Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

2516 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
(510) 616-1671

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Ruyi F Li

The only reason I'm not giving five stars is that they no longer have the egg pudding topping. This was hands down their best topping (with the winter melon latte drink) and it's so sad that they don't have it anymore. Please bring it back!!

Sydney J.

I went here with a friend two weeks ago around 6pm, and there was little to no wait at that time so I can't really speak to whether they enforce social distancing when there are many customers during this pandemic. They have a menu displayed on a sideways-tilted TV screen, but the screen must've gone into screensaver mode or something because it went blank before I completely looked through it. After a while, since the workers were not looking our way and didn't notice, we tried to grab the printed menus that were in a container by the front counter, but at that point a worker asked us to put those down (for COVID-19 reasons) and turned on the TV menu. They have electronic machines that you can use to put in your order rather than having to order by talking to staff. However, I ran into issues completing my order because their machine is only set up to take chip cards and I was trying to pay with a prepaid debit card that does not have a chip. I mentioned this to the staff, but they told me the alternative would be to pay online on my phone (I assume either with something like Apple Pay or by scanning a QR code?) which was not possible for me either because I had just broken my cellphone. Fortunately I do have regular credit cards that have chips, but I can see how, given they aren't taking cash during this pandemic, this could become an issue especially for some low income people who are more likely to use cash as their primary form of money or for people who don't have smartphones (yes, I do know people who don't even in this day and age).As I tend to like teas that contain dairy and wanted to try something that I don't generally find at all boba shops, I opted for the Yakult pineapple green tea. There only seems to be a small difference in price between medium and large sizes ($5.25 vs. $5.75) which probably helps psychologically with feeling like you're getting a good deal if you opt for large. I thought the drink itself was pretty good quality (but I would note I don't consider myself to have discerning tastes when it comes to tea, so I might not be able to tell the difference between "high end" tea vs. a drink from a cheaper boba shop if given them without knowing which drink was from where) and I do like the use of yakult and pineapple flavor. According to Yifang's website, they seem to prioritize minimizing the use of artificial sweeteners. I also was given a paper straw in the drink, which is something I haven't encountered much until recently, but seems to work okay and I assume is recyclable. I was not given napkins nor did there appear to be ones out for people to take (which is understandable given the pandemic, and I didn't ask for any since I figured I didn't need them enough to be worth the waste it'd caues). Due to aforementioned phone issue, I did not take a photo of my drink.

Echo Zhiqin H.

Love their Taiwanese tea selections, be it the traditional style or the typical bubble milk tea way. My go to is the black sugar fresh milk tea and the plum green tea.

Alex Yue Tian

I used to come here all the time when I was still in college. This time I had the worst experience. I ordered black pearl milk tea latte on postmarked. After arriving and waiting 15 minutes, website shows my order is ready. When I asked them, it turned out they haven’t made my drink. Even worse, they’re running out of black pearls. How can a boba team run out of pearls??? They also told some other guy waiting that they ran out of grass jelly, even though the guy called 10mins earlier just to confirm they have it. Now, this experience bu itself is already at 1star level, and they made it even worse by refusing to give me refund on the spot even though they replaced my order with a different item with lower price. I would stay far far away from this place.

Al L.

Touring the area on a warm day, what a better way that getting a refreshing boba drink. This Yi Fang is located on Bancroft across from the Telegraph Ave. entrance to Cal. Due to covid, they have implemented contactless ordering. You can the QR code posted in front of the store or from one of the two kiosks inside. Since no other customers were there, I just walked up to the kiosk and placed and paid for my order. Using a text notification system, a text alerted me in a couple of minutes that my order was ready. I picked up my favorite drink at Yi Fang, the Brown Sugar Pearl Latte. The worker reminded me to shake it up to mix it as the boba and brown sugar is on the bottom. A great refreshing and not overly sweet boba. Of course, I'll be back to Yi Fang.

Aimee V.

