V&A Cafe

2521 Hearst Ave, Berkeley
(510) 664-5056

Recent Reviews

Alexis W.

Honestly I'm not sure why it has such low ratings but I have got to say V&S has THE BEST EVER pumpkin chai latte!!!! Literally nowhere else on campus or all around can compare in my opinion. Also just good sandwiches overall for something that you find on campus. Love the flavor and prices! Have also gotten their quiche with side salad and it was pretty good as well!! Would love to try their lasagna one day!

Frank W.

Had an iced matcha latte that came out looking pretty yellow and tasted nothing like matcha (closer to a melted vanilla shake?). After paying $5 for the drink, definitely would not recommend

Melissa M.

I have honestly never had a bad meal or experience here. The salmon salad and Caesar salad are delicious and I had the croissant sandwich this morning and it was also delicious. The staff is friendly and it's an easy place to do work at.

Selena L.

The smoothies are made with fresh fruit and are good, but the food kind of sucks. Their zucchini bread was the greasiest thing ever, and the texture is strange. I come here decently often because it's conveniently located near my discussion. If you're looking to grab a coffee or smoothie, V&A is a decent choice, but I wouldn't recommend the food here.

Yanjun W.

8.23 tea. just next to soda hall where cs classes ate held. We felt hot and tired so we ordered four smoothies. Mine is strawberry blueberry. kind of sour so I added sugar and syrup. Tips are included I paid $5.18. There are many choices of drinks.

Dmitry Vaintrob

Friendly and tasty. The result of the staff of Nefeli moving inside UCB's Etcheverry Hall, this cafe has the best coffee and prices of anything else on the North side of campus

Leonor A.

Great for coffee but their smoothies are extremely disappointing. They're blended so finely that they become juice almost instantly. They're also VERY sweet so it's definitely not the healthiest option.

Eric Gan

Please have your employees learn how to read what has nuts in it and what does not. If you do not know what's in your food, you shouldn't be serving it. By the way, your chocolate croissant has nuts in it.

Nadah F.

We did not have a very friendly experience with the service. We ordered a panini and it was cold.

Bob Z.

Nefali was my jam, but then the owner consolidated, and moved the entire operation over to his other place in Etcheverry Hall, V&A Cafe. a) Opens at 7 AM: If you're a morning person, businesses that open early are a God-send. This place almost always opens on time. b) Good service: Really. Given the unapologetic shit show at some of the other places in the area, V&A is a pleasant surprise. The owner is a nice guy, and we usually chat a bit. The employees have always been pleasant enough. c) Good enough bagels: Okay, this is Berkeley, not New York, LA, or Toronto, so the bagels aren't real bagels, but take what you can get. Relative to other near-by breakfast places selling bagels, these are the best though you pay a little bit more for them. d) Students: Yup, there are students. I usually don't have much contact with them since most are just getting out of bed by the time I order my bagel, but if you come later than 8 AM, expect them in droves. e) It's on a hillside: It's only 3/4 of block away from where I park but it's uphill, and it does kick my ass. The tally: 4.6 stars rounded to 5: friendly service, good bagels, open when I need them to be open. I usually round down for Berkeley, but not this time.

Eric G.

Please have your employees learn how to read what has nuts in it and what doesn't. If you don't know what's in your food you definitely should not be serving it.

Amrit Parida

Love this Cafe to study and eat between classes in. The roasted chicken panini is on another level of flavor and fills you up nicely. The salmon bagel was also quite tasty, and the salads (quinoa in particular) are also very good. The pastries are a bit pricey but very tasty.

Greg T.

Paninis are incredibly small and they also have nothing in them. The only turkey in my panini was a single slide of turkey and a small slice of avocado. If you don't want to pay $8-9 for basically a small baguette, you're better off going to Subway or Yali's

Harika K.

Do not get a coffee here!! It was definitely one of the worst iced coffees I've ever had (VERYYY bitter). That being said the food is not bad. The banana bread usually tastes good but is a little dry sometimes. I would honestly stay away from all the drinks.

Cavid Nadirov

Music was a bit too loud, but that is ok it is very subjective. Food was ok, not bad nothing exceptional, tiny bit pricey. Uni wifi is fine, good study space. Staff was a bit rude. With tired attitude and rude "what u want" tone.

Eric H.

Overpriced garbage, rude cashiers, their coffee isn't even good. For the price it should try to be at least halfway decent.

Tenaya M.

Great chai and teas but the food is lackluster. I got their lasagna and the inside was cold but it is a great study spot, with good drink selection.

Kristin H.

The first time I went, I had a nice slice of quiche with side salad for $5 to go. The workers kind of dallied around before serving my order which was annoying since I was on my way to class but it was fine. Second time I went they had these small and oddly flat individual portion quiches that didn't taste like quiche (tasted more like... just cheese). My quiche also was mostly cold and only warmed on the edges. The strawberry banana smoothie was also surprisingly unappealing/sort of sour. Overall the cafe was okay (and super conveniently located), but in terms of on campus food, I think Yali's in Stanley Hall has better prepared food and smoothies. TLDR; only get the quiche if they have the slices, because the individual flat ones are weird af. Also, my strawberry banana smoothie was surprisingly kinda sour and didn't have a nice thick smoothie consistency.

Jess L.

lol I came back to give this place a second chance because I was looking for a quick snack in between classes and meetings. Somehow, they managed to get it even worse this time. Last time, I had to change my order three times because they ran out of everything, and they also ran out of cold drink caps so it was a pain to carry the drink around on the go. This time, I ordered a mango pineapple smoothie, and literally got a cup of watered down mango-ish juice with some blended chunks of pineapple in it. They literally forgot the ice? ?? ? Idk. Definitely not the place to order a smoothie.

Will D.

Great place, but the constant top-40 reggae background music (not top-40 and rasta, but literally reggae remixes top-40 songs) is unbearable. I'm guessing that most of the clientele are EECS and CS students. Are those the kind of people who listen to reggae? Please, just change it to something else. I would love there to be a single good cafe in Berkeley, and you guys are goin so strong otherwise

Stephanie R.

The girl taking orders was rude and there was a hair obviously off the head of the guy making food on my sandwich. Gross.

Sandy P.

I ordered two iced single latte. They messed up my order. They did not make my coffee for 10 min because "they lost it" and mispriced it. When I complained and asked them to make it, a lady (short, chubby with long blonde hair in a braid) stormed outside and started yelling at me without knowing what had happened earlier. Who even messes up customer's order and then yells at them???? Terrible management. They might have monopoly in the area but that does not give them the right to treat students that way... I won't be going back.

Cameron K.

The girl at the register had very poor customer service. While sitting waiting for my food I watched her talk to customers like they were stupid and as if they are an inconvenience. This was off putting. Also they seem to be out of everything.

Sophia L.

TL;DR food for engineers V&A just opened up in the engineering part of campus. They're perfect for grabbing a quick coffee/lunch. I tried a chicken sandwich, and it was ok, the bread was kinda stale and hard to chew. They have a small menu to choose from, but they're in a v convenient location. There are some tables inside and out, but it's better not to study here because it's loud.

Raya K.

Solidly average. Compared to Hearst food court and the cafes on North side the food is pricy, I wouldn't come here unless I was really pressed for time, as I was today. There was a cashier who was super impatient and rushing my order, while another was very kind and explaining the different options still available at 2pm. Oh yes--they're out of a lot of things at this hour. The chicken panini was very salty, but I'm glad we can get something warm this close to the engineering buildings.