Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea 一芳台灣水果茶

2516 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
(510) 616-1671

Recent Reviews

Minnie W.

Came here on a Saturday, very friendly workers here. Ordered a fruit tea, and wanted to egg pudding in it. The associate working here is so friendly and let us know it doesn't really go well with the fruit tea so we change to grass jelly. Ordered fresh taro latte and it's really good.

Cherry L.

My favorite fruit tea place In the US! I had it last summer for the first time and was mind blown! Now I can't get fruit tea anywhere else :( also introduced this place to my very white grad student who fell in love with the taro tea here and now sends me pictures to make me jealous. Ultimately great fresh tea with great variety of flavors but on the pricey side for sure.

Jin Q.

Yifang fruit tea is a must, even during coronavirus season. I ordered the taro milk with extra boba, and it tastes soooo good. Will definitely order it. Always recommend the yifang fruit tea which has pineapple, passion fruit, apple and orange, it can't be bad. Everyone take care and hang in there!

Dave C

What a rip off. I ordered a taro drink with no ice, paid much more than the average, and got a smaller cup with ice. The drink wasn't all that impressive. Whatever taro I got was too large to even go up the straw. I just had a cup of taro after I was done with the drink. This place is overrated. All they got going for them is the decor.

Y H.

Ordered seasonal sugarcane mountain tea and it was disgusting!! Now it sits in my fridge I want to dump it into the sink but it's a very expensive drink... It's also really hard to force myself drink it because it's so bad... Seriously, do they not try their product before putting it on the menu? Also ordered fresh milk tea it's too mild but it's acceptable.

Judy L.

You can't order on the phones But DO NOT ORDER online via yelp (grubhub) bc you'll pay 35% more just to pick it up. GO INSIDES TO ORDER because there's a touch screen monitor for you to use. Because grubhub takes 35% from business that uses them, so business marks up their prices in the app so they can stop a profit off their drinks. Avoid this by simply going directly to the store and order from there. The employee told us they can't take phone orders but we can order online. DONT DO THAT if you're going to pick it up anyway. The store is still open during Covid-19. You can still go in and order because there's a touchscreen monitor and you use your card to pay for it. When we asked why they didn't tell us about this option, they said they didn't know there was a difference in price vs ordering via yelp. There is huge difference. $5 vs $8 is huge. That's all I wanted to share. But the drinks were good and the employees were nice. Stay safe.

Avery H.

This place is hella good. They use fresh tea and real fruit. Like damn. Their fruit is so real i'm bouta grow a whole garden out of the seeds from my passion fruit tea.

Johnny H.

TL;DR: Exciting news - it's back open (as of 2020/04/10)! Yifang is my favorite boba place in Berkeley! Although it's on the pricier side, the boba here is on point: boba has the right amount of chewiness and tea is of high quality. I am a big fan of their Kyoto Uji Matcha Latte. Thoughts: I typically get Kyoto Uji Matcha Latte, but today I decide to get an upgrade and have the brown sugar pearl matcha latte instead. For the brown sugar pearl matcha latte, the sugar level is fixed so you might find it a bit too sweet. The brown sugar pearls were cooked perfectly and the brown sugar complemented the matcha flavor very well. Tips: 1. 20% off discount if you order through Snackpass today until 7pm. 2. If you order the brown sugar pearl drinks, don't forget to mix well before enjoying your drinks! 3. I asked one of the staffs how long it will stay open but the staff wasn't sure eihter. 4. They set up kiosks for in-person order. Because of social distancing and limited space, most patrons were typically waiting outside the store for their orders.

Feliciana Xie

My first time trying Taiwanese pearl milk tea drink in the US! And for the first timer, Yifang gives me a good impression with the great taste drink. Yifang in the US now is only located in California. The one that we visited is located only 1 minutes walking from University of California, Berkeley, so that we could see a lot of student here. Their speciality is definitely the fruit tea, especially pineapple. Well, because I was so excited with matcha drink, I skipped their signature drink. If I come back to Yifang again, I definitely will try their fruit tea ?

liam pramono

This is the best boba place ive even been to. They are well known for the fruit teas but personally i love their brown sugar milk tea. The boba is also very chewy. If you love sugarcane, they have sugarcane milk for u to try. Also try their wintermelon drink

Hieu P.

