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Kitty C.

Wonderful Thanksgiving meal!  Tasty. Healthy. Festive touches.  Greatly appreciated!!  Hoping But does Christmas meal too!

Ken Nguyen

My date and I had dinner at Zut! on 10/20/2020. The waiter was Luis. We ordered a salad and roasted half chicken which supposed to come with potatoes and arugula per the menu. The cost for a roasted half chicken was $27; however, the price was not an issue here. The waiter brought out a plate with only arugula, a chicken thigh and a chicken wing. We politely said to Luis that we ordered half a chicken. Luis looked at the plate then he took the plate back inside. Luis came back to our table with a manager. The manager said to us that was the order. We said we ordered a half chicken from the menu. These were a thigh and a wing. The manager said the menu was wrong. So we said we were going to pay $27 for a thigh and a wing when we thought we ordered and were going to pay for half a chicken? The manager then replied by asking us how much do we want to pay? Really? He asked us how much did we want to pay for a thigh and a leg at his restaurant? I told him that we came to his restaurant on a date for nice dinner. We did not go out for a bargain hunting or to look for a food discount. So he said he was going to charge us $16 instead and he further said that was a fair price. Wow! A fair price for a bad customer service? When the bill came, the charge was $20. The outcome of this event was not worth to share; however, the customer service was not even worth 1 star.


Waiter was great. FOOD was great. ATMOSPHERE was nice. Could have made sure to keep under the tables clean..but We enjoyed ourselves.

Sarah L.

SUMMARY: It's alright if you are fine with okay food that is on the pricey side and don't mind a crappy service.

Note: one of our orders was put on the wrong table and was directly put on our table despite this COVID craze.

FOOD: We ordered House Burger and Crab Sandwich.

House Burger, while ok, we've had better for the same price and better yet a lower price. The garlic fries were cooked to perfection, IMO, it's crispy but not burnt, and was not overly garlicky.

Crab Sandwich was good as well (don't forget to drizzle it with a lemon, the magic is in the lemon). Bread was toasty but not to the point that it stabs my hard palate. It comes with EITHER salad or garlic fries (not noted on menu, only regular fries).

The two stars off is because of the following:
SERVICE: it is a horrible service from the front to the paying bill. The hostess can use some smile (ZUT please assign someone who is welcoming).

The server (Gisela? She's old Latina woman) is impolite. Took 20 minutes before she took our order. Did not return my smile and ignored my attempt to converse with her. She did not ask if we wanted any drinks. She did not offer any alternative for something I can't have. She should not be serving. Towards the end, she was all smiles towards this young tall Caucasian man, but when she came to our table to give the bill, the smile quickly went away.

When our food came, the server (guy) gave our order to the wrong table. The plate was put on the table already. Then was put on our table without changing it. I mean, with COVID going on, they should change at least the plate that was lowered to the wrong table.

Carolina L.

I'm so disappointed. Yesterday night I was hungry and decided to stop by. It was my first time around the area and asked the server if it was possible to eat there. It was around 6:00 pm, the server responded that it was possible, but I had to wait 30 minutes because they were " booked", I agreed ,  the server took my phone number telling me that I was going to receive a call as soon as they were going to have an open table.  Few seconds later, I saw the same server" give a table" to a couple that did not have/ call to  reserve a table, which wasn't the only empty table  in that restaurant.  At that point, I was sure that it was all about DISCRIMINATION. The couple was white, I am black. And of course, the server, a tall guy with black hair and dark eyes, never called me back. Zut! , if those are your policies CHANGE then, if not, HIRE people who WILL NOT accommodate and give table to people BASED ON THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.

Maureen H.

First time visit to this restaurant which has plenty of outdoor seating.  
Service was perfect and so was the food!  My husband raved about his dinner choice "Bass", which is not listed on the online menu; I chose the  Linguini Alla Primavera. We enjoyed a white wine blend with our meal
and later on, a delicious Sundae!  And, the train tracks are closeby so don't be surprised if you the train horn :).  


John S

Excellent food and service. Nice outdoor dining along 4th Street.

Shedrick Wilson

Good food, nice staff, good place for people watching

Moe E.

Awesome amazing food. We had a salad with chicken and salmon flatbread along with 2 cocktails

Debra D.

So after my last visit here, which was about a year ago, we were invited back on an 80$ voucher because the food was terrible. How do you mess up on a Caesar salad or Pizza? Anywaaaays, the manager at the time hoped our next visit would be better. My partner & I returned yesterday and unfortunately the pizza was soggy AGAIN. We specifically ordered it extra crispy, and somehow the middle of the pizza still couldn't hold its weight when I picked it up. All the toppings fell off and all that was literally left was soggy bread. We sent it back... it was inedible. We swapped it for a Caesar salad + Shrimp. The salad was better than last time, although overly-dressed. I'm super sad to see what used to be a great establishment with amazing food, fail. This place was poppin 7+ years ago. I clearly remember their roasted chicken entree, their sausage fennel pizza w egg, & scallops being amazing! The only reason for the extra star was because the bartender/server Gabe was amazing. He made us great cocktails & provided easy-going service.

David Haggerty

Ribeye rare plus...insane...excellent service...outside dining on 4th street...perfect

matt h.

Got take out from Zut for the first time. One cow burger, one Impossible burger. Both eaters liked quite well. A few quibbles tho. The menu specified white cheddar, and both came with yellow cheddar. Also, the cow burger came with mayo, which the eater did not like, and was not specified on the menu. Fortunately, the Impossible burger was sans mayo. The fries were soggy, which is probably the inevitable result of take out, but might not be as bad with a container that could breathe a little (true also for the slightly soggy buns, though I know there is a balance between permeability and mess). I liked the salad; she thought it was too salty. She thought the cow burger was perfectly cooked.

James M.

My son wanted to get a burger while we were at Burkeley, so we stopped by this restaurant. We ordered two burgers with American cheese - which comes with garlic fries. I would say it was one of the best burgers I have had - the meat was done well - soft and moist, not dry. The fries were really good as well. It came out to be about $40 (without tip) - a bit pricey for couple of burgers, but given the quality, I could justify it. I liked the environment - given the covid situation, they had removed the roof window to make it open. Great atmosphere.

Cara Scully

Best Brussel sprouts I’ve ever eaten. They also have a burrata appetizer that is killer. Frickin’ love this spot. Amazing restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Anne T.

1st time in 3 months, family dining out for bday boy,seating was nice &comfortable. ordered: *Zut ! steak frites: New York steak, fries, broccolini & herb butter $36. *roasted half chicken w/fingerling potatoes & arugula $27. *crab salad sandwich w/avocado & microgreens $16. *Brussels sprouts w/ lemon & grana $11. dishes were yummy delicious, services was professional nice & very friendly too.yes I recommended this restaurant for any occasions.

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