O J's Donuts

42173 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 866-5633

Recent Reviews

Toni Lavaeddin

Great donuts. Always fresh and a great selection.

Jason Adams

Every time we come to Big Bear we get O J's Donuts! It's a nice little bakery with plenty of options served by very nice people and at a reasonable price. My favorite is their huge sausage croissants ??

Steven O.

Fresh donuts and a very pleasant smoothie! The coffee is also very good. recommend! Thanks

vincent monohan

Always my go to in BigBearHam n Cheese excellent and 2 choco donut bars

Daisy S.

Quick, easy, classic donut shop! They tasted fresh and were nice and fluffy. Ordered a dozen for under $20 bucks. Would return!

Joanne Hope

Ordered three donuts in afternoon. All fresh all delicious! From my experience could rank among the best donut shops in CA.

Mary Williams

They have some delicious donuts and the prices are great.

Kira A.

Wow! VERY PRICEY. I spent $29 on 10 average tasting donuts. I'd probably avoid this place the next time I'm in town.

VeeVee N.

The donuts were pretty standard run of the mill donuts, nothing that I would go out of my way for...and all things considered they cost more than what they are worth. Are they charging by weight for the grease, lol. With that said when we arrived, I saw a sign in the window that said 'NO "BEAR" FACE ZONE.' No biggie we walked back to the car and got the masks...I respect the biz owner and will wear one if that is the rule. What irritated me was when I walked in, NONE of the employees were masked!!! Why are you asking customers to wear one, but not yourself???

Melissa R.

I wish I would have grabbed a photo before we dig into the box, but these donuts are phenomenal! The service at the counter was equally as great. Highly recommend this donut shop!

Nelson W.

Just your common donut House ,kind of pricey ,donuts were OK ,just average coffee , was just your average donut House nothing else to say not good or bad

Aimee Banagan

Came in this morning and it was quick and easy. Ordered a sugar coated donut, chocolate glaze donut, cheese danish, medium black coffee and a small mango smoothie. Everything was delicious. The donuts were fluffy and doughy. The danish was super good. A little bit too sweet for me with the glaze, I’d rather have one without glaze on the outside. I wish they had that option but I didn’t see it. The cheese filling tasted like cheesecake and had the texture like one. Overall super delicious. The total was $12.40 for everything. There’s a $.50 surcharge if you pay with a card. It’s $.10 a creamer if you don’t buy a coffee so just beware of that! LOL!

Maylin B.

Delish! Wanted fresh donuts and got them here! Yummy, a ton of variety, fast, great customer service and sat outside. Would go back and would recommend.

Charles R.

Great little donut shop. I'm always on the hunt for my favorite Boston crème donut and this place might have it! Really fluffy and the filling was tasty. We have young kids so the outside seating was appreciated by us as well as the other customers I'm sure.

Gaurdian A.

Best donuts in all of big bear. Fresh , soft and fluffy . Best jalapeño ham and cheese stuffed croissant.

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