Westbrae Biergarten

1280 Gilman St, Berkeley
(510) 647-9079

Recent Reviews

Eric Butler

Very nice place! Good food, great atmosphere. Will be back!

Henry Tran

Came here for the handmade gelato from the Oakland Gelato Company. So delicious with unique flavors. Vietnamese ice coffee was the favorite in my family.

Kathy Oliveri

The pineapple beer was delicious & loaded fries were so good!

Jess T.

With the Brazilian food truck here providing the sustenance and the great beers here, along with the casual friendly atmosphere, it really is a wonderful spot to relax. The tuna sandwich I had was loaded with tuna which I appreciate, and the rice bowl was delish! Whatever sauce they have on there is amazing. Beer on point and drink specials too - mine was so pretty we basically ordered it because the people in front of us ordered it, and they in turn had ordered it because the people before them did! Truly a gem in north Berkeley.

Yennhu N.

I was looking for a place to grab a drink and chill for a bit before heading out to dinner. My usual go-to place is Fieldworks but I decided to try something new. This place is located in a really unsuspecting area, under a freeway bridge in a residential neighborhood. When I entered, I was pleasantly surprised by what Westbrae had to offer. Although a small area, there is plenty of outdoor seating, a couple fireplaces and a kids area. I had no problem securing a place to sit on a Sunday afternoon. In terms of drinks, there isn't too many choices when it comes to beer on tap. They do offer canned drinks and mixed drinks. Prices are decent as well.

Troy S.

Super gem don't tell anyone. The food is hit or miss hence the minus one star but other than that it's golden.

Jon T.

Meh... I think this place is really one of those you love it or hate it kind of places, I personally wasn't a huge fan. I came on a Sunday afternoon and it was absolutely packed with kids running around everywhere since they have a kids area. The line to order drinks/food was really long and went really slow since they only have on cashier that can order food, prices were okay, pretty fair in my opinion. It was extremely difficult to find a table and when we finally did the kids at the table were just running around and kicking the tables which really was a buzz kill... I probably wouldn't return but I can see why this place would be appealing to families with kids

Taylor H.

I came here with a group for an after wedding celebration on a Saturday afternoon. They have a food truck, beer on tap, wine, and a couple of canned ciders. While I can't speak for the food personally, I was told that it was very good. This place has a great atmosphere that's family and dog friendly.

Cory Tanaka

This place was absolutely wonderful. The great beers on tap along with awesome taco truck foods. We have tons of shade although we didn't even need it with the perfect 70° heat. It is dog friendly so our pooch sat right below us without any problems. I believe the food truck changes as well to spice up the food options. This place has fireplaces and heating lamp so evening get togethers would be perfect. Also they have a small kid zone for kiddos. Which is awesome!

Michael Plews

One of Berkeley's hidden gems. A great small spot to stop off for a quick drink. Their food is spectacular, and one of the few places serving liter size beers. Dog friendly, and cyclist friendly too with a bike rack in the back!

s s

Really nice heated seating areas and kids play area. Parking could be a little difficult.

Sarah L.

Here's the deal. The garden is lovely and the food is good, albeit served in totally disposable and plentiful packaging. The beer is probably good too, however for the first time in my middle-aged life, a bartender refused when I asked her if I could change my (yucky) beer for another one. She said, and I quote, next time ask for a sample and turned to the next customer. This was post an 18% tip. Tiny soup, see photo, cost $8.

Nino DeCaro

The absolute best most delicious sandwiches! ð???

Katherine Hansen

Often overrun with dogs and kids, but has a great food truck and good drinks.

Bonnie Warner

Good food. Love the cilantro sauce with the fries. Great pedestrian location, but hard parking in the neighborhood.

Tina McDaniel

Great place to sit outside, enjoy the day while having a drink and some delicious food!

Van H.

I stopped by the Westbrae beer garden on a quiet afternoon, a short while ago. Small crowd there and quiet. There is a Brazil food 'camper' on site. The fryer was busted. Meaning everything on their menu that used a fryer - was not available :-/ For sure that would be disappointing for some. They are known for their sandwiches, but I didn't try one. I had eaten earlier and wasn't hungry. I am a sandwich lover/fanatic ... I'll just have to go back. All seating is outside. All dirt floor. Picnic tables and umbrellas. Two separate Restrooms, both are for all genders. There must be a lot of beer sold. There are shelves stocked with liter steins available! :) I can definitely see where this would be a neighborhood hang out, with lots of regulars. Fun, laid back hang out!

Elizabeth Nakahama

Great place to sit outside. Good food and drinks

Jasmine Oelckers

Great for kids! Outdoors and has load of seating in shade or sun. The staff was super nice and gave me rad recommendations on food and drinks!

Kevin Melanephy

Good beer and food selection in an outdoor setting.

Cari G

Love this place. Good food and beautiful courtyard

Tiffany D.

Nice Biergarten and pleasant to be lounging here on a warm and sunny day! One can gather around the fire, sit on the wooden benches or lie flat on long wooden chairs. Beer or wine they do have as well as small bites. I can drop by and be at leisure any day!

Craig T.

Came here with 3 friends in a sunny Saturday afternoon and had a nice time. The line for food was quite long, but the drinks only line moved really fast. It was a busy day and was hard to find a spot to sit, but we found a barrel to stand around which was fine. The drinks were slightly overpriced in my option ($8+) for a 16 oz can of cider, but wasn't absurd. Got 10% off for checking in on yelp which helped. Overall, would go back.

