Victory Point Cafe

1797-A, Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 982-6325

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Elizabeth L.

My friends and I came here on two separate occasions after we went to eat at Marugame Udon/U Dessert. The first time that we came here, it was $5/person because we came on a weekday in the afternoon, but the second time that we came, it was $7.50/person because it was a weekend. I feel like it's worth it, if you sit here for hours and play games, but I prefer to come on the weekdays (I believe before 6 pm) for the price of $5. They've a variety of bites such as baked goods, pizzas, sandwiches, snack foods, etc. They also have coffee, expressos, teas, etc. for drinks. I'm not a fan of their drinks/food selection, but I really like the board game cafe concept. It's very fun to find multiple shelves full of different games that you may enjoy with your friends and/or family.

Jason R.

Really great business model! Big open space that is lovely to use during the day when it is less crowded. As a social spot in the evenings, it's a great alternative to drink-heavy options, a place where it's easier to connect and communicate with a small group of friends. Plus the games -- awesome!

Kartikay Garg

Not sure whether to catch up with your friends over coffee or board games! This is the perfect fix for you. They have a great collection of games, and a very good pricing model.

Rex Cooper

Almost my favorite spot, would definitely hit #1 for me if they offered a daily deal or at least one cheaper filling snack/meal for poor college kids. Epic spot and people though, no doubt.

Durga Kale

Best game cafe, hands down!

Kristin Bass

Many reviewers have already praised Victory Point Cafe's great food, fantastic service, and amazing variety of board games. All of that is true. What struck me on my first visit yesterday was the diversity of guests. There are a lot of college students, as you'd expect for a cafe near the Cal campus. But I also saw parents and children, and folks like me who have been out of college for a while. Victory Point appeals to all ages.

Tara W.

3 stars for rude employees and their sarcastic remarks. We weren't greeted, and the cashier was unfriendly. The man was also rude when we asked for a simple to go cup, and showed how annoyed he was. Cool games, but work on your customer service to round out the experience.

kat costa

Good games, good food, uncomfortable seating. Excellent game selection. Good food: they have pizza that they make there, so you can custom-order. Root beer on tap. All real dishes, so you are not adding to landfill. Fair acoustics: the volume is pretty good unless the place is packed, and then it is difficult to converse without raising your voice. Some cheap foam tiles on the ceiling would dramatically improve this. Good sized tables for games. The colorful metal chairs they have are terribly uncomfortable: two back-posts run diagonally from the back of the chair toward the front, cutting into real estate of the seat itself and pinching your rear. This forces you to sit perched at the edge of the chair and lean awkwardly over the table. It gave me a tension headache after a while; I noticed everyone seemed to be sitting on the edges like this. Even standard auditorium folding chairs would be vastly more comfortable. They did have a well-organized shelving system that even I as a new customer could intuitively figure out for finding games using their website and putting them back. This is a five-star rating just waiting to happen for want of updated seating.

Preston Parry

Large space now, but still bustling. Tasty food and drinks, and they love helping you find the right board game for your group. Friendly people, and tons of fun!

Morten Barklund

Great places, nice game selection (but could use some expansions) and excellent food! I can recommend the turkey mustard club sandwich which goes well with a game of Concordia - that I won!

Samuel Chen

Kinda expensive. Also, there's a wide assortment of boardgames available so pretty much any game you want is available. If you're going, I'd recommend staying for as long as possible since you pay for the day. Finally, small note is to avoid the tables at the entrance during the day cause they can get super sunny

Bert H.

This area used to be my stomping grounds when I was an undergraduate at Berkeley and nnow as a non-Bay Area resident who is heavy into "board game culture", I was pleased to discover that a board game café had opened up in the area. The sandwiches and coffee are tasty and the atmosphere chill with game-knowledgeable staff ready to provide on-point recommendations based on gamer experience level and game mechanics that players are used to. I'm admitttedly somewhat of a mechanics snob (hey, I'm not proud of it but I can admit it) and was pleased that staff recommendations generally fell in line with what i would recommend given what information I had provided. Every time i visit the Bay Area, I always make a point of trying to stop in to this great locale.

Ahmed Qureshi

Fun way to spend an afternoon with friends. We’ve found fun new games here and great food, snacks and drinks.

Denise L.

Cute concept, a game board cafe. Pay one fee to be there and play unlimited games. Can order food and drinks, even beer. Had their nitro cold brew and it was good! Most of the games, had no idea what they were...but we played anyways!

brennan cotter

It is a fun place to have a cup of coffee and play a board game with friends, they have so many games it would take forever to play them all!

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