Fuji Restaurant Sushi & Teppanyaki

41025 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 866-8108

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Lesley Schaefers

Great family and best sushi!Could not have asked for a better meal or time!

Mary Todd

Best sushi in Big Bear. Fresh fish, well prepared. Friendly staff, very clean, and fair prices. I have eaten sushi there for many years. They never disappoint me.Food: 5/5


OMG, this was delicious and the staff, chef and owners were very nice and fun to talk with at the sushi bar. I'm from out of town and asked my hotel where a good steak or sushi restaurant was and Fuji was the only sushi they knew of. I was happily delighted by the service and quality of food!! I also happen to come in just after 5:00 p.m. when they opened and found that they had happy hour on an entire menu of things from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. I highly recommend you try it out if you love sushi and ate in then are the Big Bear area!!We had 7 orders of nigiri (14 prices), a sashimi platter, baked green muscles, salmon skin hand roller, a hot tea and a large hot sake for only $84.Wheelchair accessibility: Parking lot in back and ramp for wheelchair to the front door.

Jane V.

Idk why ppl are complaining. The food is amazing! The staff is so attentive and friendly. My boyfriend and I come to big bear 4x a year and I have no negative things to say. Jose was our cook and he was very friendly and he cooked perfectly. I highly recommend this place. We ordered the filet mignon with fried rice with vegetables. With side of sushi . Our favorite was California rolls and fresh eel, filet mignon and chicken and the rice and miso soup so like everything hehe! Will come back!

Andy S.

I was very pleased to find good comfort food in a beautiful and cozy mountain community. I was raised on this stuff and it's authentic Japanese food. I eat here each time I visit Big Bear and haven't been disappointed yet.

Natalie D.

Despite all the reviews, my husband and I thought we'd give this place a try since we love Japanese food. We ordered sushi, some cut rolls and the beef teriyaki with shrimp tempura. The teriyaki plate came with a miso soup, salad, shrimp tempura with mixed vegetables. The food was really good! The staff was nice and helpful. We will definitely come back!

Ma. Nirvana Duran

Tako Yaki is the best ! I always order Takoyakis in Japanese restaurant whenever available. I guess I always loved street based food and there takoyaki is so on point woth the texture and flavor. Perfect with hot sake and Sapporo.

Luciana B.

This is the winner of the WORST SUSHI I've ever had. Expensive $16.95 and very small. Nothing like the pictures on the menu. You know that gas station sushi very dense mushy block of rice you can even see the individual grains? It's worse than that!! Doesn't taste fresh!! It taste it and looked like it was frozen and defrosted. Worst sushi ever! The ginger that came on the side was very warm and wrapped in plastic (not even a container). It's was a very hot day and there's no a/c they had fans on the window (should have left just because of that). Could not finish eating the sushi roll I got very worried about food poisoning. Don't waste your money! You can get a nice meal with a drink for less than $16.95!

Aj W.

Horrible food, horrible service, gave me the wrong roll and didnt fix it. Yelp said my reviews too short so horrible horrible horrible

Victor M.

I'm from San Diego and being surrounded by 1,000,000,001 Sushi places that ALL claim to be the "best" but yet again will serve TILAPIA and previously frozen Ahi as sashimi, This Place was not only better but exceeded expectations with the Humble family owned environment. We need more places like this one in San Diego, True and Traditional Sushi, Not Fancy Fake Infused Sushi. People that leave bad reviews on this place have no sense of reality with what Covid left everybody to work with. Either stop going out to eat and stop being LAZY ASSES and learn how to cook at home or appreciate the hard work that gets put into the food that your eating.

Wyce M.

Fuji is a wonderful restaurant that is more than I was expecting! I was slightly hesitant based on the reviews but I'm glad we ended up coming here for dinner. Service was prompt for the amount of customers/staff present at the time. (It was pretty busy and I don't think there are more than 5 people working there. The quality was excellent, especially considering the time and cost to source the fish they serve. Awesome staff, awesome food, awesome customers to chat with. I'll definitely be coming back!

Dalar G.

Let's start by saying that this place has the BEST garlic edamame I've ever had (and I've had garlic edamame all over LA). The garlic mix was creamy and so delicious I could eat that alllll day. The restaurant is family owned and ran which makes it very authentic and homey. We went in on a slow day and the sushi was delicious and fresh! It's a family friendly environment. The people here are kind and attentive. If you're in town and craving sushi give this place a try. The prices are also very fair and they have a 1/2 price menu for some items (a lot of Items). We'll be back for more soon. Thank you Fuji Restaurant!

Gonzo M.

I lived in Japan for 9 years and still visit frequently. The sushi here is high quality and an exceptional value, even after their Happy Hour. This is indeed a family restaurant, run by lovely people. They do their best, but food can definitely take time. If you're impatient, there are plenty of fast-food joints in town. If you must go on a weekend, go early. I'm not sure the hours here are correct. Best to call ahead.


The staff were amazing and attentive. Whenever i had a request, they fullfilled (though my requests were can i get a bottle of cold Sake, can i get a box and the check)The place was cozy, very old astetic. Someone mentioned 80s, yes i would agree.However the food was not the greatest. Questionable even. My california roll and two sushi, clam and salmon, seemed warm. The clam was not fresh. The albacor sushi was good. Very flavorful and cold as it should have been. I also ordered beef teriyaki and tempura.Beef had fatty parts that most likley should have been more cooked. Still the fatty bits were the most delicious. I know some people dislike those in their meat. But overall, the beef was nice and sweet.The tempura was ok. Only two shrimp. The other temoura was onion or a vegatable. I did mot care for those.The salad was not fresh. And not cold temp either.The miso soup was great!I had come around 4 or 5pm. It was empty which i liked but i wondered if it had to do with their reviews. 3 other other customers came in around 5-530.Funny thing was that one of the older women came from the kitchen for a break. She saw me and asked me if i knew how to fix it(she pointed at the rawfish fridge at the sushibar). I guess thats why some of the stuff wasnt cold.The whole restauraunt was kind of warm too. No ac.Also, somehow i paid 62 dollars. Oh well.

Layla M.

Best little sushi spot in big bear! Went with the family and for being short staffed, food came pretty quick. Super sweet owners. Definitely coming back

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