Cafe Alexander

8670 Wilshire Blvd # 100, Beverly Hills
(310) 652-2210

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Luis Gonzalez

Clean, fast, delicious food....!!!

Luis D.

Today I waited for a cheeseburger for 35 minutes.. and I realized I got charged an extra buck for jalapeños totaling 12.00I didn't get the jalapeños in my burger!!! Done no more..

Andrea M.

I SEE why this has 3 stars!I walked in, only 1 person ahead of me and I wait.When I order fish & chips she says they only have the specials & menu options. I looked at the specials & I said I'llHave the salad, as she helps the person next in line.I mentioned I was next & she said "you weren't ready!" I said I wanted the salad... She then helped the NEXT person Behind me! Needless to say I walked out! That woman won't get a dime from me THUH

Jay T.

When I called this morning to try and place an order they never picked up, I waited another 30 min and when they finally did pick up all you hear is a lady having a conversation with someone and never acknowledge who was on the line. I called again and no answer. Its not only the answering the phone but they also charge a delivery fee to walk one block down when I can just go to Mari's cafe and they happily walk over with no cost. They also take their sweet time to deliver even after they charge you. I tried again to like this place but they're customer service is terrible! Just to go maris cafe!

Caro G.

let me start by saying if i could give zero starts i would!!!!! takes forever to deliver food, even if you order an hour before and when you finally get your food is incomplete, and when you call to ask about your order they say they are very busy, the phones are ringing and they gotta go. very disappointed with service. and they wont even let you talk to the manager to refund your money do not come here update- i called again today they still havent refunded my money and refuse to let me talk to the manager saying shes only there at 330pm giving you only a 30 minutes window to. catch the manager since they close at 4. the asian lady with the accent just hanged up on me while i was still talking!!!!!!!! they will give you bad service you wont be able to enjoy and eat ur food, and steal your money. i will keep updating until i get my money back from this over priced food. so sad i'm going to have to call my bank to dispute this.

Zulma Gonzalez

pity service I am 5 minutes from this place and those who do the delivery always put problem for all pity service


Nice people, but very slow and overpriced. A wrap and a bag of chips $12.00 and took 25 minutes to prepare

Marilyn Lindsay

Nice people, but very slow and overpriced. A wrap and a bag of chips $12.00 and took 25 minutes to prepare

Jesse M.

i walked in after work starved af and the menu is huge there's almost too many options. the board had specials and the cute lady at front told me the chicken katsu chicken curry special with rice was super popular today. i heard of this place cuz my coworkers order everyday and they have the best seasoned fries with ranch. so i told her i'm getting the katsu chicken curry special but instead of rice could i get fries cuz i was craving them so bad she said of course. another super sweet last came out and said you have to have rice with it so here's some free fries. i'm legit eating the fries which are delicious per usual but wow the rice with the massive bowl of curry sauce drenched all over shredded lettuce and crispy chicken katsu i'm literally freaking out this lunch is so delicious. if you see the chicken katsu special and GET THE RICE and the fries i'm in heaven

Sherie M.

I'm usually not the person to complain, but I think after 3 incidents back to back, customers should know the truth about this cafe. I first started coming here for lunch a few weeks ago and I was happy because the food was good and because there were a variety of choices. Cafe Alexander became my new favorite spot. However, over the course of the last week I've been observing the flow of the business and realized that, either they are understaffed or the empires have lack of training and poor manners. I went there for lunch 2 times this week and all 3 times, the cashier and manager were running around with no organization. Anyway, I proceeded to order my food. One day I ordered the special salmon and chicken teriyaki. I specifically asked for little rice and extra vegetables. When my food arrived, not only was it full with rice, but it was cold. I told the staff and the manager came over and apologized. She took the food to reheat and also brought me the extra vegetables. I appreciated that. Today, I ordered a large tomato basil soup. When I received my soup, it was cold as if it was just taken from a can and put in a bowl. At this point I was livid, because this was 3 times in the week where my order was not appealing. I got up and asked to desk to the manager. Which was not the best customer service. As I was talking to her, she was rushing over to the table to get the soup to put in the pot to reheat it. Before I could get a full sentence out, she took the soup and walked away. When she returned, I said to her that I was trying to tell her that I did not want the soup anymore and would like a refund, but she walked away so fast and did not take the time to listen to me as the customer. Anyway, she then said, do you don't want the soup?! Still rushing if course. I said no and requested my money back. She just said okay, no formal apology and walked away. Shortly after. One of the other employees wAlked over (short, Hispanic woman), she demonstrated unprofessional magnetism as she gave me back my money, which by the way she miscalculated. She made it seem like it was a bother to her to provide customer service. Anyway, I walked up to the register and returned the coins and asked for the bill that I gave her initially. That was my fault for going they, because it seems like, again, I was being a bother to her. This has not been the first time that I've encountered they with her, but like I said, I was excited to find this cafe with a variety of options at reasonable prices. After I received my refund, I send to them that it's a shame that as a business, when they are wrong, they do not try to accommodate the customer. All this being said, I work with the public on a daily bas. I am a registered nurse that works in quality management and the service that I received was less than quality status. I u deters day that we l have bad days, busy days, but guess what, when you're working with the public, you have to be able to put your problems aside and accommodate your customers. I think I've given this cafe a fair chance. I'm sad to say that they will no longer get my business. I hope whomever reads this does not have the same experience I had.

Mike A.

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE. Food wrong and whoever takes order is very rude. Order at your own risk.

April M.

$7 for a small breakfast burrito with no hash brown. When we called she was 1) rude about it 2)said someone called after placing the order to tell them no hash patty. False. Me and my coworker were both disappointed they didn't have it and were the only two that ordered. This place is notorious for missing items or messing up orders. Food is alright but overpriced. We don't plan on ordering from there anymore.

Day Bertha

The food here is soooo goood! Chicken wings with blue cheese topping is my favorite. Black berry burger is fantastic.

Ellie S.

Ordered a simple omelette. Besides it dripping in fat and the hash brown patty swimming in it, the order itself was an ordeal. Seriously, I don't know if the girl was hungover or just born that way, but how difficult is it to get my order, name, address and phone number. So, ok, I have 666 in it but really, 7 times she couldn't get it?! And the address.... honestly. HOW difficult is it to make a simple dish like that....

Jalisa Beverly

Love this place. The people are so friendly and the food is sooooo good. Prices are reasonable for how fresh everything is. I've had a sausage egg and cheese with freshly squeezed orange juice to herb marinated lamb that was DELICIOUSSSS. Their salad and sandwiches are really good too.

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