Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea 一芳台灣水果茶

2516 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
(510) 616-1671

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Karn B.

This place is pretty legit!!! First time here so I decided to order the basic drink and another risky one just to try. Basic:- Iced Oolong Tea Latte (50% sweet) Risky:- Fresh Taro Green Tea Latte (Sweet level is fixed.) Turns out, their Fresh Taro drink is gooooood! I recommend this drink...coz real Taro is used and it's such a good combination with green tea. Oolong Tea Latte is acceptable. Can't wait to try more drinks from this place when I'm around the area :)

Tina C.

This is the high quality boba tea that I've been looking for. All beverages are custom prepared per each customer's sweetness level which is great because I find most boba too sweet. They even have my favorite winter melon tea served cold or warm. This place brings a little piece of Taiwan to Berkeley.

Jina L.

A while ago, we asked for a drink that includes ginger. Forgot the exact name because we didn't end up getting it. They said they don't have ginger until winter. There is no winter in Berkeley... A lot of the drinks are also not customizable so you are stuck at a sugar and ice level. Also do not like the fact that the stupid store gets all political. I don't think I need to say more than this. All my friends and family are not going back ever.

Robin Kim

Their fruits tea is my go to! High quality fruite tea!

Ben Gotro

Despite the brand claiming to be Taiwanese, they released a public statement that endorses "One Country, Two Systems", and condemned the current protest in Hong Kong and labeled them "violent". They also threatened to remove the franchising rights of a store in Hong Kong that went on strike in support of the protests. Why a Taiwanese brand would be Chinese Communist Party sympathizers is beyond me, it seems maybe they put corporate profits over sovereignty. The post can be found on their Weibo, however it keeps getting edited:

alan 777

Honestly I would prefer a place to sit and some snacks. But, with that being said it was hands down the best tea drinks in the east bay by a far far margin. I've been there 3 times the past week always excellent. I don't even care what I order now. 👌

Muzio βeatz

A really clean and well organized bubble tea place. Drinks are superb and well made. Definitely the place to go

Rachel C.

Berkeley is probably home to at least one boba shop on every corner lol And I have yet to try them all! This particular boba tea place is right across from the college, so it's pretty convenient for college students who want something to drink. Their shop is pretty small so don't expect to sit down and enjoy your drink. They do have a small bench used for waiting purposes. Anyways, the inside of this place is so cute! I felt like I was inside an actual boba tea shop in Taiwan! I love how they have a pick up window and another window where you can actually see someone cook up the boba! My first observation was the aroma of the boba they were freshly making! Oh my goodness, it smelled sooooo good! It made me want some boba but I was already so full! From the smell of their boba, their boba tastes hella good. So the drink. I ordered their Lugo Oolong Tea with 70% sweetness and less ice. Honestly, I wish I got 0% sugar because it was pretty sweet. The taste of the oolong was really strong, too; which I enjoyed a lot! If you don't know what oolong taste like, it has this roasted taste to it with a mix of flower. lol Pricing? A little on the expensive side, but the quality in taste of their drinks is worth it. Anywho, I would for sure recommend this spot to all my boba tea lovers. And they close pretty late, too!

David R. Mittelstein

The brown sugar pearl milk tea is delicious! They offer almond milk as a substitution.

Sammi L.

Yayyy!! I finally get to try this Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea place. I made my best friend drive all the way here just so I can try this popular spot that every one has been talking about. I had high expectation for this place and it was not disappointing. I came here on a Saturday around 4 pm and the line was quite short - lucky. We waited about 10 minutes and we got our drinks. We got their usual hot item: brown sugar pearl black tea latte and brown sugar pearl matcha latte. Both drinks were tasty but the tapioca balls seem a bit soft in my opinion. I do think that the brown sugar pearl black tea latte was a bit sweet but it is good over all. Prices for the drinks are fair and I like their wooden interior design that makes the shop very sleek and clean. Come visit Yifang if you are a bobaholic :D

Lily T.

Addicting! If anyone knows this area, you know that parking is hard to come by, but I will drive and try looking for parking for this spot. It is rather small, so after finding parking it could be a high potential that there will be a line! It must've been my lucky day or a good choice in time of day to go because I found a parking spot down the block and only had one person in front of me in line. I ordered their brown sugar milk tea. I usually get the lowest level of sweetness, but you aren't able to adjust your drink here. Thank goodness it wasn't overly sweet! I also usually opt out of the boba, but I knew I had to try theirs. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! I'm actually in love! Their boba is a little smaller than the regular ones, but bigger than mini boba. Perfect texture and chewiness. Let me tell you, I've been thinking about this drink everyday since I first had it. My sister in law told me the wintermelon drink is also delicious, and I will try that one day. Perhaps I will just get 2 drinks next time I go. One for now and one for later.

