Whiskey Dave's

40740 Village Dr, Big Bear Lake
(909) 866-3283

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I used to go to this bar all the time when in Big Bear. This time I received the worst attitude from the bartender. Somebody was playing their Spotify playlist on the main speakers and I made a comment jokingly like “The place can’t afford to pay for a free ad version” and the bartender just replied “ Well then pitch in”. Completely rude like. Made me not want to stay. Service menu and food were completely awful. I’m sad because I used to like to go to this place. Never again.

Alex Hess

5 drinks 2 pretzels 89.00 absoulutly not. Tourist trap bartender nice. But for 89.00 I shouldn't have to go get up to get my own drinks Bradley Cooper better be delivering them to me.

Tabbatha Prewitt

When you walk in you think you are in your typical bar. However as soon as you check the food and drink menu you realize you are not! The bartender was super friendly and worked quickly. I got the Poison Apple and holy cow it was delicious!! The food was made quickly but IS NOT bar food. It was fresh and super tasty. We particularly like the salty pretzel. It was HUGE, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Absolutely recommend coming and getting a drink, some food and playing some pool!

Jas Levartri

Cash only. ATM charges too much. Drinks aren't good. Vibes aren't the best. Bartender was having a personal money debacle right in front of us... didn't like the vibes so we left.

Jen Nett

Great atmosphere and the bartenders and staff are very polite and nice. Not to mention knowledgeable about drinks and food. Best mixed Drinks by Nica the bartender!

Shana Todd

We visited this place on a Sunday evening. There wasn't a cover charge and it wasn't cash only since it wasn't Friday, Saturday or a holiday, but it is overpriced. We couldn't order any food that required any sort of work because the cook had the day off, so we ordered nachos and four hard ciders, and spent $54 and change, plus tip. But on a positive note, the bartender was super friendly and helpful. She recommended a few other places to try since we were in town for the week.

Andrew H.

Assaulted my friend, for not being able to pay in cash. Dont know a thing about the bar industry let alone customer service. Awful tourist trap, stay as far away as possible.

Jeffrey W.

Ok place. Friendly bartender. They constantly play country music which I thought was boring. Had the caramelized onion fries which were pretty good. The prices are really high; $17 for a cocktail. Probably cost them $2 to make it. I would not go back just because of the prices.

Clara B.

Tourists trap pretending to be a dive. $37 for 3 draft bud lights and a bottom shelf shot. Yeah I'm going to head out. Luckily Murray's was a real bar right around the corner.

Justin H.

Cool place, but it's $11 light beers and $2 pool. Unethical if you ask an experienced beer drinker. Heard the dude Dave was kinda mean too... who knows though- rumors... anyway, seems like he's in it for the cash not the passion. Passion is critical. Check out Murray's, feels more core.

Peter D.

Came from out of town for the Big Bear Fun Run car show this weekend. Love me a good dive bar. Almost spit out my beer when the bartender told me "$22" for 2 draft beers.... 3/4 of their games are broken or out of order. Not even in Hollywood or Manhattan are you paying that much for 2 domestic drafts... Went and had $5 beers at a place down the road who's games actually worked ...

Ryan B.

This place is just out to rip off tourists. Go anywhere else. Came in with a group of 5 and left after just one beer feeling taken advantage of. Seriously, don't go here. F this place.

Robyn W.

Ordered 2 rum and cokes for $26 crazy prices . The comments from the bartender was its a tourist town. We live in Joshua Tree a tourist town and don't charge those prices . Murray's across the street doesn't charge those prices .


Absolute rip off. $11 for a beer and $2 for a game of pool. I've been travelling America for 2 months and this bar IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE BEER I'VE HAD! Go around the corner to Murrays, great people, great prices and great food.

Cynde Copus

Was super excited to go here it looked real nice inside but when we got our food the fries completely cold fish was cold and my burger was raw inside and bun was burnt, then we got our bill and it was 80 dollars for 4 beers burger and fish and chips, I feel ripped off. Will never come back and I never put out reviews but I felt it nessecery to tell people

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