Sister My Sister Bake Shop

40191 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 878-0878

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Charlene C

I was needing some dessert and told my husband to pull in to this bakery on our way back to the house we were staying at. The door was a little tricky to open, but once I got in there was a group ordering which took some time for them to finish. After the group paid and left, I was expecting it to be my turn to order, but the lady started to assemble some boxes and did not approach me. I just stood there and watched her put some boxes together. She then said that I could let her know whenever I was ready.... and I was. I ended up getting a cookie sandwich $5, apple pie bar $4, and a brownie $4. My total came out to $13.00.Their cookies are so good on their own. They don't need the cream filling inside. The apple pie bar was really good too and I enjoyed the brownie. Overall, customer service could have been a little more prompt and friendly, but everything I ordered was really good.

EntrepreneurQueen Diaz

After snow play, a sweet treat is perfect, we googled bakery this was the closet to us, being at alpine slides, we drove a few minutes, we are a big supporter of small businesses, Love the decor, not a big selection, but understandable since big bear has busy and non busy days, We choice our goodies the nice young lady gave us our box, we were so exited to try, we sat in the car had a bit myself of the brownie, was one of the best delicious brownies I’ve ever had, my son had the snickerdoodle cookie he said it was delicious, wanted to share with us so we could also try it. We sat in our car sampling each others sweets, they were all so so good, we will be coming back on our next trip to big bear, We we’re very happy and satisfied. Delicious

Douglas Raulston

When on Big Bear this place is a must. Everything here is delicious in taste as well as site. On a scale of 1to 10. It is definitely a 10. Stop by and enjoy.

Chris D

Big Bear is one of our frequent weekend trips, but this was our first time stopping here. Super cute bake shop, great baked goods and coffee. Their raspberry white chocolate scones are fabulous! I'll be taking home a dozen on the next trip! The lemon bars looked really good (one of my favorites), but actually everything did. They also have really cute shirts, and also candles,sprinkles and gels for the home baker. This is a must stop!

Jessica Nichols

This place was perfect! Very cute small little shop. The treats were amazing!

Linda C

Sometimes they can be dry, but their large Frosted Cinnamon Roll was moist and delicious. We shared it and were both full afterwards. Will return for more goodies on a future trip. Friendly woman at the counter. No complaints.

Mary K.

First of all nobody even came out from the back when I walked in. When someone finally did instead of helping me they went and got someone else who I still had to wait for. Mind u the shop was empty. I almost just walked out due to the fact that there are absolutely no signs on anything and no prices. So if u are a foodie like me who wants to know what everything is before placing a order that's a big red flag. I wouldve bought a few items had i known what I was getting myself into. Lol $7 for a big bready cinnamon roll with nuts on it....was dry af. Like white bread with a sprinkle of flavor. The shop however was cute, and the treats looked good. Wish I would've tried something else. Sorry to bother.

Jessica S.

This place was a local recommendation. Maybe they only like locals? It's cute and everything looks delicious, but not the case in our experience. The cashier was not, what's the best way to put this? Hmm.. not of the hospitality mentality. She did not want to be there. The cinnamon roll was so dry, the drink options, were diet soda or coffee, who knows how long ago it was brewed? I asked if they make wedding cakes. She said, yep. I took the hint. She did not want to talk wedding cakes right now. It was just all around a bad moment for this cute little bakery.

Kevin S.

We were in town for Labor Day Weekend and saw this shop and decided to stop here to get dessert for dinner. They had a great selection of baked goods and the items we selected were all delicious. We Weill definitely return when we are in town in the future.

Daniel M.

Called to ask if there were pies left and was lied to. Should've been warned off about buying anything old but no... The girl there didn't seem to care about finishing the day strong. Good thing my girl & I were in a good mood. Fail

Norms O.

I normally don't leave reviews but hoping that this will help making other customers feel this way. Every time we would go to big bear we always have to stop and take pastries for the ride home. This time was especially special because we brought my parents to share our excitement over this place which always had good customer service and an array of pastries. This time was different, we walked in rang the bell and the worker a female older woman didn't even greet us. We asked questions about flavors and seemed bothered by us asking and bothered that we were there. We even walked out, said thank you and goodbye and all it was silence. She didn't even say thank you to us which for a small business during tough times should be a must. They had limited options which is fine but what we got wasn't anything special . The part that bothered me more was the customer service. My mom even mentioned it to me and I just said well maybe she was busy which I know is no excuse!

Scott Biccum

Absolutely delicious pastries and goodies. Their cinnamon rolls are enormous... Our favorite was their lemon bars!

Christina B

Fantastic job on my daughter’s first birthday cake. Not overly sweet, dense and so delicious. I would highly recommend them for your next special occasion.

Zar L.

Saw we had a bakery across the street from our cabin, decided to walk over. I love all sweets and pastries! Walking in I was surprised by how big the portions are of the pastries. HUGE! I ended up getting a Cinnamon bun (bigger than my face), couple cannolis, pop tart, a few cup cakes. Pop tart was super flakey, however it was pretty dry and the blueberry Jam inside was dry as well, didn't have much flavor. I just scraped it out. The cinnamon bun was stale. We all had a piece and tossed it. The cannoli was good. The cupcakes were simple, nothing too exciting. I support small businesses, I hope I just got a bad batch of baked goods when I went in. I'll be back to try other things.

Rudy Hane

I had the best triple berry pie ever and Joanne is very nice!

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