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1823 Solano Ave, Berkeley
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Katherine N.

This place is a short drive from our house so we'll occasionally order takeout here for dinner. We've tried the chicken and the bibimbap bowls here. On our last visit, we noticed the restaurant had a sign to wear masks but the worker who prepared my bowl was NOT wearing a mask...I probably should've pointed out the hypocrisy of that. I will say that the cashier was wearing a mask and was friendly. Overall, food here is 3.5 stars. Still prefer fried chicken from Bonchon and the bowls are just alright. The prices are fair. My suggestion to the owner would be to have your staff follow the rules / signage you post. This will help guest feel more comfortable.

Silva Raker

Delicious freshly prepared Korean egg rolls and slaw. Spotless bathroom, good service. Will be back to try more of the menu!

Katie R.

Oh have I not written a review yet? Amazing chicken here, I go for the Crispy Chicken with Garlic Sauce (boneless). A half-order is huge and enough to share with 2-3 people. The chicken is always moist, the skin is crispy, and I love the pickles that come on the side. Also had a pretty decent poke bowl here with a nice variety of toppings. It tasted fresh and I had about half leftover.

Talaya S.

The fried chicken here is just delicious! I've tried the fried one and the oven baked ones and they are all delicious! I love the lightly golden flaky crunchiness that comes with every bite! Oh, and the cole slaw and the pickled radish cubes sides that the order comes with are delicious!! Kimchi fried rice and popcorn chicken are so yummy!!!

Joyce S.

Food were flavorful but too salty. We order popcorn chicken which were a little disappointed. The batter were not crispy, full or flour and solid hard rock.

Jenise Perez

Delicious deals! Love their Katsu lunch plate and fried chimkim.

madeline maurer

excellent! my first time trying korean food, and i am thrilled to eat more asap. their veggie potstickers were so nice and crisp, with a great sauce. bibimbop had a tasty sauce and was a nice big serving, had leftovers, along with leftovers from the japchae! service was impeccable, food came fast, enjoyed ever second

Maria S.

They changed the menu, I am not sure if the owner also changed. It has been awhile since my last visit but I remember the bbq chicken was not this dry and plain. The new menu has choice of chicken wings with few flavors.

J. M.

Von's KFC or American KFC, which is better? The correct answer is Von's KFC. Chicken was crispy, as advertised, full of flavor, tender and the right amount of spices. I also tried the poke bowl with half glass noodles and greens. The bowl came with tuna, salmon, avocado, crab salad, seaweed salad, radish, edamame and pineapple....sooo good.

Anecia L.

I hardly ever write reviews but I'm extremely disappointed with the customer service. I placed a phone order for pick up with Chister already seemed to be some miscommunication. When I asked about the most popular chicken wing flavors he said crispy and soy garlic. I ordered full orders of both including side orders of japchae, kimchi fried rice, and fries. My mistake was not double checking my order. I dropped off the food to my husband and come to find out both the kimchi fried rice and japchae was missing. I also got full orders of crunch and crispy chicken not soy garlic. I called back to tell them their mistake and I was told that they can make up for the missing food on my next order. There will not a be a next time. Save your time and money and go somewhere else.

Bryan N.

The first time I've had legit Korean fried chicken. Light, crispy breading (not greasy at all) with juicy chicken on the inside. The yangyeom was also delicious, super tangy and savory flavors. I'd recommend boneless for the best experience.

Judy Y.

Ok so my dad and I tried their half chicken gochujang marinated with onion rings, along with their pickled radish and cole slaw. We got them delivered. Mind you we are Korean and have some experience with Korean chicken. Everything was pretty good but one advice to the owners - is there a way you can make the chicken pieces smaller? I knew something was different but my dad hit it right on the nail- the chicken drum sticks were too big lol. That sounds opposite right? Like it's a good thing? But my dad was like did they use hens or something or huge chickens? Lol. Other than that the sauce was on point and onion rings pretty good.

Ben C.

this is BUSSSIN. It's so good. chicken was so good and crispy . not sure why the other reviews are so poor!! take it from a hard core asian american this food is GOOOOOOOOOD

Amybeth O.

This is the most disgusting food I have ever eaten in my entire life. The kimchi rice was soggy and flavorless. The honey butter fries had a disgusting powder sprinkled on them and the garlic chicken was soggy and had this sweet, gross sauce on it and had no garlic flavor what so ever. Absolutely horrid food.

Nora W.

Amazing crunchy fresh fried chicken made to order! Vons is a Korean chicken chain and the shop on Solano seems to be family-owned. Friendly and informative staff. We could NOT decide and did a half-order of many versions: crunchy chicken; crispy chicken; garlic sauce chicken and popcorn chicken. All orders come with a palate cleansing pickled daikon and Asian cole slaw with a hint of citrus. I ordered a jhap chae and it was yummy! The crunchy chicken had a sprinkle of cilantro. The crispy chicken was plain but juicy and tender. The garlic sauce was a bit on the sweet side. The popcorn chicken was hot and tasty but I have had ones with a lighter crust. When you crave good Korean Fried chicken that is juicy and made to order, this is your place! The flavors are balanced and the smart way they packed the boxes allowed the steam to escape so the chicken is still crunchy! Genius!

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Bopshop Korean Kitchen x Vons Chicken

1823 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707
(510) 559-9313