Dank Donuts

42612 Moonridge Rd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 547-6053

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we stopped here one day, my hubby wanted to get a donut, he bought two donuts, took back to hotel to have later, a maple bar, and jelly donut, said, both were awesome, best was maple bar, stop in when/if you are in the area, you wont be disappointed

Malia Q.

The BEST Blueberry doughnut I've ever had, all handmade! We bought a bunch to take home Definitely going back when we visit Big Bear!

Pedro Lopez

The following review might have just been bad luck but I find it hard to rate any higher. The breakfast burrito (pictured) was VERY bland and the side sauce helped A LOT but you aren't given enough to douse the entire burrito (shouldn't have to anyway). + there was little to no bacon in the ? and the tortilla was super soggy (seems to be premade for the entire day and I went at 3 so that could be my fault). I also got a hot chocolate which was extremely watery and therefore horrible to sip on (only decent when chugged so you can get more chocolate per gulp). The only reason Dank Donuts gets ⭐⭐ is because the restaurant itself is very visually pleasing and I didn't get a donut which is what they specialize in. (also have never written a review this low but was soooo disappointed, especially with the ?)

Marisa Ramirez

Great spot with gluten-free and vegan options! There is a large outdoor patio; indoors there is a small table, along with a large sofa. Breakfast burritos appear to be pre-made, and include a vegetarian option which was delicious, as was the fresh coffee.

Angie G.

Stopped in for some sweet treats this am before going on a little family hike. We dropped in around 9am and there were still a lot of different items to choose from. I will say all their vegan and gluten free options were all out around this time. If you're vegan or gluten free I would plan to come in before the crowds. There is street parking available (very minimal) or a small parking lot right across the street. The interior itself is very small and there is minimal seating outside. Staff was friendly and quick to take orders. We will definitely be stopping in again. My only take away was the drinks were not that great. I got a cold brew with sweet cream I would say it was a solid 2/10. I also got the iced chai which was a 4/10. Both very disappointing.

Sarah H.

We had a Dank Donut bear claw waiting in our Airbnb fridge for us when we spent the weekend in Big Bear. It was delicious and lasted my boyfriend and I all weekend! We did pass the shop which was in a construction area (still open during construction) and it looked cute! Would recommend for a morning sweet treat!

Reisha Duarte

Great spot for donuts in Big Bear - cute shop, great variety of donuts, and plenty of seats outside. Friendly service.Will be back for the donut holes and cronuts ✨

Jen R.

MMM, I love Dank Donuts! I always make it a point to stop by here any time I'm in town with my family and friends. Their donuts are always served fresh and if you want, they'll even warm them up a bit more for you when you take them to go. On top of all the traditional donuts out there, they also serve vegan and gluten-free donuts. Not to mention, they serve breakfast burritos with salsa on the side which I've always thought were pretty good and filling. I can't forget to mention that they also serve stuffed croissants that are made fresh every morning and lunch items that are made to order. During my last visit, they happened to have an Orange Chicken Burrito on the menu that sounded pretty delicious! If I happen to stop by during lunch hours, that's one item I'd like to try along with a side of beer or wine that you can take to go! One last thing to add is that they have dog donuts for your furry child too! Aside from the Breakfast Burrito I've had here, I've tried their crumb and blueberry donuts which were yummy and fluffy. I also had their apple fritter which was humongous, yet so good! This whimsical little shop sells a variety of Dank items from apparel to insulated steel tumblers. It's a pretty chill spot to grab a quick bite to go! They're usually open from 7am-5pm on Mondays, Fri, Sat, Sun and closed on Tues, Wed, and Thursdays. I definitely look forward to my next visit to the highest donut shop on the west coast! "Dank U" Dank Donuts!

Brittany K.

Irish Breakfast burrito? Mostly potatoes usually costs less than 8 dollars. Bacon bits out of a bag it looks like. Thin lay of egg.

Anaiza M.

I wanted to give this spot a five ... it lands at a 4.89 Maybe I need to visit first thing in the morning when they're freshly done. Regardless, the flavors are there! The second time I visited I grabbed some maple and glacéd donuts and the famous blueberry donut. Sooo good, but nothing is better than the Apple fritter mostly right out of the oven!!! They have a cute patio and the inside design is pretty groovy. There is construction in the area so parking is a little rough. Be mindful of that. Other than that, can't wait to be back up the mountain so I can grab some more donuts!!

Beth S.

I really love supporting local businesses! Dank is a very good place to support. I've had plenty of stuff from here over the years. This week I had their Blueberry cake donut and strawberry Kombucha. I am not really crazy about really sweet things, so I truly enjoyed this donut. It is very fresh tasting and not too sweet. It's also their #1 seller! I've had their Pineapple Fritter, which my husband loved, but it was way too sweet for me, even after peeling all the frosting off. We had their Taco Tuesday Tacos last night, and those were pretty good too! I liked the chicken tacos, and the carnitas tacos! I wasn't thrilled with the carne asada. There was just a lovely sprinkle of onion, pineapple and cilantro with a very nice homemade salsa on the side, also on the side were lime wedges, radishes and cucumber. GREAT deal at $2 per taco. It gets busy Tuesday nights, so go early and be patient. They are very nice people who work hard and get up early! I've had their breakfast burrito too, which is decent. I love all their swag.

Marisa T.

Cute little donut shop. Everything looked good. I took home a pineapple fritter. At $6.50 each, it could easily be shared with 4 people. It was too sweet for me but tasty. I'd probably try a blueberry cake donut next time as that is their best selling one.

Elise Martinez

This spot ranks high on my list of favorites! An elevated take on classic treats, their donuts are made with a lofty raised dough and coated in quality icings and sprinkles. The savory offerings are just as delicious, burritos and croissants were consumed on our visits and were fabulous. Service is cheerful and efficient, and expect a crowd on the weekends. The merch selection is really great as well, looking forward to grabbing a mug on my next visit.

David Rubin

Doughnuts were very good and family was super happy to get them! I was excited to try the breakfast burritos. When I went to order one, they stated they had 1 left and it was wrapped in foil. After opening it, I noticed the tortilla was mushy/damp from being wrapped in foil and being hot. Hopefully, they are not making a bunch of these in the morning and then having them sit for periods of time. Personally, I would have liked one made to order. Also, workers could have been more welcoming but still acceptable. Overall I would come here again and I would recommend Dank Donuts to friends and family and I hope they receive this feedback well.

Sarina L.

On our Big Bear trip we drove by Dank Donuts to our coffee destination. I decided to skip the breakfast options and walk back down to Dank Donuts to see what they had. A really cute and dank spot for donuts! They have your traditional types of donuts as well as cronuts and even dog donuts!! They do have a selection of beverages including some coldbrew and merch on the wall. I'm not a huge donut fan, but I do like trying new places and any specialities. I asked the staff what was popular and what was their favorite. They told me cant go wrong with the classic old fashion glazed donuts, the blueberry donut, and the cronut. Super tempted to grab all 3 recommendations but settled on the blueberry donut and the cronut. Ya girl is health conscious! There's plenty of seats outside in school bench fashion to sit on. Donut Review! Blueberry Donut - this was my favorite! It is dense but packed with flavor and very soft. If y'all know in OC M&M blueberry donuts - i think its as comparable to that! It actualyl reminded me of M&M donuts and I was planning to make a trip when we get back. Cronut - super good but wasnt as mind blown with the blueberry donut. It speaks to its name. Flaky like a croissant with its many layers and glazed nicely on the outside like a donut. I personally think its a great spot for a quick sweet bite up here in big bear. Def will be back again!

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