Best so far I have tried in Berekly and East Bay. Its bright and clean but small. Very small waiting area. A boba place for on the go. The menu is large with all different styles including lattes. I like how you can turn any drink to a hot one. The order system is electronically so you dont have to interact with the workers & they can just focus on making your drinks. I got the winter melon traditional tea with boba. Damn it was bomb ass heck. The boba was soft and fresh. I honestly wanted to buy another drink on the spot. Definitely coming back here again. No where else compared so far in Berkeley & the East Bay.

Iris C.

They have a schedule on brown sugar boba but never had the lucky to come in on schedule. Drinks: my new favorite hot drink is sugarcane mountain tea with 0 sugar. It soothes my throat and relieves my cough somehow. My DH's all time favorite is mountain tea with cheese foam. Tea is always refreshing. Price is pretty high on the sugarcane mountain tea (almost $7). I believe the source of sugarcane is expensive.

Bin Liu

A little too sweet for me. Tastes good.

Maria V.

Yifang is definitely one of the best boba spots and I'm mega excited that a shop is opening in Fremont soon!!! :))) My bf and I got the matcha latte with pearls at 70% sweetness and the brown sugar matcha latte (at fixed sweetness). Both drinks were delicious and satisfying. The only thing we would change is maybe request a little less brown sugar in the brown sugar matcha latte because it was slightly too sweet. Overall, everything from the taste of the drinks to the texture of the pearls was great! Service was also great at this location!!!

Shristi R.

My friend and I ordered yucult drinks one with passionfruit and the other with pineapple with 30% sugar. It was still very sweet so in the future will opt for 0% sugar. The flavor was delicious in both although passionfruit was very tart. We got our order in before the crowd of students so def expect some lines when the campus is buzzing with students.

harry p

Soft and chewy boba. More than friendly service and great tasting drinks. What's more to have? Recommend the brown sugar pearl milk tea or the grass jelly pearl tea latte.

Renny D.

Damn do I hate businesses like this. College-centered. Drink-craziness. Plastic overhaul. Sugar overload. It's up there with all the boba shops in terms of "the college drink experience." Yet... Yifang has a special place in my heart because of their passion fruit tea and honestly that's the entire basis of this review. Just that drink. I've never ordered anything else from Yifang. I don't plan on ordering anything other than that. It has my blessing, my word, and my future money on it. This place can get busy, but when the line is short, I say it's definitely worth a wait.

Xuan Q

Only top quality ingredients make top quality tea. :) This is the best place.

Olivia C.

First time having Yifang while all the students were gone on winter break. Thankful for the super patient cashier since I had no idea what to order. I ended up ordering the iced brown sugar pearl oolong tea after being asked if I wanted milk or tea and if I wanted black or oolong tea. I did as my coworker suggested and followed the mudflip instructions. Took my drink, flipped it, stick the straw in and took a big pull before stirring 10 times and drinking it again. After the flip, you taste the warmth and sweetness of the brown sugar. After the stirring, the boba becomes more prominent. My only caution is to be careful of the boba. These are smaller boba and I needed up swallowinf a few even after constant chewing. The taste was pretty on point but seemed to get sweeter as time went on. I'll definitely be back to try a fruit tea or wait until the new location in Alameda opens.

Karena K.

I live in LA, so I obviously know that SoCal is way better than NorCal boba places. When comparing boba places, you cannot compare NorCal drinks to SoCal's. Yifang is one of the top places to get drinks--FOR NORCAL. I love how they have such a wide variety of drinks from fresh fruit teas to salted cheese lattes. Their large menu is great to look at because it has the recommended sweetness level and which toppings you should add. The drinks are just super pricey (around $5). Every time I come visit the Bay, I make sure to go to Yifang.

Shirley H.

I finally tried Yifang! I got the brown sugar pearl milk tea, but sadly I didn't like my drink as much as I thought I would've. You can definitely taste the tea flavor in this drink and the pearls were cooked perfectly, but I really didn't get any brown sugar flavor--it just tasted way too sweet. Maybe I would've liked the drink more with just plain milk. For a mediocre drink that was over $5, I'm giving Yifang 3 stars. Service here was super quick and friendly though!

Sophie L.