Drew Aurioles

This is by far my favorite boba. Their Pearl's are really good and the tea is excellent. It's also pretty well priced ~$5.75 for a large

Wesley Ma

Nice place for tea if you like fruit and some variety of a different type. Mostly Taiwanese styles

Aya E.

A couple of friends and I were walking around Berkeley and wanted a quick, refreshing drink. We stopped by Yifang to help with that! This boba spot is super small. There's no real stand up room, let alone sit down room. It's meant for you to grab your drink and go. They have tons of drinks to choose from. From fruit teas to milk teas to salted cream drinks, Yifang offers a wide variety making it really difficult to pick just one! After staring at their menu for a long time, I went with their Large Yifang Fruit Tea (~$6). I got 50% sugar and 50% ice. The drink was good but definitely overpriced. It was light and refreshing but I couldn't really tell what fruits were present in the flavor. It was supposed to taste like passionfruit and pineapple, but I didn't taste too much of that. My drink was loaded with apples and oranges, but I still couldn't justify the price. It was a good try but definitely wouldn't be my go-to boba spot here in Berkeley.

Alex C.

My girl made the suggestion that we come to Yifang based upon the rave reviews of her coworkers. This is a rather rare event in our relationship as I am typically the one suggesting we go get boba. So with this welcome change, we of course had to come to try Yifang. We were told that this place has quite the line, and indeed, despite it being the 4th and most people being out of town, there was still a decent amount of people waiting in line to order their drinks. Despite the line however, the actual wait was pretty minimal as the line still went decently fast. One of the things that I was really impressed with is the storefront build inside the shop. It really makes you feel that you've gone back in time to an old shop in either Taiwan or Japan. The interior is very clean, although a bit small for those of us waiting for our drinks. And the kitchen which was clearly visible from the front looked immaculate as well. This is always great to know that cleanliness and hygiene standards are being upheld at a place we get our drinks from. My girl's coworkers were raving about the Brown Sugar Pearl Tea, of which we were informed that they only have a limited supply of each day. So of course, we ordered one of those for her. As for me, I decided to go with the Yifang Fruit Tea as it was the other popular option that is ordered here at Yifang. While getting our drinks, we noticed that there are actually instructions posted on the wall for how to drink the Brown Sugar Pearl Tea. My girl followed the directions to make sure she was able to get the optimal level of taste out of her drink. And I took a sip to try it out after. While certainly not mind blowing like her colleagues stated, I thought the drink was okay, however not worth going out of our way to get. As for the Yifang Fruit Tea that I got, I noticed there were slices of actual fruit seeping inside, such as orange, lemon, and apple. However, I wasn't a fan of the Fruit Tea drink at all, as I felt it had too overpowering of a tea taste. So I wound up trading drinks with my girl. In the end however, I did wind up eating the fruit slices at the bottom, and I did find the fruits very fresh and delicious after it had been soaking in the drink the whole time. If you happen to attend UC Berkeley, then this place might be worth frequenting out of convenience. However the taste did not really impress me and I certainly won't be coming out of my way to visit.

Mikey J.

Very good boba tea. We had the Brown Sugar Pearl Black Tea Latte, the Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha Latte (aka "Mudflip"), and their signature fruit tea. All were excellent and tasty. The brown sugar boba appears to run out at times, though was available when we were there. The boba is definitely interesting with a pleasant brown sugar flavor. Lines can get a bit long, but service is quick and friendly. The interior has a nice traditional wooden design. Prices are reasonable.

Amy Y.

I have been wanting to try boba from this chain for so long. I saw such aesthetic photos on instagram that convinced me to come and try the drinks here. I came here with my friends to try it out. When we came there were a few people in front of us waiting in line. We looked at the menu and pretty much every drink was around $5. I wanted to get the Salted creama but instead the cashier convinced me to try the Match latte instead. The drink was $5 and they recommended 70% sugar. I got 30% instead and 30% ice. I was not really a fan of the matcha latte and would probably never get it again. In my opinion there was too much milk that just made it taste like drinking milk with a tint of matcha powder in it. The location is cute, they have an area you get to see them make their boba. It somehow gives you a pretty authentic feel and makes you feel like you are in Asia.

Derrick C.

