West Coast Pizza

1706 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 841-9378

Recent Reviews

Vishwanathan Rajaraman

Best pizza I've had this quarantine. The crust was nice and airy, toppings were plentiful and the best part.....it tasted even better the next day for breakfast. Unlike some of the other places I've tried, the pie was not oily. Will be ordering again from here for sure.

Brian R.

Maybe my favorite pizza place when I was a grad student at Berkeley. The Deli Pie is great - Canadian bacon, roast chicken, and mozzarella.

Jon Wehry

Great pizza place. Super friendly and delicious food. Seems like a nice family-owned small business. Would recommend for sure.

ziven posner

I love the cheese sticks here! Clarification, the cheese sticks could be described as cheesey bread, as opposed to mozzarella sticks. Photo attached is of the cheese sticks.

Alexandria A.

Love the thin crust pizza! It is so good! Plus the people who work there have been super helpful and nice! Doesn't hurt that they are open super late too!

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Cherie Hill

We love the vegan pizza here. They also have daily specials which really cut down on price. The service is fast and they're open late. It's my family's go to vegan pizza spot.

Kemet Gaming

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Alondra C.

first and last time ever. disgusting food and service. nothing left to say. and im from Berkeley. disgrace.

Lovedeep B.

this was honestly really amazing pizza. i HIGHLY recommend y'all going here to try it.

Sheila Warner

Could not have had a better experience. I love that everything is crafted by hand by one man, and the delivery time reflects that. I would have waited hours and hours-- my boyfriend and i ate almost the entire thing in the parking lot of Whole Foods because we couldn't wait to get home. What an amazing, tasty pie! My new pizza place, bar none.

Sade P.

Love the fact it stays open so late. Great late night pizza! The all meat is the best!

Tanya Madrid-Folkmanis

This is my kids' favorite pizza! I love the people who work there, particularly the lady and the owner. They are super nice and warm. I forgot my wallet once, and they let me take the pizza and pay later!

Amy B.

This is our go-to pizza delivery for family movie night. The pizza is tasty, and the cheese sticks combo is worth it if you have extra kids or hungry adults. Their delivery is reliable and usually faster than expected. Just watch your phone because they call rather than ring the doorbell. I left them hanging for awhile once because I didn't recognize the phone number. Fortunately they're persistent and I finally picked up! Duh. Pizza's here!! Note that we usually get vegetarian pizzas and it always hits the spot.

Tanya Madrid-Campbell

This is my kids' favorite pizza! I love the people who work there, particularly the lady and the owner. They are super nice and warm. I forgot my wallet once, and they let me take the pizza and pay later!

Paul Nourse

The salad was and bread sticks were awesome. The Mediterranean pizza was ok and the meat massacre was awful. I would go again is just for the salads and cheesy bread sticks.

jarhead grunt

Good late night all the time pizza.

Min W.

TLDR: greasy but satisfying I cannot tell you the amount of drunken nights where I've called this place and ordered 2 large boxes of cheese sticks. This is the best drunchies food and it's great value. Get the Monday Night Special - it comes with 2 large boxes of cheese sticks at the price of one. Honestly, it doesn't have to be Monday night for them to honor this special. I always order this on nights out, during late night study sessions, or even when I'm just bored and it never disappoints.

Bil N.

Guess it was an off night, because this pizza SUUUUCKS! Been ordering from these guys since 1997... What happened? Whomever prepared this thing gives no f*cks. The sausage was weird... Almost like sausage dust or something. I like supporting local independent businesses, but man. Doubt I'll ever be back... too many other decent places. Bummer.

M Venegas

Quick and convenient.. personal pizza was perfect for lunch.

Lamonica Hayes

This pizza place is not the best. I never had a pizza so dry, barely any sauce on it.The dough was the worst I had. I'm definitely sticking with round tables. The girl that took my order was nice tho. Definitely my first and last time ordering from here👎

Gee G.

Late night pizza at its finest. Cheese sticks are the go to, but a nice pesto pizza always hits the spot late night . Want it fast pick it up 10-12 minute wait.

