Ameci Pizza Kitchen

4550 Balfour Rd Suite E, Brentwood
(925) 240-0000

Recent Reviews

Zahra Safi

Best pizza in Brentwood and the surrounding areas! I had my daughters birthday in this place and everything was above my expectations plus the prices were extremely fair! It’s definitely my family’s favorite pizza spot

alexander S.

This place is bad and extremely overrated. The pizza was overpriced and dry and lacked freshness. It was also cold and the cheese was not fully melted. Olives tasted canned and not drained properly so pizza was soggy. Anchovies had numerous scales. Not sure how it has 4 stars. Take your money elsewhere where the quality of the ingredients is much higher. Costco pizza is so much better but thought I would give this place a try given the reviews. Very disappointed.

Fiorebella Fiore

I love Ameci pizza and Pasta here in Brentwood. Good peaceful clean ambience. This restaurant has indoor seating for individual or large groups it also an indoor bar televisions for sports or games night a full size pool table a jukebox to enjoy your favorite tune while dinning playing a good game of pool with your friends or just enjoys good cold beer to unwind while you dine. Ameci's is a friendly welcoming Italian pizza and pasta restaurant. Did I mention their are delicious fresh salads. They also serve cannoli. Tell them Fiorebella recommended them.

Karen Beckford

Love the quality of toppings and great crust! Sandwiches are also good. One of the best pizza restaurants in the area. Consistent with quality.

James A.

Pretty good pizza with good ingredients. Dough is nice, pizza holds up fairly well to toppings, and it's pretty tasty. Have not yet tried the submarines, but the deluxe calzone and the ranch chicken pizza are very good. Doesn't give off a corporate vibe when you see the menu which is refreshing. I grew up on the east coast with a lot of mom and pop pizza shops that were phenomenal and this place gives me those memories. Quality product done correctly.

Susan Lengyel

I haven't been back to Round Table since ordering my first pizza here. I love it!! The owners are super friendly and nice and will go out of their way to make customers happy. #1 Pizza in Brentwood

JungSoo H

Sausages in the spaghetti tasted nasty, very dry and stinky. couldn't eat them. the salad was as just nasty. smelly and tasteless. For over $23.00, i was really bad deal. I don't like to leave bad review but it's not fair yo customers for paying for bad food.

Tina K.

This is a great pizza place with fresh tasty pizza and friendly staff. We come here regularly as my son loves their pizza and all our experiences there are positive.

Catherine A.

My son loves the cheese pizza and says it's the best pizza in town!!! Great prices and location has plenty of parking

Crystal M.

We recently visited Ameci's for the first time- tasty food! The dough/crust was so good! I am a carb lover, and this hit the spot! We liked the flavor of the marinara, and this business does NOT skimp on the cheese! We had the Garlic Cheese Rolls and a couple of Calzones. Everything tasted good, but the Garlic Cheese Rolls were my favorite! Next time I could make a meal out of that! LOL The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The dining area is nice and I like the decor. A special touch that I appreciated was the chilled glass they served me to pour water from the pitcher into!

Suvrat M.

Ordered a vegetarian pizza - very flavorful. The crust was delicious and well seasoned, too. Great customer service, too - will definitely be returning!

Dusty Hayes

2.8 miles away and they put a 15 mile one way in front with same driver. Pizzas (100+ on the order) 45 mins past expected arrival. Then they forget the salad and extra dressing which was charged.Service usually better, no apologies other than we'll deliver the salad and hour plus after.

Dusty H.

Placed order just before 7 with chow now delivery. Eta : 7:45. Call at 8, told driver on the way. (We're 2.75 miles away). Call at 8:20, told driver still on the way. Driver arrives at 8:35. Apparatntly they had a delivery 16 miles round trip the other direction. Driver forgot the salad and dressings. Called and told the would redeliver the salad. 8:50 and still no redelivery So over 2 hours since online order went in (yes with the extra delivery fee) and not all the food can be delivered in that time frame less than 3 miles away.

eric cordua

very rude manager!!!! ordered bucket spaghetti and meatballs and the put in the bag and stapled it shut ,and the woman blamed us and said she is owner. which i call bs!! spag sauce got all the bag the seat of my truck and she did nothing!!!!!!!!

Rick Johansson

If you are gonna mess up, and not have an order ready on time and make a customer wait anyway... throw something in like a soda or chips whatever- its what I do as a retail manager... I would actually insist.

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