4.75 for a medium size is pretty steep in my opinion. I got a Aiyu Jelly Lemon Green Tea. They recommended that we put 70% sugar for it. Overall the drinks look cool since the wrapping was nice and the shop decour was good. But the drink felt pretty small for what I was paying for and the drink was good and the aiyu they had was actually very smooth tasting but it wasn't special enough to say I'd try to come here again given the factors of taste and price. I do really like that this place feels super Taiwanese though.

Kelly C.

Amaaaazing boba, probably my favorite boba place in the bay. They have such a wide variety of drinks but I think they're most famous for the fruit tea and brown sugar milk drinks. The menu is very extensive and has a good balance of normal teas and milk teas. At first glance, you may be surprised by the price but it is honestly worth a try. Definitely more of a splurge than a generic boba place like T4 or iTea. You can really taste the quality of the tea and even the boba. I would recommend getting your drink less sweet (if possible, it depends on the drink) because the boba adds some sweetness.

Sammy T.

I'm no boba expert and rarely drink it but I'd consider this a pretty authentic boba store. I'm glad I'm no longer going to Berkeley, otherwise, I'd maybe consider creating a boba budget for these "treat yourself" moments. I've tried their brown sugar boba and their matcha brown sugar boba and both have been equally good. It's a pretty expensive drink for 1 person so I'd grab a friend and split (unless you're a germaphobe). The matcha one definitely is a show stopper (for both its flavor and price). Priced at one of the more expensive menu items, this one is a splurge but well worth it. You can distinctly taste the brown sugar and matcha flavors combine as one which makes your tastebuds dance with joy. The only thing I'd say is I wish it wasn't as sweet (but that's impossible given they use brown sugar boba) so I understand but one can at least hope that they one day make half brown sugar half normal boba no?

Serena Chiu

I love their classic fruit tea. You can see a cup full of fresh fruit. It is healthy and tasty!

Kristi T.

Yifang is one of my favorites in the Bay! I am always craving their Mud Flip and Fruit Tea. I love all the fresh ingredients and strong tea flavors. If you don't have a large sweet tooth, opt for lower sugar amounts; the recommended sugar amounts on their menu are still too sweet for my liking. If you are a taro fan, make sure to visit earlier in the day. Every time I've visited after dinner, they've had a sign stating they've sold out of taro for the day. Pricing is decent for cup size, especially with its central location and quality of ingredients! I wish the parking situation were better, but that can't be helped. Location is extremely small with no seats to stay and chat, so you'll definitely need to grab and go. I don't believe they have a rewards system, so it'd be great if they started one for their loyal customer base! All in all, I will continue to visit when I am in the area. Looking forward to them opening more locations in the East Bay!

Chun-Han Lin

Sugar cane mountain tea is great. 30% sweetness is not enough sweet, though.

Chi L.

I first came here during their opening week and waited one hour for the famous fruit tea where I requested 50% sweetness and when I got it, the drink was at over 100% sweetness. I actually couldn't finish my drink due to that. I decided to give it a second shot and went back a couple months later after the hype died down. They don't start selling the brown sugar pearls until after 12pm. I got the brown sugar pearl and again, it was overly sweet and nothing spectacular. I think UCha does a better job making the drink - their version is the bomberman.

sandra p

Great tea flavors and housemade boba. Even just the black tea has smooth tea flavor, not bitter, not watery. Super nice staff.

Sandra Ko

Really great tea drinks and friendly staff. I’m Taiwanese and so I was really happily surprised to find aiyu jelly on the menu as an add on, I highly recommend including it in the Yi Fang fruit tea! It pairs really nicely. This drink store is more pricey ($5+) but the quality is there for the price to be as high as it is. The mudflip is also a classic Taiwanese favorite and they also do it very well, boba is sweet and cooked perfectly.

Charles Shen

Fresh, good quality, delicious, and sugar/ice level adjustments.

Annie Z.

Yifang is a hole in the wall boba shop located right across from campus. There was a lot of hype around Yifang when it first opened and the lines were ridiculously long. The store itself is very tiny and can only fit a few people at a time. It is definitely one of those boba shops where you have to take your drinks to go. Yifang has a really distinct brand. It takes a modern approach on the more traditional Taiwanese aesthetic. Prices are on the higher side, but you are paying for higher quality drinks. [ Yakult Mountain Tea ] I got this at the 50% sugar level which I thought was a good level of sweetness. The Yakult flavor is very strong and the drink was refreshing. Not sure if I would get it again thought. [ Grass Jelly Black Tea Latte ] Again, I got this at the 50% sugar level. I enjoyed the milky flavor of the latte and the lightly sweetened grass jelly. [ Pineapple Green Tea ] There are actual chunks of pineapple in this drink so you know it is fresh! I got this with 70% sweetness and found it to be way too sweet. I would try 50% next time. Yifang is famous for the Brown Sugar Pearl Latte (Mudflip) and the Fruit Tea. Both drinks are extremely sweet so they are great for people with high sweetness tolerances. I personally do not like really sugary drinks so I have never ordered these myself.

