42170 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 866-8459

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Doug Field

The staff were very attentive and friendly highly recommended and good coffeeService: 5/5

Nacho Picasso

This Starbucks is garbage. Literally only open when they feel like it, or the air quality is fair enough for them to work "indoor." There's not one employee here who takes pride in their job, or their drinks. The quality of this Starbucks is dismal compared to the rest, and the that's being generous. Another garbage establishment in the valley that we don't need.

Maria Tenery

Worst Starbucks experience. They blocked the restaurant off. You can not order inside. Only mobile apps and drive through. No explanation why. Maybe because it’s Labor Day weekend.

abc1 Capital

Great coffee ☕️I usually get the iced americano decaf with some cream on the side, sometimes on ice. My kids love their hot chocolate ? ? ? they have nice cookie ? selection ? service is quick and very efficient.

Monica R.

Girl at the register was rude, didn't charge me for the 2 scones I had ordered. Regular drip coffee was cold, ordered a matcha green tea latte and it was all foam. Oh yea and no spoons provided for our oatmeal....

Jada P.

Starbucks is typically Starbucks no matter where you go but this location had many many boxes in their lobby blocking a seating area and almost blocking the pick up counter. This location also put whole milk in both drinks we ordered when we asked for oat milk. (if you're lactose intolerant like us, you'll definitely be able to tell the difference)

Patti Copley

Great company and great customer service and great products and great prices ?

Dav Kray

Very sad that when you pay so much for drinks and they get it wrong they just roll their eyes like you are the one who made the mistake, rather they took the order wrong. At this point, this I'm no longer going to Starbucks. If you are unhappy at your job don't blame the customers when you get their drink wrong. Roll your eyes at yourself for not listening to the customer, it's not even about you making the drink correctly at this point, once the barista rolled their eyes that was it. I suggest going to another place for coffee. And yet, corporate will probably look at this post as Whatever!! Sad to say.

Mel C.

Wait times are drive thru were about 15-20 min then getting to the window & you're drinking being made wrong is Extremely upsetting. I ordered a iced Cindl Latte not hard to screw that up. Tasted like my shots were expired. Didn't even go back for a remake of how upsetting this visit was

Terri G.

5/20 at 3:50 PM The girl at the register was rude, condescending and looked as though she hated life. I mistakenly ordered before showing my rewards card. She rolled her eyes, told me it was too late, handed me my receipt and told me to contact corporate. Another girl behind the counter, Amanda, was looking and acting miserable, as well, as she was dealing with a customer issue. The customer complained that she received the wrong size (she ordered a veinte and received a grande) and Amanda looked at her disgustingly and told her she had only paid for a grande. On a positive note, the barista trainee was delightful and made our drinks perfectly. I hope her sweet personality will rub off on the rude girls and not the other way around.

Stacey Danley Cramer

Caramel Frappuccinos horrible Very watery no flavor!!!!!! YuCK

Matt L.

Nice staff and excellent drinks. Thanks

Mary Williams

Very clean place. Friendly baristas

Angelo R.

Whoever is working today needs to be fired. Five of us are waiting in line doors are locked lights are on music is blasting and no one is here to take an order this happens all too often at this location. I will be contacting corporate.


The prices are really high on the mountain the stores are usually packed . The people are not vary happy

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