings and all of the sauces combined for maximum flavor. As a guide: the white sauce is yogurt, the green sauce is refreshing mint chutney, the brown sauce is sweet tamarind chutney, and the red sauce is spicy. My mom got the chicken tandoori and she was also super happy with the food. They gave her a heaping amount of chicken, which definitely filled her up. And the food is already pre-made, so we were able to grab it and go really quickly. There are plenty of spots to eat on campus across the street, even though seating outside of Urbann Turbann is limited. 10/10 DIY Indian Chipotle-style bowl experience!

Tiffany F.

an Indian chipotle in Northside Berkeley CHICKEN (among other options): --butter chicken --tandoori chicken Food is healthy & delicious. You mix & match spices & toppings. Leafy greens or rice as a base. Rice bowl is a better option b/c it's easier to eat from vs a wrap. The chicken wasn't entirely hot (lukewarm as best), so it can be somewhat frustrating to eat in the chilly air.


Eaten here several times and have always enjoyed the food, but this last time I ordered from there I found moldy lettuce in my food.

Saahil S.

Bit pricey, but excellent food overall! High quality tandoori chicken and wide assortment of spice options. Came together well and just spicy enough to break a sweat. Totally recommend trying this if you happen to be in the North Berkeley area.

Julia L.

First time ordering here for lunch. We had the Paneer Veggie combo, and the Tandoori Chicken/Butter Chicken Combo Rice bowl. Burrito style naan wraps are also available. Thought both lunches were very tasty. The paneer cheese was generously cut into larger cubes than usually seen, was very good, and blended well with the lentils and veggies. The raita was pretty good, just wish that they gave you more. Also wish that naan was available as a side. This place is just like an Americanized Indian "Chipotle" with nice customization options where you can order things by picking and choosing the components. If you are looking for that style of food, you can't go wrong - this is the place for you. For the more adventurous foodie types like me, the food will be good, but the "WOW" factor seems to be missing, and the menu options are limited. With that said however, we are willing to try it out again, because the ingredients were fresh and good.

Ina Hollerer

I love their food but when I wanted to get take out today the employees were sitting right outside the door smoking and spitting on the sidewalk. I got my lunch somewhere else instead.

Claire L.

Okay this is my favorite place ever. Since moving away from Berkeley I am constantly craving it. Sometimes I'll drive out of the way to come get it. I recommend it to all my coworkers that live in the East Bay even though maybe this place is student-oriented. When living in Berkeley I came here 2+ times per week or even more. They used to have a stamp card where it was like buy 10 get one free or something like that, and when I was around 9 they ended the program :'( FYI there are only like 3 places to sit. I and many other people refer to Urbann Turbann as the "Indian Chipotle". SO GOOD. I've never been a huge fan of Indian food but Urbann Turbann just gets all the spices done in a way that I'm a fan. The tandoori chicken is sometimes dry, so I like to do half half tandoori chicken butter chicken. The butter chicken is very "wet" so if you are getting a wrap it gets a bit messy. I always get a wrap except for maybe one time. The portions are HUGE - my wrap is like, exploding with ingredients and I probably don't need to eat the whole thing in one sitting, but I do it anyway. DIY toppings so get what you like. The veggies etc. are always very fresh! Dare I say the toppings are even better than Chipotle? If you are a student, this is a great, fast place to get food on the North side. And delicious!

Stan S.

I was introduced to Urbann Turbann by an ASUC Senator I was working for when I was a freshman undergraduate (2015!), and it's been my go-to place for food whenever I was on the north side campus since then. It's been known to my friends and I as the "Chipotle" of Northside because of its convenient location and ease in grabbing food and going to wherever you need to get to next. I almost always get the bowl option and choose brown rice, butter chicken, lettuce, some leafy greens, and diced red onions. Portions are fair, but there have been times when I've opened my box to see that the staff skimped out on the butter chicken -- probably guessing wrongly that I'd put in a lot more items further down the food line to stuff the box. However, the quality of the food has been consistently good over the years with only some minor fluctuations in the last year and a half. I remember when a bowl here was $9 or $10, but, if I remember correctly, Urbann Turbann bumped up the price by a buck so a bowl is now a flat $11 (includes tax). Even then, it's good food and still offered at a reasonable price. Indoor seating is sparse. There are two tables inside with two to three chairs per table. There's some outdoor seating as well. It seems to have changed recently with more tables and chairs, but I believe there to be at least three outdoor tables and perhaps two to three chairs per table. Urbann Turbann is more of a grab-and-go restaurant so you'll usually be able to find some seating there although it can get busy near lunch time. Utensils, napkins, and cups for water are provided to the right of the register. Every bowl I've ordered here has automatically been bagged in a brown paper bag. If you're eating at the restaurant, just ask the person helping you to not bag your food so that you won't need to waste a paper bag! All in all, Urbann Turbann is a reliable place to grab a satisfying and good-tasting meal on Northside. A definite must-try before you graduate, and its location will make it an easy-favorite for all the CS, CNR, and engineering students who have classes near there!

Seri J.

Great for a big heaping portion of Indian food. I like to get the rice bowl instead of the naan wrap because it's easier to eat. The butter chicken is a must get. Their pork vindaloo is pretty good too, but I find that the meat can be a little tough to chew. P.S. you can ask for half & half portions!

Brski B.

The spicy butter chicken wrap was not especially spicy, but it was a tasty butter chicken in a nice wrap. The sweet and spicy pork wrap was not spicy, but it was definitely sweet, and, for my palate, the lesser of the two. This made for good eating even though it was a limited event. 3.5 rounded up.

Rachel L.

I'm sad to say I'm really disappointed. Ive been trying to bring my boyfriend here for the past 6 times but they're always closed??? Anyway I finally got him to try the food and: 1. The rice is cold, hard and crunchy 2. The wrap is hard to pull apart 3. The tandoori chicken is dry and not a lot of flavor to it 4. All the food is BARELY lukewarm The butter chicken is still ok but it's not even warm and that really killed the meal for me. The quality extremely decreased and I've been raving how good this place is to him. I'm hoping it was just a bad day so I'll leave it at 3 stars.

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