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2417 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 548-3936

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Kenneth Z.

Hits the spot for any cravings for Hawaiian food you might have. Chicken katsu used to be sliced too thin, but they fixed that issue and it's fantastic! My favorite items are the loco moco and (of course) the BBQ chicken.

raymond p.

Great food and great service. I always order the garlic shrimp and bbq chicken / short rib platter. Big fan of honest mom and pop shops! Support your local business!!

Stephanie C.

I ordered a combo with chicken, pork and short ribs and WOW. This might become a weekly occurrence. I recently moved from NYC and maybe it's something in the air but I've been eating SO many plant based meats this entire week UNTIL THIS and IT WAS SO WORTH IT. I DEVOURED again DEVOURED this meal. I also ordered a chicken katsu musubi and I should've ordered 5 it was that good. Definitely put a smile on my face on a Sunday.

Nashlukec ville

Yummy got loco moco!! Usually get the noodles!!

Saima N.

This is a great spot for covid-times carryout! The teriyaki/bbq chicken platter was perfectly savory and sweet, ask for extra bbq and hot sauce on the side if you like your food spicy. The macaroni salad that comes as a side is so good that its worth coming for on its own. Prices are a little higher right now than what's listed on the menu (my pre-tax total was $11.99 versus ~$10 something on their latest menu), so be ready for that, but that's pretty on par with what many local businesses are doing right now.

Marlon O.

Pleasantly surprised with this place. Reviews on Yelp didn't match in my opinion. A bit on the pricy side but the portions are generous. They don't skimp on the Mac salad and everyone knows how important that is with their Hawaiian BBQ. The flavor was good, the Kaluha pork was not dry and the marsh was crisp and juicy. Very solid spot if you ask me. Just make sure to ask for sides of sauce and how many. Overall I would return.

Noelle A.

Katsu Musubi was fire!! I loveddddddddd it mann! Definitely recommend, you won't regret it!

La2u Paea

Tasty food and fast service

Starlit G.

Nasty Nasty. Everyone got sick. We ordered the beef rib plate, 2 combo plates(Beef, ribs and chicken). We were horribly sick the same night. I've had Hawaiian BBQ before and it's really good. Tried this place and was horribly disappointed. Something tasted funny right away. I only ate 1/4 of my food. Will never go to this one again.

Emma W.

[OPEN DURING COVID-19]. This spot is just ok. But it's the only Hawaiian food joint in the neighborhood and it satisfies my Hawaiian food craving when it comes around. Plus, it's cheap, filling, and quick if you're on a budget and lazy! But if you're looking for top notch Hawaiian, you'll probably be disappointed. On this most recent visit, we placed a phone order for Friday night dinner pick up and it was ready within 10 minutes. We got: 1) Seafood combo with BBQ beef ($12.95): As mentioned, it's all just ok. Nothing was amazing. The highlights for me were the grilled fish and BBQ beef. The shrimp was pretty weird. It was fried and almost tasted like it was coated in tarp paste? It was just odd. The Mac salad was decent, but some of it was cold and some of it warm. Weird right? 2) Chicken katsu burger ($3): Husband really wanted to try this for how cheap it was. For the price it was fine. It definitely could've used more sauce though. It really just came with the basics. Note that their prices have gone up since shelter in place started.

Anu Mahinkanda

Good food, large quantities for the price

Simon Benavides Pineda

I used to do postmate. They sent me to this place and somebody there recommended me to call postmate. I was having troubles at that time with the postmate app. The people started to talk in Spanish (weird) because postmate doesn’t have a customer service. And then they took advantage of my problem and they changed all my info and stolen 1000$ from my postmate account. It’s very bad that’s my only source to make money during this critical time.

Guy D

Solid spot for Hawaiian BBQ food. Service was quick and the food was good. I'll definitely be back when I'm in the area.

Guy D.

Solid spot for Hawaiian BBQ food. Service was quick and the food was good. I'll definitely be back when I'm in the area.

Claire L.

The food comes out fast, so points for that. There's not really Hawaiian food in this area so this is pretty much the only place you can go if you're craving some Katsu or Hawaiian bbq. The workers are very nice. Unfortunately the food is not super tasty so I can only give three stars. It gets the job done though, but it's not amazing. I just come when I'm craving some quick Hawaiian food. The prices are decent. I would say 3.5 stars overall. I really like the spam though! So I will round my rating to 4 stars :)

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