Bianca L.

One of the many boba chains in the Berkeley area, but I think Yifang is special in that they offer more unique teas and high quality ingredients compared to other boba places in the area. That being said, it's hard to justify paying $6.50 for boba l m a o [Uji Matcha and Brown Sugar Latte] Definitely recommend this drink if you ever drop by Yifang. The matcha and brown sugar blend well together, and they put in a generous amount of boba. The drink runs a little sweet though. [Ginger Lemon Tea] I ordered this another time expecting it to soothe my sore throat, but was kind of disappointed by the lackluster quality of this drink compared to Yifang's other teas. I didn't think there was enough ginger and lemon in the tea, making it taste diluted and almost a bit bitter. I don't know if Yifang has the most amazing drinks I've ever had, but the quality of the tea is definitely up there. Will probably come again just because of its proximity to campus even if it's a bit pricey, and I'll try their mudflip next time!!

Ricky K.

Ever since this place opened up in Berkeley, I for sure wanted to try it out. Milk tea literally runs through my veins and this tiny boba shop stood out to me! This place is actually pretty good. When you walk inside the store, it's tiny, but it has a comforting vibe to it and the cashiers are really nice and helpful as well. You can even see a person cooking/stirring the boba in a large pot as well in front of their window. This place definitely is known for their fruit tea as well as their brown sugar latte. For one, I tried their passionfruit tea and it was good! You can really tell its freshly made and it doesn't taste like full-on fruit syrup as well. Their milk teas were alright! But what I really liked was their grass jelly lol If you're a fan of grass jelly Yifang does theirs quite well! When I got my my milk tea, the jelly was soo silky and smooth. They also flavored it with the sweetness well too. Now for their popular drink, the Brown Sugar Pearl Latte. The concept of how it's made is pretty cool! You get the drink layered; the brown sugar syrup on the bottom and the milk on top. The cashier told me to mix up by inverting it up and down until everything mixes completely. But while doing so, you would see a stream of sugar going up and down and I thought that was so cool. WARNING: If you don't like sugar then this drink isn't for you. You literally cannot adjust the sweetness and this may be overpowering for certain people. But it's pretty nice to look at though haha Overall, the quality of the drinks are good and I'd recommend this place if you're in Berkeley. They also opened one up in Stonestown, SF, so try it out there too if you have the time!

Ethel C.

So refreshing, so good! I loved the green plum green tea (酸梅汁) it has the best combo of twangy sour and natural sweetness. Everything else everyone ordered all looked so natural and tasty. I ordered mine with no sugar and it was perfect, I think some drinks may already have some sort of jam ish sauce or syrup in it. The line was long but moved pretty quickly.

Yurie H.

Although a bit pricy, this place has authentic and unique teas. Interior is quite small, with a small register, kind of like boba guys in SF. This place is known for their fruit teas with real fruit pieces. They also have milk teas and seasonal special. I wanted something milky so I got the seasonal cane sugar latte with 50% sugar and less ice ($6 for medium). It does seem a bit ridiculous to pay $6 for a tea, but quality was amazing. Drink was not powdery at all, with a slight hint of coconut, the sweetener taste just like the cane sugar from your local grocery market. Although it wasn't the most amazing drink I've had, I think it's worth it to try it. Would def want to come back here to try their fruit tea next time!


We had sugar cane latte. Wow it was super delicious. And staff very friendly as well. Loved it

Crystal McKenzie

Real tea and real fruits are used to make these fruit and milk teas. That speaks for itself.

Robert Teng

Brown Sugar Milk Tea Latte I had wasn’t as good as the price was high. $5.25 for small?? Tea flavor was good, but the pearls were mushy. U Cha = better deal. Asha = best quality but similarly pricey

Kai Cao

The fruit tea is not bad, but kinda different from in their Taiwan stores.

Kat 🐱

The hot longan and jujube tea is really good!

Karen E. Shields

The Northern California Reps Divinia Lee and Roy Lam are so gracious and the Tea was DELICIOUS

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea 一芳台灣水果茶

2516 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 616-1671