Apollo K.

I didn't order any drinks so I can't speak on that, but my friend seemed to enjoy his. On the other hand, the food at best is just mediocre Bay Area food. For 13$, I ate the tri-tip rice bowl which was tbh sad (sorry, I didn't take a picture). It's not that it tasted terrible and it's not that it was great, it was just alright and definitely not worth 13$ for the portion or for what it was. Can I add though, if the management reads this, that I believe the dish could be improved simply by adding a fresh vegetable. Honestly, maybe some kimchi and maybe it's because I'm Asian, but man I think kimchi or a fresh veggie would boost the flavor and even go well with the slice of bread. My service was fine, everyone seemed happy and we even talked about my dog. Atmosphere was good too and I can see myself coming back with more of my friends for an easy hangout. I'd come back for the beers, but would definitely bring some extra food.

Riley Muse

A fun little outdoor beer garden with good looking food.

Rachel N.

Awesome little Biergarten right down the street from a couple of friends we were visiting with. You walk in, order a bite to eat, then grab a seat and just... chill. It's on a public road and there's a train that runs overhead, but it's still fairly secluded. The beer offerings are good if not great, and the food options are actually pretty decent! I'd be happy coming back sometime to check out if things change seasonally, or if they create any more covered seating.

Mandy W.

Okay so I was sooooo hungry and all I wanted was a sandwich. The front of the place says best sandwiches (and well it has beer so double score) service was awesome I really loved the space. But my sandwich was awful. 2 inches of extra dry bread with lettuce tomato pineapple green olive corn and like pesto sauce? Wtf? Like okay I don't get regular meaty sandwiches but what was that?!? Like maybe if the bread did t straight crumple as soon as I touched it maybe it would've been bearable but idk. Who thought of that sandwich? I didn't want to complain because everyone was so nice but like I spent quite a bit of money here to hate my sandwich.

Toffi Fee

We came here to eat for the first time with moms with small children for a lunch playdate. We needed to eat where this place have a play area for our 1 to 4 year old toddlers while us moms can relax, chat and enjoy our meal at the same time were supervising our children. Im going to rate my experience just only about the kids play area. The food and the service was excellent, but Unfortunately the kids play area lack of toys, activities and entertainment for the kids to stay put in the area. Just only bits of pieces of slashed tires on the ground, and chalkboards with small pieces of chalk and with 2 steering wheels that our children didnt seem to have interest in them. And that's all they have in there. Also theres a 6 inch high wooden board that u have to walk over it to get into the play area and out, some of our kids tripped over it and hurt themselves which made it unsafe and there was no ramp or sign to say to watch our step. I mean its common sense to older kids and adults to see and know to step over it but some cant see that big step and were just so use to of just walking through it. Our kids didnt play want to play in it coz there wasn't much to do in it instead they ran around the place and play in the pond, splashing water and throwing things in there. The pond was there only entertainment to occupy themselves from bordem. I suggest to add a little more creativity in the play area like an activity busy board for small children or donate some used board games and other age appropriate and safe toys. Maybe before they had I dont know, again come up with a creativity with a plan so us parents can relax and enjoy our meal and beer without a worry in chasing them around. This is why we came here for the play area is that we can eat and supervise our kids to play in it not out of it. Our experience here for our lunch playdate was a mess.

Nina Yasavul

Kid friendly, chill,happy hour, relax, dog friendly

Zeke Sikelianos

Nice place to have lunch outside in the sun, and there's a dedicated area where kids can play.

Bryce Jones

Fun spot to hang out, great if you have kids or dogs

Lesley Pavone

Good Selection of Local Brews , Food was Delicious ,Nice Outdoor Casual Eatery

Annette Lysmer

Great sandwiches!! I couldn't have a beer b/c I am a dental hygienist.. but I'm certainly going to return sometime when I'm not working

John S

A fun biergarten! Great place to stop for lunch and a beer on the way home from a bike ride.

desarae k

Love this place. Wish it stayed open later...still cool

Mark S.

This place is wonderful. It's always a good vibe, they serve good beer, need to coerce charming oh, it's great for kids and dogs.

Jennifer Cord

Delicious tri tip salad, large portion size. Yummy beer and a lovely day outside! Adirondack chairs for the win!

Nany Sales

I finally stopped by to taste the famous tri tip sandwich and it was really disappointing. It didnâ??t even look like tri tip, it was hard as a rock and very salty. Didnâ??t worth the $14

Mario B.

Dope place to spend a Sunday afternoon with family and friends, eating some great beer, cider food....(they also have wine and sangria for those who don't enjoy the latter)

Erick G.

WORST SERVICE EVER! Do not go here if you order over the phone. They never put in your order and when they tell you to come pickup in 15-20 minutes, the workers tell you they don't have any orders ready for pickup and never received and phone call for take out. I called the correct location too because the worker over the phone wanted me to confirm I was picking up and ordering at their Biergarten location. Do not take phone orders if you cannot full-fill them. The disappointment from today's service will definitely give me the motivation to tell all my friends and family to never go here. Take down your take out service and stick to serving your customers who want to sit in the cold windy weather and have dust fly into their food. PLAIN AND SIMPLE, Brazil Cafe SUCKS!!!