Santana Mavericks Bar N Grill

40771 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 878-0047

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Naomi Cockburn

We visited during our Halloween trip to the Big Bear area. Our family sat out on the patio area, which got so cold. I was grateful for the restaurant's blankets that they provide for guests. I ordered the butternut squash raviolis, which we delicious, but not even lukewarm. They must have been sitting, waiting for my sister's fajitas to come out, because those were sizzling. The salad that comes with the pasta is small and came out the same time as my meal. Other than those little hiccups, I'd give this place another try. Their club sandwich looked amazing, from what I could see at the table next to us lol.

Robin L.

Went for a late lunch with friends. The service was excellent. Our server checked to make sure we were doing OK. She kept our glasses filled and made the experience warm and friendly. The portions were ample. We ordered chips with salsa and guacamole. The salsas were excellent. I had a great salad and friends said their entrees were great.

Kayla P.

Their food is always delicious here! They also have a gluten free menu which is awesome and delicious. I love their taco salad as well as their artichoke dip with chips. Crab legs aren't bad but is pricey. Staff is always very nice and can't beat the view! Make sure to bring cash!!! You get charged more for card.

Tracy N.

I really love to go to lunch at this place. Peace and quiet and a great view. The food is good and the service is good. My only complaint are the floors. They're falling apart they're coming up they're all and even they're covered with pro rugs. I feel that I could fall through at any time. But I don't, I'm in a wheelchair so it's kind of like a roller coaster ride. I like this place. Oh yeah, They also need to clean up the parking lot.

Leonora E

We stopped here for an early dinner and got a table outside on the deck. Nice view of the lake and the main street coming into town. Our waitress was nice, but really couldn't tell us much about favorites on the menu. Had to keep asking for more water because she forgot a couple times. We both ordered steaks with a side salad, roasted veggies and fully loaded baked potato. I asked for medium well, my bf asked for medium rare. Mine ended up well done and his was a bit more like medium well. Portions were good size. Food was tasty. But you really waste a good piece of meat when you overcook it.

Chad Armold

This was a definite tale of two trips.We stopped by for lunch and it was great. Food was good, service was great. 5 stars.....Then we stopped by for dinner. Labor day heatwave and they had patio seating. We got a seat no problem. That's where things went downhill. It took 30 minutes to get our drinks. And at the two hour mark without food we called it. We tried to pay for the one drink my gf had. As well as the soup and salad we did get. The manager told us it's on them. Which was nice. We were there so long all the tables around us had people seated after us, get food, then leave, and have new people seated. It was a little busy when we first got there. But had died off halfway through our wait. 1 star. So I'll split the difference and go with 3.The views of the lake are nice as well.Taco bell it is.

Kassandra Trumper

It took me a couple of days to post this review because I was pretty annoyed. We visited this restaurant twice in one day. Lunch was so good that we decided to visit for dinner. I would like to give 5 stars for lunch and 0 stars for dinner.Lunch was yummy, service great, view of the lake is awesome.We arrived for dinner at 630pm and were seated outside where most everyone else were seated. It took over 15 minutes just for attention to our table to even order drinks. Drinks ordered. About 15 minutes later, drinks arrived - peach martini was excellent. We've now been seated for 30 minutes and was able to place our order. About 15 minutes or so later my side salad arrived (which has some of the best house-made Italian dressing I've ever had). From this time until we finally decided to leave at 830pm (without food yet) we watched SEVERAL tables sit down AFTER us, order, eat and leave - all being served by someone different from us. This was not a kitchen issue which is what we were told when we finally decided to leave. I tried paying for the items we did receive, but management told us not to worry.

Lina C.

Came here on Sunday of Labor Day weekend and made it just in time before they cut off the waitlist. Big bear also apparently shoots fireworks on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend so we got an amazing view on the patio during dinner! We got the lobster ravioli and spaghetti Bolognese. I absolutely loved the lobster ravioli! Yelp did not lie! The garlic bread that comes with it was perfectly buttered up and toasted for me to dip it in the ravioli sauce. The spaghetti Bolognese was average and I would have been disappointed if that were my dish. Service was a little lacking for the busy night but that's a given. They also give blankets for those sitting on the patio which is such a nice touch!

Alex B.

Super friendly service and great location with patio seating and views of the lake across the street. The food was all very good, excellent chicken wings, Mac and cheese boat came with garlic bread and gluten free orange chicken was tasty.

Digvijay S.

Came here for dinner and the restaurant is dog friendly. We took our dog and asked if they can make a meal for which they did and they very generous about it. Ordered Chicken Piccata and the chicken was very tender as well as juicy. The sauce was buttery and the lemon juice added a great twist. Lobster Ravioli was delicious and cooked to perfect. Also ordered a bottle of vine, Cabernet which was hit the spot. They have great selection of wines. Service was excellent. Perfect at night and watch the sunset from the deck.

Ken M.

First: 10% off for cash AND add 4% added for credit cards - QUITE a difference, beware. The food is an eclectic mix of tasty better-than-diner fare with great portions. They are not fat avoiding or salt shy, so there's no shortage of flavors. All the varied cuisines are prepared with respect to their cultural flavors, which is pretty rare these days. So whether you're ordering Thai or Asada fries you'll be pleased. AND the great views everywhere inside and out, though the sound system outside sounds a bit flat and tinny.

Che B.

I had high hopes for this place, I have driven by a couple of times and decided to give it a try tonight. When I got there, there was one table waiting for food and a couple open tables. It look 15 minutes for the waitress to come. This was roughly at 6:30, I asked for the soup asap- she said she would bring it right out. Soup came out around 6:50 and two more tables sat who already got drinks and appetizers. Now at 7:08 "yes I tracked it" we got an over burned fried onion. The table next to us arrived 20 min after got thier dinner. It's now 7:36 and both tables who sat after us have there dinner and we still don't. Honestly the worst services I have very experienced. Will not return . Food was also very blah, lobster ravioli verh fishy, the fajita trio was many beef, uncooked shrimp and a couple slices of children size chicken . I highly recommend going captains anchor, saucy mamas or Oakside grill.

Christian J.

Super good food ... super nice view over lake... super nice parking... Highly recommended for dinner and breakfast..

Veronica Espinosa

So we almost didn’t come here for breakfast since google said they opened at 11:00 am. They actually open at 7:00am for breakfast. The waitress/server was very nice and polite I didn’t get her name(Server ID:15). The food portion for the price was great. I think my husband and I could have both eaten from one order that’s how much food you get. We sat on the patio and the view of the lake across the street was beautiful. There is plenty of seating inside and outside. They even have blankets for when it’s cold out. They only things I didn’t like was the my meat was a little over cooked and my eggs should have been over medium and one egg had no yolk. And for my husband is home fries were a little under cooked. I would still recommend you try this restaurant if you are in the area.

Susan Smith

Amazing service! Our waters were never empty, our server took great care of us, and the atmosphere is wonderful! We are outside and enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the lake. The menu is extensive with options for everyone: American, Mexican, Italian, French, and Asian! Their drink menu is great as well. Almost ordered the 64oz mule, but settled for the delicious normal size instead. Next time! ? Our kids loved their hot chocolate (huge!). The inside is cozy and would be a perfect location for a group event. We will definitely be back!

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