Royal Thai Bistro

40766 Village Dr, Big Bear Lake
(909) 866-2808

Recent Reviews

Brenda Vizcarra

Came here 5 years ago and again the other night - yellow curry with veggies was just as yummy as I remembered! Egg rolls were crunchy and delicious with sweet and sour. Fast service. Enjoyed my leftovers at work 2 days later still just as good!

Linda G.

One of my most frequented restaurants in BB (besides Oakside). I know it's probably not the most authentic or best Thai on the planet, but for being on this mountain town, I sure do love it. My favorites are the yellow curry and pad se ewww. Great service too. Friendly owners.

Ronald Burgundy

Pleasantly surprised by this place. The food was hot and fresh. The flavors were as you would want, if you enjoy Thai food, as I do. The menu is somewhat limited, but you're up in the mountains, sure they are limited in their ingredients. I will be enjoying their offerings again soon. Stay classy!

Valerie M.

What a delicious little spot right off the main drag. They have both indoor and patio seating. The staff were quiet and unassuming. We ordered spring rolls, Pad See Ew, Sweet and Sour Stir Fry, and Panang Curry with Tofu. The portions were large enough that we had leftovers for all items. Each dish was well balance and flavorful. I would caution on the spice level. My husband normally orders an 8 out of 10 on spice and this was too hot here. He would have ordered a 6 if he had a do over. We especially appreciate how much sauce was on the pad see ew. The restaurant was clean and they didn't try to pack tables in it. Parking will absolutely be an issue during tourist times so plan to park potentially several streets down and walk.

P J.

Hard to believe this is a Thai place! Everything felt sweet or not enough spice. Ordered whole fish & fish had no flavor. Thai basil barely had much flavor either. Thai ice coffee was more like ovaltine with ice. Thai ice tea was still decent.

Hank K.

Not a Thai Food ! We love Thai food and have been to many authentic Thai restaurant serving a real Thai foods. We know very well what Thai food is. Pad Thai is wet soaked with sour "soup". No peanuts. No bean sprout. and Panang curry is like a yellow curry. The worst "Thai" food we ever had. Go get "Jack In The Box" across the street you will be glad you did.

Sandy Cheeks

Was great in 2016 when they had the after party w Pr Harry & Meghan Markles from the exotic hunt behind Goldsmiths. Whew ! So hot!!! Ate spicy peanut stuff & had to cool down across the street! Too much sauce on the tenderloins tho.Whose next?

Jd P.

Food good flavor. I had shrimp tempura and chicken satay. Tempura could have been lighter breading, some were a little doughy. It came with a few vegetables which was nice. No tempura sauce.

Karla M.

Food was good for the most part! Their Thai tea could have been better, as well as their yellow curry. It tasted really bland almost and their rice was dry. However, my partner ordered their cashew nut stir fry and it was delicious. For dessert we had mango sticky rice, would recommend (: service wasn't too bad either!

Natalie Chavarria

Staff is really nice, despite the reviews we decided to risk it and we don't regret anything. The food tasted really good and hit the spot.They also had clean tables and silverware.Really nice environment, it was very chill and nice looking place.

Natalie C.

Staff is really nice, despite the reviews we decided to risk it and we don't regret anything. The food tasted really good and hit the spot. They also had clean tables and silverware. Really nice environment, it was very chill and nice looking place.


I was a bit skeptical due to the reviews. Bit i always have a craving for Padthai.The first thing i noticed was the indian music. But i didnt care.The restauraunt was empty on that thursday night at around 6 or 7pm.I was greated and served water right away. My order of beef padthair with a side of rice and a Dr Pepper came out right away.The Dr pepper was a 2dollar ice cold can that i could pour for myself. They even included a bendy straw. Boy oh boy, i have not had a bendy straw since i was a kid, so i was excited!The padthai, as pictured below, did not look messy like other reviewers. It was picture perfect. Now, other reviewers claimed use of heavy tomato sauce. The padthai did not smell like it, but i could taste comcentrated padthai sauce. Though it gave it a slight tomato-y taste, it definetly wasnt tomato.The smell was a bit harsh. Did not smell bad, but the smell actually stung my nose. I have never had that experience with any padthai.Despite the harsh smell, the taste was lot more bland than the smell. It wasnt bad.I enjoyed the padthai. Especially paired with some white rice.This is a place to return to(for padthai).Oh, one more thing. I did notice little particles floating in my glass of water. Wasnt too sure what that was about.

Elle M.

Yummy food and quick service! It's nothing special or above and beyond but it's a solid Thai food restaurant with nice staff.

Thomas C.

I'm a big fan of Thai food and typically have them few times a month back home in LA. I ordered the royal pad Thai and red curry from Royal Thai Bistro. My brother and friend ordered royal pad Thai each and tempura as well. Typically pad Thai should be sweet and tangy but ours were absolutely bland and the noodles were undercooked. The curry was bland as well and the tempura was deep fried with batter like a thin coat of transparent cornstarch. I ended up barely ate half of the food; with each bite, I kept thinking if the restaurant ran out of the seasoning tonight. Growing up eating tempura as the staple food for Japanese and later pad thai - one of my favorite noodle dishes - experience tonight is definitely a real eye-opener.

Felix G.

Supposed to be thai food .. but really taste like indian food .. Ordered 4 dishes only the calamari is ok but not that tasty. Im looking forward to bbq pork But came out dry and like fried lean pork Fried rice too much toppings. The rice is not the usual rice that were use to thai dishes. Panang curry .has a lot of cumin. Its ok but if you love panang you would know the difference. Padsee ew more vegetables than the noodles. Service is ok Waiter tried to amend the noodles but its really not the same

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