Chelsea Fusion

622 1st St, Brentwood
(925) 392-8868

Recent Reviews

Kevin D.

Excellent service and atmosphere. The food is not only beautifully presented but is also delicious!

Chaye U.

Good sushi place!Here are must haves:- Salmon Special Appetizer- Shiso Tartar- Salmon Lover- Cherry Blossom- Fire Stone (but will order without bonito next time)- Sake Sashimi- Hamachi Sashimi

Jayson S.

So far this is my favorite spot for sushi in Brentwood. The owners were so kind and friendly. They even cheered with us at the end of the night. I had a great experience here.

Jedith S.

This is hands down the best sushi spot in Brentwood. Everyone I've ever taken here has absolutely loved it! It's such a pleasant surprise bec the restaurant itselfIs very small but it's def a little local's hidden gem. If you like ACTUAL sushi that isn't overloaded in sauces, you will love this place. The service is also top notch. Whether dining in or ordering out, the quality of the food does not suffer even if you do take out.

Eva G.

We went for a casual dinner and we were expecting something nice, but not. The place is very small and they accept big parties which is fine but the ambiance was too loud for us.They took the order and we wait for 55 minutes to get our sushi and sashimi they never say sorry about it.They never asked us about more drinks until we wore paying the check The food was just ok.In my opinion if you are looking for a nice sushi place just don't go there.

Dan B.

Nice setting in quaint, downtown Brentwood where the parking is easy. Simple dining room but artistic painting on the wall. It features sushi but also has ramen and some other Japanese entrees. Nice enough for us to have enjoyed Valentine's Dinner a day early but relaxed enough for the kids present to be themselves. Service was quick and fine. The sushi tasted good -- we ordered 2 rolls and the scallops appetizer. The appetizer seemed a little expensive at $15 for 3 scallops on the well adorned plate. We will likely return and bring friends or family who are looking for sushi locally.

Kyle Hanson

Absolutely fantastic Sushi. Service was friendly and speedy. I will definitely come back when I can.Food: 5/5

Najiba Arakozie

Food was very good, workers was friendly, my husband and my daughter which she loved sushi was with me. We loved the food and will go there again.Parking: It was hard to park out car, all parking was full. And no disable close by

Drew R.

The Down and Dirty:The sushi tasted like expired ingredients were used to make the rolls. Not worth a second try.

Melody K.

I walked in one night and I was the only one there. It was a slow night downtown though. The staff was very nice. The inside of the restaurant is very the mural on the wall. I took a look at the menu to see what they had. Sooooo many sushi choices but I was looking for something hot because it was a very cold night. I will need to come back for sushi...some of them sounded great! I got my meal (salmon teriyaki) to go. I was kind of surprised at how small the meal was considering that it was $26. It was tasty although a good amount of my sauce was at the bottom of my bag but that could have been my fault. I will come here again but I will probably order sushi instead.

D (Krown4d)

As with all sushi places around here they all have the same rolls so if you go here or any other place that serves sushi in Brentwood or Antioch your gonna get the same options.This place is no different. Rolls were good but nothing above any other place. If you happen to be down town Brentwood and want sushi go here, there is another place by food max too(Enishi or something)as well as party city (Asia Bistro) Anyways they are pretty much the same.

Sandi Cook

Never an unhappy experience. Chelsea Cuisine And staff are 5+stars!!!Food: 5/5

Keara C.

What a pleasant surprise! Stumbled upon this gem of a sushi restaurant in Downtown Brentwood and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We had amazing service and all of the food we ordered was so delicious and fresh. There was tons of free parking (lot) and we were immediately seated with no wait during dinner time. We'll definitely be back!

Gina Lopez

I walked in and immediately noticed I was the only Asian in there. If an Asian restaurant is named Chelsea, and there are never Asian people eating there...that kinda tells you how good of an Asian restaurant it is. Sure it's supposed to be Fusion, but it's not the inventive, creative, type of fusion. It's the fusion that's meant as an excuse for just not being authentic. Fellow foodies know what I mean by this. I gave it a shot anyways and regret food, terrible service. The man and woman that were working the front was so unbelievably rude, double-teaming on the only non-white customer who was waiting for his order in the front. I couldn't believe what was happening. I paid and left. I will never go back there. That was my first, and last, time I will be there. I will not support this pandering, sell-out restaurant and will tell everyone I know not to go there.

John Lopez

I came here for a pick up delivery... I've been here multiple times before, but never treated so rudely. I was at the front counter and told I was in the way and can I sit at a table to wait. So I did... whatever. When my pick up order (not my order, someone else's) was ready, I went to pick it up and was told to tuck my chair back under the table!I will never eat here or pick up orders from this place again! 10/10/22

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