Wanted Restaurant

1160 University Ave, Berkeley
(862) 304-2223

Recent Reviews

Salman Kamil

Staff is very friendly and the food is well made. Apparently the get their spices from overseas.

Nancy Winslow

They’ve closed due to crappy food and no customers

Robert Martin

Fresh, delicious food, a great wine selection, and an intimate, firelit patio make this one of our Hollywood go-to's. At first I was mad that the currywurst place was gone. I loved that frickin' currywurst place. But Running Goose has exceeded my expectations upon every visit so far. Highly recommend this place for a date spot, or a weekend patio hang. Can't wait to go back.

Justin Durland

This place is great. Food is really good. Staff is friendly. Try them out if your in the area

Hiba M.

The food was light while also hitting the spot perfectly. The sand which was delectable. And the owner was so nice he gave us extra fries and waters on the house! Would highly recommend!

Debbie B.

This place is awesome for lunch! I've been twice, and the Chicken Shawarma wrap is amazing. Really flavorful. Street parking on this part of University is super easy. The owner is lovely. The inside is cute--small but comfortable, clean and inviting.


Great cozy little place on University Avenue, to grab a bite or dine in. Food is really delicious, and plentiful. Philly Sandwich war really tasty, meat fresh and well done. Ton of French fries to go along(could not finish) and choice of drink from fridge, many healthy options, not sodas only. Service is very friendly and hospitable. Definitely a nice place for family dine-in.

Andre Hayter

Great food, friendly staff. The shawerma was delicious.

Avi Sarfaraz

Very nice man who runs this quiet delight across the street from the Holiday Inn. The food is authentic and well spiced, the sauces are on point as is the rice which is proper.

i must lol

It's gooood

Allen D.

Finally, I have made it here! Wished this place would specify what kind of cuisine they offer, just for the purpose of authenticity and the kind of traditional seasonings to expect. However the menu seems to have more than just one cuisine, so guess it makes sense that way. Regardless, the food is delicious! Freshly made to order with high quality ingredients, which contributes to all the great flavors. The owners were so nice to my friend and I. We arrived minutes before closing and were able to dine in without any attitude... Very much appreciated!! Overall, Genuinely happy to have made the drive, and i will definitely be back to try something else on the menu!

Ola Jamal

yammy food and special

Bayarea K.

Pros: friendly service Good food Cons: order takes a bit too long Street parking

Alice R.

I stumbled across this little hole in the wall place as it is on my well beaten path. I was a little hungry soon after it opened but probably more curious than anything. I am a cheapskate and often find I can make better tasting food at home for less if I really want an excellent dining experience. Intrepidly I checked out the menu - It had lots of things I liked on it but I still was weary about spending money so I settled on the cheapest thing on the menu - a halal non pork BLT. I asked How can you have a BLT without BACON? They said it is made from BEEF. My expectations were low. After a short wait my food was ready. I took it to a table and ate. As I remember it was a little greasy, but grease is kind of what makes bacon bacon. With the first bite I was impressed. Each bite I took led me to the next and I was finished with the sandwich in only a few blinks of my eye. Having just opened the owners were very generous and kind and threw in a small portion of french fries at no cost. After I was very satisfied with my snack I went over and talked with the female business owner. She told me that she was from Puerto Rico and her husband was from, I think Palestine. An interesting and unusual mix. It's almost 3 months since I ate this sandwich and I still think about it. I haven't been there since but I know they are still there since they are on that beaten path of mine. Actually, I sounds so good, I think I'll go back right now and have another.

Asma T.

This place is Amazing. I'm not sure what the origin is but best rice I have ever had outside my home. Wow, top notch. I got the Shish tawook entree which came with small cut up pieces of grilled chicken with a white cream sauce on top and that amazing rice and fresh salad. Wow. I will definitely visit when I'm back in town!!!!

Raahim Sattar

The food there is amazing! The service is amazing! And it's clean and small and just all around no negatives.

Tairy Fadel

The best food I taste in my life!! I love kufta kabab platter and the chicken shawarma, nice service and all fresh. I will back!!!

Nyle L.

I have to be honest. The gentleman running cash register could not have been any nicer! The food was not good at all though... The meat in the Philly cheesesteak and the chicken cheesesteak were not flavorful and were over cooked. I won't be back.

cristina p.

Been wanting to come here ever since this restaurant popped up in my recommendations. The menu looked very appetizing. We came in around 9pm and there was street parking in front. The restaurant was empty and they were taking phone orders. The restaurant itself is pretty small. I ordered the chicken shawarma and my boyfriend ordered the chicken cheesesteak. Our food was done in 10 minutes just like they said. We enjoyed it a lot and will be back to try other items on the menu. This will probably our new food spot.

A. M.

The place was pretty neat. The food was good. The owners were personable. I'm going back for sure.

Beth A.

Had mix platter. Came with all 3 kinds of meat, rice, salad, and pita. Good and tasty, I like their sauces. But the single use plastic container and plastic forks are excessive and wasteful. They don't even have a recycle bin

Tim M.

