West Coast Pizza

1706 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 841-9378

Recent Reviews

Josiah M.

This place is amazing, best value in town!! Great pizza and they always deliver it in like 20 mins they crazy fast.

Karshi Tharin

Always delicious and decent prices - especially with the specials!

Alexander Laut

Kinda greesy but standard brooklyn style pizza

Brian Palkowski

This place NEVER answers the phone, and when they do, they hang up on you. And the online option shows the 1st delivery option over 3 hours out. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT BUSINESS

Melissa M.

Great breadsticks and pizzas! The crust is to die for! Quick delivery and always a tasty meal!

P. I.

West Coast makes a competitive, thin crust, all-meat Pizza, which is oily in the good way old school pizza lovers enjoy. Definitely Not your "Berkeley" Pizza, nor any California derivative, this is simple no-nonsense yummy Pizza. I Ordered the "Meat Massacre" (Pizza joints love using the occasional Costa Nostra reference) and it arrived hot and ready to go. NOTE: If you're looking for goat cheese with fresh basil, and fair trade home mulled wheat, this is not the spot. If Cali pizza is your gig, see my reviews Nabolom, (College and Russel) or Cheeseboard, (Shattuck and Vine) Avoid Arinelle's on Shattuck. Buon Appetito!

Vishwanathan Rajaraman

Best pizza I've had this quarantine. The crust was nice and airy, toppings were plentiful and the best part.....it tasted even better the next day for breakfast. Unlike some of the other places I've tried, the pie was not oily. Will be ordering again from here for sure.

Brian R.

Maybe my favorite pizza place when I was a grad student at Berkeley. The Deli Pie is great - Canadian bacon, roast chicken, and mozzarella.

Jon Wehry

Great pizza place. Super friendly and delicious food. Seems like a nice family-owned small business. Would recommend for sure.

ziven posner

I love the cheese sticks here! Clarification, the cheese sticks could be described as cheesey bread, as opposed to mozzarella sticks. Photo attached is of the cheese sticks.

Alexandria A.

Love the thin crust pizza! It is so good! Plus the people who work there have been super helpful and nice! Doesn't hurt that they are open super late too!

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Cherie Hill

We love the vegan pizza here. They also have daily specials which really cut down on price. The service is fast and they're open late. It's my family's go to vegan pizza spot.

Kemet Gaming

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Alondra C.

first and last time ever. disgusting food and service. nothing left to say. and im from Berkeley. disgrace.

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