Mzima Reiki

I come here for the cheesey sticks. Certainly not the healthiest option in town but a delicious garlicky meal for around $5 (personal size) is super appreciated.

Tj S.

First time trying and was great. Very fast delivery and exactly what I ordered. Would definitely order again and highly recommend to give a try

Alekya M.

I love west coast because of the convenience! It's difficult finding delivery places that come right to Berkeleys campus which is especially nice for big student events around dinner time. My group and I have ordered from here twice before and the process was really easy and delivery was on time. The $24 special which is two 2 topping pizzas and a box of cheesy sticks is quite the deal - I've found that 2 orders of this special (so 6 boxes total) is good for a group of about 8-9. The pizza is also pretty good- my favorite one I've made so far was mushroom and ricotta!

Ryan Lavin

Really good pizza that's open late. Makes for really good study food.

james bragg

Phoned ahead and specifically requested pesto sauce on my pizza and when I reached my destination and bit in ... It was red sauce which irritates my stomach. I'll give them another try at a future date.

Melanie Y.

The cheese sticks from West Coast Pizza are to die for! Best food to entice people to come to club meetings, satisfy late-night cravings, or just to eat in general! Get the large cheesy sticks with marinara and ranch sauces - they're absolutely fantastic and go so well with the sticks. I realized that I don't have any pictures, but it's because as soon as the order comes, I completely forget about pictures and just can't stop eating! The regular-size cheese sticks are about $12, and the large is about $15 - but they're discounted if you order something else or if you order on the day of some weekday special. I haven't tried any of the other pizzas, but I may just try them at some point because the cheese sticks are so so good!

Brenda M.

Every time I order delivery from them, the staff is always very nice and super accommodating over the phone. Would definitely recommend getting the Monday Night Special - their cheesy sticks are super good!

Jay M.

Very low-quality pizza. What you would expect from Little Caesars. A lot of people say they love the cheese sticks... Really? They literally use the same low-quality pizza crust, which is like bread... not crispy or chewy. Then instead of toppings and sauce, they just have their low-quality cheese. I'd give them one star, but I haven't tried all the pizza in the area yet...

Geoff White

Best Gluten Free crust in the Bay Area. If you like thin crust Gluten Free. This is the place. Good salads too. And they deliver all around Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville.

Jeannie Kelly

Fast and friendly service. I stopped by tonight and asked for extra sauce and not too much crust. I could not taste the extra sauce much but still sufficient. Their dough is tasty.

Nicole Leilani I.

This is the most disgusting and terrible excuse for a pizza I've ever had in my life. It's a bottom up approach to bad. It's nice that they are open late and deliver (hence 1 star, not zero). We got two medium two topping pizzas and cheesesticks for $30. We had an anchovy and hot pepper pizza but the pepper was just a bunch of hot sauce and anchovies like the ones they use are the reason most people think they hate anchovies! The crust tasted like an oily kitchen sponge. The second pizza was mushrooms and olives but it was equally terrible. The cheesesticks were incredibly bland and mediocre but definitely edible compared to the two awful pizzas. I am so sad that we didn't get Domino's instead.

Patricia Dial

Love the number 15 pizza, delicious!!

Jeff Dinakar


Andrew L.

I like to drop in here for a personal pizza from time to time when I'm coming from or going to MeloMelo, the kava bar across the street. The staff at West Coast Pizza are always super friendly and attentive. They always get my order right, and it comes out in the promised 10 minutes (or less) every time. The price is good (about $7.75 for the specialty personal pizzas, and $6.50 for pepperoni; cheese is even cheaper), and I hope their business thrives :)

Fhjcg N.

Bland and not good. I've ordered their food three times and it is consistently disappointing. They seem to be nice though.

Michael Hakes

Great fast service and open late which is great. Strong pizza

James Parrish

Friendly and fast.

Yorsi S.

This is really good great service They open till 1am that's great Delivery fast and hot