Friendly service, delicious chicken shawarma, generous portions. It will definitely be a regular go-to for me. Next time I think I'll try the cheesesteak.

Maria S.

Really delicious food and great customer service! It's not fast food, they make everything fresh so it takes a while for the food to be ready but it's so worth it! We've had their platters which are honestly better than Halal Guys lol. Their cheesesteaks are also really good. And I love their battered fries!

Tej Sapkota

Wow wow wow what a nice food I really love the place $10 a lots of food free soda or juice hurry up guys

Ulysses G.

Driving through Berkeley and decided to stop by for lunch. Small interior with maybe 4 tables but it was nice and clean inside. I ordered the chicken plate which was amazing! The two sauces provided were both super tasty. I'd definitely come back to this place if I'm ever in the area.

Ardees R.

I was craving a Philly Cheesesteak on Saturday night so I found Wanted on Yelp. It was so delicious & the fries were amazing. I'm here again today to try the Chicken Shawerma combo. It did not disappoint...so flavorful & the white garlic sauce is everything! So happy to find a go-to restaurant near my house.

Eric Haar

Great kufta kebab wrap with hummus in it. The meat was seasoned well. Got a big helping of fries with the combo but would be interested to see if the wrap was a bit bigger without the combo. Will definitely go back.

A_Braikan Alharbi

The most delicious food I have ever had in Berekeley♡

Razaa A.

I've had my eyes on this place for quite some time, and I finally got a chance to give it a try. The menu had more options than I was expecting, and the inside was smaller than what I expected as well. They offer a full halal menu, which is great and convenient. I checked yelp while inside, and I saw several folks posting about the philly cheese and also the beef shawarma. Those are the two items I ordered. The combo includes fries and a soft drink. In summary, the philly cheese was better than the beef shawarma, but I wasn't really impressed with either. The beef shawarma felt very small, and that by itself without fries is definitely not enough for a meal for most. The philly cheese was tasty, but I was not impressed by the type of bread used. Next time I will try a platter, but I wasn't impressed by the sandwiches. It doesn't seem like the other items are all that popular. I give this a 4/5 due to service and quality, but the tastiness and bread type is what kept it from a 5/5.

Eyad K.

Just walked in here with my family. Haven't gotten the food yet but immediate 5 stars regardless... Place is packed although small. Kind lady at register. Super clean. Hope food is as awesome as everything else. Regardless A plus. Masha Allah and may Allah increase for you

Kyan Tang

Good value for the price. Food is good. Fries are bomb with perfect crunch and size

Azeem Jiva

Good food, with a hip vibe. Owners are super nice and friendly

Jamez X.

Good food and great customer service. That's all I ask for when trying out a new spot. Very filling as well, plenty of left overs for dinner. Tried the philly cheesesteak, kid had the cheese burger, and wife had the chicken schewarma I believe. All pleasing to the taste buds.

Christine N.

3.75/5 Mixed feelings. I'd go out of my way to go back for the fries. They make them just like I like em. Not too big like a wedge, but bigger than a regular fry. Soft yet crispy :) Ordered the Philly cheesesteak and beef shwarma. It was cooked fresh, took about 20 minutes to get the food. Portion size of the sandwiches were a little bit on the smaller side. The shwarma wrap I'm used to in a much bigger and fluffier wrap. Paid $10 for the Philly cheesesteak and $11 for the shwarma... so pricing for the size wasn't the worse. I was full at the end so I'm happy, may have been because of all the fries they gave. Cute little sit down location. Great customer service, super friendly.

Aamir A.

Went for a dinner with some friends. cannot overstate how excellent this is. if you want good halal cheesesteak/burger etc. this is the place. if you dont care about halal and jsut want a great cheesesteak, burger, shawarma etc. THIS IS THE PLACE STILL. also, very crispy tasty fries. usually hard to find! excellent food, excellent service. very nice folks stayed open very late for us. I'm a picky food reviewer, and very picky about this kind of food. the cheesesteak compares favorably to saad's in philly (I still give saad's the nod, but this is by far and away the best cheesesteak ive had on the west coast).

Bree B.

Finally found a new spot around work. Me and my cousin split a chicken and steak philly. Great people. Delicious food. A must try


Had lunch here with a friend. Arrived before 12 noon and found the restaurant relatively empty which is not a good sign. But shortly after, diners started arriving but even at 12:30, the restaurant was only 40% full. This is surprising because the restaurant is clean, bright and relatively quiet, plus the food pretty good. We ordered the pickled cherry tomato for appetizer which was pickled just right and not overwhelming so your appetite is enhanced. We also ordered the Ma Po tofu and the Tonkatsu ramen which were just the right portion for 2 people. The tofu was spicy but the spiciness did not take away from the flavorful black bean sauce and the tofu was fresh and spongy. The ramen noodle was just the right texture, not mushy or too firm. All in all, a very good meal...

Melissa Danae

Everything I've had is amazing! Super friendly and helpful staff. Good prices for the amount of food:)

Tasmin Ahmad

Great halal food for a good price! Nice friendly staff.

Bobby Eddins

I liked it very,very much grest food !!!!