Vitality Bowls Berkeley

1625 Shattuck Ave Ste 102, Berkeley
(510) 679-5008

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Susan Z.

For the smoothie I ordered a dragon smoothie and it tasted super water down. It might've just been the fruit wasn't as ripe. I know for a fact they used real fruit cause you can taste the quality. In my opinion not worth the price of 6-7 dollars for a smoothie, but maybe try a different smoothie flavor. On another note their acai bowls are pretty good and tasty would recommend.

Coral T.

Amazing selection for Açaí Bowls, the sizes of the bowls are bigger than expected. Everything is fresh and they have delivery available!

Christine S.

I used to go to the vitality bowls the one near my home all the time as I currently have stopped because I lost interest as the food wasn't the best in my opinion. However I tried the vitality bowls here in Berkeley and wow!! It surprised me of the difference of the one near me. I am definitely coming back here once I visit Berkeley again.

Kenya Lavan

Really good

Nathaniel R.

Came in for juice at 6:25 (which is 5 min before closing i know) for some juice. They had already started cleaning the juicer and didn't have any pre made juices available for purchase. I was super bummed. I drove 20 min away for nothing. I understand wanting to get out early but if a business is going to be open they should offer all services and goods no matter the time unless it is clearly stated otherwise.

The workers didn't really even try to work with me either which really left me bummed.

Amy Z.

Really enjoyed the açaí bowl here for the first time! The panini wasn't bad either. Would come again if I crave açaí bowls too!

- Tropical Bowl: very fresh! Standard yummy açaí bowl with a tropical component to it.
- Roasted Turkey Panini: little bit small but filling. Not as tasteful but still fulfilling for a panini. Couldn't taste the pesto as much.

Would be excited to come back and try the other açaí bowls or smoothies!

Krystal B.

I order nearly daily via doordash and when LOUIS makes my bowls they are just the best ever!!! I have tried many other acai bowls and even other Vitality locations and nothing is like when Louis makes it...he just gets the ratio of acai, fruit and toppings perfectly and he actaully gives me EXTRA toppings when I pay for them unlike some (and other Vitality Bowls as well). My bowl can so easily be "eh" if it's not made right and just tastes lackluster. I will be putting a request in my door dash orders for Louis to please make my bowl if possible :) He is the acai bowl God! Haha :)

Phillip B.

I've frequented this location of Vitality Bowl since moving to Berkeley and they have been consistent the entire time, even through this COVID pandemic.

Katherine H.

4stars for food, 2stars for service.The acai bowls here have always been pretty good, and their panini's are good too. Normally I would give them 4 stars for good, but not stellar food, and mediocre service. However, with the pandemic going around right now, their attitude has been poor, and their service has reflected that. I went in, and none of the staff were wearing masks, even though they were having people go up to the cashier to make an order or to pick up items. There was plastic in my food too during one of my last orders before shelter in place. I emailed customer service in regards to the masks a month ago, and never got a response either. Go to a different Vitality bowl location if you can... I hope the other ones are better.

Mari S

The bowl was good but the paninis were gross.

Cheri Regan Moon

Plastic shards in my acai bowl. Almost lost a tooth!! Never visiting here again.

Estefania B.

Simply the best. No explication needed. Staff is always so friendly, great costumer service!

Regan T.

This place has a huge food safety issue. In one of the bowls we ordered (Kids Bowl, smaller size), there were shards of black plastic (?) that were definitely not edible. The worst part is that this bowl is topped with granola, so naturally you expect a crunch or bite down harder on the toppings in your bowl. But you can't bite into it, because it's not food.After I almost cracked a tooth 3 times, I had to inspect and noticed little black specks all throughout the smoothie portion of it! Very misleading and almost looks like dried fruit or crushed blueberry skins but you can see in the pics the pieces are shiny and hard. Absolutely unacceptable. It's sickening to think about how much was consumed before we even noticed.I feel like this is one of those non-negotiable issues that don't even warrant me reviewing the rest of my experience (taste, price, service, etc.) I won't risk my safety to ever visit here again.

Michael Ho

Update: I came back here during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the clerk wasn't wearing a face mask. Businesses are a prime source of viral transmission, since they meet with a lot of people and then prepare food that is consumed by others. I don't like them disregarding health guidelines and not doing their part to lower transmission rates, especially when it's just something basic like putting on a face mask.I enjoy getting the occasional meal here, when I'm craving fruits. It's really geared towards healthy eating, and may seem a bit expensive. But, if you compare it to eating out elsewhere in Berkeley, you can get a nutrient packed meal at vitality bowl for about the same price!I usually get one of the fruit bowls, and add on a panini on the side at a discount.

Noah Lowry

Healthy and Refreshing every time through. Bowls, Smoothies, Soups, Salads, Juices, Breakfast & Dessert Options! Oh and they have a kids menu for all of you looking for a family friendly place to grab a bite.

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