Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

347 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills
(424) 600-7490

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Tamara L.

Received the Gucci panettone tin today and the dessert is beyond delicious. Impressed with the fast shipping and careful packaging. Beyond thankful for this holiday treat!

Daz L.

Who wouldn't want a taste of Massimo Bottura's culinary creation? Unless you're able to score a reservation at Osteria Francescana, and actually fly to Modena amidst this pandemic, then save yourself the trouble and just visit this resto! I have to be honest, when I called to make a reservation I thought the lady who was taking the reservation was a bit brusque. I got the same tone on the SMS that I received the day prior, requesting me to confirm my reservation. Mind you, reservation had to be done a whole month out!

With the lukewarm interaction during the reservation process, I let my expectations settle to the minimum. It was through my 12-year-old's prodding to check this place out in the first place anyway, so might as well just be cool with it and not expect a Michelin-level service.

Fast forward to the day of, with the husband and two tweenagers in tow, we were greeted so warmly upon arrival. Everyone fully geared with their facial PPEs, you could still "see" their genuine smiles . That was a good start!

The server introduced the menu, and we were convinced for the adults to have the tasting and the kids to have the a la carte items. We all enjoyed our dishes, with nothing really to complain about. I wouldn't say something stood out, but the beauty of each dish that came out from the kitchen was undeniable! I only wish that the signature tortellini dish was part of the tasting! We all ended up very much pleased with our dining experience! The staff turned out to be really warm, funny, and really attentive. Totally on the opposite side of spectrum from the reservation experience!

I would definitely recommend this if you want to impress someone on a brunch date!

Anthony L.

I took my cousin Joanne here to celebrate our November birthdays. We weren't really sure what to expect but omg! Gucci has really outdone themselves with this restaurant! We did the 5 course tasting and it was so well coordinated and delivered. Everything just flowed like a dance from one course to the next. Portions were what you would expect at a high end restaurant but we left satisfied. It is an amazing culinary experience from start to finish! Top notch service without feeling forced, great tasting cuisine, and chef Mattia was very gracious and kind. The managers, waiters, and servers were very attentive without being overbearing. Simply exquisite. We will be back!

Joty K.

The service was good. I like how the sever gave a lot of information about the mediocre dishes. The experience was nice. But the food wasn't good for the price. The food looked better than it tasted. The decor was ok expected better. Not a lot of special drink selections. You would expect there to be drink special. Cool experience due to the waiter and to say I went once. But for almost 400.00 no thanks I Won't be coming back.

Cassy H.

The service is okay. However, the food was not good though. I ordered Tortellini, Tagliolini Alfredo, Spring is Coming, Coming from the Hills "I Love Rock Climbing", Emilia Burger and Oops I Broke the Meringue. I like the Alfredo but there is a hair in Alfredo which made me really dissatisfied. Also, personally, I think the burger tasted bad to me to be honest. That is the worst burger I have ever had. The new dessert Oops I broke the meringue tasted pretty good and it is such a beautiful design that come with the plate.
Overall, I would not recommend to try that many because you might be disappointed. But the dessert I ordered is pretty good.

Gisele L.

I was really looking forward to try out this place!
GREAT service & ambiance but the food is awful. I was in disbelief!
Nothing we ordered was good.
I'm giving 2 starts for the service but food is zero.

Martin P.

Service was fantastic. Food OK, but was cold, as it is also small restaurant, cold food was not acceptable.

With the high price, cold food, and extra small portions....not sure it will make it in SoCal.

Mita R.

I was so excited to come here! It's such a beautiful restaurant and they have a great outdoor seating patio. We ended up visiting for my birthday dinner and were not disappointed!

Our reservation was at 5:30PM and when we arrived the hostess was so welcoming. They sat us at this adorable table with a great view of Rodeo Dr. Our waiter and the sommelier were so helpful with choosing the best items on the menu.

We ordered the Tortellini and the Risotto Camouflaged as Pizza.  These two dishes were so unique and the flavor profiles were out of this world. The Tortellini was so comforting and warm while the Risotto had so many different bites and flavors it was absolutely amazing. We can't wait to come back!

Naty M.

I came here during Covid. You are required to wear your mask you to go up an elevator for  the entrance.  The salad here was amazing I am not a salad person but I really love the salad here. I love how every time they serve this food they told us a backstory. The place was beautiful and the food came out at a decent time and the servers were very attentive and very sweet to Us

Jan L.

Horrific. Disgusting. Not worth even 30$, I paid $500 for 2 people only to be so so disappointed in everything. We got the 5 course tasting menu and the main dish was literally just pasta with lemon + a very UNFRESH uni. And no protein.

Both of us were extremely disappointed in their food quality, taste; presentation, everything. Don't trust in a brand that is known for making apparel to make food. Lol lesson learned. I WISH I could get a refund...should have read the reviews first...

Honestly, I would even go so far as to say I'd be disappointed in the food here, even if we were at a REGULAR restaurant. that's how bad it is.

We go to Michelin restaurants & fine dining weekly, and this has been the most embarassing presentation and taste ever.

Wish we could get a refund.


Authentic high-end Italian with a bit of fusion and a fashionable flair. Make time and get the tasting menu, it's exceptional.

Saige M.

Came here for a Sunday lunch while shopping on Rodeo. The portions are light so it's nice to get a few things to have variety. The service is great, very attentive. The presentation of the food was very nice and so was the flavor. I had the crispy fish and it was fried to perfection along with a delicious tomato jelly. I definitely want to come back here for the tasting menu.

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Great food and service from all staff.

Harris Wali

Great cuisine with a cozy ambiance and fantastic service. Well done Chef Massimo.

Vyvyan N.

Been wanting to go here since they first open in the spring. Hard to get a reservation but if you're patience and try calling through the day it's possible to get a reservation. They say there's only like 2 host who handles calls and they're not stop ringing. They also did a good job at reminding me the day before. It's an absolute dream once we arrived. They don't have valet so I suggest parking at the structure down rodeo. The ambience was charming and so chic! It's Gucci after all. To be honest I had low expectations seeing all the reviews. The food is pricy but tasty. Love the presentation of each dish. The servers were attentive and refilled our glasses of wine and water as soon as we were done. Very great staff would of stayed longer if I could.

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Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

347 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(424) 600-7490