I've been here several times to properly evaluate their drinks. Green plum green tea, 0% sugar with boba: 4/5 Strong and fragrant with a green plum at the bottom. A good sweetness level with the boba (although I'm someone who usually gets 30% sugar at other places so take that as you may) - I've gotten a fruit tea from them in the Philippines before at 50% sugar and found it way too sweet. The boba was overcooked. Fresh taro green tea latte, 0% sugar: 5/5 Had taro chunks which I really liked. Still fine with sweetness too. Oolong milk tea, 30% sugar with boba: 3/5 I would probably get 50% sugar next time but I doubt I'd order this again. The oolong was pretty weak in taste and not creamy with the clover fresh milk they use. The pearls were smaller, still a good chewy consistency, but not steeped in brown sugar. However, the ratio of pearls to tea was about 1:1 which was unacceptable imo. Considering I usually get oolong milk tea at bubble tea shops, I was unimpressed with YiFang (especially with the hype around the place). I would still recommend the fruit teas (0% or 30% sugar max) and fresh taro to people. Be warned, pricing is $$$ for a boba shop but their fresh fruit and taro requires a bit more labor I suppose.

Maggie Y.

Since having it for the first time, I've been constantly thinking about it and recommending it to all my friends! My current favorites are the Matcha brown sugar boba and the Yakult GT with aiyu jelly. I am only meh on the fruit tea, even if its a recommended favorite. Its kind of pricey, but super fresh and well worth it-- they also DO run out of the brown sugar boba, so have a backup plan and dont be too disappointed. Last thing-- I love that they have a recommended sugar level for each drink, it really makes a difference for my choice paralysis and indecision.

Tim L.

A friend told me to check out this new boba place. Oddly, I found myself parked 1/2 a block when I was returning stuff to Amazon Hub in Berkeley. I'm soooo glad I did. Fresh, crisp and clean boba tea! I'm not a fan of big, chewy, gummi-like boba balls, but Yifang has some amazing fresh, chewy but smooth boba balls! FRESH boba! I got a milk green tea with boba and will go back for more more more! Check it out!

Eunique T.

I have wanted to try this place for a long time, but either the line was too long or they ran out of boba. This time was no different. The line was long and they ran out of boba. However, we only had to wait 15 minutes for a fresh pot to be prepared. When we visited this time, they allowed us to pre-order our boba, so that we could get it. We ordered the brown sugar milk tea. This drink is not available to adjust the sweetness. The drink was adequately sweetened by the brown sugar pearls. Just make sure you mix the drink thoroughly before drinking. The tapioca pearls are some of the best I've tried. I would come back to this shop if I am in the area because I want to try the other milk tea flavors. But I wouldn't if the line is long or there is a chance that they've run out of pearls again...

Teri C.

I think yifang has the best brown sugar boba lattes in the Bay Area! The boba is the perfect consistency with the right amount of chewiness and it's not overly sweet (to me). Their other tea drinks are good, especially since I like high mountain oolong. My friends really enjoyed their fruit tea. I have yet to try their sugarcane drinks but I'll be back to try it. Unfortunately, it's not always available. The location is a bit hard to find parking too, so DoorDash is a nice option!

Priyanka K.

Roommate and I stopped by Yifang for a quick caffeine boost-afternoon pick-me-up, and ordered the brown sugar matcha milk tea. The drinks are a bit pricy at $5 for each drink--the brown sugar matcha milk tea was $6.50. The Uji matcha used was at a great consistency and flavor profile, with sweetness coming from the brown sugar pearls that are used. The boba is really soft and marinated well--if you peek into the window, you can see them making their boba! I'd recommend trying this place out, but at its price point, I wouldn't come back very often.

Alan D.

Hey not bad! This is a pretty good spot for boba in Berkeley. You know there aren't too many places here that spark joy for me, but Yifang is one of them. The best part is that it's also close to campus. Thank GOD.

Angie W.

The quality of the teas and boba here are good. Tastes like real tea, not syrup. I am a fan of their Yakult Pineapple Green tea. I requested 50% sweet but it was still pretty sweet. I would go a level down next time. My husband got their Brown Sugar pearl latte 50% sweet. It was good! We went on a Sunday afternoon which was pretty busy, but we didn't have to wait too long. Wished they had more seating and cleaned tables more often. The guy taking orders was happy to answer questions and was very friendly. Overall, would definitely come back.

Antlice Z.

