El Pollo Loco

41383 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 866-1019

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went there on Friday night The food I got was delicious I wish they had the tomato salsa which the one in my town had but I can understand they were very busy and they were out of it or don't carry it I got the two-piece chicken meal with the mac and cheese and beans and I also ordered a side of mashed potatoes and had their creamy cilantro sauce which was always delicious everyone was friendly just took a little bit to get served but that's we expected when they're busy

Louis M

Some days the chickens taste juicy and nicely cooked and other days the chicken tastes dry and old. I'm not sure if my food was refrigerated and microwaved. Every time I order large family meals, I ask for extra guacamole sauce and half the time I'm getting like 3 sauces or large chicken meal. Are the employees doing this on purpose or what? I thought i was clear on extra guacamole sauce and tortillas I'll pay extra but give me extra dang.

Carol L.

Order two 9.99 double chicken avocado burritos and got four pieces of chicken in each burrito is that what you call double chicken avocado burrito? one had hardly any avocado in it. So if you're gonna cut corners tocut costs or just rip off customers then you should not advertise that it's a double chicken avocado burrito ,that's false advertising.

Christine Smith

I ordered 2 chicken burritos and 1 Chicken Tinga. They were 100% rice with beans. Not a bit of chicken. I took it out. Was too tired when I got home or I would have taken it back.

Eunice S.

Ok service but the place smells like old sewer and bathroom. The bathrooms are nasty and the soda machine smells like vomit. Will never eat here again. There is a sign that says is under new management. The place looks run-down and dirty. There were to many employees and very few customers for the place to be so dirty. The bathroom's soap was literally water and my kids did not even want to attempt washing their hands in there.

Mark P.

Very bad Safe Food Practices. Watched one of the cooks repeatedly put fresh chicken on the grill with out changing his gloves, Cross Contamination. This is very very bad. Customers will get sick Do not visit this business

STephen S.

Terrible. I am a local and have had some goid meals at our local El Pollo Loco. Tonight I ordered 2 chicken burritos and a chicken Tinga. There was NOTHING but rice and beans. No chicken. Not even a little. I am too tired to take them back. Who is running this place?

Brian G

Nice guys working there. A friendly bunch, all of them. However, it was dark as the lights weren't on until after about being there for 15 minutes. I don't know if it's a Big Bear thing or specific to their site but I don't like that you have to ask for everything, napkins; lids, straws, etc. I wish everything would be out to get on your own as normal. Also, we had to ask them to clean our table as none of them in the restaurant had been wiped. Food was good as expected.

M R.

Not the El Pollo Loco preparation I expected to be coming from Los Angeles. The chicken are overcooked, seemed it was leftover meat from yesterday. Chicken was dry and burnt. I was surprised about my 2 pcs chicken kid's meal order. It did not come on a container or plate. They just handed the 2 pcs chicken on a paper bag and a cup of rice, and they forgot to hand me the chips. There was no plates or utensils included and I have to request it on the counter. Very disappointing. Not happy with meal preparation here. Also, the place smells bad, it must be a cheap air freshener or something, similar from the restroom scent. Sorry, dont waste your money here.

Sarena R.

We're from the east coast so I guess I was more excited to try a chain we don't have over there. No chicken on my chicken tinga burrito... and everything just wasnt anything special. Also didn't give us the salsas we asked for.

Jesse Walker

After reading all the terrible reviews I'm actually kind of glad I didn't get to eat here. LOL.So I pull up at 9:18pm and the are supposed to be open until 9:30pm but there is a cone blocking the drive thru and the doors where locked to go inside.Probably saw like 8 employees just pushing a broom, honestly it didn't even look like they were cleaning.Pretty disappointed, but hey the Taco Bell was open still and I got in and out with my food with no problems over there.Definitely never going to go back to this El Pollo Loco ever again after reading the reviews.

lizzie c.

Standard fast food experience. The real issue is that they don't follow their hours. Twice this week (and many times before) I show up within the hour of them closing and they've already closed. It's annoying when you drive 15 minutes to get there.

Amanda Michaels

Sadly this place has lost its touch. We used to love coming here but last few times we've gone we have experienced either rude customer service, missing items from our order, one time we went there was sewage water coming up from the man hole in front of the drive through window. It was torcher sitting there waiting fir our food. Which we ended losing our appetite and not even eating. sometimes they say their closed when really their drive through is supposed to be open till 8 pm. The last time we went was just a little over a week ago and we all got food poisoning. That will be the last time we ever go. We usually always went at night about 1 or 2 hours before closing, and feeding a family of 6 is very expensive, we are always kind and patient and try to be easy customers. Get it together El Pollo Loco

ricardo contreras

Not sure where to start. They were rude, dirty and disorganized. They screwed up on my order, no biggie it happens. But when I informed them they forgot something the employees begin to speak middle eastern and argue, then they give me a little attitude saying my order was in the bag.Geeze get your act straight

Thea Martinez

The place was empty, not even one car in the parking lot ?Walked in and walked right out because it had a gross smell that I couldn't identify. Didn't smell like yummy chicken at all. It was strange, only a dozen men standing around.

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