Chaman Kabob Restaurant

5611 Lone Tree Wy, Brentwood
(925) 634-1454

Recent Reviews

Ranjeeta Prasad

Best Afghan food ever. We always have a wonderful experience. The staff really cares and goes out of their way to make your dining experience a great one. My favorites are the lamb kabob, lamb wrap and the chicken korma. Everything is cooked to order. This place is a gem ?

W Moran

I can totally understand the mixed reviews for this place.It was a bit pricey, but with inflation everything has gotten more expensive so I can't knock them for the price.Although the portions were generous, the food wasn't great. It wasn't bad, but definitely nothing to write home about.I ordered the Falafel plate and my wife ordered the chicken plate.The chicken was seasoned well and cooked perfectly. The Falafel was also cooked perfectly, it was crisp on the outside and moist and seasoned well on the inside.Both plates came with plain white rice, definitely a place they could make some improvements.The salad that came with our plate came with no dressing and consisted of just lettuce and tomatoes. Definitely another place they could improve.Overall, you'd probably have a better experience next door at Nick the Greek for the same money.

Leidy Hernandez

We thoroughly enjoyed our first visit here and we will definitely returnThe tasty is so good i like this place..


I've been coming here for years now and the food is delicious. The chicken wrap is my go to meal. Fresh ingredients and good sized portions.

Matt LaValliere

Phenomenal food. The dishes are authentic and the flavor profiles are perfect. Portions are appropriate and prices are very reasonable for the quality of food. Really hope this place has a long run in Brentwood!

Zied Chebbi

Love this place , food is so fine and tasty , I normally will get a wrap , or something on the go like chicken or shawarma wrap , but I also tried some of their traditional authentic platter , definitely my fav is the Kabuli lamp shank , the meat is amazingly seasoned, and soft as butter , they get u a side of rice witch is also amazing with carrots and raisin despite me not being big fan of rice their has changed my mind , got a good range of options on the menu , will keep coming back till I check all of ‘em

Phu Duong

Ordered the Lamb Kebab. Overall, lamb was very good. Well spiced, juicy & moist for being well-done. Only hesitation from ordering again is the price. $20 for 5pcs of protein is high on the price median. Not used to receiving romaine lettuce salad with meal. Cucumber salad better suited to cleanse palate between bites.

Den Thomas

We thoroughly enjoyed our first visit here and we will definitely returnWe started with falafel followed by the Garlic Bolton kacholoo , Lamb kabob , and Chamomile kabob.Each dish was loaded with flavorLuckily for us they’re was enough to fill us up AND take som home.

Harmanjot Sriram

Good people good portion size and quality food

fawad jawshan

Not a typical Afghani food. The lady who serve food, is always Resist and mean. since Naan and kebab restaurants opened in brentwood. I would prefer always go there. They have all delicious afghani food.

Kim Matarazzo

If you live in the area, you know there aren’t many “mom and pop” options for restaurants. All big name chains. So when I moved here, I was sad to leave all of the local places I loved.I was excited to find Chaman Kabob and let me tell you, this place has since become one of my favorites.Their lamb: to die for. The rice: heavenly. And the chutney: I don’t let a drop go to waste. Everything is so flavorful and delicious. Menu has a selection for anyone.Can be a bit pricey but that’s to be expected for lamb shank and food that you otherwise wouldn’t have the time to perfect at home.Surprised by the comments here on service. The owner has always been friendly and polite to me. He can clearly be seen juggling taking orders, prepping food, serving, and bussing tables.

Carl Gordon

Great food and service!

Amit Chauhan

The best falafel that you can eat. It tastes awesome. Not hard like typical falafels. Highly recommend this place.

Arnold Edwin

Amazing food but the service has room to get better.

Toorialy Jebran

The worst place ever the food is bad and very expensive I don’t recommend to anyone.

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