TL;DR: too sweet, can't adjust on snackpass, little tea taste :( I ordered through Snackpass and tried a wintermelon tea latte. I love wintermelon but this drink was sadly lacking ! It barely tasted like anything, no strong flavor, no creaminess from the milk/milk foam. I couldn't tell you what they used because although the picture had a layer of tea and foam, my drink was already completely shaken when I picked it up. It was kind of like drinking unflavored sugar water. I have heard good things about their Mudflip drink, but I wouldn't want to try again for a while after this experience.

Dilys Y.

My fav boba place in the bay area!! Get their famous yifang fruit tea. You won't be disappointed. Personally i like my drinks tart so i would alter the sugar to 30%. Currently available for ordering thru an app. Very easy to order for pickup during COVID times.

Lisa S.

I love love love that the chain is spreading all over around the bay area and silicon valley! prolly one of my favorite tea spots around right now if you ask me! They have so many good quality tea drinks, just depends on the mood I'm in to pick and choose what drink I want. I like the milk teas, fruit teas, matcha drinks, and the list goes on! They got such a great selection of drinks and I love their flavors & choices! This one is close to the UCB campus and is currently doing to-go orders only. you can order from their kiosk.

Damon Amyx

Some drinks are great; others are so sweet that they're like drinking metallic fire. N.B. heavily predispose yourself to the cold drinks: don't get it hot unless you have a specific reason and you have some idea of what to expect!


Simple menu, fast service, refreshing teas. It’s even better that you don’t have to pay to person. All orders and payments are done by machine.

Hannah K.

The drinks here are really good quality! I tend to make my way out to Berkeley to get Yifang when I'm craving a drink. My favorite is the taro green tea latte. It comes with taro chunks and the green tea flavor adds a twist to the regular taro latte. Their matcha is good here too!

Ashley H.

I feel like I have tried every boba spot lol but the joke is on me. Came to Yifang because my sister wanted to try it out. This place is right across UC Berkeley so I know this place is a hit for the students. First off I would like to say they are following the COVID-19 guidelines perfectly! They have two stations set up to order your drinks. Please see the second picture. Once your done they have hand sanitizer provided. We waited maybe 10 minutes for our drinks. The staff was very nice! I got the Brown Sugar Pearl Latte. This drink is sweet so if your not a fan I would get another drink. This drink didn't have the option to reduce the sugar. My drink had mini boba in it which I have never had. It was good and super easy to slurp up. I definitely want to try one of their fruit drinks. Especially the logo has a pineapple haha

Fiona N.

I recently tried Yi Fang for the first time and I honestly love it so much. I finished my drink so quickly and even wanted to order another one. We got the Brown Sugar Pearl Latte and the Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha Latte. Both were delicious and the boba was super soft and chewy. I do prefer the Brown Sugar Pearl Latte over the matcha one just because I feel like the matcha overpowers the brown sugar a bit.Will definitely be coming back soon!

Cat Y.

I've never heard of Yifang until today and I am shocked! I love grass jelly so I decided to try the grass jelly tea with grass jelly and it was literally like drinking grass jelly in liquid form. I was originally worried about the sweetness since you can't adjust it for this drink but it was surprisingly not overly sweet like how most boba shops are. The bamboo straw was a nice touch. Paper straws usually get soft after sitting in the drink for awhile but I've noticed that the bamboo straw kept its shape. They are also very COVID friendly. You could either order online via yelp or in person. They have 2 kiosks set up in the store so that no direct contact with any staff members is needed. Since it is touch screen, they sanitize the kiosks every couple hours to limit any germs on the machine. There was no line when I went and my drink was sitting in the drink pick up window within a couple minutes! All staff members were wearing masks and everything looks very clean.I would love to try some of their fruit teas next time :)

Rebecca C.

So glad there's Yifang in Berkeley reminds me of home Brown sugar pearl latte is so yum!!Also the cashier Lauren fu is really sweet and nice 10/10 recommend!!

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