Red Baron Pizza

42173 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 866-4744

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Jillian Henry

Pretty good pizza but overall a poorly run establishment. We walked in and put in an order, prepared to wait since we didn’t call ahead. We ordered two pizzas and an order of cinnamon bites. We were told it would be about 25 minutes — cool. We decided to wait in the restaurant and play some games in the arcade. Around 25 minutes later we started standing around the front counter again so we’d hear when they called us. The guy who originally took our order saw us multiple times and didn’t say anything so we figured it just wasn’t done yet. We wait, we wait. Then at 40 minutes we decide to get in the (now) line of people waiting for the cashier. It felt like there was a bunch of people working but no one is coming by the counter despite the line, no one seems to know where any orders are, and repeatedly we see orders partially done and waiting on random stuff like wings, salads etc. which is just silly when those all take way less time to cook than pizzas so there’s just no reason. About 10 minutes later we finally get someone’s attention and find out our pizza has been in the heater by the front counter for about 20 minutes and now they’re waiting on the cinnamon bites that they just put in. Brutal. No apologies, no one offered a drink while we waited, nothing. We ended up getting out of there after about an hour (after being quoted 25 minutes). We did check the pizzas before leaving just to make sure they were right. Then we got home and one pizza hadn’t been sliced and the cherry on top of the already bad experience — the cinnamon bites didn’t have dipping icing.

Scott Biccum

Update... We've been here before and loved it but... This visit was a big disappointment... Pizza (red Baron special) was seriously undercooked.. Onions were raw, mushrooms were room temp, cheese was "partly warm" and not completely melted... I know that labor is tough to find up here and maybe they were understaffed? Bottom line is that if this experience was our first, we'd never come back.... On a scale of 1-10, this pizza was a 2 at best.. Frozen pizza from a box would be a better option :( We ordered the Red Baron Special and it was AMAZING! Bands down, the best pizza in Big Bear

Donovan Miller

We like small business and we're visiting for the weekend and thought this would be good but was proven otherwise. Ordered 2 mini pizzas with no special instructions and a salad for delivery. Prepaid the meal and tipped 20% digitally hoping to get good service.Instead it took 1 Hour and 45 Minutes to get delivered. The crusts were wrong on both pizzas. Meat lovers pizza was cold and dough under cooked and my wife didn't even want to touch her Margherita because it had enough garlic to kill a vampire. God forbid the cook has to do anything 2 hours before close. The only redeeming part was the delivery guy was cool and polite which I can appreciate.

Shekinah Enos

Definitely more of a sports bar not a restaurant but friendly staff, the wings and meatball sub were good. My pizza took forever to come out though and I’m pretty sure it was just a frozen pizza. Should be called Red Baron Bar, not Red Baron Pizza.

Hessam Namin

We had Alfredo Chicken pizza and house salad.Food was amazing, you feel the freshness and taste amazing.Highly recommended ??

alex garcia

Stopped by and ordered a family pepperoni pizza last night. I waited a hour and half for the pizza. Only got my pizza after I asked for my money back. Pizza tasted like Red Baron pizza from the supermarket. What I see most on these reviews is how the restaurant doesn't take any responsibility for their bad service.Food: 1/5

Jennifer P.

Love their pizza the best I've had up here!! Atmosphere is lacking!!! Dark and dingy but can't beat the Pizza

Anthony Hernandez

Pizza was excellent! Plenty cheesy and not shy with the toppings! Definitely one of the top pizzas I've had and will continue to come back to enjoy it again!

Mark C.

Red Baron has been extremely hit or miss, I had it twice recently for the first time and actually thought it was very good. The most recent time I got it I don't think I'll return. During the Radford fires, it was slow in town and the perfect time to indulge in some pizza without a flock of tourists around. I ordered 2 large pizzas, 1 large plain cheese and 1 large pepperoni. After spending over $50, I get home to Lake Williams to a pepperoni pizza with maybe 7 pepperonis TOTAL and it was undercooked and doughy, the cheese pizza was somehow over cooked and hard but the top was cold? Very bizarre, especially considering how slow it was. I'll see if I want to go back...

Amber Toole

As a door dash driver i will not accept deliveries here, and advise not to place door dash orders here. there is 0 customer service and 90% of the time they do not even have their door dash services turned on. its a massive inconvenience for everyone, the staff plays around in the back all day... no service here for anyone. save your money. go to dominos.

Linda U.

We've always ordered pizza from Red Baron Pizza when we visit Big Bear and have never been disappointed. We were this time. I ordered the meat lovers for us and a half pepperoni half vegetables pizza for my daughter and both were not delicious as we remembered. The sauce was not flavorful, the crust was soft and the toppings were tasteless. I don't think we'll visit on next Big Bear visit. Lynda who took our order was pleasant.

Ralph Tracy

Stopped in on a long day of riding. Worth the time. The place was busy but we didn't wait long. We got a small combo pizza and a couple of side salads, which were fresh and well proportioned. The small pizza was packed and as hungry as we were, we had to leave behind a slice. Great tasting heavy slices and very friendly staff. Definitely can recommend!

Grayson Herbrig

The first time we ordered red Baron from DoorDash the pizza was so greasy that the cheese and the toppings fell off to where I was only eating tomato sauce and bread. The second time we ordered from red Baron the dough was so undercooked that my five-year-old sister the next day started puking.

Mike Williams

17 kids gave this place a thumbs up. We took our Scout troop there and although they were short staffed, they made the best of it with a cheerful attitude and pretty fast service.

Brenton Swafford

Great business, and great food! They suffered some staffing issues which slowed down their service, but I think that they are getting back to normal now. I highly recommend it.

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