1879 Euclid Ave, Berkeley
(510) 649-0022

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José Alvaro Frattini Santos

Great food, very kind and friendly owner. Had the chicken pie, loved it. House hot sauce was great as well.

Janne Kaje

Fantastic savory pies! We loved the spinach/cheese and the beef/cheese. Best of all was chatting with the owner. We will definitely be back the next time we are in Berkeley. Thank you!!

S. P.

I came here thinking it was just a sweet little sandwich shop - but it is so much more! Heaven for homemade middle eastern specialities like lahmacun and dalma- the homemade pies with zaatar are a revelation and the Baklava was incredible. I cannot believe the freshness and great quality at this fair price! Everything is made from scratch. The owner is also just the nicest guy in all of Berkeley. Go here, you won’t regret it!

Gavin L.

Great service a nice old man with fresh sandwiches, turkey was fresh and delicious, price is very affordable and sandwiches are very personalized

Anthony S.

If you didn't see it you will definitely smell it walking down Euclid Avenue. The intoxicating smell of fresh baked meat pies will have you floating through the front door. Only to be welcomed in as if you are family by the owner who couldn't be more excited to fill your belly and heart with joy. The coffee is hot and strong, and a great start as your eyes glaze across the display case. Maybe you've never seen food like this and it's all new, no worries you are in good hands. Even before you leave and have your first bite you know you'll be back. The baklava is delicious perfectly sweet to have with the coffee. The meat pies are the epitome of flavor. If your taste buds were asleep one bite from the food here and they will be newly awoken. For me I discovered new sensations my tounge had never felt. Hand crafted, and served with enthusiasm and pride, get there early or you'll miss out they typically sell out fast! Do yourself a favor and come to Zack's snacks!

Jacob A.

With only a small sign in the front, this place is definitely easy to walk past if you're not observant. Zak is extremely passionate about his shop and is faithful in all of his cooking. I ordered a hot lemony beef meat pie (lahmacun) and Zak put his own twist of hot sauce and pomegranate syrup on it. The dish was tangy with a nice heat. My only issue is that the shop is cash only, but there is an atm machine next door. I always have a 20 handy now in case I get a craving.

Alan Zhu

Super friendly owner, he made a special version of his turkey sandwich after I told him I liked spicier foods, and it was delicious!

E (Ethan Shedd)

Very good food. My roommate and I love this place, both for all savory pies and for the store owner. The banana bread was great, the conversation was great, the sauces were great. Everything was great.

Siddarth S.

Zak is a great guy and this is some of the best food I've had in Berkeley. Small place located slightly underground on Euclid, open Monday to Friday 10AM to 2PM. Cash only. Unique food that's all homemade and fresh daily. Meat pies and more, the beef and cheese pie was delicious. Homemade hot sauce as well, fairly priced too and a lot of options. Come here, you will not regret it.

Rohan Mathur

The guy at the counter, Jamal, was incredibly nice and gave us some very good Za'atar pies.

Josh P.

This place is easy to miss but is a great place to get food. The service is absolutely great and the food is great too. I had soup and beef pie with cheese. You can not miss with this spot.

Dang Khoa N.

definitely try this place out for some great homemade food!! the banana bread is amazing. and the owner is also very sweet and friendly.

Gina Tse-Louie

The pies are amazing! The owner makes them from scratch. He was saying how his Dad never made things from a can. I wish I could share photos but we ate everything!

Nazrin M.

Doesn't pop out a lot when you pass by the restaurant, however, the food is very good and prices are quite reasonable and low for Berkeley area. The owner is also very sweet! My friend introduced me to this place, and I visit it whenever I go to Northside.

Ayush N.

When I went last year in November they never wore a mask and it seems quite unsanitary. It was annoying they didn't take card and only cash. The food was good but the first time I found a metal thing in my soup that I almost swallowed. Honestly the pies are the safest and tastiest but you have to accept the risk from them never wearing a mask.

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