Zachary's Chicago Pizza

1853 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 525-5950

Recent Reviews

sammie h.

they are famous for a reason. I wish the wait was not so long nor the lines but the pizza really is amazing. they even do good vegan pizza a friend of mine would always get.

RJ Macariola

Food is so good, especially after a good hike. Staff is super friendly and fast.

E L.

Best pizza ever. The best. Chicago deep dish at its' finest. You can even have it shipped to you if you live outside of IL.

Dave C

I love Zachary's. We catered my son's 100 day 'birthday' and their service was splendid! Their pies are awesome. The only downside is it's obviously filling (like all deep dish), so you need to have a large party on order to get some variety.

Sammi L.

We go to Zachary's often - it's our go-to meal when we have guests over. Their deep dish is amazing (superior to Paxti's, IMO) and saves and reheats well. We also like their salads, and their staff is friendly and attentive.

Mike M

Great pizza, I normally get the deep dish, bit recently I had the normal style and it was great too. Good beers here also.

Michael Moreno

Ohhh myy goodness! This is by far the best deep dish I've had in my life. The crust is out of this world! You MUST buy the large because it's just as good later that night or the next day. WHEN YOU FIND A GOOD PIZZA PLACE IT IS A SPECIAL THING. THE BEST DEEP DISH IN BERKELY, BAY AREA, CA... I would try there pizza against the best. The meatballs shown in photo due justice for presentation its immaculate. But it tastes better then it looks. Salads were out of this world fresh. I live in Sacramento area and know that's my go to pizza place if anywhere close.

Biggie's Mom P.

I hadn't been to a restaurant or the bay area since the pandemic in March 2020. On May 11, 2021, I jumped in my car headed to the Berkeley location from Elk Grove. Zachary's would be my first restaurant outing in over a year. I missed them so much. 75 miles later, my mouth started watering as I parked and got out. I ordered my pizza and a caesar salad and shared it with my brother. There's no dining in yet, so we took it to his nearby home. I wished the salad dressing was sold in stores, it's so good. Never, ever, have I had a salad dressing that made me dream about it. I wished there was a location closer, but I will definitely be back. I did take home the leftovers

Dave H.

It had been about 10+ years since I had been here last and it's always been my gold standard for west coast Chicago-style pizza. We were in the area visiting the folks and swung by to pick some up, and it sat in boxes in the car for 40 minutes before we could dig in. Didn't matter because these pizza pies could withstand a nuclear blast and still be immaculate. These puppies retain flavor and heat like nobody's business. Their ingredients are fresh as can be, they have their craft down so well that you could eat these at fridge temp and they'd still be delicious as hell. The crust is perfection, the layers and technique all right. Suffice to say these were just as good as I remembered, a pretty rare feat when it comes to nostalgia.

Aaron Iguchi

Love the deep dish and thin crust pizzas. Spinach & mushroom deep dish is my favorite. Began enjoying Zachary's in the late 1980's while a student at Cal. Have tried to keep coming back through the years. Used online ordering to pick up half-baked pizzas in last visit. Online system was easy to use and picked up with no issues.

Social Debonair

Got to admit I hold Zachary's and a high esteem. But this last pizza didn't seem cooked all the way and my tummy was a little funny because of it. Great place and I have never had a problem before but make sure that you tell them and they confirm if you want your pizza fully cooked.


I love their pizza! This is authentic Chicago style Pizza - thick crust, thick cheese, and thick sauce. I especially like their veggie pizzas - lots of good vegetables. Please bring back thick veggie slices for lunch!

Haseb Elbgal

My go-to for Chicago style. Little Star and pixies are great but Zachary's tops them all.

Cyndi C.

Love love love this place! Been going since college. The pizza is incredibly delicious not to mention it brings back great memories. The place is cozy. Even though a few of us no longer live in the area, we drive for an hour to go there from time to time. Highly recommend it!

Matthew M.

Disclaimer: When I review restaurants I only review the taste of the food. Good/bad service, decor, or ambiance may be referenced but do not factor into the review unless it effects the experience of the food itself. It's a Berkeley staple. It's the kind of place where an eleitist foodie from Chicago would say "That's not a deep dish pizza." But it kind of is... and yet at the same time kind of isn't? Filling, tasty, and a single slice is basically a meal. Good sauce, a lot of cheese and I kind of enjoy that it isn't a ton of crust. All their specials are great, and it's certainly a place I take people to when they love pizza as it will be a new experience for them. The pizza's seem pricy up front for the cost, but for how much you get and how filling it is they are actually quite reasonable. If you haven't been? Go. At least once. It may or may not be entirely your thing, but it will be unique and tasty. Most likely it will be though.

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