Viks Chaat

2390 Fourth St, Berkeley
(510) 644-4432

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Laxmi K.

Okay so I fully love the chaat here (especially the veggie samosas and dahi papdi chaat) and the convenience of the attached grocery store that satisfies most of my Indian grocery needs, but I haven't loved the main entrees/biryanis that I've tried so far. Now I don't know if that's because the chaat/samosas are so overwhelmingly good that the entrees pale in comparison, but I found the biryani rather bland (even after specifying extra spicy) so that was a bit disappointing. If you stop by Vik's, definitely go nuts for the chaat and make sure you put in a few extra orders of samosas because they're totally worth it! Also love the selection of ready-to-go Indian snacks inside!

Carolyn S.

There's plenty of outdoor seating which is amazing. The wait was pretty short and the food was good. However, I think it's a tad bit overpriced.

Tejashree M.

Vik's chaat is attached to the Vik's groceries so its imperative to grab something from vik's chaat when I am doing Indian grocery shopping. There are particular items from here that I distinctly like and some items that I might not be big on.... Vada pav - This comes pretty close to the authentic vada pav with garlic chutney in it..! It's way less greasier than lets say vada pav from Curry up now. Dosa - Plain dosas and chutneys are good. The masala dosa is something that I found a bit weird with its very "americanized" stuffing. So I would skip the masala dosa but not hesitate to get the plain one. Samosa, ragda pattice- These items are pretty good. The chole suits my taste buds. If you are having bhatura...that's quite good too. Other chaat items like pani puri, sev puri are good too. Dhokla tastes as expected... What I don't like to get here- Thalis, chicken curries or chicken biryani....I think their specialities are chaat items so proper lunch items can be hit or miss. Chai - The chai does not have a strong ginger taste i like...its a slightly different flavor of chai but not bad. They support ordering online wherein you specify the pickup time. They don't take tips (online form) so if you are looking to has to be cash. The prices are quite reasonable and portion size is decent. One very very important thing when dining or shopping here: BEWARE OF CAR BREAK-INS !!! Don't keep anything on display. The neighborhood requires you to be a bit careful.

pranav garg

Ordered paneer dosa, aloo tiki, chole bahutre etc . Didn’t liked the food as everything was packed separately not sure why. For paneer dosa they used cheddar cheese and bhautura was semi cooked. Also they hadn’t had the restroom opened for the customers. Why covid restrictions excuse in a warehouse location? Pretty disappointed

Katie Y.

Yum! 5 stars for the flavors, netting to 4 stars after accounting for some minuses listed below. We ordered through a food delivery app and got the chicken special (makhanwala), one veggie special (paneer), and samosas. You have to check their Facebook or website for the daily specials, since they rotate the 4 curries every day. The flavors were delicious! I missed our delivery so it was sitting outside for 20 min, but the food was still hot and tasty. The samosas were also still crisp, and I loved the tamarind and chutney that accompanied them. One minus to call out was the portion size- the chicken curry only came with 3 pieces of chicken for $14. I should've gotten the family style order for a few bucks more but thought the set would be sufficient. I was under the impression based on the fb/website menu that I would get roti, but I didn't (unsure if this is a mistake by the restaurant or by the food delivery app). So a bit of curry + rice + dal for $14 is kind of steep. I'm excited to order here again and to try the mango lasso (which I ordered but the food delivery app didn't deliver it to me either ugh!).

Manny Ruiz

Great food and quick. They have a market also so you can make your own at home and open outdoor seating area.

Abha S.

Went here during covid. You should opt to order online to expedite the delivery process. Alternatively you can take the food and sit behind the grocery store and eat outdoors. They have heaters outside! Also convenient to do your grocery shopping while you're there. We ordered chole bhature which was very authentic. I'd recommend that for a first timer. Plenty of parking spaces and spacious area to sit and eat!

Vila B.

I finally got to Viks during Covid and had a dosa. Of course you can't beat eating in the canteen but Viks flavors and customer service are still very good.

Kashyap J.

We have been avid fans of certain items on their menu. Whenever we are visiting in the area, it is a mandatory stop. Recently we tried kheema samosa and lamb baida roti. Both were mouth watering and reminded us of a kabob shop in famous gullies of South Mumbai. The best part is the Baida roti is filled to the brim. That's a task and skill ( people who make stuffed breads in Indian households will understand!) It is flaky outside and moist inside with body of flavors. Couple it with steaming cup of tea on a rainy evening and you are set! Other item to try is their kulfi faluda. But it's best when consumed dining inside. Their interiors (from good old pre-corona days) offered typical Indian diner type setting with names being called for the orders. I hope we'll get to experience it sooner. It's a restaurant run alongside an Indian grocery store. So, Perfect for one to grab tasty bites while doing your weekly grocery as well.

Mobashar Yazdani

Really good charts. For carryout spices, yogurt etc. are in separate containers. Ask for what goes where if ordering multiple charts. Else you will end up creating your own.

Leo L.

Had the lunch special with lamb, which unfortunately I don't know the specific name of. It was ground lamb with some spices. Slightly spicy but not overwhelmingly so. Went really well with the rice. The lentils were also a nice complement to settle down my taste buds a bit and give them a bit of breathing room. My wife had the masala dosa (forgot to take a pic). She really enjoyed it and ate it across two meals. She's had it before but said this time was particularly spicy. So be warned if you're not a fan of the . Would definitely recommend the lunch special if you're looking for Indian food in the area.

Gagandeep S.

The pao bhai was awesome and so was chicken biryani! The food was cold but that is okay for the takeout.

Harini Jagadeesan

Some of their dishes are consistent whereas some others, not so much. Their chaat items are ok but skip meal items. Also they've changed their prices - too expensive now for the quantity. Not worth it.

Rebeka B.

VIKS IS THE BEST! I have probably gotten food from here at least 100 times in my lifetime, my family adores this place. Any time we are in the area we try to stop by and grab food from here. We also love bringing people who don't eat Indian food often and they really enjoy it. Everything is delicious, the best place to get "chaat" style in the east bay definitely. My personal favorite ever since I was kid is the Cholle Bhature. Just writing it makes my mouth water! Although we've definitely eaten most of the menu and everything is delicious. Other dishes I love are dosa, biryani, pani puri, and dahi papdi chaat. This place deserves all 5 stars, you must try! My favorite.

P Carrubba

Love this place!! Awesome take out food. Great outdoor dining area when it reopens. Market has lots to choose from dry & frozen. Clean, friendly & helpful staff! Must go eat there!! Best Indian in Berkeley!

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