Grizzly Manor Cafe

41268 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 866-6226

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Jason Elliott

Cheap plates with lots of food. Great atmosphere with a friendly service staff. Food is served quickly, and you can see the cook working from anywhere in the restaurant. Small, local, and straight out of the 90s. Be prepared to take home leftovers, if they tell you the portion is big, believe it. Could not possibly recommend this place more highly.Parking: There's not a lot of onsite parking, however, the Dominos next door does allow you to use their parking lot if you're eating here.


Hit this place on a weekday, no wait. Service was amazing, good food portion (shared). LOVED the vibe, lots of stickers, dollar biils, notes on the walls. A VERY Tiny place but service was friendly and would go again. Can't image a weekend, drove by and tons of people waiting outside.

Candace F.

One of our favorite breakfast spots on the mountain. There is almost always a waiting list because the place is tiny. All the workers tend to each others tables to help run the machine! They don't have a kids menu so I was forced to share French toast with my son, however it was so good!

Jennifer M.

This place is so good , all the workers here were super nice and helpful . We really loved it and definitely coming back !! The food was very good ! You do have to wait for a long time but it's really worth it :)

Brandon L.

Any wait is worth it, food and service are always great. Thx Grizzly team for the memories every visit.

Brandon R.

Fantastic grub! You cannot leave here still hungry. The plates are loaded. I got "The Blob" and it fueled me up for the day. The good music was an added bonus.

Sara E.

This was our second time eating here and, boy, was it good! Our waiter, Fabian was a super friendly chap and genuinely looked like he loved his job. He gave good suggestions to find local hot sauce and was easy to talk to. Food, atmosphere, and vibe was so welcoming and good. Such a cold day and felt good walking into the warm room. I got the 3 eggs and corned beef hash and omg so yummy. I don't even like hash browns and I kept raving they were the best I've ever had. My husband got the 3 eggs and 2 hot links and was very satisfied. Looking for a chill spot to start your day-look no further. This is the best breakfast spot!

Aaron E.

Ate here for the 2nd time with my wife, took a little breakfast stop before heading back down from our mini trip, once again this place NEVER DISAPPOINTS!! Fabian was our server & he was an AWESOME person!!!! Was super nice and polite & is what every restaurant personnel should be, he brought out a selection of hot sauces & I wanted to buy the habaneros one but unfortunately it was out, he gave me options on where I could get it! Once again Grizzly Manor cafe was amazing as always, such a perfect morning breakfast with great service & food!!! Make Fabian GM! Lol thank again guys!!

Faith F.

Went to the grizzly bear cafe with my boyfriend and we both had gotten the grizzly bear plates. They were super great, although busy they tried there best to be attentive. But it was quite difficult with the amount of people within the place. We also got a side of sausage and bacon as well.

Jesse dilla

The biscuits and gravey were amazing! Definitely recommend them! Got to try friends plates and they were also great! The only reason for the 4 star was, the waiter never came back around after the food was dropped off to check on us.

Anjeanette M.

Although i didn't go inside because it was standing room only, my other half ran inside to pick up our order that we phoned in. He told me that everyone in there was very friendly and the breakfast burritos we got were delicious. I would highly recommend this place!!!

Chad H.

This is face-hole stuffing goodness! Look, if you stop by your in for one of the best breakfast experiences you can find in Big Bear. Sit your tooshy down on the benches outside ,soak up the sun and wait -even if they say it's 45 min to and hour. I'm telling you, it's worth the wait. This is face-hole stuffing goodness, old school style diner, breakfast done the right way. With pancakes, biscuits and gravy to die for. Fresh coffee -check. Great attentive service -check. Plates with so much food on them, the waitress struggled carrying it to our table -check. Every bit was amazing! Best time to get here is before 9:30 am after that the wait gets pretty long. Parking is minimum. Dominoes lets you park it. I also found a big parking lot just across the street, simple as that. Just look both ways when crossing -left, right, left. Face-hole stuffing goodness, a Big Bear gem indeed!

Jaydee D.

After reading the many 2000+ reviews, I can see why it draws traffic because it is in the main tourist spot of Big Bear Blvd. As always here's my breakdown. Service- their staff/team/crew are very attentive, greet you with a smile, fast to act if you need anything. And for what I can tell they enjoy each other's company. Mug had lipstick stain and server immediately gave me a fresh cup of coffee. Coffee is decent not bitter and I am a coffee snob. And drink mine black. Of course, course haha - breakfast meal; many said the proportions were huge, they do fill up the plate. They don't skimp on food for sure. I ordered the 3 eggs corn-beef hash and it was hot even when I gave my bf a scoop after having several bites. It is very tasty crispy on top, not salty at all but just right, a bit of potato bits on it. Yum! He ordered the SOS plate which had meaty ground beef with white creamy gravy, tho the cut up sourdough squares underneath the beef was not necessary, since w/o gravy it would have been dry. The only thing I didn't prefer was the scrambled egg as I have cooked them this way before, too greasy and looks like left over grill grease with black specks and this is not pepper. Environment- extremely casual. Lots of stickers on their walls even the entrance doors. Tables only no booth. There is a wait list inside and be prepared to wait a long time if deciding to eat after 7:45a-10ish. Plenty of parking. The said " huge proportions" was somewhat correct but I have seen much bigger plates than theirs. But why eat tons anyway, to me the taste of the food is what makes me try these places. Coming back again and perhaps order something w/o eggs.

Brenda P.

OMG, I have had this place bookmarked for YEARS...why did I wait so long? Why? Because there is always a long wait to eat here. The place is tiny but very quaint and the service is pretty fast as well. I would wait 2 hours to have this again. Although we only waited about 25 minutes around 7:45am. So you can only imagine how long the wait gets as more and more people start to wake up and get hungry. The service and food were excellent. Our waitress was super sweet and attentive. We had everything we needed as far as napkins, water refills and coffee refills. We ordered the Mess to share with a side of french toast. The portions are huge! Between two of us, we weren't able to finish this and had leftovers for the next morning that also made us super full. The Mess is tasty and spice...I cannot say anything need to try it to find out! The french toast had a generous amount of cinnamon that made them ever tastier. Everything tasted so fresh and the dishes we got complimented each other very well. I cannot wait to come back and try the pancakes. The table next to us ordered those and they overflowed the plate! We will be back!

Ana A.

Omg the best breakfast cafe in Big Bear. The portions are huge and the taste was divine. Exactly what you would expect from a well established well run place. We came around 9am on a Saturday and we waited about 15 mins to be seated. We left around 10:30am and there was even more people waiting. So definitely less wait the earlier you go. We will definitely be back the next time we're in Big Bear.

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