42137 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 866-1055

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Gerald C.

Service from Kimberly was great!The food left me with a void? The steak was dehydrated and the portions are liken to kids menus considering it was a $25 plate. Sizzler as a franchise is not what it used to be??.

Katerina Beardsley

My family and I have eaten here many times in the last couple of years. And I am said to say they have gone real down hill. They don't cheack food that's on the buffet. And it old and dried out. This was not worth the money it is. I paid over 80 dollars for my self and my kids and husband.I could have gone to a fast food place and the food would have been better quality. It seams that they no longer care about there placeParking: Night next to the restaurant

Cameron Kirwin

Food and service is great but the bathroom situation isn't the best according to my wife, not surprising for an older building but it is what it is. I still would recommend this place for the fantastic steak alone.Food: 5/5

Laura T

Sept 15, 2022Had a great experience. Walked in at 4pm, NO other customers. Ordered our food, cashier was polite. Had our choice of seating! Server came and verified our order. Brought it out shortly. 8oz sirloin steaks and baked potatoes, both of us. I added fried mushrooms to mine, which were cooked to perfection and generous amount on top of my steak. Steak was tender and juicy, perfectly cooked and delicious! Baked potatoes were fresh and hot! I ordered peach lemonade, something unusual, and it was sweet but lemonade tasting. Very good! I complemented the cashier as we left, for a delicious meal. Still were no other customers when we left. ?

Donald Shade

We eat here on a regular basis in I generally order the salad bar which is well stocked and well priced especially for seniors.It's a comfortable atmosphere and the service is generally a pretty good.

Anthony Hernandez

The service here is always great, they are pretty attentive for any of our needs.The food was satisfactory and I enjoyed the steak with the unlimited shrimp, they were not cheap on the shrimp refills which was great! Full bowls each time I ordered a refill.

Samantha Bielman

Surprisingly, it's a great restaurant in that area. Most of the restaurants there are either café or bar/grille. It's good to see a steak house. Now the quality of the food is still the same as Sizzler. It can be packed during dinner hours.

James Jr

Well visitors who are in town for lunch or dinner my goal is to NOT knock this place down but to save you hard earned money and a wasted moment with family and friends…We thought we go to old reliable Sizzler and what a regrettable decision, the salad bar outrageous expensive and definitely not what you remember, the famous cheese toast $1 per slice refills a extra fee everything has gone literally charged extra for this and that…If you want good ole A1 a thing of the past AND if your bold enough to come here the waitress not friendly almost rude.This sizzler is not your home town sizzler it’s a fraud beware we won’t be back…

Carol L.

Still the same post pandemic way to go sizzler very good food And services Keep up the good work!

Karen T.

This place is awful! I used to love Sizzler but they are short staffed. You have to beg for them to bring you their famous cheese toast. The prices on the menu are insane! $17.99 for all you can eat salad bar, What the Heck! Also, the lady at the counter asking my kid her age and charging me for adult food because she was over 10 but barely eats just really rubbed me wrong. I don't think I ever seen a kids menu that doesn't say 12 and under except this place. Again nickel and diming you for everything and they don't even have good service.

Cinnie L.

This place is really horrible! The steaks are small. The fish & chips if worse than frozen fish sticks and too salty! I don't know what I was eating, I had to return it. The salad bar is okay. They don't offer red beans, sunflower seeds, bacon bits or shredded beets anymore. The ice cream is ice milk. The nacho cheese sauce, spaghetti, and carnitas are all nasty. Save your money and go anywhere else in Big Bear.

Jackie D.

I would give 0 stars if I could. Not only was the cashier Kathryn RUDE but because SHE didn't know how to enter a coupon we had she blamed us and kept saying I have never seen this coupon before.... she had to wait for the manager to ting us up and complained the whole time about our coupon.....Then......our server didnt grt her name copped a huge attitude as well. We were polite and patient however these two were awful. Food was ok but we will not be back here. Do yourselves a favor and find another place to go!!!

Kristy Rubino

It was decent food for a reasonable price. Wasn't impressed but was happy to get a steak dinner that wasn't crazy overpriced. Steak and lobster is currently $34.99 in case you see the other prices online. The service was good!

Stephanie Guerrero

I don't know why Sizzler closed so many locations including the one in my town. The food was phenomenal! It has been 21 years since I last ate at one. I won't wait that long again. Fantastic!

Loretta D.

The owner/manager of this establishment does not know the meaning of good professional service. Our teenage son was with us but not hungry so we only ordered 2 entrees for my husband & I of which included an all you can eat shrimp & a salad bar. The lady ringing us up told us more than once that there is no sharing and the manager would make us come up and pay if we shared our food. She said many people get angry when this occurs. (noted) After paying she asked the manager/owner to come up and he proceeded to tell us there was no sharing. At this point we had been "warned" not to share about 4xs and if that doesn't ruin any one's appetite I don't know what else will. We hadn't even sat down for our $66 meals for 2, and we had been warned multiple times regarding "sharing" Needless to say we asked for a refund & left I am seeing this to be a common occurrence in the reviews and felt the need to warn those considering visiting this particular sizzler. Disappointing!! zero stars

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