Stillwells Restaurant

40650 Village Dr, Big Bear Lake
(800) 866-3121

Recent Reviews

Abad Gonzalez

Everyone is very friendly and nice. Great food and drinks. Plus live music on Saturday!!!

tj corbett

I'm am unique and they tolerated my bad jokes. And they are smart enough to have Alec play for their guestsFood: 5/5

Keith Patterson

Everything was great ?...Just a little pricey for me....Food: 5/5

Kathy Frese

Short staff, had to ask for a menu 3 times, then I was brought an outdated one, I had to wait again for a new menu. Once I got it my order took another hour to arrive. No drink service except she came to the table once. I ordered the chicken alfredo, more noodles less chicken and Alfredo sauce, very garlic taste. Then when I was ready to leave and pay for my meal I could not locate my waitress and she did not give me a ticket to pay! Maybe it was free! I'm not the type of person just to walk out but I was very tempted after trying to find her for a good 20 minutes. Finally somebody that worked there asked me what I was looking for. I told them I was looking for my waitress so I could pay for my meal. She asked me what I have to eat? Really there wasn't even a ticket. Maybe it was free! Needless to say I will not be back to eat there when you have to track them down just to get a menu and then the food isn't all that good. Not to mention I have to go on a hunt to pay for your meal. Begs to question how much money is walking out the door due to this problem.

Dana Bigman

Good traditional breakfast. Dinner is like an expanded bar menu, with very large portions but mediocre food. So go there for breakfast and elsewhere for dinner.

Catalin B.

This review is primarily for their breakfast. Our room rate had breakfast included (received a voucher for each morning of our stay). Unfortunately, this is perhaps the worst place to get breakfast in Big Bear. They have no vegan options nor do they even know what vegan means (yes, in 2022 and in practically an LA neighborhood). I ended up using only 2 of the vouchers and threw away the remaining 3. Even if you are not vegan, their breakfast options seem to be copied from an 80's rural inn brochure and cooked with the cheapest ingredients possible. Literally no imagination whatsoever or any kind of care towards healthy options (such as bowls, smoothies or pretty much what constitutes breakfast in 2022). To top it all off, the service was just terrible. There was only one lady who seemed bored and annoyed by all customers. If you're staying at the hotel, save yourself from a bad experience and just walk (2 minutes away) next door to Frusion Juice and Coffee Bar where you can find great vegan and non-vegan options for breakfast.


Got free breakfast vouchers when booking a hotel room at the Holiday Inn. Each voucher is good for one breakfast item and one drink. You just walk In and sit at an empty seat then a server will see you. The service was nice and quick.

T “Berserk”

Got free breakfast vouchers when booking a hotel room at the Holiday Inn. Each voucher is good for one breakfast item and one drink. You just walk In and sit at an empty seat then a server will see you. The service was nice and quick.

Cassidy M.

Have nothing good to say about this place. A local who decided to try something new for once. Was dead when we got here around 8:30 and they close at 10pm. Ordered and the sandwich I got was spicy because of the cheese they used which I couldn't have. But on the menu it doesn't say they used that specific cheese but another one. After they took that back and got me a different sandwich it took another 15 minutes to get it. By that time it was already 9:20pm and the waitress kept asking if we needed boxes and also brought me my food in a box and said I was "totally welcome" to eat it here out of the box. Practically kicking us out the damn door. Not okay by any means to want your customers to leave before they even finished their food or gotten the other part of it because they screwed up what goes on a sandwich. Not to mention they also put pepper on everything including the pasta which completely ruined the taste of it. Upon leaving and paying our check they also didn't carry actual change and weren't able to get back the right amount of money. Could not use card because it was cash only. Never coming back.

Kim Hay

I come for karaoke and tacos on Tuesday nights. Tacos are quite good and decent size. Self serve condiments. The cream sauce is delicious. I can't vouch for other food, however, it looks good and I have heard complements. Karaoke starts approximately 5:00. Danny Crucial is a fun and happy K.J.Cocktails, wine, and beer are overly priced. Just sayin.

Hoa Ly

Called them to place a togo order. I was told that they don't take togo orders over the phone because people have placed orders and never pick up. I need to go to the restaurant to place they togo order. So I go down to the restaurant to place a togo order. The bartender said she will need to go inside to ask the waitress if they will take togo orders. I said ok, she goes inside, 2 minutes later return to the bar without saying a word. Assumption was the waitress was going to come out. After 15 minutes, I left. I don't see why the bartender cant take the togo order and I can pay it that time. Mind you, there was no customer at them bar.

Jennifer Williams

Very good breakfast burrito. The servers were really helpful in explaining nearby attractions, as well.

Matt O.

First time coming here and it will definitely be my last. I have never had such an unpleasant dining experience in a restaurant. Almost an hour after we ordered our food, it arrived completely over cooked and somehow cold, which usually means that the food was frozen. I could not cut, pull, or chew through the pork ribs that were served to me. I have no idea how it's even possible to mess ribs up this bad. The waitress told me she could only give 50% off of the meal discounted, yet the ribs weren't even edible. She told me that because I ate the chicken breast that came with it (also cold) she could not do any better than half off. She was very rude to my entire family, and stormed off when we expressed how displeased we were with the food and service. Bad food happens, but it is always redeemable with good service. We did not receive anything close to this at Stillwells. Do not come here.

Jamie S.

Fantastic little restaurant to eat at! We had the same server / bartender each day and night we went. She was very accommodating and worked her butt off. Great food!

Stephanie F.

Attached to the Holiday Inn, a super convenient place to have breakfast while staying at the Inn! There was only one very nice girl serving the entire place and was understandably closed the next day due to staff shortages. I'm glad we made it here the day it was open! The kids menu is the right portion for smaller kids, might not be enough for kids used to eating American portions. At the price point of $5.99, I thought it was a fair price being in Big Bear. They also offer coloring pages with crayons for the kids. I ordered the InnJoyable egg breakfast plate with sausage, potatoes, and English muffin. Perfect portions, but then again it may not be enough for some. At $13.50, again, it's a fair price for being in Big Bear. We like staying at the Holiday Inn, so we hope to come here again next time we are in town again. Thank you to our kind server who was working hard managing the morning crowd!

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