They really know how to make you want their drinks -- all brown sugar pearl milk teas are only available after 12 PM and only in a limited quantity per day. They're also at a set sweetness and ice level. While the brown sugar drinks were delicious looking and tasting, they were a bit hard to mix (still got a mouthful of brown sugar even after mixing on the first sip) and a little pricey!! We paid only $6 and $6.50 due to a special promotion at the time, but otherwise the large size would cost $1 more. The boba drinks themselves are very well made. The boba pearls were warm when we got the drinks, which is a sign that the boba shop knows what they're doing. The pearls were also flavorful on their own and just the right texture and consistency -- chewy, gooey, but still maintaining its shape (not falling apart). Although they were a bit small in size, they were definitely not small in quantity! As for the Cocoa Brown Sugar drink, I wouldn't personally get it again unless if I wanted chocolate milk for a drink. The Matcha Brown Sugar was very flavorful though -- would recommend. The interior is super cute and very Taiwan-vibes, however tiny and not a great place to hang out with friends. It's also fairly busy and packed (people know where to get their good boba fix!) Overall, would come back if we're in the area to get their cheaper fruit teas as those are what they're known for!

Mr C.

They arent very precise when it comes to sweetness level, one drink with higher sweetness would taste less Sweet than the second drink with less sweetness level. Overall not bad at all

Jeanie J.

This place has great aesthetics. The vibe is old wood town. They have various boba options but not too much that it is overwhelming. The downside of this place is that they don't have milk alternatives. I am lactose intolerant so I can't have the more popular milk drinks. Their boba / tapioca pearls are the small kind. I don't know if they have larger ones but the large ones are what I personally prefer. I got the Yifang Fruit Tea with pearls. As this drink already has fruit toppings in them, you have to get a large size in order to add an additional topping. I wouldn't recommend getting the Yifang fruit tea with the pearls as the apples and oranges are big causing the pearls to get blocked by the fruits. I wish they told me this would happen or cut the fruits smaller...

Sarah C.

Amazing fruit and milky teas. We tried the pineapple tea, brown sugar latte, and fruit tea. The pineapple tea was amazing, just the right amount of sweet with pineapple bits in it too! The brown sugar tea was also really amazing. I don't think I've tried anything quite like the brown sugar tea here. This boba place is on par with boba places we have went to in Asia and is definitely one of the best in the Bay! Will be back for sure.

Kenneth L.

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea is located across from the UC Berkeley campus on Bancroft. I wanted to try this place out since it opened, and, since I was in the area, I decided to try it out. There was a group of people waiting for their drinks when I got there, but there was no line to place an order. The staff were friendly and attentive as I looked over the menu. I decided on the Pineapple Green Tea with Aiyu Jelly. The drink was ready in no time. It was tasty and refreshing. I'll need to sample more of their menu the next time I visit.

Taylor N.

Fast service. Delicious boba. I only come here for the mud flip drinks, not interested in fruit teas. I think this place really shines with their mudflips. The tasty contrast of the warm, sweet boba and dark stuff with the tea or milk is tasty! Yeah. Dark stuff.

Tina T.

Gotta bump this down a bit since they've increased their prices to now be $6 for the brown sugar pearl latte (large) ($7 for the matcha pearl latte...)in less than a year. THATS A MEAL. Still quite tasty but not sure it's worth the price anymore... especially being so close to campus, I'd figure this location would be more forgiving on price? It's a bit ridiculous to be charging prices more expensive than a fancy coffee in SF for a boba in Berkeley...

Karn B.

This place is pretty legit!!! First time here so I decided to order the basic drink and another risky one just to try. Basic:- Iced Oolong Tea Latte (50% sweet) Risky:- Fresh Taro Green Tea Latte (Sweet level is fixed.) Turns out, their Fresh Taro drink is gooooood! I recommend this drink...coz real Taro is used and it's such a good combination with green tea. Oolong Tea Latte is acceptable. Can't wait to try more drinks from this place when I'm around the area :)

Tina C.

This is the high quality boba tea that I've been looking for. All beverages are custom prepared per each customer's sweetness level which is great because I find most boba too sweet. They even have my favorite winter melon tea served cold or warm. This place brings a little piece of Taiwan to Berkeley.

Jina L.

A while ago, we asked for a drink that includes ginger. Forgot the exact name because we didn't end up getting it. They said they don't have ginger until winter. There is no winter in Berkeley... A lot of the drinks are also not customizable so you are stuck at a sugar and ice level. Also do not like the fact that the stupid store gets all political. I don't think I need to say more than this. All my friends and family are not going back ever.

Robin Kim

Their fruits tea is my go to! High quality fruite tea!

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea 一芳台灣水果茶

2516 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 616-1671